Nikubad: Amber Ray turns to marriage for financial support

Your favorite Instagram influencer Amber Ray is ready to settle down as a submissive wife but with a condition. She is only looking for a man who can help her financially now that the economy no longer allows her to live as an independent.

Ama she meant married men? Nothing personal though.

Okay I know she’s is only bluffing…I mean we’ve been here before right? Remember she was ready to settle with Jimal and despite him having money wait scratch that, Amira once revealed he lives on loans…so I guess that’s why Amber Ray didn’t stay, right? Ogopa madeni.

Then she moved on with Eric Omondi’s bestie – Anto – but of course this was just a fling, nothing much…we know Amber Ray’s type. Rich. The other pretty faces like Kabba are only for pictures, giggles and fun. Remember the guy complaining about bush sex…?

Amber opting for marriage

Well since these guys couldn’t offer her the glam lifestyle, Amber Ray is out here looking for a man  who can support her and son.

She made this known in a post where she wrote;

Okay, the economy is no longer suitable
for me to remain an independent woman. The time has finally come. I am now considering listening to you niggas for supplemental income. I’m ready to settle down ????????this time I mean it!???? #Amberthebrand

So does this mean her new bae Kennedy Rapudo hasn’t qualified for the husband position, Ama niwache siasa?