SIDEH~KAI: Africa’s Top Rapper Illbliss Releases Tracklist For His Upcoming Album

Nigerian hip-hop artist IllBliss, real name is Tobechukwu Ejiofor, has carved a distinct path in the music industry. From his university days as “Bliss” to becoming a respected rapper, actor, and now TV content producer, his journey is filled with evolution and dedication.

The iconic name “IllBliss” wasn’t a solo decision. Inspired by a passionate fanbase who demanded a fiercer moniker after a legendary performance, it represents IllBliss’s commitment to connecting with his audience.

His latest album, “SidehKai,” named after his daughters, reflects the transformative impact fatherhood has had on him. This new phase is evident in his lyrical perspective, embracing wisdom gained through experiences and collaborations.

Beyond fatherhood, “SidehKai” stands out from previous albums like “Dat Ibo Boy” and “OgaBoss” due to its focused production by Skitter and a shift in IllBliss’s mental state. It’s a confident and fresh offering from an artist experiencing new creative freedom.

Independent Success and East African Aspirations

Independent artist IllBliss thrives under The Goretti Company, proving that success doesn’t solely rely on major labels. He also expresses his love for East Africa, particularly Kenya, and plans to embark on a long-awaited tour, connecting with fans across the continent.

Fans can expect “SidehKai” to be packed with fire tracks, diverse themes, and collaborations with exciting artists. The “man’s man” and “rapper’s rapper” promises upgraded bars and production, cementing his reputation as a lyrical powerhouse.

Working with East African Legends

While IllBliss acknowledges the incredible artistry of Sauti Sol, the interview doesn’t mention specific plans for future collaborations. However, his openness to working with East African artists suggests exciting possibilities down the line.

Beyond Music: Acting and Producing

His successful debut in “King of Boys” and subsequent involvement in the Netflix series showcase his talent beyond music. Furthering his ventures, he recently served as executive producer for the docu-series “FREEMEN,” demonstrating his multifaceted capabilities.

Akuku Danger Opens Up On Recently Being Discharged From Hospital After Struggling With Sickle-Cell Disease

Well-known comedian Akuku Danger recently shared an update on his health on Instagram following weeks of struggling with the crippling affects of sickle cell illness.

In an emotional post, the comic talked about the difficulties he had and gave support to other people who were also fighting the same illness.

He took to his Instagram as he reminisced the weeks that he has spent in hospital;

“These past few weeks, God has really come through for me,” Akuku Danger began his post, acknowledging the support he received during his ordeal.

“Sickle cell is a monster, man,” he continued, describing the unpredictable nature of the disease that can swiftly turn one’s life upside down.

“Yes! You are all stronger than you think!!” he affirmed, spreading a message of hope and empowerment to those in need.

Akuku Danger declared at the end of his touching post that he is now discharged from the hospital and prepared to return to his job.

“We are back now!! All good and out of the hospital. Tuendelee na kazi,” he declared, signaling his determination to move forward with positivity and resilience.

Akuku Danger Reveals Multiple Near-Death Experiences Due To Sickle Cell Anemia

Kenyan comedian Akuku Danger has opened up about his struggles with sickle cell anemia, revealing that he has had several brushes with death.

In an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Akuku said that doctors have repeatedly told his family to prepare for his death. Once, in Migori, doctors advised his family to take him home to die, saying that there was nothing they could do.
Another time, in Nairobi, doctors advised his family against admitting him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), saying that he would die anyway and that they should use the money to prepare for his funeral.

Akuku said that he has heard these things, but that he is still alive because God has a purpose for his life.

Sickle cell anemia is a chronic blood condition that can cause a variety of complications, including pain, fatigue, and organ damage. It is a genetic condition that is passed down from parents to children.

Akuku’s story is a reminder of the challenges faced by people with sickle cell anemia. It is also a testament to the power of hope and resilience.

Akuku Danger Hospitalized After Sister’s Burial

Comedian Manason Ojowi, better known as Akuku Danger, was hospitalized after the burial of his younger sister, Briana Ojowi.

Akuku was discharged from the hospital on August 21 after a week-long stay. He thanked the medical staff at Lifecare Hospital in Migori for their care and understanding of his sickle cell anemia.

Akuku’s sister died on July 30 at the age of 15. She was a form one student at Kadika Girls Secondary School.

Akuku and his family buried Briana on August 14. He shared photos and videos of the burial on social media, writing, “She was always smiling. Rest in peace Merwa. I still can’t come to terms with this. Till we meet again.”

Akuku has four other siblings. He is known for his comedy skits, which often deal with social issues. He has been praised for his ability to make people laugh even in difficult times.

We wish Akuku a speedy recovery and his family our deepest condolences.

Comedian Akuku Danger’s Sister Briana Merwa Laid To Rest

Comedian Akuku Danger’s younger sister, Briana Merwa, was laid to rest on Sunday, August 12, after succumbing to sickle cell anemia.

Akuku announced Merwa’s death on Wednesday, August 9, with a heartbreaking post on social media. “Woke up to the saddest news. My small sister went to be with the Lord last night. Like Me, she was born with sickle cell disease, and she succumbed to it. Rest well, warrior,” he wrote.

The post included a video of Merwa, a bubbly young girl, joyfully dancing. Fans thronged Akuku’s comments section to offer their condolences.

Merwa was laid to rest in an emotional ceremony attended by her family and friends. Akuku shared a photo of his family wearing black t-shirts with Merwa’s image printed on the front. “Today, we lay my small sister to rest. Go well, little angel, to a better place,” he captioned the photo.

Sandra Dacha, Akuku’s rumoured girlfriend, was also present to offer her support.

Akuku’s loss is a reminder of the devastating impact that sickle cell anemia can have on families. Our thoughts are with Akuku and his loved ones during this difficult time.

Comedian Akuku Danger Mourns Death Of Sister

Kenyan comedian Mannerson Oduor Ochieng, popularly known as Akuku Danger, has announced the death of his younger sister.

In a post on his Instagram page, Akuku Danger said that his sister, who was also born with sickle cell disease, passed away on Saturday night.

“Woke up to the saddest news. My small sis went to be with the Lord last night. Like me, she was born with sickle cell disease and she succumbed to it. Rest well warrior, Nind gi kwe Merwa,” he wrote.

Akuku Danger has been open about his own struggle with sickle cell disease, which has affected some of his body organs. He has been in and out of the hospital in recent years.

The comedian’s fans and friends have taken to social media to express their condolences. They have also praised Akuku Danger for his strength and courage in the face of adversity.

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder that affects the blood. It causes red blood cells to become misshapen, which can lead to a number of health problems. There is no cure for sickle cell disease, but there are treatments that can help manage the symptoms.

Akuku Danger’s sister’s death is a reminder of the challenges that people with sickle cell disease face. It is also a reminder of the importance of support and advocacy for those who are affected by the disease.

Akuku Danger Once Again Opens Up About His Battle With Sickle Cell Anemia

Comedian Akuku Danger has opened up about his battle with sickle cell anemia, saying that 2021 was his roughest year yet.

Danger, whose real name is Daniel Otieno, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at a young age. The disease is a genetic disorder that causes red blood cells to become misshapen and sticky. This can lead to a number of health problems, including pain, fatigue, and organ damage.

In 2021, Danger spent a lot of time in the hospital due to his sickle cell anemia. He had several painful crises, and he also developed pneumonia.

“It was the roughest year of my life,” Danger said. “I was in and out of the hospital, and I was in a lot of pain.”

Danger said that he was grateful for the support of his family and friends during his difficult year. He also said that he was determined to not let sickle cell anemia define him.

“I’m not going to let this disease beat me,” he said. “I’m going to keep fighting and keep living my life.”

Danger’s story is a reminder that sickle cell anemia is a serious disease, but it is not a death sentence. With proper treatment and support, people with sickle cell anemia can live long and productive lives.

Danger’s story is also a reminder of the importance of raising awareness about sickle cell anemia. The disease affects millions of people around the world, but it is often misunderstood. By raising awareness, we can help to ensure that people with sickle cell anemia get the treatment and support they need.

Sandra Dacha Comes To Terms With His Boyfriend Akuku Danger Over Polygamy

Like his grandfather, Akuku Danger is willing to follow suit when it comes to polygamy. He showed his interest in having several women at once in his life after he decided to introduce his wife & kid to actress Sandra Dacha after several months of keeping them under wraps.

Actress Sandra Dacha was disenchanted with him, forcing her to lose her cool as she took to social media to call him out.

”“I know I am your side chic but Manason kindly limit the way you are posting your wife,” her post read.”

Dacha continued lamenting after she found out about Akuku Danger’s wife.

” First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!???????? Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka. Enough is enough!! Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me. Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man i have been dealing with.”

Akuku Danger and Sandra Adacha make a strong case for polygamy

Embracing Polygamy

The actress has now come to claim that she is cool with Akuku Danger engaging in polygamy. She divulged the same in a recent interview with SPM Buzz. She purported that in the current generation, it’s pretty hard for a man to stay with one person.

”Wife ni wife. Bora kila mtu ashike number yake. ”

To be honest, in the current era it’s just so hard for a man to stay with one person. Sharing is caring!

Sandra Dacha hints at possible wedding to boyfriend, Akuku Danger

It has definitely been a minute since Sandra Dacha and boyfriend Akuku Danger made news. Actually last we heard about the two is back when Sandra Dacha had asked the fella to impregnate her….and we’re still waiting to see how that went down.

Sandra Dacha on why she dates married men

However before that, looks like the couple has some plans to settle down meaning they could hold a wedding just before the year ends. This is after Sandra Dacha shared a photo from a bridal party and judging from the caption – it’s either she’s getting married or just wants to get married as soon as possible.

Well knowing that Akuku Danger already has another wife living back in the village, I guess it’s only fair to understand why Sandra Dacha wants to the title ‘wife’ so bad. I mean, after everything they’ve been through together, wouldn’t you also want to know your position in his life is permanent?

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Age not on her side

Although marriage isn’t something most young women are rushing into, it’s different when you hit 30 plus and still have never been in a serious relationship.

Well looking at Dacha age, I bet she’s also realized that times moving really fast; and to avoid spending the rest of her life by herself – I guess throwing hints at potential husband is what she’s left with. No?

Anyway hopefully she gets her wishes fulfilled but then again, if Akuku Danger really wanted to settle down I’m guessing by now he would have done it.

Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital

Comedian Akuku Danger has once again been readmitted to hospital following issues with his health. From what we’ve been told is that Akuku Danger has been struggling with Sickle cell anemia since birth and now that he is a grown man – looks like his condition is worsening.

Well, a few hours ago his girlfriend Sandra Dacha shared a new post revealing that her man had been checked into hospital; but unlike the other times – Sandra this time held back from sharing any more information. Through her social media pages the actress wrote;

Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital

@itsakukudanger admitted again.

A few months back Mwalimu Churchill she’d some light on Akuku Danger’s condition saying;

Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it keeps coming and going. That’s cancer of the blood and he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going.

Akuku Danger’s condition worsening?

Well, from the same speech given by Daniel Ndambuki during Churchill show’s fundraising event aimed at clearing Akuku Danger’s hospital bill; Mwalimu Churchill mentioned something about ‘being told you a ha year to live’ as he spoke about Akuku’s condition.

Not sure whether he said this to show how serious Sickle cell anemia is or he was revealing the timeline Akuku had been given by his doctors.

Imagine being told you have a year to live. Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going. The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard.

And in 6 months since he left the hospital, the comedian is back to fighting for his life.

Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital following breathing complications

Comedian Akuku Danger was readmitted to the Nairobi West hospital this past weekend after complaining of breathing issues. As per reports, Akuku has been having some difficulties in breathing since he was discharged but is now in the care of doctors.

This information was revealed by girlfriend , Sandra Dacha who shared the comedian’s health update on her social media pages saying;

We are back to the hospital again

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Difficulties in breathing AGAIN

Akuku Danger

Comedian’s health

About a month ago Akuku Danger was admitted to hospital following long term battle with sickle cell anemia. At first, he was set up in the intensive care unit due to his poor health but was later moved to the HDU after showing some improvement.

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He however left the hospital 3 days ago after getting discharged. According to his girlfriend, this was only made possible after he signed an agreement to clear the remaining Ksh 2 million hospital bill in 3 weeks; but little did he know that he would be back to the same hospital bed in less than 48 hours.

Anyway announcing this through social media – Sandra Dacha shared a photo of the comedian in his hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask to which she captioned;

Akuku Danger

Difficulties in breathing AGAIN. He is currently at the HDU as we speak. Keep praying for @itsakukudanger

Comedian Akuku Danger back on his feet weeks after he was hospitalized (Photos)

Comedian Akuku Danger is finally out of danger and seems to be doing better now that he can walk on his own as seen on the video shared by his colleague, Sandra Dacha.

Akuku Danger hospitalized

The popular comedian was hospitalized for about 3 weeks following a long battle with Sickle cell anemia and some undying health issues that almost cost his life.

However thanks to his team of doctors, Akuku Danger not only got better but is currently on his feet – like nothing really happened.

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Making his comeback to social media, Sandra Dacha shared a new video dancing alongside her buddy; and although he seems to have lost a couple of pounds – Akuku Danger is finally back to being himself.

Hospital Bill

Although he has made major recovery with his health, the comedian remains in hospital due to the huge bill awaiting to be settled.

This was made known by Sandra Dacha who wrote;

Also read: Actress Sandra Dacha Gives Update On Akuku Danger’s Health Condition

We can now walk and dance Hallelujah‼️‼️

@itsakukudanger has officially been discharged today, Monday 24th, BUT can’t be released until we clear pending hospital bill of 2M. We ask 10,000 wellwishers donating 200 bob each. Paybill: 891300 Account name-Akuku

Check out some of Akuku Danger’s latest photos.

“When this disease hits, it hits very hard” Churchill weighs in on Akuku Danger’s health

The year 2021 did not end well for comedian Akuku Danger who is currently admitted at the Nairobi women hospital, Rongai – following health complications.

From what we heard is that the comedian has been battling Sickle cell anemia for years; but two weeks ago, things got worse and the sickness almost cost him his life.

Akuku Danger hospitalized

But thanks to friends and family; Akuku was rushed to hospital where he received treatment but just for a short while due to funds. His family from Churchill show however intervened by holding a ‘fund me’ session; that saw fans raise 400k in 3 minutes during the New Years event.

Speaking during the event, Churchill hinted that Akuku Danger has been fighting for his life for years; and the only reason he has not yet given up – is because he loves his comedy career that keeps him going.

Churchill show on New Year

Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and that means he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going. Imagine being told you have a year to live.Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going.

Battle with Sickle Cell Anemia

For those wondering Sickle cell anemia is one of a group of disorders known as sickle cell disease. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited red blood cell disorder in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body.

Having seen similar cases before, Churchill used his platform to raise some medical funds for Akuku Danger saying;

The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard. We have dedicated this show to Akuku Danger and part of the proceeds from the show will be used to clear his hospital bill.

And just like that, fans raised 400k in only 3 minutes -which was later used to help sort out the comedian’s hospital bill.

Ladies Weren’t Meant To Suffer- Comedian Akuku Danger Advices Men To Look For Money First Before Getting A Girlfriend

Comedian Akuku danger, real name Mannerson Oduor Ochieng is known to be the grandson of the late and famous Akuku Danger, who had over 200 wives and over 6000 children in total. Out of all the numerous grandchildren, he is  the 1697th one. Talking about his relatives, the comedian says he only meets some of them after a live stage performance; he doesn’t know all of them.

Akuku Taking After His Grandfather?

Trust the process!' Akuku Danger's advise to upcoming Comedians in the country. - Daily Active
Comedian Akuku Danger-Google

Because of his grandfather being polygamous, Akuku says that most ladies don’t trust him. They believe he has intentions similar to his grandfather; he can’t settle with one girlfriend. However, the comedian says he prefers being with one woman. In relation to this, Akuku advices men to look for money first before deciding to look for a girlfriend or a wife. He claims women are not meant to suffer. No man should take them in without getting money.

In an interview on Radio Maisha, Akuku said,

”Money is very very important in a relationship. Usichukue msichana wa mtu alafu unataka kumweka na shida ati ooh, babygirl, I want a lady who I can grow with, I want a lady who I can suffer with.  You go and do the suffering alone. After you’re done, unarudi unatafuta msichana. Ladies were not meant to suffer. Kama huna pesa, go be something else…”

During the same interview, the comedian also cleared rumors that he was chased out of his house because of rent arrears. He claims that this was just a way of creating awareness that people are suffering because of lockdown; he is still in his house.