Rapudo takes haughty jabs at Amber Ray’s ex Jimal Roho Safi

Kennedy Rapudo has persisted in demonstrating his undying devotion to socialite Faith Makau, a.k.a. Amber Ray, his wife and fellow parent.

The father of two made it obvious in his remark on Tuesday night that he doesn’t care who the attractive socialite was with before him while pointing out that he looks better with her now.

“I don’t care who was with you first and I don’t care who was with you the longest, because the truth is, you look better with me,”

Rapudo continued by making a lovely promise to his wife: “I will take care of you and your heart better than anyone in your past, and that is true.”

The mother of two responded by thanking her husband Rapudo for mend her broken heart caused by previous boyfriends.

“Thank you for your willingness to fix what you never broke,”

On Instagram, Amber Ray addressed her husband’s assertion. The two lovers had been dating since the middle of 2022.

They began dating in May of last year, not long after Amber Ray ended her relationship with Jimal Rohosafi, a businessman she had dated for about a year.

Amber Ray disclosed when she met Rapudo on her YouTube channel in March and that she never imagined they would end up dating.

She noted that she was hesitant to introduce romance at the time because she thought it might damage their relationship.

Kennedy Rapudo Posts A Video Of Amber Ray On His Instagram

Kennedy Rapudo has ignited speculations that he has re-united with flamboyant socialite Amber Ray.

A few weeks after the two held a lavish gender reveal party, they went ahead to ignite their break-up.

They started off by unfollowing each other on Instagram and deleted photos of them together.

Socialite Amber Ray vowed to return the favour of having her ex-fiance Kennedy Rapudo making public the reasons for breakup, adding that she will not let herself be victimised.

Amber Ray made the remarks shortly after Rapudo promised to reveal the details of their breakup. The businessman had earlier indicated that within two months he would reveal what led to their split.

But Rapudo has insinuated that he’s still interested in Amber Ray after posting a video of her on his Instagram stories.

Amber Ray and Rapudo are expecting their daughter soon.

Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Are Just Bored With Each Other

Kennedy Rapudo and flamboyant socialite Amber Ray have finally decided to call it quits in their relationship. The intriguing thing is; Amber Ray no longer has a protruding baby bump that she claimed a few weeks ago- leading to speculations that she might have aborted the pregnancy.

The two had already announced that they’re expecting their first child together; with Amber expressing her joy in bearing Rapudo’s pregnancy.

Trouble In Paradise

Amber Ray confirms break up with boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo | Pulselive Kenya

Social media has been buzzing with speculation about the possible breakup of socialite Amber Ray and her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo. The speculations might have just been confirmed by Kennedy Rapudo. To begin with, the pair recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Amber deleted photos of their Christmas family gathering and recent vacation together from her timeline- so did Rapudo.

Amber’s repertoire of deleting her social media posts after break-up red pills us that there’s a high probability that indeed, she’s no longer in a relationship with Rapudo.

To add salt to injury, the couple announced their engagement during Amber’s birthday celebration in Dubai, just a few months ago.

Furthermore, neither Amber nor Kennedy has addressed the matter, leaving many in suspense. However, Kennedy shared a cryptic message on his Instagram stories that could be seen as alluding to their situation. He wrote,

“Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.”

This is not the first time Rapudo and Amber have not hinted on their relationship fall-out. Last year, the two had also declared that they were not lovers; but ended up being in love again. This time, the same might be manifesting itself and the only thing they need is time away from each other to meditate on their situation. Eventually, I bet they’ll be back together.

Amber Ray should have waited before starting a family with Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray just got engaged to Rapudo the other day and I remember saying this was done abit too early considering they had just dated for a few months.

But since mlisema mapema ndo best, guess what – Amber now has a bun in the oven and from her post – seems like this was a planned pregnancy….which could be a good thing but at the same time, a mistake considering they’re still getting to now each other.

However, we also have to remember it’s their life and as much as we are telling them what they should have done…..truth is – all they’re hearing is background noise.

Mapema ndo best

Okay….I know its none of our business that Amber Ray got pregnant (again) before walking down the aisle with her new found love; but having had enough experience with her relationship with Jimal, one would think she learnt her lesson – but mapens ni mapens.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

Anyway judging from the comments left by her fans, seems that most agree she should have waited till marriage; but then again, time is moving a little bit too fast and so is her age…..so why not.

Well with a baby on the way – at least Amber Ray now has something new to keep her busy instead of attacking her ex co wife, Amira.

Amber Ray Explains Why She Won’t Be Wearing Her Diamond Engagement Ring For Days (Screenshot)

Flamboyant socialite Amber Ray has officially been taken off market by Kennedy Rapudo. And it’s not dorky to see Amber Ray in love again after her numerous previous relationships that hit a dead end. You see, Amber is not one to keep her private life under wraps, including her relationships. And this is a probable reason why most of them do not last.

Either way, Amber and Rapudo have shown how immensely they’re enamored of each other. Rapudo went on his knees to propose to Amber while they were in Dubai.

There was a red carpet and lit lamps and candles on the sides leading to an intimate set up where Rapudo could be seen going down on one knee and talking to her fiancée, seemingly asking her to be his wife.

In Love Again

Amber said ‘Yes’ to Rapudo as she displayed a huge diamond ring on her finger.

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo also put up a video captioned,

“Diamonds are forever”.

And to make sure the Diamond ring is legitimate, Amber Ray recently flaunted as it was being tested with a diamond tester.

The socialite claims that even though it was indeed made of diamond, it wasn’t fitting her well enough. That’s why she has to remove it as it gets fixed into her size for a couple of days.

Amber’s engagement means she will be getting married very soon. And fans can’t eschew goosebumps as Amber Ray approaches D-day.

Jimal on trust issues after experiencing character development

Maybe Jimal Rohosafi did not think it through before getting involved with Amber Ray or is it that he was mistaken to let her go because clearly – he has not moved on or is really regretting trading his family for a fling.

Well as far as we know is that he gambled with his family when he announced to be in a relationship with Amber Ray, a woman he wanted to marry as a second wife. He made this known through his social media pages and just when we thought the relationship was headed for marriage – Amber Ray broke up with the guy.

From what she says is that Jimal lied about wanting to leave his wife for her and even claimed they weren’t living together – only for her to realize the fella had no plans of exiting Amira’s life. Okay….not quite sure why she believed a married man in the first place….but again – it happens.

Jimal spending quality time with Amira

Regrets after breakup

Anyway having parted ways barely 4 months ago – Amber Ray is now living her best life with new boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo and truth is – it’s a bitter pill to swallow for Jimal.

Having seen her vacation photos, Jimal is slowly sliding into the woiye phase with motivational posts. As seen on his social media, his latest post read;

Its always someone close, someone you trust that will destroy you.

I cant really say he now regrets losing his family over her….but all i know is that she hit him with character development when he least expected it. Sasa ona.

Kennedy Rapudo showers girlfriend Amber Ray with praise as she turns a year older – says she taught him what real happiness is

They say you can find real love in the wildest places and as many discouraged Kennedy Rapudo against dating Amber Ray; turns out this same woman they thought was wrong for him is actually the same person that is teaching him what happiness means.

Kennedy Rapudo gifts girlfriend new iphone

Well, thanks to a new post dedicated to Amber Ray as she turns a year older, Kennedy Rapudo who is her boyfriend went on to celebrate her in a loving post, showering her with nothing but praise. According to Rapudo, girlfriend Amber Ray is now the reason he understands what true happiness is and how special one can feel when with the right person.

The fella expressed this in a post where he wrote;

Amber Ray turns year older

My darling, I never felt happiness until you came into my life. You mean the world to me. On this special day of yours, I pray for sunshine, love, joy, peace, and happiness in your life. May God envelop you in His special love and shower you with His abundant blessings. Happy birthday, baby love.


His loving message comes barely two weeks after Ellah Ray announced Rapudo and sister, Amber Ray to be engaged…and now was finally meeting her parents for introduction.

However Amber Ray later on denied the rumor….but judging from how serious things are between the two, chances are that it’ll either end up with a baby on board or a wedding?

Kennedy Rapudo speaks after meeting his girlfriend’s parents

For a minute Ella Ray made us all believe that the socialite, Amber Ray who is her big sister just got engaged to her boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo.

I mean what choice did we have judging from the video she shared and the caption where she wrote;

Congratulations Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo. May God bless your union. I gained a brother today.

And just like that Amber Ray started making news once again. However hours after her sister announced the news – Amber came out to deny she’d been engaged saying;

Ebu muwache kutuharakishia. We are just taking a day at a time and honestly, I’m enjoying every bit of it. Kennedy Rapudo, I’m so happy I’m going through this journey with you.

Well…since the rumor was sparked by her own sibling – could it be that Ella was telling Amber its time to get married…i mean, why else say that?

Amber Ray with her small sister, Ella Ray


Kennedy Rapudo on the other hand could not keep calm especially with how the news spread like wild fire on social media. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rapudo though his Instagram shared a couplw goal photo featuring his girlfriend to which he captioned;

It’s been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don’t believe it.

Well – lets hope itll end in a glamorous wedding and a few more babies for the two.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo rekindle their love after short relationship break

Amber Ray is back with her Luo boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo a man we have started to believe has a huge effect on the kamba bae; and although there are some who are already predicting this wont end well….i can promise that Amber Ray is dead to all that.

Amber Ray with Rapudo

Well i cant also forget to mention that Jimal Rohosafi must really regret his relationship with Amber Ray now that she clearly seems to have moved on so quick….and thanks to her exiting his life – he no longer gets the attention he was after.

Away from that, looks like Rapudo has finally found his way back to Amber Ray’s heart and unlike before – the fella has been spoiling mama Gavin with gifts and the latest – a vacation to the coast region where we also believe he (Rapudo) is attending a team building gig.

Love like no other

For season two of their love, Amber Ray recently shared new photos coupled up with her bebe and from the caption – lets just say Amber really likes the idea of dating a man from Nyanza….i wonder why.

When Luo meets Kamba

Anyway as kamati ya roho chafu continues to hate to these two….and wale wa mtawachana tu keep a close eye, below are new photos to remind you why these two arent parting ways anytime soon.

Amber with Bae, Rapudo
Socialite Amber Ray with Kennedy

Amber Ray vows not to give up on love despite untimely breakup with boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo 

Amber Ray might be fooling us about her breakup with boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo but either way…the lady still insists she is now single but unlike other ladies – this won’t slow her down from finding the perfect man for herself.

Okay jokes aside. In just 8 months Amber Ray was able to secure herself 3 boyfriends…while others struggle to bag themselves even one. But thanks to one of her exes, Kabba – we might just have a reason as to why most men find it hard to say no to Amber: and that is because she is wild and fun.

Anyway despite all that fun….for some reason the men she dates tend to leave after a few months. Not sure whether  she is to blame or it’s the guys but either way none has managed to wife her done.

Confirms breakup

Well, just the other day after attending a friend’s wedding together,  we all assumed now that their relationship looks so serious (gracing family events together) maybe Amber Ray and Rapudo would sooner or later settle down together; but turns out we misread the whole thing.

Amber Ray 

According to Amber Ray, she’s no longer dating Kennedy Rapudo saying it wasnt just working. Amber Ray revealed this in a QnA post responding to a fan asking about her relationship with Rapudo; to which the socialite responded back saying;

Nope. I know mahali imefika I might look like a joker but manze I don’t know how to pretend. If its not working…its not working…so mnipende tu vile niko

Responding to yet another question where a fan wrote;

Seems like love is not urgent thing mama Gavin?

Amber Ray confidently denied the allegations saying she is not about to give up on love and incase love doesn’t find her…she is willing to look for it until she finds it.

Itabidi imekua…we ain’t giving up on love