Alikiba comes cleans about his alleged affair with Hamisa Mobetto

Alikiba is currently a married man but word has it that his marriage to Amina Khaleef mighty be over. This is because they both live separately but being private people, the couple rarely airs their dirty laundry on social media.

So far Alikiba has been exposed for his cheating way; and unlike Diamond Platnumz, singer Alikiba has been doing it for the longest time.

Well, this is because Diva the boss recently opened up claiming to have dated Kiba for 15 years; yet before meeting his wife Amina, Alikiba had been dating Jokate Mwegelo who is now a politician.

According to Diva the boss, she was in a serious relationship with Kiba; but had to hide it from social media for the sake of the singer’s career.


Mobetto into the mix!

Well after featuring his former friend’s baby mama on his song Dodo many came out claiming he was now involved with Mobetto. Rumors on social media went on to claim that Alikiba used Mobetto as payback to Diamond for using Tanasha who gained her major popularity thanks to her project with Kiba.

Anyway speaking during a recent interview Kiba went on to say;

Tunachat. Hio mada ambayo umeizungumzia hapainaweza kuwa moja ya mada ambazo tuna zungumzia, ideas, kuna watu ambao walishanitafutaga kufanya kazi na Hamisa nikamlink up nao. Ideas tofauti tofauti as a friend unaelewa. Hakuna kitu kinaendelea mimi na Hamisa, hakuna kabisa,

Ms Mobetto with Alikiba

Diamond Platnumz

Responding to fans claiming his baby mama cheated on him with Kiba; singer Diamond refuted the claims stating that he was aware of the project.

Alikiba Anakila Haki Ya Kushoot Na Mtu Yeyote Na Hata Yeye Hamisa Mobetto Ana Haki Ya Kufanya Kazi Na Mtu Yeyote Na Kabla Kwenda Kushoot Hamisa Mobetto Aliniambia Kuwa Ali Amenicheck Nataka Kushoot Na Mimi, So Nimekupa Taarifa Usione Labda Kuna Namna Nyingine Yeyote Watu Wasijekuitafsiri Vingine, Na Mi Nikamwambia Usijali Unabaraka Zangu Zote Kafanya,

However at the end if the day this too is a job for video vixen, Ms Mobetto.

Ali Kiba explains why he doesn’t live a flamboyant life like other artists 

Singer Ali Kiba doesn’t live a flashy lifestyle because it’s a choice. Speaking to Global TV, the hitmaker noted that should he decide to lead a flashy lifestyle, everyone would be shocked.

Ali Kiba said that leaving a simple life helps him interact with his fans and also keep a lot about his life away from the media.

“Kwa sababu tunaishi maisha ambayo yako real, mimi naishi kama nyinyi mnavyo ishi, mimi siishi ki-star. Nikisema niishi ki-star mtaniogopa kwa sababu naeza kuishi ki-star,” said Kiba.


Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz

Kiba, who has been beefing with Diamond for a long time now, also went on to say that artists should put their egos aside and work together.

“No niliji-engage na football kwa sababu ya business, I’m a businessman now, lakini vile vile nafanya muziki, niko serious kabisaa, I’m a musician not a footballer. Niliji-engage tu na football kwa sababu ya business yangu ya energy drink,” he said.

Fans applaud Hamisa Mobetto for teaming up with Ali Kiba against Diamond Platinumz´ wish

Tanzania´s Diamond Platinumz and Ali Kiba had a row that saw citizens split into two with neither side teaming up with the opponent´s but Hamisa now shocks many after merging with Ali Kiba.

The video vixen´s move seemingly suggests the dust between the two is settled after teaming up with King Kiba for a charity project.

´Nifuate Campaign´ is a project initiated by Platinumz´ rival, Ali Kiba and Samatta.

Diamond´s baby mama has been spotted severally in couple of acts of philanthropy and would therefore not be news.

However, fans react tagging her as ´Judas´soon after she puts up her post.

What they don´t seem to understand is how the rival families’ rule has been broken by the Socialite.


Ali Kiba´s fans come out to applaud the beauty for her humbling move.

And now join hands in supporting her and King Kiba in their upcoming campaign:

Yeeeesss! So nice ti see this! Vile nampenda Kiba jamani naomba uwe side yake. ????????????????


Ayeeeees my love…….Mechi inogileeee????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️ Team Kiba ushindi tunaukosaje sasa kwa mfano???? weeeh????????‍♂️


???????????? Utakuwa Team kiba ????????????


Hatar fire


Hamisa kuwa team kiba bass ili tuwafunge vizur????????????????????


Na Naomb uwe upande wa kiba ????????????????

@liyliebeibe team Kiba piga keleleeeeeee????????????????????????????????????
Nilikua nakuchukia Kwa mambo yako Ila saiv nakupenda mno ,,
Yan ukitaka UWE rafik yangu ww mpende Tu @officialalikiba


Mbwana Samatta is a Tanzanian footballer and Ali Kiba´s close ally.

#Nifuate Initiative involves a fund drive then a football match.

All proceeds are then canalized towards supporting needy schools.

Samakiba Foundation targets less fortunate communities.

The set date is 2nd of June 2019 at Tanzania´s national grounds.