“We were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries,” Machachari star blames Kenyans for the show’s drastic fall

After a clean 13-year stint on our screens, the once popular Machachari show was no longer going to air but what netizens don’t know is, they were never told the whole story.

In a blunt revelation made barely hours ago by one of the co-stars, it is obvious that the kids got drifted apart eventually, despite the memories they made on set. A time none of them saw coming, but one that happened either way.

The Machachari crew

“Sometimes I ask myself was growing up a sin?” Malik aka ‘Govi’ posed.

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Before penning a remorseful letter that showed how much Kenyans and the media failed these child stars. The very same audience that had been pushing them forward, was nowhere to be seen at their lowest moments.

You all loved us when we were at the top,when we were winning awards and entertaining you all, on your screens. Most of you were eager to see us doing interviews and going for shows. BUT when all that stopped you started hating on these child stars..

Machachari’s fallen stars

Kids who grew into fame knowing that they had a strong support system but soon as age clocked in, they realized they had been sailing in a boat captained by selfish individuals who only wanted to serve their own interests.

The backlash

Children who got criticized, hated, abused and that became the order of the day. Not bearing in mind that not all of them came from well-to-do families and that is why they eventually fell apart.

The only questions you guys have is “mbona mliwacha kututengenezea content?” We all come from different environments, I might be financially stable but that doesn’t mean that all of us are stable.

Machachari’s Govi and Baha

“What happened to the support system?” is the question he poses to Kenyans.

“We were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries,” he says.

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What netizens failed to understand is that despite them being filmstars, they are still children, who need to make mistakes, learn from them and craft their own paths in life.

All I’m asking from you guys is give us time to grow, to make our mistakes. Shower us with your love and blessings. We are your children. Don’t ask us why we haven’t been to Hollywood yet we get no support from you guys.

Malik Lemuel aka Govi

And instead of the massive backlash, it would only be fair if Kenyans reached out to them to know their well-being instead of always judging and pointing fingers.

Trust you me when I tell you some guys among us have reached their lowest points in life and all they need is your love and support. I wont tag them coz you know them.

“Weh life inakupeleka aje na kabambe yako!” Former Machachari actor Almasi shades haters critiquing his sexuality

IMG_9590Former Machachari actor Almasi aka Ian Nene    is done with his Kenyan fans calling him out for his sexuality and his new lifestyle including faith.

After posting a photo posing with one of his friends, the fella faced the wrath of Kenyans on Instagram who couldn’t swallow the fact that the young man they knew has grown up and is now making his own decisions.

Well, most of the fans who commented on the photo could not hold back from criticizing Ian Nene for his ‘white man’ behavior despite him growing up in Kenya.

Ian Nene responds

Anyway turns out that the former actor doesn’t really care much about what people think and say about his life.

Just a few days ago he went on to laugh off at those bashing him on Instagram saying;


He went on to conclude his post saying;

Kenyans believe former Machachari actor Almasi is officially gay and is dating this mzungu friend(photos)

Speculations surrounding Ian Nene or Almasi; the former Machachari actor’s sexuality have been allover social media and blogs.

Ever since the young actor went to England Kenyans have been led to believe he’s gay. Almasi, who is currently abroad studying, made a huge shift from the kid he was during his acting days to a hippie that totally disconnected with his fans.

The former actor last year was forced to clear the air regarding his sexuality mainly because of his dress code. Ian has been put on the spot several times by his fans after he come out dressed in a skirt. Fans wanted to know whether he’s gay which he denied then.


“I won’t waste anyone’s time clarifying any of the fake ass stories that are trending. All I’ll say is, if it doesn’t come out of my mouth, or my personal social media handles, then DO NOT believe it all! Period.” he said. 

Well, the rumors are back after he took to social media to post a photo with a white friend. His caption was even more interesting.

“Getcha someone who makes you laugh like this ????” he said. 

In the comment section of the photos, Almasi neither denied or accepted he was gay.

Here are the photos:

I don’t have time for your opinions. Don’t bring your fun to me because I’m having my own fun – Almasi  

Former Machari actor Almasi has been called a lot of names ever since he made his unexpected transformation.

Almasi, who is currently abroad studying, made a huge shift from the kid he was during his acting days to a hippie that totally disconnected with his fans. Many were quick to brand him gay, Illuminati and all other kinds of names after that.

Stop judging

Almasi was recently on social media to share that he doesn’t really care what people say about him since he’s having fan in his own way.

“The only person that can judge me is God, So i’mma do my thing because I know God is the only person who can judge me. Other people who will look at what I’m doing probably how I’m dressing on my social media and how i’m acting and decide to draw their own conclusion, pshhh, that is all for them, have your fun. But don’t bring your fun to me because I’m having my own fun and if your fun is being derived from you saying bad things about me well fam, you are wasting your time,” he said. 

The former actor added that the only thing that has kept him going is because he doesn’t listen or mind what people are saying. He requested people to stop judging others when they realize they are different.

“Is it for other people to tell you how you are supposed to look so that you can change yourself? or is it for you to recognize, ‘I need to work on something, let me fix it myself?’ Other people’s opinions should not matter. I don’t have time for your opinions. Don’t judge people. Just love.” he said. 


Saitan! Kenyans believe former Machachari star Almasi has joined Illuminati

Former Machari actor Ian Nene AKA Almasi has been confusing Kenyans lately with his wild transformations. The actor, who flew to UK to study, was recently topping headlines after wearing a dress. Kenyans believed he had become gay a thing that he vehemently denied.

Now, the actor is in the news yet again after he posted an edited photo, leaving many arguing that he had joined Illuminati.


He captioned the photo using a line from the recent Avengers movie, Infinity war.

“As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones” BG 2.22. Spoken by Krsna to Arjuna at the Battlefield of Kurukshetra before the War. Part of @imvisualart infinity war series,” he said.

Many were quick to call the photo satanic but Alamasi was just practsing a religion he joined recently.  In a recent video posted on his social media, Almasi disclosed that he practices Vaishnavism (Vaishnava dharma). It is one of the major traditions within Hinduism along with Shaivism, Shaktism, and Smartism. It is also called Vishnuism, its followers are called Vaishnavas, and it considers Vishnu as the Supreme Lord.

Almasi: People will try to bring you down when they see you have something going on that they do not have the balls to do 

Former Machachari actor Ian Munene, popularly known as Almasi has seen all kind of trolls that are mainly caused by lifestyle. The actor recently came out to say that people have always tried bringing him down but he knows he’s special so he doesn’t mind.

“People will try to bring you down when they see you have something going on that they do not have the balls to do. When they can see that you are breaking the barriers and you will not fit into a norm or culture everyone else is following, they speak badly about you” recently said on his YouTube channel. 


Bullied Online

Almasi has been bullied different times because of his unique dressing style which made many conclude he’s gay. Though he made it clear he’s not, he promised to continue dressing the same way.

“I won’t follow the rules. I’ll dress how I like, I’ll do what I like, and no one will tell me anything. At the end of the day, I’m going to live my life, because it’s mine,” he said. 

Former Machachari actor Almasi explains why he dresses like a girl 

Former Machachari actor Almasi has been making headlines from his dressing for sometime now. The popular actor who went abroad to study has been facing harsh criticisms on social media majorly because of his new looks which many have claimed are feminine.

Almasi has also been rumored to be gay, a thing that he came out to deny.

Recently, he was on social media to explain why he dresses in such manner saying that he just mixes and matches things till they work. There’s no particular secret behind his dressing. He posted the photo on Instagram wearing male adjustable skirts, along with a stylish pullover which seemed to have surprised many.

Here is what he said:

“Someone Asked Me What My Style Is… I basically Take Things From My Wardrobe and Mix and Match Them Till I Find The Best Fits ? Or Just Wear All Black and Get out The House. Oooh And Vans work with EVERYTHING!! Such an Investment ?”

Ian Nene aka Almasi


“Almasi is dead” Former Machachari actor tells off fans 

Ian Nene who is popularly known as Almasi from Machachari has come to tell fans that the young innocent boy they knew from the show is dead and should stop comparing him with the TV character.

This comes shortly after fans rushed to comment on a video uploaded on his instagram page and from it’s contents not many could believe how different he has now become.

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Ian Nene however did not care what his fans thought of him and decided to respond to one his fans comments which read saying “I miss the innocent boy from Machachari”. From Ian’ comment he did not care about the role he played on the Machachari show as he went on to respond saying “he died”.

Ian Nene's comment
Ian Nene’s comment

Other fans also joined in to call out the former actor but judging from his attitude, the fella has clearly became somebody different and has forgotten where he came from, right?

Ian Nene aka Almasi on smoking bhang and homosexual behavior

Former Machachari actor Ian Nene popularly known as Almasi caused a stir when photos of him smoking weed and posing like a homosexual man went viral.

Homophobes taunted Nene on social media when he posted photos of him on Instagram posing with a flower on his head like a woman.

Nene, an actor-cum-model, however has no regret over his controversial gay photos. He told Word Is that he wanted to create emotion by expressing himself the way he wants.

He also explained that he doesn’t give a damn about what people think of him because critics will always judge him for whatever reason.

“I feel like with every picture I post on social media, I want to create an emotion and I have my own reasons for it regardless. Me putting on a flower is like it’s like a liberation of art. We are getting to a place where expressions vary and you can use any form of expression that you want as an individual. So that was just me and I worked with really good photographers to see the different aesthetics I can do. People are quick to judge and the fact that I don’t respond, they will say anything. I don’t feel like I am entitled to talk about my personal life with anyone, so whatever people say, I just allow it. Because at the end of the day, they will judge me regardless. Even if I correct them and tell them who I am, it’s not going to change anything. People I work with know who I am. I don’t care what the rest say,” Ian Nene said.

On smoking weed, Nene explained that the photos were taken during a photo shoot and that smoking marijuana wasn’t his lifestyle.

“We were invited to an event to make it have a particular look. People were quick to judge, thinking that’s my lifestyle. That’s not my lifestyle, I do my own things the way I like. What people said or saw doesn’t define my life!”


Almasi finally addresses rumors claiming he is gay!

It is secret that former Machachari actor Almasi also known as Ian nene has changed from the innocent young boy we all watched grow….thanks to the local TV show.

He changed from an innocent boy to a totally different teenage boy who wears a bullring and one that paints his nails – something that left many questioning his sexual orientation.

Most of his fans were pretty much convinced that he was gay but he chose to ignore this until just recently when a fan left a comment under his photo pleading with him to come out since it was ‘clear’ to see that his behavior was not that of a straight man. The fan wrote;

“@ian_nene I love gays. I’ve never had anything against gays. I even know a gay guy vhen I see one and trust me I noticed you one during the machachari days. Just hoping you’re not in the ‘closet’ or In denial. Always be yourself and never let anyone look down on you or judge you for anything. NEVER!, We’re all human everyone has their wrongs so no one should ever tell you nothing.”

Surprisingly, Ian actually responded with a statement that brushed off the rumors claiming he was now ‘playing’ for the same team. He wrote,


“you’re just wrong girl. You noticed wrong girl. My apologies. Truth is you don’t know a gay guy when you see one. And I am not gay LOL. You are the people we need to change. tHIS MINDSET OF THINKING YOU KNOW SOMEONE JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM IS MESSED UP.”

But question still remains, why is he dressing like a woman? Anyway controversy always sells, right?