Amber Ray finally comes clean about romantic relationship with Otile Brown

Amber Ray is currently one of the most loved socialites in Kenya and this is because she keeps it real. Unlike most socialites who will try to hide how they make their money or who they are seeing; Amber Ray is never shy to parade who she really is.

Amber Ray says booty is real 

Apart from admitting that her booty is real while on QnA Instagram session with her fans; we also got to learn about her relationship with singer Otile Brown.

After many believed that Amber is the reason why Otile and Ethiopian beauty Nabbi broke up a few months ago. According to a rumor sparked online, word has it that Nabbi may have given up on her relationship with Kenyan singer Otile for spending too much time with Amber Ray.

Amber Ray with Otile Brown

Socialite speaks

Well, we are not sure how true this is but according to Amber Ray she never dated with Otile Brown. Remember this does not demise the question as to whether they hooked up but as far as we now know is that they never dated.

Responding to a True/False question about her rumored relationship with Otile;

That u used to date Otile Brown

Amber responded by saying:



Then I guess that’s the truth, but judging from how close they were; fans feel that there could be more to the story.

“Bure kabisa!” Bitter Amber Ray reacts after ex Brown Mauzo announces engagement to Vera Sidika

Ever felt irreplaceable? Well, don’t ever think that way because these streets are not safe and Amber Ray can confirm this!

After allegedly dating Brown Mauzo for a few weeks; it appears that the singer got bored and decided to kick things up a notch higher by dumping Amber Ray and engaging Vera Sidika.

However Kenyans on social media care less since we all know how the new couple in town operates! Others have gone ahead to predict that this relationship will go nowhere; since Brown Mauzo is hungry for fame where else Vera Sidika is desperate to settle down – and I mean with however offers!

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

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Amber Ray reacts

Well with the new couple already turning heads on social media; Brown Mauzo’s ex has also decided to spice up things by throwing shade at her former partner.

As seen in a post shared by Amber Ray just a few days after Brown and Vera’s engagement; the mother of one is seen throwing shade using ‘Bazu’ hit song. The reason we assumed this post was directed to Brown Mauzo is after Amber Ray captioned the video saying;
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Hii Nairobi unaona Uko na Chali kumbe yeye ni girlfriend ya mtu????????????????????????‍♀️ #burekabisa

At least Amber is not shy to admit that Brown replacing her with Vera Sidika hurt; but is it because this was a downgrade or an upgrade for the singer?

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Anyway, Brown’s thirst for fame has seen him date the likes of Akothee to now Vera sidika; and boy is he warming these socialites beds!

Socialite Amber Ray confirms relationship with Akothee’s ex boyfriend! (Photos)

Socialite Amber Ray is not the type of woman you want near your man, especially those who are easily swayed…asking why? Well, it’s clear to see that she is a total hottie and her curves don’t make it easier for both men and women.

A while back the young lady used to share videos parading her dance moves…and those (men) in the comment section could not keep still as they went on to drop thirsty comments, risking it all for Amber!

Anyway turns out that her heart is only set on getting herself some Brown Mauzo who is currently said to be her official boyfriend. Well, Amber has confirmed her relationship with the young man through her IG page; where she shared several photos from their recent baecation.

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Amber Ray with former bae

Amber Ray confirms relationship

On one of the photos shared on her page, Amber described Brown Mauzo as a friend and a lover! shocking i know. It’s not everytime we see Amber Ray praising a man on her page – if not her son, Gavin.

Through her page the yummy went on to write;

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Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person

In another photo, the socialite went on to claim that her home is anywhere Brown is; and for some reason this feels more like a video shoot than a vacation.

Anyway we cannot confirm this for now, but if the stories are true then Brown Mauzo must be one lucky man; and he knows it too! Check out their vacation photos below.

Amber Ray with new bae

¨Thanks for not giving up on me¨ Socialite, Amber Ray pens remorseful love letter to lover, Brown Mauzo

Top Kenyan socialite, Amber Ray has come out to confirm to the world that she and swahili artist, Brown Mauzo were made for each other.

This is after Brown Mauzo splashed social media with love notes to his Queen, Amber Ray before they got cosy and savored each other´s lips.

Brown Mauzo with Bae, Amber Ray

So now, Faith Makau better known as, Amber Ray has expressed deep regret in having gone into a marriage to be a second wife, a marriage that never bore fruit.

This is through a post on social media where she revealed that lover, Brown Mauzo had waited for her for a whooping 5 years, while she was married to Kisii tycoon, Zaheer Jhanda.

Socialite, Amber Ray with her ex-hubby, tycoon Zaheer Jhanda

Unfortunately, while married to the Kenyan politician, Amber Ray never reciprocated the love Brown Mauzo was giving her and she is filled with remorse.

Sharing a clip singing along to a jam, she jots down:

Woi babe hapa singekusikia ????????‍♀️ I was so in love with someone else ata singefikiria vizuri ????????????????????????‍♀️ ati second wife ???????????????????????????? lakini nini ilikua mbaya na mimi ???????????????? weh! Anyway I have stories to tell my grandchildren. Imagine you waited for me for 5 years ????????‍♀️ ????. Thanks for not giving up on me. Gods timing is the best…. now it’s just me and you hakuna kutamani tena…… I’m all yours ????❤️❤️❤️ ???????????????? cc @brownmauzo254