Good riddance: Amber Ray weighs in on dating clingy men

You see when the cold season started, many women were advised not to jump into relationships for the wrong reasons.

Yea yea we get it. It’s been cold for months and wamama wanataka joto but if you ask Amber Ray – she’ll tell you it’s better to freeze than link up with a man who doesn’t understand what a breakup means.

Amber Ray celebrates herself

Well a few months ago after breaking up with Jimal Rohosafi – Amber Ray bagged herself a fine handsome, American height, beard gang, well built bodied man who was more of a rebound – especially with the cold weather; but what she didn’t know is that somewhere along the way he would fall in love and try to domesticate her by playing Dzaddy……but as you know…Amber Ray hapan taka bwana. Something Kabba couldn’t understand.

Never again

After years of dating different men (Amber has been around for a while) the socialite says she never had to deal with a clingy man – until she met the eye candy…and from what she says – Never again.

The lass revealed this in a QnA post responding to a fan who asked;

How do you deal with an ex mwenye amelala kumobe on. Tondu ma????

To which Amber Ray said;

Sema kujichuna maskio na regret at kumkula

But again…after Kabba revealed that Amber Ray is kinky…always pushing for bush s*x – we can see why he is still stuck on her.

And by the way….kwani hamuogopi nyoka?