Jimal Rohosafi showers wife with praises, refers to her as ‘expensive property’

You can’t believe that the new romantic Jimal Rohosafi gushing over his wife, Amira on social media; is the same guy that embarrassed and harassed her with the help of Amber Ray.

Jimal Rohosafi with Maembe ya msimu

I mean, you’d have thought that everything he did to humiliate his wife was part of a scripted skit; that is judging from how good he has been treating since breakup with wife number 2, Amber Ray.

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Back then Jimal would not only share posts in the company of his side chick; but went too far as to share bedroom photos – something that I’m pretty sure still lingers in Amira’s mind. They are women, and they hold silent grudges.

Amber Ray introduced to Jamal Roho Safi’s family

Jimal Rohosafi over the moon for his wife

Anyway now that he dumped his Kamba bae and went back home to wife Amira; Jimal has lately been showering the mother of his sons with praises as seen online.

In his latest post Jimal describes wife as the most expensive property he owns at the moment; and clearly – this is all new. Wait, didn’t he just humili…. scratch that; they say love is blind – and clearly stupid at the same time.

However, the good is that at least he got back with his wife; and they’re both paying off the loan money borrowed to take Amber Ray for different vacations, no?


Jimal Rohosafi speaks after wife exposes his alleged fake lifestyle

It must be really hard for Jimal Rohosafi now that all the slay queens in Nairobi know; that his lifestyle is financed through loans and as Amira puts it, madeni ya watu.

Jimal is clearly bored from this photo

Well, not to judge but this information should have remained in the family; because at the end of the day bad mouthing him wouldn’t have tamed Jimal; who is already symptoms of boredom from his first marriage.

However, we also can’t blame Amira for her actions as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; and since she was bitter – Amira ended up disclosing this information to blogger Edgar Obare.

Unfortunately for her, the blogger who was meant to keep this information private; sadly spilled it all on his social media pages.

Jimal speaks

Well, having come across the stories and screenshots of his wife exposing him; Jimal in turn decided to speak – but as usual he did not explain himself.

Jimal however went on to share a post that read;

 Sometimes the best response is SILENCE.

Jimal’s post

Although Jimal didn’t choose to explain himself; the post above may have been a sarcastic way of saying ‘believe what you want.’

Jimal and Amira’s toxic relationship

By now even a blind man can see that these two are just too toxic for each other, and unless they both give each other space; the disrespect and humiliation on social media will not only get worse; but someone will end up mental health issues – all in the name of perseverance.

Alaaar! Jimal lures his baby mama to Amira’s house for ‘good time’ despite public affair with Amber Ray (Video)

Truth is, we will never get tired of the real housewives of Syokimau.

Well, in case you thought it was only Amira and Amber Ray starring in this drama; then you’re wrong because second baby mama also lives in the same neighborhood; oh God and the polygamous man is having all the fun in the world.

Jimal Rohosafi

Thanks to Edgar Obare’s student we now understand that Jimal has 3 ‘wives’ and Amber who claims to be the second might just be the third wife; or the side chick since Jimal already has Catherine as the second wife and mother to his 2 born son.

Meet the second wife, it’s not Amber

Details linking Jimal to second wife Catherine have emerged after one of Amira’s friends shared CCTV footage; showing how Catherine  sneaked into Amira’s home for some good time with husband.

Catherine walking into Amira’s compound

Frok the footage it’s obvious to see that the lady was uncomfortable and scared of being caught in the first wife’s home. I mean who wouldn’t?

But clearly it’s also clear that Amira and Jimal’s marriage is over and the guy is doing everything in his power to drive off the lady by disrespecting her.

Amber Ray Vs Jimal’s baby mama, Catherine Wangui

Who cheats on Amber the brand?

This also comes as a big surprise especially after realizing that Jimal was also cheating on Amber with the said second wife.

Wait, didn’t Amber tell off Catherine a while back while body shaming her on Instagram?

If I remember well, the Kamba bae went on to insist that Jimal would never marry Catherine; but did she know that he still see’s her?

Well, many may call it disrespect but being a Muslim, Jimal is allowed to marry 4 wives; and so far he seems to have 3 out in the public – meaning one more to go.

Check out the video below.


“Amira is facing oppression and violence from Jimal” Friend speaks up after late night drama

The Syokimau wives entertained Kenyans on social media last night; but this is where we draw the line especially when violence is involved.

Well, so far the details of how Amber Ray and Amira got into a verbal fight are all over social media; and the best part is that there are videos showing how the whole Syokimau drama went down.

Real housewives of Syokimau

However what we did not know is how the fight started but thanks to a close friend of Amira; we now understand why the two ladies decided to give their neighbors a free show – forgetting their kids were watching too.

Dead bird

Amira’s friend has come out to reveal that Jimal and Amber Ray started the whole drama by accusing Amira of bewitching the socialite with a dead bird. Wait how now?

Apparently Amira was accused of dropping the bird outside Amber’s gate (don’t they have CCTV for such?) and after coming across it; Jimal did his part by confronting Amira (dumb move) to inquire why she was picking on his 2nd wife.

Amber Ray and Amira

And just like that, all hell broke loose hence the live dramatic videos.

Friend speaks

Well, a certain friend of Amira has however opened up about another version of the story; where she revealed how Jimal has been making Amira’s life a living hell.

According to the friend, Jimal has not only been oppressing his first wife but he is also violent and enjoys humiliating her. Speaking to Edgar through a DM, the friend wrote;

That man has oppressed Amira. If I tell you what that woman is going through on a daily basis. Violence, humiliation….yaani if i start I won’t finish leo.

Although it’s not our place to side with any of the said wives; it’s obvious to see that this around Jimal stooped abit too low for clout – forgetting that his family feelings were getting affected.

Weuh! Jimal’s Somali wife reacts to Amber Ray’s suggestion to a three-some

Having Amber Ray ‘wife’ Ms Amira’s husband (Jimal) must be toughest thing the Somali lady has ever gone through.

Well, l say this because these two women allegedly married to Jimal Roho Safi are quite different from each other; and the sad part is that second ‘wife’ seems more fun to hangout with; and I’m sure Jimal loves it.

Couple goals! Amber Ray with Jamal Rohosafi

The two ladies Amber and Amira have been entertaining fans with dirt from their homes; and who are we to say no or even ask them to stop? Anyway after keeping a low profile for about 3 weeks, the so called housewives of Syokimau are back to their usual drama.

Amber version of meeting Jimal

This comes after Amber Ray’s QnA posts where she revealed a couple of things about her relationship with Jimal. According to Amber, she has known Jimal for a couple of years now; and after dating and breaking up in 2019 – love still found it’s way into their hearts.

As seen in one of the posts, Amber wrote;

I met him a couple of years back when he was a single parent like me and hajaomoka bado. I was not ready to settle down then, so we broke up but we kept on being friends.

She went on to add;

The after sometime he asked me to be his second wife (He has gotten back with his first wife) well…long story short…the heart wants what it wants.

Amber Ray and Amira

Amber Ray suggesting 3 some?

On the same QnA posts, another fan asked Amber to put her self in Amira’s shoes saying;

A polite one….What If you were the first wife and your husband marry the second one. How would you react?

And just like that, this question brought out Amber Ray’s wild side as she responded by writing;

I would have a sitting with her and have a woman to woman kinda talk???? who knows we might end up having a threesome???? honestly I don’t see how or any need to fight for a D*** that at the end of the day will still F***me and her.

First wife responds

Having come across this post and seeing Amber Ray’s suggestion to a 3 some; Ms Amira responded by writing;

Matako kubwa tu with 0 brain

Amira and Amber


Amber Ray breaks silence hours after hospitalization

Amber Ray has spoken out publicly for the first time following her hospitalization announced by hubby, Jimal.

As seen on a post shared by the Somali bae; Amber is seen laying in a hospital bed and from the way she looks – nobody could have assumed that she had overdosed.

In a funny-like statement on Instagram, the socialite assured her fans that this was temporary; but again confirmed that she had indeed overdosed on something assuming its liquor that forced her to get medical attention. Through her page Ms Faith aka Amber Ray wrote;

Amber hospitalized

Msijali wadau Niko poa, ile kitu mimi utumia ndio kidogo nili overdose but @akuhnairobi wamei dilute ????

The fun wife

Since Amber’s hospitalization was announced by Jimal Rohosafi; we would like to assume that he was present when his lovely Kamba wife over-dozed.

Amber Ray

And being birds of a feather; I’m pretty sure this is not the first time either of them is rushing to hospital for some quick dilution. But thank God your favorite socialite is back on her feet; but let’s wait and see how this coming weekend goes.