Why Ali Kiba will never be greater than Diamond Platnumz

Ali Kiba and Diamond have had a rivalry that has lasted for as long as both men blew onto the scene. The former was the first onto the scene and he locked down the noughties with his music but once Diamond finally blew up onto the scene with his song that captured Kenyans attention; Mbagala, the deal was done.

Ali Kiba with Hamisa Mobetto

Since then, the two men, both giants in the east African entertainment scene have been pitted against each other in competition. First it was the fans of each artist doing so then eventually a beef sort of erupted out of the blue between the two.

Harmonize should keep off Diamond Platnumz sister

Since then, they have been compared not much unlike is the case between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Who is better? Ali Kiba or Diamond? And to be honest, the parallels are rather striking! For starters, King Kiba, much like Messi, is the more natuirally talented singer. If you listen to Diamond Platnumz earlier songs, you will realize he has come a long way.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But much like CR7, Diamond Platnumz has put in the work. He is singularly the most industrious artist in East and Central Africa if not in the entire continent. When he isn’t at the studio cooking up new bangers, he’s at the gym chiselling his bopdy for the pleasure of his female audience. When not at the gym, he’s shooting a music video and if that’s not the case then he is out on tour. The boy will never be accused of being lazy because even his preferred leisurely activity, coitus involves alot of cardio.

Diamond Platnumz is right – most women want him for his money & success

And perhaps that is the reason why Ali Kiba will never compare. Scratch that, I am convinced that is chiefly the reason why. At some point, Ali Kiba signed an international recording deal with Sony Music Group and as happens to all African stars when they ink such deals, he fell off.

Salaam with Diamond Platnumz

You need to realise that the American record labels have a way of working that has been successful in the west (America and Europe) but they don’t understand the Kenyan, East African nor African market. Kiba isn’t alone in this as they nearly handicapped the likes of Wizkid who started recording music under the name Star Boy as a finesse.

Is Diamond Platnumz on steroids?

On the other hand, Diamond Platnumz partnered with Tanzanian multi-millionaires and his management team of Said Fella, Babu Tale and Sallaam SK (Sharaff). They are Tanzanians who had at some point worked for Mr Nice so they understand the ins and outs of East African entertainment intimately. They gave him the space to work and his success earned him more than just room to breathe.

Babu Tale with Diamond

Now, nearly a decade since the two started in the game, Diamond has a sizeable catalogue of hits and features. Meanwhile, Ali Kiba has a small catalogue and he even had to part ways with SMG back in 2021. If the two were ever to do a Versus style head-to-head play-off of music, Ali Kiba CANNOT keep up with Diamond. How can you be the greatest if your body of work is smaller than your competition? How Sway? You aint got the answers Sway!

And that is even before we begin to look at accolades outside music. We haven’t even began to discuss what they have done for the entertainment business. Good Lord the minute we start up there, the distance between the two becomes even mor vast!


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Ali Kiba vs Sony Music: Do Africans really need big record deals?

Ali Kiba, Wizkid, Xtatic are afew examples of artists who got major record deals with international companies such as Sony Music Group and they later had to either look for creative ways to release music (which is why Wizkid started releasing music under the moniker S.TA.R.BO.Y), or they let it ruin their career like what happened with Xtatic or they have had to vumilia and find a way to survive until the contract runs its course (Ali Kiba).

Ali Kiba new song Mediocre proof he will never catch up to Diamond Platnumz

Ali Kiba is reportedly preparing to call it a day on his engagement with Sony Music and this follows a very familiar pattern for African artists. You see, most African artists operate within a model that can be seen as independent to a lot of foreigners looking in from the outside.

Ali Kiba
King Kiba is looking to end his record deal with Sony Music Group

They usually start by teaming up with the hottest producers of the day and keep shooting out music and then handling said music’s distribution. That is how Diamond Platnumz started. That is how Ali Kiba started. that is how most African artists such as Burna Boy did it.

Ali Kiba’s wife leaves netizens struggling to catch a glimpse of alleged baby bump(Photos)

Ofcourse there are the few, largely West African artists, who get signed to local record labels and they then set about meeting the terms of those labels. This was Wizkid’s story with E.M.E (Empire Mates Entertainment) who was signed on by fellow artist, Banky W. This was the case with MMMG (Trimple M G) and Iyanya. Usually, the great thing about these local record labels, they are just as hungry as their artists and push their music as aggressively as their stars.

Ali Kiba
Ali Kiba storms out of interview in Tanzania following question about his marriage

When these large international record labels come to Africa and sign talents such as Ali Kiba, they usually come with a format that they employed in America and was successful there. They come and demand that the same playbook is used by African artists who have a level of independence even when they are signed to local record labels. Guys like Wizkid and Ali Kiba are accustomed to releasing music whenever they have some new material and at their discretion.

Wasafi’s Rayvanny ready to make peace with Ali Kiba? (Video)

When these guys,, Ali Kiba et al, sign their record deals, they end up feeling frustrated that they cannot simply jump on a track when invited to do so by their peers and friends. This is one of the most prevalent quarrels we hear about from the likes of Xtatic and Wizkid. They cannot perform wherever or whenever an opportunity presents itself as these performances have to be approved by the big time record labels. As a result, we seemingly see our favourites take a “forced” hiatus.

Ali Kiba
Ali Kiba’s career didn’t really grow after he inked a deal with Sony Music Group

Add to this the fact that these record companies usually import their own executives and rarely give the mantle to locally grown, tried and tested clients and you can see why the contracts they sign rarely (if ever) push these acts to the next level. As we have seen with Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy, with Nyashinski and Diamond Platnumz, they have to get to the next step by doing their own negotiating after getting recognition from the diaspora. Once that happens, they then begin to work with international artists such as Alicia Keys and Diddy who try to push them to the world stage.

Wasafi’s Rayvanny ready to make peace with Ali Kiba? (Video)

So this raises a question I have never been able to answer, “Why did the likes of Ali Kiba agree to signing international record deal?”

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Alikiba’s new protege Tommy flavour enlists him in new love song “Omukwano”

Just days asfter he was unveiled as the new artists under King’s records, Tommy Flavour has dropped his first single “Omukwano”. He features his boss Alikiba.

What’s commendable about the song is the perfect blend of their vocals. The two artists smoothly complement one another.

The transition of voices in the song is smooth, and the mood is kept constant throughout the whole song . Omukwano which is Ugandan word for “my dear”.

As the title suggests, most people would expect the song to have lots of Luganda in it but no, its in simple Swahili and very easy to understand.

Lyrical prowess

For  Tommy Falvour you’d realize he posses some strong RnB vibe thus Omukwano was just a perfect way to start off.

He starts off by telling his girl that she makes him go crazy because of the love he feels for her. Further he says her love her blown him out before he goes down to the chorus.

Tommy sings off about how he enjoys being in love with this girl.Typical right?

Ooh mukwano go, Naenjoy

Penzi lako, Niko hoi

But again everyone deserves some good serenade and the duo did justice to it.

The chorus, simple as it is, passes on the message clearly. The song is very easy to relate to as everyone can relate to love.


Shot in the beautiful beaches in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The video is beautiful and compliments the theme of love that’s full in the video. Just watching it makes one long to visit the beach and if possible, get to take a ride on a yatch under the sweet sunshine.

Tommy flavour, signed by Ali Kiba under Kings Music, comes as a full package as he sings, writes and produces. He has written songs for artists, like Avril, Vanessa Mdee, Wahu, Ommy Dimpoz, Wanje and Nandy among many others. He is also behind the trending song dodo by Ali Kiba as he assisted in writing and performing it. Besides writing good songs for other artists, he has done songs such as Nishzama.

Ali kiba is behind songs like “Dodo” that’s still 6 on trending. This is after it was released a week ago he excited the internet after featuring Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto in the song.

The duo seemingly are to be closely watched as they seem to be resetting the pace for bongo flavour, especially now that Tommy is said to have helped write Ali’s new song.

Rating 8/10

Ali Kiba the cheat! How to avoid getting caught cheating

Ali Kiba is currently under the microscope after a hitherto unknown female stepped out from the closet and announced that she is his secret lover and she has the receipts to prove as much.
Understandably, this is a move that saw the usually silent and languid Ali Kiba post a photo of himself with his wife Amina Khalef that would seem like an innocuous one but since we know just how subliminal Ali Kiba can be, we know better.
ali kiba
And whether the allegation is true or false, we have seen yet another celebrity get outed for alleged infidelity. For Ali Kiba this allegation is particularly bad because just last year, his marriage was strained and his wife Amina exited their matrimonial home.
ali kiba messages
Messages between Alikiba and Diva

This got me thinking, how did Ali Kiba get himself into this pile of excrement? Assuming the allegations are true, how did this great crooner not know how to cover his tracks? That is what I am here to teach you. How to cover your tracks better. We are not going to debate the moral alignment of the advice, I am simply telling you what to do because you have already decided to pull that trigger -like Ali Kiba is alleged to have.

1. Get a trap phone
This should be the first rule out of common sense. You never use your personal phone to sweet talk and sext. That is an amateur mistake. You need to know that phone is always subject to scrutiny. So what you do is get a trap phone that you keep hidden in your car.
2. Don’t alter your behaviour
Stop changing things like your cologne, stop switching your schedule and stop altering your behaviour. you simply act like everything is normal. And that is easy to do when you’re in control of the relationship.

3. Don’t send Mpesa
One of the easiest ways for men -especially married men- to get caught, is by sending Mpesa to their lovers. Now all she needs to do is to provide that trail to your partner and your goose is cooked.

4. Stop sending nudes
Do I really need to explain this?!

Ali Kiba and Amina Khalefs
Ali Kiba and Amina Khalefs

5. Do not use your house or car
Are you dumb? Of course people will recognize your car. And the way slay queens have a penchant for taking photos showcasing the digs they are in, you know you will get busted and it’s only a matter of time.

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Ali Kiba says he doesn’t need bodyguards like Diamond and the rest because God protects him  

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has explained why he doesn’t walk around with bodyguards like his colleagues in the music industry.

Speaking to YoFace, Kiba said that he doesn’t need the services of bodyguards like the way Harmonize and Diamond depended on them because God is always protecting him.

“Even if I get 100 bodyguards that will not help. If someone wants to kill me they will just do it. I do not need bodyguards because God watches over me,” he said. 

No cases

We have seen how most artists are forced to travel with a huge number of bodyguards to keep fans and stalkers away. Apparently, Ali Kiba’s life has been smooth without all this and we have never heard of any nasty encounters with any fan.

Listen to him speak in the video below:


Ali Kiba’s dad laid to rest, Hundreds turn up at the funeral(photos)

Alikiba’s father mzee Saleh Kiba died yesterday while receiving treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Mzee Kiba was buried on Thursday, January 17, afternoon at Kisutu cemetery just hours after he passed on and hundreds showed up at the event.

Burial arrangement

Alikiba’s younger brother Abdu Kiba told Global Publishers that his late father will be buried  in the evening according to Muslim tradition.

Abdu revealed that his father’s body had already been moved to their home in Kariakoo in preparation for the burial. The deceased will be laid to rest at Kisutu Muslim cemetery at around 4pm.

Here are the photos:


Ali Kiba forced to delete his new song from YouTube just hours after uploading

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has deleted his new song ‘Hela’ from YouTube just a day after it was posted.

The singer announced the song on Tuesday and later posted it on the video platform only for it to be deleted later after fans showed dissatisfaction.


Kiba hasn’t offered a reason why he actually deleted the video but many have assumed that it’s because of fan’s complaints who filled the comments box saying the song was a repeat and not good enough.

Here’s what fans said: