Amira & Amber Ray Show Jimal Sweet Revenge

Jimal Roho Safi’s ex-girlfriends Amber & Amira are done & dusted with him. After the whole drama that arose between them, Jimal was on the losing end. To begin with, Amber Ray moved on with her new lover Kennedy Rapudo.

To add salt to the injury, Amber got engaged to Rapudo after a successful Dubai proposal.

In a video shared by Amber Ray on Instagram, the proposal took place at a beachfront and had a simple yet elegant presentation.

Amber Ray Gets Engaged To Rapudo - Kelebrity

There was a red carpet and lit lamps and candles on the sides leading to an intimate set up where Rapudo could be seen going down on one knee and talking to her fiancée, seemingly asking her to be his wife.

The two are now expecting kids together.

On the flipside, Amira is also rumoured to be in love yet again; still with a Somalian guy. She has been reluctant to show his face despite numerous attempts from fans for the face reveal.

Sweet Revenge

As for Jimal, he’s now realizing the pain of losing both of them. Instead, he’s using cryptic messages to criticize his exes and to convince himself that he’s okay. He recently claimed he’s looking to make a lot of money until his exes beg him to say they dated.

Jimal on trust issues after experiencing character development

Maybe Jimal Rohosafi did not think it through before getting involved with Amber Ray or is it that he was mistaken to let her go because clearly – he has not moved on or is really regretting trading his family for a fling.

Well as far as we know is that he gambled with his family when he announced to be in a relationship with Amber Ray, a woman he wanted to marry as a second wife. He made this known through his social media pages and just when we thought the relationship was headed for marriage – Amber Ray broke up with the guy.

From what she says is that Jimal lied about wanting to leave his wife for her and even claimed they weren’t living together – only for her to realize the fella had no plans of exiting Amira’s life. Okay….not quite sure why she believed a married man in the first place….but again – it happens.

Jimal spending quality time with Amira

Regrets after breakup

Anyway having parted ways barely 4 months ago – Amber Ray is now living her best life with new boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo and truth is – it’s a bitter pill to swallow for Jimal.

Having seen her vacation photos, Jimal is slowly sliding into the woiye phase with motivational posts. As seen on his social media, his latest post read;

Its always someone close, someone you trust that will destroy you.

I cant really say he now regrets losing his family over her….but all i know is that she hit him with character development when he least expected it. Sasa ona.

“I forgive myself” Jimal Rohosafi makes peace with himself despite wife refusing to accept his public apology

Jimal Rohosafi recently apologized to his wife for publicly embarrassing her and exposing her to insults from the online community.

This all happened during his short lived relationship with ex Amber Ray who we all believed was about to replace Amira in Jimal’s life or end up as the second wife.

Jimal and wife, Amira

If you remember well – the drama that we all saw proved Jimal Rohosafi was not man enough to handle his house affairs; and most surprising part is that he took part in embarrassing his wife by telling Amber Ray personal things like she’s lazy among other things which the socialite later used against Amira.

Jimal Rohosafi ready to start afresh

However after almost a year – Jimal Rohosafi now says he is sorry for his actions and if anything – wants to prove that he has changed from the man he was. Apologizing to his wife, Jimal through his gram wrote;

If i’m being honest,this hasn’t been easy for me to write.Out here i may seem okay but deep down i’m broken and i can no longer continue to live like this.Most of you if not all know what happened between me and my wife and how we came to limelight;To say the least,It was chaos!it was messy!it was downright ugly!I may have seemed unbothered but i was helpless.I knew it was wrong,i knew you were hurting but i just couldn’t get myself together!Amira i am doing this because the disrespect was also as loud. I apologize for all the disrespect,for all the embarrassment,for all the hurt,for all the pain,for all the trauma????I am sorry for all the times i haven’t been the man i promised to be.You’re my wife i was supposed to protect you and never associate you with any kind of drama!I failed and i admit it.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and i have taken the first step.Please forgive me????????Me and you come from way back and for me to put you through all that mess was distasteful. Please forgive me ???????????? @being_amira

But as you know Amira said she ain’t about that life meaning Jimal Rohosafi had to dig deeper on how he’d apologize.

Well…having tried to apologize publicly – keeping in mind he’d embarrassed her also in public and now she’s paying hard to get…Jimal  instead decided to make peace with himself just to keep his conscious clean.

As seen on post dedicated to himself, Jimal wrote;

I Forgive myself for Not
Being perfect….

Amira runs to Kadhis court to file for divorce from husband, Jimal (Photo)

Someone somewhere said Amira and Jimal could be using Amber Ray to get the attention they need for their businesses and this is starting to makes sense.

However we also can’t be too sure since Amira might have just filed for a divorce from her highschool sweetheart that is judging from a photo she shared on her page a few days ago.

Amira files for divorce?

Well, it all started after Jimal celebrated his other woman, Amber Ray on her birthday; a move that left Amira annoyed, heartbroken, bitter and ready to divorce her husband. The now upcoming socialite through her Instagram page wrote;

  The audacity!! U couldn’t even post your son on his birthday

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Amira ready to divorce Jimal?

Well…it all seemed like a joke until Amira posted a photo at the Kadhis court; where we believe she may have gone to file for a divorce after husband publicly embarrassed her once again.

Through her Instagram Amira shared the photo below to which she captioned;

It’s about time.

Amira runs to Kadhis court, files for divorce

However we can’t be too sure that she actually filed for a divorce since there is no proof to show what went down during her meeting at the Kadhis court.

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But judging from the fact that Jimal is currently in Nairobi while Amber Ray is in coast proves that some damage control is being done, and chances are that Amira amerudisha roho chini. No? Aki mapenzi Wewe.

Anyway in case they divorce, does that mean Amber Ray now moves up the rank to first wife leaving the side chick position open? Alaaa!

“Hutaki kushare na tushare already” Amber Ray addresses Amira in new video

Second wife Amber Ray has a new YouTube channel where she will be updating fans on her whereabouts; but I can tell most fans have subscribed to keep up with the drama surrounding her marriage and lifestyle.

For the first video Amber Ray decided to address the recent drama involving her and first wife, Amira.

According to Amber the fight was sparked by a black dead bird which she believes was thrown into her compound by cowife Amira.

From what Amber Ray says is that the dead bird was definitely used to provoke or bewitch her; but problem is, how sure is she that Amira threw the dead black bird in her compound?

Amber the victim

From the whole video, it appears that Amber Ray was prepared to play the victim as she blamed Amira for always being against her.

However since this is Amber Ray’s side of the story – chances are that it could be true; but again – first wife Amira also accuses Amber of being the trouble maker; hence making it hard to tell the genuine between the two wives.

Fans on the other hand have urged Amber Ray to try and respect the first wife; and instead of mocking her; how about they try being understanding since at the end of the day Jimal may add a younger version of her as a 3rd wife. So what happens then?

Anyway watch the self pity video below.

Amira reveals why she still doubt’s husband, Jimal married Amber Ray as a second wife (Video)

Okay, we will probably never understand why business lady Amira still hangs on to the fact that high-school sweetheart; cum husband Jimal, only has one wife – but so far all we know is that the lady claims that; Amber Ray (Faith) is not her co wife.

The two ladies popularly known as ‘Real House wives of Syokimau” recently left no stone unturned while calling out each other on social media; all because of one handsome man – Jimal who is said to be their shared husband.

Just like any other dramatic ‘wives’ – both Amira and Amber ended up disclosing private information about their homes; while husband, Jimal went on about his life – posting funny memes on his IG page.

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With him not saying anything about the drama, things did not escalate that much; but at least we learnt Jimal finds no peace in both his homes.

Amira insists Amber is just a girlfriend

Anyway, just when we assumed that the last fight taught them not to air out their private  business on social media; Ms Amira has done again and this time around she did it on Switch TV’s chitchat spot where she spoke about husband’s affair with Amber.

According to Ms Amira, she is confident that Amber Ray is not Jimal’s wife; but just another seasonal fling.

This is because their is no certificate or photos to prove the two are married; and if their was a wedding – then how comes the wedding photos never surfaced online?

From what Amira says is that Amber by now would have shared each and every detail on social media; but so far the socialite has nothing to show – which is unlike her. Makes sense.

However, judging from how Jimal continues to parade Amber on his page; chances are that he is either looking to marry the lady or there is something we are not being told.

But as far as Amira is concerned – husband Jimal only has one wife and if anything…. maembe ni ya msimu meaning Amber Ray’s time will one day run out. But who knows?

‘Mtangoja Sana Niwatukane Ndio Mjulikane’- Amber Ray Calls Out Amira As A Clout Chaser

Amber Ray is not yet done with her co-wife Amira. The socialite had accused Amira of feigning nervousness in order to gain sympathy and support from Kenyans. Both have been roasting each other mercilessly online; with Amber having the upper hand, considering she has a huge fan base compared to Amira.

The online battle between them can be seen on their stories, where they address each other both directly and indirectly.

  ”Alafu watu waache kuekelea shetani please ati oh ni juju… Watu wajue kuoga!! Mimi sijawai ona mtu amerogwa na bado anashughulikia family zake… Tena si ramadan ilikuwa juzi tu. Ama hamjui kuomba? Kazi ni kukuja kutafuta sympathy votes social media.”

This time, Amber is back at it again, and has termed Amira as a clout chaser seeking to get attention.

”Mtangojea sana ni watukane ndio mjulikane”

She continues by writing;

”Enyewe clout chasing is a full time job????????. Sina time ya watu wa maoga”

The beef between them won’t end soon if not addressed.

“Wewe Ukichukuliwa Bwana Utafurahia?” Socialite Bridget Achieng Defends Amira

The online war between Amber Ray and Jimal’s first wife Amira is still on the loose as more and more people give their opinion on who’s right and who’s not. Is Jimal enjoying all this drama? Well, he still remains silent and doesn’t seem to be bothered much.

Bitter Beef

Their beef has led to an alleged series of exposés, which we didn’t know before. To begin with, Amber Ray disclosed that Amira had gone to Dubai to ‘sleep around’ when his husband wasn’t well off. The claims weren’t justified as Amira unleashed photos while she was together with her hubby in Dubai. Additionally, Amber insinuated Amira is irresponsible as she claimed she had abandoned her kids to go to Dubai.

Some of Amber’s claims have led to people terming her as a homewrecker. This time, curvy socialite Bridget Achieng has come in defense of Amira. Bridget terms marrying your neighbor’s husband as unfair and wrong.

On an Instagram Q&A with her fans, she was asked to give her view on the online mischief between the two co-wifes. She wrote;

”@Being_Amira can never do wrong in my eyes and that’s on Mary had a little lamb… Wewe ukichukuliwa bwana utafurahia?? The audacity of marrying your neighbor’s husband nkt… That alone is wrong on every level.”

Co-wives should be living together in harmony, and someone needs to stop this between the two. And that someone is Jimal!

Weuh! Jimal’s Somali wife reacts to Amber Ray’s suggestion to a three-some

Having Amber Ray ‘wife’ Ms Amira’s husband (Jimal) must be toughest thing the Somali lady has ever gone through.

Well, l say this because these two women allegedly married to Jimal Roho Safi are quite different from each other; and the sad part is that second ‘wife’ seems more fun to hangout with; and I’m sure Jimal loves it.

Couple goals! Amber Ray with Jamal Rohosafi

The two ladies Amber and Amira have been entertaining fans with dirt from their homes; and who are we to say no or even ask them to stop? Anyway after keeping a low profile for about 3 weeks, the so called housewives of Syokimau are back to their usual drama.

Amber version of meeting Jimal

This comes after Amber Ray’s QnA posts where she revealed a couple of things about her relationship with Jimal. According to Amber, she has known Jimal for a couple of years now; and after dating and breaking up in 2019 – love still found it’s way into their hearts.

As seen in one of the posts, Amber wrote;

I met him a couple of years back when he was a single parent like me and hajaomoka bado. I was not ready to settle down then, so we broke up but we kept on being friends.

She went on to add;

The after sometime he asked me to be his second wife (He has gotten back with his first wife) well…long story short…the heart wants what it wants.

Amber Ray and Amira

Amber Ray suggesting 3 some?

On the same QnA posts, another fan asked Amber to put her self in Amira’s shoes saying;

A polite one….What If you were the first wife and your husband marry the second one. How would you react?

And just like that, this question brought out Amber Ray’s wild side as she responded by writing;

I would have a sitting with her and have a woman to woman kinda talk???? who knows we might end up having a threesome???? honestly I don’t see how or any need to fight for a D*** that at the end of the day will still F***me and her.

First wife responds

Having come across this post and seeing Amber Ray’s suggestion to a 3 some; Ms Amira responded by writing;

Matako kubwa tu with 0 brain

Amira and Amber