Alikiba releases new single titled ‘Dodo” (Video)

Alikiba surprises fans with a good come back ‘Dodo.’ Dodo is a Swahili term a number of us know which refers to a good ripe mango.

In this new love hit , Alikiba compares ‘Dodo’ to a beautiful girl. As ‘dodo’ means a well ripen mango, the love songs describe the girl too. A girl whose been brought up well and thus very ripe for marriage.

Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Dodo is a love song

Dodo love song promises the beautiful woman all that she desires in life.

Alikiba introduces ‘dodo’ by explaining how love should be. “Kupenda ni vitendo, si maneno maneno ndio nakupa kitengo kwa kufika malengo…” A beautiful narration on which many don’t know actions speak louder in love, than words.

Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Also, goes ahead to tell the girl how her beautiful actions really won his heart. Through all this, he thus thinks it’s better to make her his wife. He promises to take good care of her for she’s passed through all the tests.

To add on, in the chorus part of ‘dodo’ praises the beautiful lady for winning his heart. Alikiba thus appreciates the love.

Simply, ‘Dodo’s being a short narration of a love story. The videography has been well captured with a wedding background of it.

In addition, the video, it shows the royal life he would give his ‘dodo’ in the wedding theme. There’s also a traditional theme of culture of good upbringing. The video as well has captured Hamisa Mobetto who’s playing the beautiful girl ‘dodo’ role.

In conclusion, this hit was well served to us by the legend. It should be a lesson to many who want or have fallen in love. The lyrical flow is what you’d love to sing and listen all time for it was perfectly captured. Salute! To our fans, we appreciate your views below as well.

Last but not least, The song gets a rating of 8/10.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian’s whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes are the laziest lot in East Africa. Forgive me if you feel offended. To start with, they rarely ask for collaborations form East Africa. It is a good thing to have local collaborations.

One thing that is a fact is that they are too lazy to cross borders. Sometimes one might think it financial but come to think of it.

Only two or three of Kenyan artistes have sought collaborations with big Tanzanian artistes. The rest are so comfortable in their own zone.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, the problem is not that they cannot get these people to work with them but just lazy people who want things to come easy.

I am saddened by the fact that they go to look for Tanzania artistes who are already dead in the music scene. Look at Nameless and Darassa. He ought to have collaborated with the guy when he was still selling in Tanzania.

In music, one should flow with the wave and what is hot. Apart from Akothee, I am yet to see any other Kenyan artiste who has collaborated with Diamond Platinumz.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, it is the only way that they will make a name in Tanzania. Look at the example of Willy Paul, he has made use of Rayvanny, Tanasha has made use of Mbosso.

I feel sad that Kenyan artistes want to rush to these people when they can barely hit in their village. It takes hard work and determination to make it.

Imagine the things the Tanzanian big names are doing. Who bewitched our very own? Why is it so hard to get collaborations in East Africa?

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes should feel challenged considering that this artistes who are making are even taking major events in our country. I doubt there is anyone who will go for a lazy artiste.

In addition, it is time that they took the opportunity and emulated their counterparts. Look for Harmonize, Diamond, Mbosso, Alikiba, Rayvanny and the others.

Stop going for people like Mr Bleu, they can barely make it on their own.

Killy brings Alikiba on board a great jam “Gubu”

Alikiba is back with a new talent Killy for the new tune Gubu. This comes after the star released his single Mshumaa just before his unforgettable tour.

Killy and Alikiba are all about love. Gubu is a Swahili word for an ungrateful person. In this song Gubu, the stars are talking about a girl whom one compromised their life for her.

Killy brings Alikiba on board a great jam Gubu

Gubu by Alikiba and Killy is about an ungrateful person

As usual, Killy introduces the song and man! The voice is just amazing. First, he calls on the girl to come so that they put their differences aside.

Hasira hasira za nini? Naomba urudishe moyo wako nyuma Naathirika mie Kwa nini eeh kwa nini eeh? He also questions the actions of the person he is talking to. 

Actually, it is very hard to tell who is who in this kind of work as all of them have almost similar voices.

Alikiba comes in in the second stanza and this feels just so good. Nimegundua ulinishusha daraja Ulitie huruma dhahiri Ukweli vile ulitangatanga kukicha Nilikosa nini hunny?

Killy brings Alikiba on board a great jam Gubu

Also in Gubu, talking there is a stanza that Alikiba and Gubu are talking of how they held the person’s hand in broad daylight and all they get in return he tries to bring them down.

Hadharani kumbe bado Namshika mkono ambaye Baba nani naye anajilia Yoyoyoyo.  Seems that this was an attack on someone. This is because Tanzanian artistes are at the peak of tarnishing each others name.

Although there is a lot in Gubu by Killy and Alikiba, it is also good to focus on the production. Gubu is a product of Kings music record label.

Also, the Music Video was shot in Lushoto (Tanga) Tanzania, Director by Ivan and Audio Produced by Mocco Genius.

Last but not least, Alikiba and Killy did a good job with the lyrics and just like that, they get a rating of 7/10 in Gubu.

Video below.

Willy Paul features Ommy Dimpoz and Ali Kiba in “Nishikilie”

Willy Paul the man full of drama in the music scene is back this time on a positive note.He has teamed up with   Tanzanian Bongo music super stars Alikiba and Ommy Dimpoz to bring us Nishikilie.

Just recently Kenyans were ranting about how disappointed they are at Willy Paul. Why? This because of his previous song Lamba Nyonyo  that some found to be offensive and unprecedented.

Well, whether he knew what he was doing  or not that is his cross to carry.

Further, just before the drama was quelled, he decides to bring us a new jam. Well played  Willy!!!

Ommy Dimpoz and Willy Paul



Nishikilie is a beautiful love  song. A story about love that well depicted in the lyrics .Trust the trio in the delivery of this songs lyrics.

The story about two people sharing a special kind of love to the extent of the man asking his woman to ‘Nishikilie”.Nishikile translates to Hold me.

Willy Paul starts of the song saying, UUh Baby Nimekupenda kwa ndani, nikupeleke Mombasa kwa Joho Tukakule raha mama,,,,,,,tukacheze ya zigi zigi……….

This to show how much he loves his woman.He obviously intends to keep his love close.

Further  on Alikiba joins in at the Chorus, Basi nikumbatie, nishikilie, Deka  kifuani mwangu nishikilie….Ladies do you see what I see???? Too soon? ok.

The lyrical prowess in the song will clearly be the selling factor if this song.

As we go on Ommy Dimpoz comes in the song with his magical and soul soothing vocals with, Kama moyo Ungekuwa kitabu ningekupa ukasome, basi unipe majigi jigi twende wote mama….. 

Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz


The production o this song was under  the partnership of Teddy B,  Saldido entertainment by Willy Paul and Rockstar Africa of Tanzania.

It was directed by Ivan of True D pictures.

If for anything the lingala/rhumba bit of the songs beats are so beautifully done giving us the reason to dance too Pozze’s song.

This is a that we will be grooving to for a while. Willy Paul we have one request don’t mess this up rather give us another beautiful dose!!!

For this I must say Willy Paul outdid himself when he sought for this collaboration this is the kind of music Kenyans are anticipating for everyday.

For rating I will go 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.