Alikiba’s longtime ex girlfriend Jokate is pregnant and about to marry another man

Alikiba and Jokate Mwegelo dated for years. It’s even puzzling how the two ex lovers didn’t end up being man and wife in the long run.

Alikiba has found new love in Kenya. The Tanzanian crooner is secretly dating a Kenyan girl whose identity hasn’t been officially revealed.

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Alikiba and Jokate Mwegelo
Soon to be mother

Jokate Mwegelo has also moved on with her life after the breakup with Alikiba. The popular Tanzanian model-cum-actress announced that she was expectant and in the process of getting married.

“March Baby ??. March Queen ????‍???‍?. Soon to be somebody’s Wife ??and Mummy??. God is Great and Faithful. Grown but forever a baby girl ??. Ni kwa neema tu na rehema. Thank you loves for dragging me out to take these @divaglam_beauty @petefarasi9 @jacquescollection Nawapenda ❤️ ~ otherwise I couldn’t be bothered ? #Kidoti #Kidoti2018,” wrote Jokate.



“Am not the Kenyan girl Alikiba is marrying” Nick Mutuma’s ex Tanasha cries out

Alikiba is set to tie the knot with a mystery Kenyan girl. Tanzanian blogs intimate that Nick Mutuma’s ex  Tanasha Donna is the girl Kiba is marrying.

Earlier reports indicated that Alikiba’s sweetheart hails from the Kenyan coast. Which explains the singer’s frequent trips to Mombasa.

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It’s not me!

Tanasha Donna has dismissed reports she is the mystery Kenyan lady Alikiba is marrying. The lass explains that she has worked with Kiba before but asserts that they never dated.

“I would just like to clarify that the rumor that has been going around on numerous Tanzanian IG pages and blogs claiming that Ali Kiba and I are engaged are COMPLETELY FALSE. Kiba and i once worked together on his music video but have NEVER been an item. #falserumors,” wrote Tanasha.




Alikiba to wed his Kenyan sweetheart this Friday!

There have been several rumors linking Alikiba to a certain beauty by the name of Amina from coast. Well, it’s true that he is set to marry her in a low key event expected to take place on 2nd March 2018.

The news about his wedding was confirmed by his brother who recently spoke to Ijumaa Wikienda. Well, the private wedding will be held in the coast area attracting close friends and relatives only.

Alikiba’s wedding

This is the first time Alikiba is holding a wedding despite having baby mothers in Tanzania. His wedding might also be attended by big political names like Hassan Joho who are among his close friends.

Details about the wedding are however scarce but we will be looking forward to the pictures shared from the event.

Wedding bells! Alikiba set to marry his Kenyan sweetheart

Alikiba is set to join AY in the league of married men. The veteran Bongo rapper married his Rwandan sweetheart Remmy in a low key wedding in Dar es Salaam over the past weekend.

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Alikiba is also set to tie the knot sometimes in March. The Tanzanian crooner has for a long time kept his relationship under wraps.

Kiba is secretly dating a Kenyan woman who hails from Mombasa. A source confirmed to Ijumaa Wikienda that Alikiba will indeed marry the Kenyan woman.

“Unajua kwa Kiba kumuoa mrembo huyo wa Mombasa itazima kabisa minon’gono mbalimbali ya kuwa nani ataolewa naye,” said the source.

Abdul Kiba’s confirmation

Ali Kiba’s younger brother Abdul Kiba told Ijumaa Wikienda that the ‘Seduce Me’ hit maker will tie the knot in March 2018.

Alikiba with his brother Abdul Kiba

Below is the conversation Abdul Kiba had with Ijumaa Wikienda:

Ijumaa Wikienda: Vipi Abdul, umekuwa kimya sana, ni kwa sababu ya harusi?

Abdul: Harusi ya Ali au?

Ijumaa Wikienda: Si na wewe pia maana ninasikia mnaoa siku moja?

Abdul: Anayeoa ni Ali, mimi sina mpango wa kuoa mwaka huu kabisa.

Ijumaa Wikienda: Ila wanasema mnafanya pamoja na mchumba wako ameshafanyiwa kibao kata, je, ni kweli?

Abdul: Si unajua mambo ya wanawake? Lakini ndoa mimi bado, Ali ndiyo anatarajia kuvuta jiko mwezi ujao (Machi).




“We dated for two years” Alikiba’s brother Abdu Kiba opens up about dating Diamond’s side chick Tunda Sebastian

Apparently Abdu Kiba and Tunda Sebastian dated for two long years before they split. Alikiba’s brother has since come clean about his relationship with Diamond’s alleged side chick.

Diamond and Alikiba’s family go a long way in dating same women. Chibu and Alikiba both dated Jokate Mwegelo at different time and now it turns out Diamond and Abdu Kiba also shared Tunda Sebastian.

Tunda Sebastian
Secret relationship

Abdu Kiba opened up about his relationship with Tunda during an interview with Millard Ayo. The singer says he met Tunda on social media and they started dating secretly.

He reveals that they kept their relationship under wraps because of circumstance. Abdu Kiba and Tunda dated for two years before breaking up.

Abdu Kiba and his brother Alikiba

“Mahusiano ambayo yaliwahi kunifurahisha ambayo sikutamani hata yavunjike long time ago lakini kipindi hiko nipo na Tunda ambapo tulikutana social media. Nilimwelewa na vile vile alinielewa kwaiyo tukaweza kukutana na mwishowe wote tukaelewana, ila muda kidogo kama miaka mitatu iliyopita. Tulikaa kwenye mahusiano kwa miaka miwili lakini kwa sasa hatupo wote,” said Abdu Kiba.


Idris: The number of men Wolper dated last year exceed the number of songs Alikiba released

Idris Sultan has killed two birds with one stone. He took a swipe at Jacqueline Wolper and Ali Kiba with a single post on social media.

Jacqueline Wolper has dated several men, some of her relationships barely lasted a month. The actress reveals she usually looks for fun and not a serious relationship that leads to marriage.

“Kwa kuwa nafanya vitu vya kijamii , najaribu kuepukana na baadhi ya mambo, mahusiano yangu mnayoyaona katika mitandao huwa ni ya kujifurahisa tu kwakweli na ndo maana mnaona nachiachia sana lakini endapo mama yangu angekuwa katika mitandao ya kijamii wala nisingejaribu kufanya hivyo, lazima niwaheshimu wazazi wangu,” Jacqueline Wolper said during an interview with Global Online TV.

Jacqueline Wolper with one of the boys she dated

Number of men

Idris Sultan is thrilled by how Jacqueline Wolper changes her men like a model changes clothes. The comedian jokingly said the number of men Wolper dated in 2017 exceeds the number of songs Alikiba released in the same year.

“Idadi ya wapenzi wa Wolper mwaka huu ni kubwa kuliko nyimbo alizotoa Kiba.” Idris tweeted.

Meet the hot blood sister Alikiba has been keeping on the low for years

Tanzanian Alikiba is among the low profile artists from bongo land. Despite being so talented, Alikiba likes to keep his life private and from the look of things it works out just fine for him.

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He rarely has scandals dragging his career down and if anything, his fans are more curious to know about his life more than ever.

Anyway, not many knew about his stunning hot sister. She goes by the name of Zabibu Kiba and just like her name, the lady is a site to see! Zabibu is one fine lady with killer curves and just like her brother’s…she also enjoys to stay away from the public eye.
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Zabibu Kiba’s lifestyle

The lady is not any different from most Tanzanian women. She loves the good life and since her family can afford it, then she spends! Looking at her photos one can also see that she does not promote nudity and seems to be a staunch Muslim believer!


Alikiba and Gilad Millo win gold plaited prizes from the just concluded All Africa Music Awards (Photos)

Kenya’s Gilad Millo and Alikiba are among East African musicians who were feted in the just concluded All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA).

AFRIMA awards 2017 went down on Friday night November 10th. The star-studded award gala was held at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

American-born Senegalese singer – Akon was the special guest at the award gala. Several Nigerian music bigwigs like Wizkid and 2baba were also in attendance.

Akon speaks at the 2017 AFRIMA Awards gala in Lagos, Nigeria

East African winners

Alikiba won Best African Collaboration for his song ‘Aje’ featuring MI Abaga. Gilad Millo brings two 23.9 Carat plaited gold AFRIMA awards.

Gilad won AFRIMA awards for Best Male Artiste in Inspirational Music and Best Artiste in African Rock. The Kenyan-Israeli singer thanks his fans for making sure he won the coveted prizes.

Gilad Millo’s AFRIMA prizes



This is why Alikiba has warned his fans not address him as ‘god’

Tanzanian singer Alikiba has always been a favourite to many. This is because his music seem to have a big impact on them and for some reason they have given him the title of ‘Bongo Flava god’ but he is not comfortable with this.

This started after the singer shared new photos on his Instagram page after maintaining his silence for weeks. In the comment section, one can clearly see fans praising him for his talent and suprisingly for the very first time he responded by writing:

King Kiba
King Kiba

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“Naomba msiniite hivyo siwezi kuwa wala siwezi kukubali imani yetu haturuhusu kujiita au kuitwa na mtu yoyote ule jina la MUUMBA,”

According to him, his religion (Islam) does not allow any man to be given the name of the almighty since no human being can be compared to God.

He urged his fans not to address him this way and if they continue he will not allow such comments on his social media pages. This is just one of the many times we have seen Kiba show how humble he is and even though he knows that he produces good music…he still chooses to act like any other normal (kawaida) fella.

King Kiba must be spending a lot of time in the gym, check out his ‘guns’ and fine body (Photos)

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has lately been keeping a low profile even after dropping a major hit ‘seduce me’ that attracted about 2 million views in just a week.

Unlike most Tanzanian artists King Kiba is among those who like to maintain their private life and the only time we hear from them is when they upload new photos on social media.

Ali Kiba
King Kiba

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So now Alikiba has left fans drooling over his new photos where he is seen rocking a toned body with big ‘guns’ (muscles) that are a clear indication that he must have been spending some extra time in the gym.

Though his body has always appeared to be in shape…the new photos look a bit too fine to assume he has not been doing anything about it.

Anyway…on the comment section his fans could not help but ask when he will be releasing a new song since the likes of Diamond Platnumz have been dropping new projects featuring international artists when Kiba is just maintaining his silence.

King Kiba
King Kiba
King Kiba
King Kiba

Alikiba expecting 5th child with the woman he had a fling with in Mwanza

Alikiba denied anything happened between him and the lady when their photos leaked. But now the lady is pregnant and she is bragging about it.

‘Seduce Me’ hit maker has had dalliances with several women. Alikiba has four children with four different baby mamas. He has never married anyone yet, and it’s not known whether he’s currently dating any woman.

So on last month Alikiba was seen clutching a lady only known as Dorothea Caroline. The two were thought to have one-night stand but Alikiba dismissed the allegation as a bad joke.

Caroline is pregnant

Well, Caroline is now pulling a Hamisa Mobeto. Remember Mobeto’s shenanigans when she was pregnant and Diamond denied being the father of her unborn child?

Caroline is kinda doing the same stuff Hamisa Mobeto did during her pregnancy. The lady shared a photo of the fetus growing in her womb and tagged Alikiba.


Caroline declares her love for the Bongo singer in another Instagram post. She says the ‘bed does not produce what is forbidden’.




Alikiba caught up in a concocted sex scandal

Netizens are hot on the heels of popular Tanzanian singer Alikiba being embroiled in a controversial photos with an unknown lady.

Photos of Alikiba with the said lady embracing each other on bed have been doing rounds on the internet with the explanation being that the two had one night stand at a hotel.

Some people however claimed the ‘Seduce Me’ singer had recently hooked up with the lady. Alikiba has four children with four different baby mamas and it’s not known whether he’s currently dating any woman.

The singer however dismissed the concocted sex scandal explaining that he posed with the said woman at a reception in a hotel in Mwanza in the presence of other artists.

“Ni ujinga tu, kwanza pale watu wanaona ni kama kwenye mapokezi,sema kwa sababu watu wameamua kuongea acha waongee lakini katika hilo wanalofikiria hakuna ukweli wowote,” said Alikiba.






This is why NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga sent a private jet to pick Alikiba

This past weekend Tanzanian artist Alikiba was in the country to join the NASA team in celebrating after the Supreme Court ruled in their favor nullifying President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

For this reason Raila Odinga and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho apparently sent the seduce me hitmaker a private jet to pick him from Tanzanian as they wanted him to perform his songs at their low key party.

Raila Odinga, Joho and Alikiba

The news was however shared later by a close source to the singer who told a Tanzanian newspaper:

“Kenya’s opposition appreciates Kiba’s support. The Nasa outfit believes Kiba contributed immensely in their campaigns before the August 8th general election. They sent a private jet, which picked him late Friday.”

To verify whether this was true Ali Kiba’s manager, Aidan Seif, also confirmed that indeed the NASA leader had sent for the singer.


Gospel singer Christiana Shusho’s message to Alikiba leaves tongues wagging

Christina Shusho who is popularly known for her Swahili songs has left many shocked after she confessed her love for King Kiba’s new song Seduce me which has already hit 2 million views on YouTube in less than 3 days.

Alikiba’s new song

Through her social media pages the singer described Alikiba as a person who understands the art of good music and went on to praise him for releasing a video that both the young and old can sit down and watch without fearing nudity scenes as he avoided them.

She wrote saying;

Leo unaweza kukuta mtu kaitwa kanisani aongoze wimbo wa sifa halafu akalianzisha Seduce Me, Eeh jamani Kiba we noma, wimbo ni mzuri sana kitaaluma kama anavyopenda kusema bosi Ruge. Hauna picha za aibu , naweza kuuangalia nikiwa na familia, labda sijui maana ya Seduce Me. Timu Kigoma Wamanyema oyeeeee. Cha mwisho Ali Kiba basi siku nyingine tutembelee kanisani ukiwa mfalme huchagui dini wote wako

Her post however raised a few eyebrows on social media as many never thought that she never listened to secular songs. But in her defense, being a Christian does not mean that she secludes sinners as her aim is to win them over!

King Kiba’s new song hits 1 million is 38 hours making him the first East African artist to break this record, what strategy did he use?

Alikiba is among the popular Tanzanian artists who started off their careers even before the likes of Diamond Platnumz started singing. He might however seem like he takes too long before dropping a new song – but this has seen him achieve more than what many could ever think.

Alikiba’s new song

Seduce me which was released on Friday has been receiving positive reviews from fans not because of the lyrics used in the video but also the captivating high quality video which brought life in the song.

This is his first project to hit 1 million views in just a few hours after uploading it on YouTube. Though he has not been hyping it very much on his Instagram his friends and fellow artists have been supporting this particular project that has seen Alikiba hold the title of the most creative artist in East Africa.

Simplicity and keeping a low profile could have contributed to his success even after Diamond Platnumz and his his team chose to release a new song ‘Zilizopendwa’ to counterpart Kiba’s song just a few hours after it was uploaded.

Check out Kiba’s new song below;

“Hauwezi kunicompare na Alikiba” Diamond massacres Alikiba in new rap diss song

Diamond has taken a dig at his arch-nemesis Alikiba in a new diss track that also featured Rayvanny and Fid Q. Chibu made it clear that he was the don.

Diamond addressed his haters in new song ‘Fresh’ remix, he talks about being trolled for having big lips and the bitter rivalry with Alikiba.

In his verse, Diamond said he couldn’t be compared with Cinderella (Alikaba is sometimes referred as Cinderella thanks to his 2009 hit song ‘Cinderella’) because the comparison wasn’t ‘fresh’.

Below is Diamond’s verse in the song ‘Fresh’ remix:

Niliposikia beat tu nikatamani nifanye verse/ Nikamcheck Ngosha akaniambia simba mbona fresh/ Upesi upesi nikaandika nimurde kesi/

Na sasa ngoma kitaani imenuka kama kinyesi/

I started young kabla sijaitwa Chibudenga/

Enzi hizo naitwa Domo eti siku hizi lips Denda/ Baba Tiffa mnaniita Baba Nillan/

Nasikia naitwa Baba Abdul, kuna mambo mitaani /

Mzuka ukipanda ukate viuno kama Vanga/

Kwa beat ya Kubanda inayobakwa na muuza karanga/

Ukinichukia sikosi hela hivyo kwangu sio kesi/ Kunicompare na Cinderella haiwezi kuwa fresh/ Simba kutoka mbuga ya Tandale/

Naona swala wanaforce tuwe sare sare/

Viuno vidogo wanataka pensi ya Pepe Kalle/

Si walitaka kiti, nimewapa hadi kitanda wakalale


Listen to ‘Fresh’ remix below:

This is why Diamond has hanged a photo of Alikiba on the wall at his office despite their bitter rivalry (Photos)

There has always been bad blood between Diamond and Alikiba but interestingly the latter still keeps a photo of the former at his office at Wasafi headquarters.

Diamond disposed Alikiba as the king of Bongo and this sparked a bitter rivalry between them, no mediator has ever managed to broker a ceasefire even though many have tried to end the hostilities between them.

L-R: Alikiba, Diamond and Marlaw back then when Alikiba was still the don

But interestingly, Diamond keeps a photo of Alikiba close by at his office despite their bitter rivalry. The ‘Eneka’ hit maker told Clouds FM that he greatly values the input of musicians who have greatly contributed to the growth of Bongo music that’s why he hangs photos of all Bongo music legends (including Alikiba) on the wall at his office.

Willy Paul and Diamond at Wasafi office. Photos of several Bongo legends can be seen hanged on the wall behind them.

“Ile siyo ofisi ya Diamond, Rich Mavoko, Harmonize, siyo ofisi ya Tale, ni ofisi ya muziki wa Bongo Flava ambayo imeweka kuona ni kwa namna gani inaweza kuinua muziki wa Bongo Flava. Bongo Flava haikuletwa hapa tu pekee yangu na wana WCB lakini kuna wasanii tofauti tofauti wana mchango wao katika muziki wa Bongo Flava, so tumeweka baadhi ambao wanamchango, tulitamani tuweke wengine wengi lakini nafasi isingetosha, tumechagua wachache ambao wana mchango,” Diamond said.


Joho’s influence over Alikiba evident as Tanzanian star cancelled German tour to perform at Nasa rally

Nasa’s final public rally was held at Uhuru park on Saturday August 5th, the same day Alikiba was supposed to perform in Frankfurt, Germany. But he cancelled the tour anyway.

Alikiba and Hassan Joho are best friends forever, the Tanzanian singer and Willy Paul composed campaign songs for the flamboyant Mombasa governor.

Joho was the force behind Alikiba and Willy Paul’s performance at Uhuru park. Sultan pulled strings to make sure ‘Aje’ hit maker was at Nasa final rally even when he was supposed to perform in Frankfurt, Germany the same day.

Alikiba performs at Uhuru Park

On Wednesday Alikiba apologized to fans who were waiting for him to perform in Frankfurt, he didn’t state the reason why he cancelled the tour but after Saturday’s performance at Uhuru park the reason was clear to everyone.

“To my dearest fans in Germany. I am sad to announce that due to reasons we can’t control, I won’t be in Frankfurt, Germany this weekend on the 5th August. I will make it up to you in near future… you will get to turn up with the King. Thank you. Ich liebe dich. King Kiba,” Alikiba wrote on social media.

Popular singer breaks silence after she was rumored to be pregnant with Ali Kiba’s baby

Ruby who is among the celebrated artists from Tanzania is rumored to be expecting her first child with Ali Kiba.

The singer who is popularly known for songs such Na Yule, Su featuring Yamato Band among others has finally opened up about the issue as she recently spoke to Bongo 5.

Ruby hanging out with King Kiba

According to her, she is already used to Tanzanian Instagram tabloids spreading lies about her, yet they know nothing about her personal life.

She went on to deny having any relations with Kiba as she said that they are just friends who happened to click since they are both in the Tanzanian music industry.

About her pregnancy…well she did not confirm as to whether she is pregnant or not but all we know is that she recently shared a photo on her Instagram page flaunting what looks like a bulging baby bump.

Ruby showing off her baby bump

She is also dating a gorgeous man that she introduced to her followers just recently but as for now she prefers keeping her private life on the low.

Watch the interview below;

Who did it better? Alikiba does his own rendition of Wasafi records popular hit ‘Kwetu’

The beef between Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba will not end anytime besides they both enjoy riding on it and from what they post on social media pages, it is clear that they would actually go to any extent to keep this ‘beef’ going.

King Kiba
King Kiba

Besides their drama, we can all agree that they are the talented artistes with bright futures ahead of them. We have seen videos of Diamond Platnumz listening to Alikiba’s songs, so when Kiba finally shared a video singing to Rayvanny’s hit song Kwetu fans couldn’t help but compare who did it best.

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Well, Rayvanny aka Vanny boy has amazing vocals and this is not something to debate on but after Kiba’s video…I am starting to believe that if it was a collabo between the these two then Kwetu would have been a big hit.

Kiba’s version sounds amazing especially when he throws in his trademark ‘thingy’ Yo!

Not sure whether you will feel the same way but checkout the video below:

Meet the Kenyan socialite who tattooed Alikiba’s name on her hand, Is she the one for him?

I don’t know whether to call it an obsession or just ‘fam’ love. But Bridget Achieng is a proud woman to walk around with Alikiba’s name tatted on her hand and she appears to have a made a very permanent show of her affection with her huge tattoo.

In an interview with Ghafla, the reality TV star opened up about her tattoo for the first time. And just when many thought that she was eyeing the Tanzanian singer turns out that she is just a die hard fan who could not resist getting a tattoo of his name on her hand.

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She refuted claims of having been with him as she insisted that their relationship was that of normal friends.
However rumor had it that the two hooked up when he was here in January and if anything Alikiba was aiming to make her his 4th baby mama.

Anyway, Bridget has denied being in a relationship with Alikiba during an interview with Ghafla, but question is, did they hook up? Watch the interview below: