Adorable! Alikiba’s youngest baby boy all grown up

Tanzanian Singer, Ali Kiba is one proud man and father of 4 kids that he rarely flaunts on his social media pages.

Just recently the Bongo star blessed the internet with a new photo of his youngest baby boy, Keyaan just to show how big he has since grown.

Alikiba’s sons

Unlike other times when the singer posts half cut out shots of Keyaan, this time around he went all out sharing an adorable photo of his grown son on his Instagram page.

Daddy’s twin

Judging from the recent post, it’s evident that fans were amazed by the insane resemblance baby Keeyan and his daddy share.

The singer also went on to caption the photo saying;

BigBoss ❤️#Keyaan#Mshumaa #AlikibaUnforgettableTour #KingKiba

Baby Keeyan


Alikiba’s new song dedicated to his wife after their nasty break up?

King Kiba has a new song dubbed Mshumaa that has left Bongo music lovers addicted to his new project.

Just like Cinderella and Mwana King Kiba’s new project Mshumaa is definitely what fans were waiting for after his long silence.

This song has however left many speculating that he dedicated it to his ex wife Amina Khalef who apparently walked out on the singer due to personal reasons that also involved the singer’s sisters and mother.


Well, the lyrics in this song are self explanatory and if anything, it’s obvious to see that this might have been based on a true life story.

Alikiba with his wife

In the second verse Alikiba goes on to reveal that his lover (probably ex wife) left him all in the dark after leaving him. Not quite sure whether this is just another project or a way to woo his wife back home!

“Stress hizi tu!” Diamond Platnumz claps back at Alikiba’s post

Diamond Platnumz has responded to Alikiba’s post that left many talking on social  just a few hours ago.

Well, it all started after Diamond Platnumz went on to sarcastically ask Harmonize and Alikiba to perform for the upcoming Wasafi Festival event.

Judging from how Diamond Platnumz put it, it’s evident that he used this strategy to strategize his marketing skills for the popular WCB festival.

Alikiba on the other hand did not want to be dragged into any WCB attention seeking plot and for this reason went on to publicly call out Diamond Platnumz for the first time! He wrote….

Alikiba’s post

Diamond Platnumz response

Seems that Diamond Platnumz also decided to respond to Kiba’s post and through his Twitter handle the WCB boss wrote saying;

Diamond Platnumz post

Why Alikiba divorced his Kenyan Wife

A lot has been said about Alikiba and his latest failed marriage.

From the posts making rounds on social media is that Alikiba’s Kenyan wife is said to have rubbed her in laws the wrong way which forced her out of the Kiba family.

Apparently Amina Khalef had been looking forward to living like a celebrity’s wife only to realize that Alikiba preferred hosting his entire family; which then led to the complications in their marriage.

Alikiba divorces his wife?

Well, Alikiba and his Kenyan wife are said to have divorced following their differences.

Ms Amina couldn’t stand the fact that Alikiba’s siblings and fellow artists were living in her home; but Alikiba seems to have had other plans!

Alikiba’s mum distances herself after being linked her to her son’s failed marriage

Word making rounds on social media is that Alikiba’s mum and sisters are the reason his marriage to Amina Khalef.

Apparently the lady walked out on her man after several scandals involving the Kiba family.

As reported by Tanzanian gossip tabloids, Amina Khalef allegedly went through a lot including being accused of bewitching Kiba’s eldest son who had been fainting from time to time.

Anyway, Kiba’s family no longer wants anything to do with the lady and all they want is for her to raise their grandchild.

Kiba’s family hits back

Well, others claim that Alikiba’s family has been too much involved in their son’s life.

In a post shared by one of Kiba’s family members, they are now urging people to stop dragging Kiba’s mum to the messy scandal that has left many talking. She wrote saying;

Aslay decides its time to ‘Bembea’ in new jam as he features Ali Kiba

Tanzania as always have a way to sway their vibe down our hearts . This time Rockstart Entertainments boss Ali Kiba has featured in  fellow artist Aslay’s  Song dubbed ‘Bembea”

The song  starts with an Indian-Arabic blend of sounds coupled with Kibas’s signature ‘YO!’ Aslay takes up the first part of the song with the Swahili lyrics rolling off his tongue with ease backed up by his captivating voice while Kiba picks up the last part of the song at the same pace and carries it to the end. The transition is smooth and the two voices well blended.


The lyrics delivered at a slow pace gives the listener enough time to listen.  Aslay states his contentment in the love he is receiving and how he can go lifeless in the event that he misses out on that love.

naridhika ridhika, naridhika na huba lako, Nakuahidi ntakufa nikija kulikosa hilo penzi lako’

Further on , Kiba emphasizes the need to be able to keep the love,regardless of the negativity surrounding it.

The duo are well known to reach the hearts of many ladies and this song is just about it.

Ali Kiba And Aslay

The song is an embodiment that carries all that is their about love and its secrets.The urge to always be there for each other despite the hustle in life.

“Beiby, tuifiche hiyo siri Tusionyeshe dhahiri Huwanga wanasubiri Waone utavyonimwaga”

This to ask the love of his life  to keep their love a secret especially from those that posses negative energy.


The music video directed by Hanscana features two main scenes. One in the serene coastal atmospehere(aqua blue ocean, green grass and trees, white sand, plush white beds and seats) that gives a calm relaxing effect.

The second indoor set up is open, with a good blend of cool colors. There isn’t any serious dancing which gives enough room and time to enjoy the tune which is close to a Mexican serenade staged by Alejandro outside Maria-Clara’s bedroom window. Yeah right!

Well the song was averagely doen as compared to the duo’s track record this was not their best collabo.We want more guys.

For rating I will go for a 5/10.Watch and tell us what you think.


Ali Kiba explains why he doesn’t live a flamboyant life like other artists 

Singer Ali Kiba doesn’t live a flashy lifestyle because it’s a choice. Speaking to Global TV, the hitmaker noted that should he decide to lead a flashy lifestyle, everyone would be shocked.

Ali Kiba said that leaving a simple life helps him interact with his fans and also keep a lot about his life away from the media.

“Kwa sababu tunaishi maisha ambayo yako real, mimi naishi kama nyinyi mnavyo ishi, mimi siishi ki-star. Nikisema niishi ki-star mtaniogopa kwa sababu naeza kuishi ki-star,” said Kiba.


Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz

Kiba, who has been beefing with Diamond for a long time now, also went on to say that artists should put their egos aside and work together.

“No niliji-engage na football kwa sababu ya business, I’m a businessman now, lakini vile vile nafanya muziki, niko serious kabisaa, I’m a musician not a footballer. Niliji-engage tu na football kwa sababu ya business yangu ya energy drink,” he said.

Got it from daddy! Adorable photos of Alikiba’s youngest and eldest sons

Alikiba seems to be taking time off music and is now more focused in his football as seen on his social media pages.

Despite his busy schedule the fella however ensures to spend some quality time with his family and wife.

King Kiba
King Kiba

After finally settling down with his Kenyan wife, the couple was blessed with a handsome baby boy that they both kept off  social media; until just a few hours when the Bongo singer finally unveiled his face.

Through his Instagram account, Kiba uploaded a new photo parading his two sons that look alike despite having different Mum’s.

9th birthday

He did this to celebrate his eldest son, Kiba Junior’s birthday as he now turns 9 years. This time around the birthday post was however different as the youngest son was also featured in the photos.

Judging from how the boys look alike, we can agree that they definitely got it from their papa. Check out the photos below.

Alikiba’s sons
Alikiba’s sons

King Kiba, the man with many talents

King Kiba, the man with many talents,  born Ali Saleh Kiba was born 26th November 1986 in Iringa, Tanzania to Tombwe Njere and Saleh Omari. He is the first of four children and is followed by Abdu Saleh Kiba, Zabibu Saleh Kiba and Abubakar Saleh Kiba. He is a recording artist and singer-songwriter. Alikiba is the director of Rockstar4000. Kiba became a household name in 2007,  when he released the album Cinderella.  The album broke record as the best selling album in East Africa. He is known for his hit songs Mwana, “Aje” , “Chekecha Cheketua” “Cinderella”, “Nakshi Mrembo”, “Usiniseme and Dushelele”. .He has also done a collaboration  with R Kelly.

Family and Marriage

Alikiba has five children; Amiya Kiba, Chamy Kiba, Prince Sameer Kiba, Jmal and Keyaan. He is married  Amina Khalef on April 19 2018. She hails from Kongowea in Mombasa, Kenya. Together with Amina they have one son named Keyaan.

Alikiba with wife Amina Khalif


Alikiba attended Upanga Primary School in Dar es salaam before proceeding to secondary school. Although he has a passion for music, Alikiba developed interest in soccer. He is a left legged.

Also read; Alikiba finally makes his debut for Coastal Union FC five months after signing to the club (Photos)

Watch theAlikiba playing soccer below.

Music Career of King Kiba

In 2004, he started pursuing a career as a songwriter and a music artist and wrote his first song, Maria. Later that year, Alikiba started working on his first album. In 2007 he released  Cinderella Album.  This was the album that introduced Alikiba to the music scene. The album’s top single, Cinderella was an instant hit and made it to number one on all of Tanzania’s music charts and was big enough. He didn’t stop here and in 2008 he released yet another album, Usiniseme and at this point, he was dominating the charts across East Africa and beyond. The album, Alikiba 4 Real was another piece. In the same year, Alikiba was nominated and won the Kilimanjaro Music Awards for Cinderella.

Click on the link below to watch Cinderella.

He has a couple of songs that have done so well in East Africa and Internationally. Some of the songs include,

Usiniseme, Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia, Chekecha Cheketua, Mwana and many more. In addition he  has done more songs. AliKiba, the world famous singer, has sung some really lovely and beautiful songs. Ali Kiba– Seduce Me song has been trending since its release.

To watch seduce me click on the link below.

King Kiba has recently released a song dubbed Mbio. Further, it is a song that he claims to have written 10 years ago while he first visited Muscat Oman.

To watch the video click on the link below.

In addition Alikiba has given bongo music a great feel. His is some good work that has seen him travel the world. Finally, his music is loved in Kenyan and has a large fan base here.




Mbio; Don’t miss this jam by the Africa King, AliKiba

Mbio is the newest jam by Alikiba the Africa King. You are not gonna miss this. He wrote this song 10 years ago when he first visited Oman as he says on his Instagram page and has released it in 2019. Alikiba returned to Oman for a Grand Concert at The Intercontinental Hotel and got inspired to finalize the song and shoot the Music Video at Jebel Sifah, one of several great destinations in Muscat.

Mbio is a “love gone wrong” song that explains the feelings of a man who is still in love with his woman, who has fallen out of love with him. Mbio has been directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr.  Mbio takes us back to those times of Cinderella. Also the jam is done in Swahili and English.


The setting is amazing. The beats are on point and the sound is great. The background of the video is attractive. The audio is in sync. Also the costume was well thought of during the production. The actions brought out in the video relate to the words spoken. In this case you can tell that the lady is not into Alikiba when she refuses to get the gift.

This is not a good sign and it clearly shows that the vixen is not in love. It is a good thing when the message of the song is well thought of during production. Generally the video has met international standards.

Lyrical Representation

The lyrics of this song depeict the true Alikiba. Damn! This bongo artist has a way with words. The feelings he has brought out are so clear that one is hurt. The title Mbio is clear through repetition. In the Chorus; “Mi siwezani bila wewe Mbio ooh ooh, mbio ooh oooh, mbio Moyo unadunda, moyo unadunda Mbio ooh ooh, mbio ooh oooh, mbio”. I can only imagine of the pain that the guy will endure without the person they love.

Alikiba mbio

He goes ahead to question their love in this stanza; “Are we still dating? Mariela waky Ama ndio nimechokwa Ama umetekwa”. This shows that he already has that fear that the girl is not into him. In this song he depicts what the boy child goes through to find love but instead is rejected.
“Nawaza nakufikiri Majibu sipatii Na moyo unachosha akili Kwa mapenzi ya ku fosi Kupenda pasipo dhamani Kwangu taabani sio sawa Ni bora unipe  Moyo wangu niufiche”. In this two stanzas he says that he tired of forcing love that does not exist and only asks for his heart to take care of it. This means he walks away and thus the title “Mbio”.

I know by now you agree with me that Alikiba is the king of lyrics. The song is good and I give it a rating of 7/10.

To watch the video, click on the link below.


Alikiba pours his heart out to mother of his newborn on her birthday

King Kiba recently had his Kenyan Queen walk down the isle, now has a cute baby boy from her and then decides to spoil her on her D-day.

The bongo flava star wishes wife, Mama Keyaan nothing short of a beautiful life journey.

For King Kiba, the mother of his tender son is a true definition of Alikiba.

It is all love in the air for King Kiba´s Kenyan sweetheart, Amina Khalef.

Additionally, the beauty speaks glamour, elegance and ´The Royal Queen´ on her birthday.

Happy Birthday to Mama Keyaan.

Comment section

Fans too celebrate the beauty and brains and hail the beautiful pair:

Happy birthday Amina the queen


Happy birthday wife wa dunia.




Happy birthday mama Keyaan…more life to u.,,,,????????


Always you are..????????


Happy Birthday queen to @officialalikiba ????????????


Happy Birthday Mke wa Wakitaa???????????????????? @officialalikiba


She is a Queen indeed.

Ali Kiba and his new wife welcome their first child together (Photos)

Alikiba and his new wife are the newest parents in town. The two have welcomed their first born together just a few months after they walked down the aisle.

The Tanzanian singer who already has four kids; Amiya, Jamal, Sameer and Chamy has added yet another baby.

Although he is one who likes to keep his private life on the low, the singer couldn’t help but announce the birth of his new baby.

He shared the news through his Snapchat account where he shared two photos of the baby; but as expected he did not unveil the baby’s face.

Kiba’s new wife

Kiba seems to have to have relocated to Mombasa where his new wife lives. The two are believed to be close family friends with Mombasa’s governor Ali Hassan Joho.


His baby arrives a few days after Jamal Gadaffi’s wife welcome a healthy baby girl.

Sad! Alikiba’s father Saleh Kiba passes on (Photos)

Alikiba’s father mzee Saleh Kiba has died, the deceased passed on while receiving treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzanian media report that mzee Saleh died today Thursday 17th January. It’s however not clear what Alikiba’s father was suffering from.

Saleh Kiba
Saleh Kiba
Burial arrangement

Alikiba’s younger brother Abdu Kiba told Global Publishers that his late father will be buried later today in the evening according to Muslim tradition.

Abdu revealed that his father’s body had already been moved to their home in Kariakoo in preparation for the burial. The deceased will be laid to rest at Kisutu Muslim cemetery at around 4pm.

Late Saleh Kiba with his grandson Kiba Junior
Late Saleh Kiba with his grandson Kiba Junior




Socialite Sasha Kassim leaves tongues wagging after getting brand new Ksh 4 million car from minister

Tanzanian socialite Sasha Kassim has come out to brag how she has bagged a rich influential man who is spoiling her with nothing but the best this world has to offer.

Kassim, who was in the news last year for claiming Ali Kiba has been pestering her with pleas for sex, shared that a minister is head over heels in love with her and he just bought her a brand new Toyota Harrier that goes for roughly 4 million(2015).

Settling down

Speaking to Tanzanian newspaper Wikienda, the controversial socialite claimed that the minister delivered the car to his doorstep.

She also said that the two might be getting married soon but all through the interview avoided naming the minister.

 ‘You know he is a minister and its not good to just expose him because he intends to marry me soon. I will reveal him soon because I hate this hiding stuff.” Sasha revealed. 

It’s no the first time the curve socialite has promised she’s settling down. She has shared in the past several times that she’s about to get married but the plans end failing miserably.

Alikiba finally makes his debut for Coastal Union FC five months after signing to the club (Photos)

Alikiba’s dream of becoming a professional footballer finally came to fruition after Coastal Union F.C. signed him for one season 2018/2019

Alikiba signed a non-payable one year contract with Coastal Union sometimes in June this year. The contract with Coastal Union does not bar him from doing his music or going on tours to perform.

Number 7 jersey

Coastal Union played its first game of the season on August 22nd but Alikiba didn’t play in that game. It took three months for the Coastal Union coach to field Alikiba for the club’s game.

The 31 year-old musician/player made his debut after missing 15 matches since the new season started. Kiba played for his club last Sunday December 9th donning the number 7 jersey (popular with Cristiano Ronaldo).

Coastal Union faced Mbeya City in a match that ended in a 1-1 draw. Below are photos of Alikiba in action for his club:




Video vixen Gigy Money: I would rather work with Diamond than Alikiba

Popular Bongo video vixen Gift Stanford alias Gigy Money has publicly stated her reasons why she prefers to work with Diamond Platnumz than his rival Alikiba.

Gigy Money is part of Wasafi Festival, she opened up about her experience working with Diamond during an interview with Bongo 5.

Gigy Money twerking on stage during Wasafi Festival in Morogoro on December 2nd 2018
Gigy Money twerking on stage during Wasafi Festival in Morogoro on December 2nd 2018

Gigy Money says that Diamond is a down to earth person whereas Alikiba has attitude, she reveals that Kiba once snubbed her backstage during a show with him in Kahama.

“Alikiba anakunja sana kuliko Diamond na siku ambayo tulienda kufanya wote shoo Kahama Ali Kiba alinitenga kabisa backstage,” said Gigy Money.


Alikiba and Gigy Money have their past having dated years ago. Sometimes in June 2018, the controversial video vixen confessed that she slept with both Alikiba and his brother Abdu Kiba.

Also read: Gigy Money: I slept with Alikiba and his brother Abdu Kiba



“This will be my fourth child now” Alikiba finally confirms wife’s pregnancy

Alikiba and his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef are expecting their first child together. Amina has been rumored to be pregnant since July this year but now her husband has ultimately confirmed the pregnancy.

The Bongo singer married Amina in colorful wedding that was held in Mombasa on April 19th 2018. The Bongo star held a separate white wedding in Dar es Salaam after the Muslim wedding in Mombasa.

Alikiba and his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef during their white wedding
Alikiba and his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef during their white wedding

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo on Monday November 19th, Kiba revealed that his wife will be due sometimes next year.

“We are expecting a baby early next year, God-willing. Katika dini yetu, we believe it is a blessing to get married and after a few months to get a baby. This will be my fourth child now,” said Alikiba.

Met in Nairobi

The ‘Seduce Me’ hit maker also opened up about how he met his wife. He revealed that he met Amina in Nairobi while she was a student at USIU.

“I met my wife in Nairobi, when she was a student at USIU, and we started dating. She was my fan and we got to know each other and finally, we ended up together. She is so understanding and I’m sure she has no fear and I love her so much. I have known her to be a respectful person and that is why we have not had drama for the eight months we have been married.”



Alikiba thwarts efforts by Diamond to end their beef

Diamond Platnumz sought to end years of rivalry with Alikiba by inviting him to perform at the forthcoming Wasafi Festival set to be held in Kenya and Tanzania.

“Na kwa kudhihirisha kwamba hili ni Tamasha la Kwetu wote, Mpaka Kaka yangu @officialalikiba ningependa kumuona anashiriki katika @wasafifestival_. Lengo si kuonyesha nani mkubwa bali ni kuuleta Mziki wetu pamoja and huifanya dunia kuona kwamba , kumbe na sisi Tanzania tunaeza shikamana na kufanya vitu vikubwa,” wrote Diamond Platnumz.

Wasafi festival is set to kick off on November 24, 2018 in Mtwara, Tanzania. The show will then end in Mombasa and Nairobi on December 26 and 31st respectively.


Alikiba took to social media to make a joke out of Diamond’s invitation for him to perform at Wasafi Festival. The ‘Seduce Me’ singer shared a meme of Mr. Bean with a message written ‘Thank you for listening to my presentation’. He further captioned the meme ‘Thank you’.

Alikiba is seen to be sending a coded message to Diamond, telling him that he didn’t ask for the invitation to perform at the forthcoming Wasafi Festival.




Barakah The Prince: Alikiba has refused to pick my calls or reply my texts ever since I left Rockstar4000 

Bongo singer Barakah The Prince signed to Rockstar4000 in 2016 before he quit a year later. Rockstar4000 is the first Pan African 360 Music & Entertainment Company and Record Label.

In July 2017, Alikiba was confirmed as one of the co-owners of Rockstar4000 after working with the record label for six long years.

Barakah The Prince’s exit from Rockstar4000 in 2017 was not without drama, he accused Alikiba of sabotage saying that he deleted his songs from YouTube channel which was being managed by the label.

No reconciliation

In a recent interview with Millard Ayo, Barakah The Prince revealed that he reached out to Alikiba seeking a truce but the ‘Seduce Me’ hit maker gave him the cold shoulder.

Prince says that he has texted and called both Alikiba and his manager Seven Mosha but they ignored his calls and failed to reply to his texts.

“Nilishawahi kumtext nikamwambia brother kuna hichi na hichi na haya ni maisha na haya mambo ambayo yanayoendelea tuachane nayo tudeal na maisha mengine, mimi bado ni kijana nahitaji muongozo wao ili nifanikiwe. Hawakuwai kurespond,” Barakah The Prince said.



Bongo singer Kidoti Baby accuse Alikiba of asking her for sexual favours

Kidoti Baby claims Alikiba slid into her DM to ask her for sexual favours only for him to bolted when she demanded for cash in return.

The Tanzanian singer-cum-socialite says that Alikiba was impressed with her twerk videos on Instagram and he decided to DM her.

“Alinifata kipindi kile napenda kujirekodi rekodi, nakata kata mauono nahisi alielewa game. Akaja DM mtoto sijui nini eeeh ati nimemvutia navyocheza na kuwa anapenda wanawake wenye matako makubwa…” said Kidoti in an interview with MidOne TV.

Stingy man
Kidoti Baby
Kidoti Baby

Kidoti Baby claims that she asked Alikiba to pay her Kes 88,200 (Tsh2 million) in return of the sexual favors he was desperately begging for.

The ‘Seduce Me’ hit maker however refused to pay a penny saying that he was famous and that he does not pay to get women he desires.

“Yule bahili sana kwenye kutoa hela. Jibu mimi nililompa nilimwambia kama anayo milioni mbili freshi, akaniambia mimi siwezi kutoa hela hiyo kwa mwanamke, mwanamke yeyote mimi nikimtaka nampata kiurahisi tu bila tatizo lolote. Alishindwa dau,” said Kidoti.




Alikiba finally explains why he deleted his new song from YouTube

Tanzanian singer Alikiba raised eyebrows when he uploaded a new song dubbed ‘Hela’ on YouTube only to pull it down a few hours later.

The singer announced he had released the new song on Tuesday October 2nd and later posted it on the video platform only for it to be deleted later after some fans showed dissatisfaction.

Inappropriate day

Speaking during an interview with EATV, Alikiba explained that he pulled down the video because it wasn’t supposed to be uploaded online on Tuesday but rather on Thursday October 4th.

“Siku yenyewe haikuwa siku yangu ambayo napenda ku-release nyimbo, ilikuwa siku ya Jumanne, so tukamwambia jamaa autoe, inatakiwa siku kama ya leo Alhamisi, ndiyo maana ulikuta umetoka kwenye YouTube, ila sasa hivi ukiingia utaikuta,” said Alikiba.




Alikiba explains why he has not been seen playing for his club Coastal Union F.C.

Alikiba’s dream of becoming a professional footballer finally came to fruition after Coastal Union F.C. signed him for one season 2018/2019

Alikiba signed a non-payable one year contract with Coastal Union sometimes in June this year. The club played its first game of the season on August 22nd and Alikiba didn’t play, in fact he has never played for the club since he was signed.

Still analyzing the game

Alikiba’s contract with Coastal Union does not bar him from doing his music or going on tours to perform. Speaking during an interview with Spoti Xtra, Alikiba explained that he is yet to play for his club because he is still analyzing how the club plays.


“Ifahamike kuwa haina haraka ya mimi kucheza kwani mpira una njia na kanuni zake ambazo mtu unatakiwa uzijue. Ni lazima uzijue vizuri hizo na siyo unakurupuka na kuingia uwanjani, niko vizuri kabisa ila kwa sasa natafuta kuielewa timu kabla ya kuonekana uwanjani kwenye mechi zijazo za timu yangu,” said Alikiba.




Alikiba message to Ommy Dimpoz as he turns a year older

Alikiba has joined the many people sending Ommy Dimpoz a happy birthday as he turns a year older.

Through his Instagram page, Alikiba dedicated a special message to Ommy Dimpoz encouraging him to stay stronger. He went on to talk about God being above any man and how he protects the weak ones from evil.

Ommy Dimpoz in ICU

The message has however raised a few eyebrows here and there as fans now feel that the two artists know who poisoned Ommy.

Ali Kiba’s message

Anyway, it is indeed a blessing for Ommy to see yet another year in his life.

According to a post shared on his gram, the singer says he suffered for 5 months and though he is still recovering….it all seems like a bad dream.

The two artists are currently in Mombasa where they have been temporarily living.

The only player without a salary! Alikiba misses opening match for his new club Coastal Union

Alikiba’s dream of becoming a professional footballer finally come to fruition after Coastal Union F.C. signed him for one season 2018/2019.

Coastal Union drew 1-1 when they faced Lipuli FC on Wednesday August 22nd in their first match of the season. Alikiba however didn’t play for his club, he wasn’t even anywhere close to the stadium where the match was played.

Alikiba training
Alikiba training
Terms and conditions

Alikiba signed a non-payable one year contract with Coastal Union. The contract does not bar him from doing his music or going on tours to perform.

The Bongo singer was away in Canada, for his ‘All Star Music Tour’ that started last Friday, when his club was playing their opening match of the season.


“Kuna watu wanachanganya muziki na wengine wanaaribu muziki” Alikiba claims Bongo music has lost popular appeal 

Alikiba has come out to blame some Tanzanian musicians for the deterioration of Bongo music. The singer claims Bongo flava has lost  popular appeal.

Speaking during an interview on Nyundo ya Baruan show on Azam TV, Alikiba said that some musicians were responsible for the deterioration of Bongo music because of the quality of music they produce.

“Mwendo wa muziki wa Bongo Flava unakwenda vizuri ijapokuwa kuna watu wanachanganya tu muziki na wengine wanaaribu muziki na wengine wanakwenda nao vizuri lakini hiyo pia siwezi kuichambua kwa sababu kila mtu anakipaji chake. Wengine wanafanya kwa kujifurahisha na wengine wanafanya kwaajili ya maisha yao lakini muziki kidogo umepungua nguvu,” said Alikiba.


Kiba said he believes music awards are instrumental in improving the quality of music in Tanzania. He revealed that his company Mo Faya plans to start an award to recognize achievement in Bongo music industry.

“Ninaimani kwa sababu ya tuzo za Tanzania zilikuwa zinawahamasisha sana watu, wasanii walikuwa wakifanya kazi vizuri na kwa bidii anaamini kwamba siku moja ataitwa na atapewa heshima unajua tuzo ni heshima tu.

“Kwa hivyo changamoto kidogo imepungua, kasi imepungua ni kutokana na tuzo kwa vijana maana mtu anaweza kujitungia nyimbo yoyote ambayo haina kichwa wala miguu sababu hategemei chochote lakini pia kampuni yangu ya Mo Faya inamipango hiyo ya kuwahamasisha vijana kufanya tuzo baadae Insha allah,” said Kiba.



Diamond’s manager: We created the beef between Alikiba and Diamond, we regularly meet with Kiba’s management 

Diamond’s manger Sallam SK Mendez reveals that his boss’ beef with Alikiba is not real because the management representing the two singers meet on a regular basis.

Speaking during an interview on Times FM, Mendez says the beef was created by the management for the sole purpose of giving the two singers mileage.

Alikiba with his manager Seven Mosha
Alikiba with his manager Seven Mosha

“Kati ya Ali na Diamond hakunaga bifu, na haijawi kutokea, na uongozi wa Alikiba na WCB huwa tunakutana mara kwa mara kuzungumza. Bifu ilitengenezwa na sisi baada ya kuona watu wanapenda hivyo vitu tukavitumia kwaajili ya kupromote wimbo wetu,” said Sallam SK Mendez.

Drama at Chris Brown concert

Sometimes on October 8th 2016, Alikiba caused drama at Chris Brown concert in Mombasa. Kiba performed two songs and left the stage. He later blamed the subpar performance on Diamond’s manager.

In an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva, Alikiba said he couldn’t continue performing because he spotted Diamond’s manager backstage while he was performing.

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Was that drama at Chris Brown concert also orchestrated by Diamond and Alikiba’s management?