This is awkward! How Amina Khalef deliberately snubbed Ali Kiba’s message on her birthday

Months after allegations hit gossip sites that Ali Kiba and his wife were not in good terms; we finally came to understand why their home has not been having any peace!

Apparently the Bongo singer has been involved with Diva the Bawse from Clouds FM who has been his side chick for about 10 years now. According to Diva, she has been in and out of Alikiba’s life for years; however in 2019 she decided to walk away for good.

Alikiba’s former side chick

She was however forced to expose her relationship with Alikiba after some members from his team started spreading lies about her on social media.

Alikiba’s divorce

However Diva’s story comes months after rumor had it that; Kiba was divorcing his wife barely a year after they held their grand wedding in Nairobi.

Kiba with wife, Amina

The rumors started circulating on social media barely one year after the two exchanged their vows promising to love and cherish each other.

Speaking about the divorce rumors, Kiba denied having an intentions of divorcing his wife; but admitted that things were not so good. He opened up saying;

“It is true our marriage is on the rocks, but it is not true that I have divorced her. I have not taken her back to Mombasa. It is also not true that she refused to stay with my mother and siblings. Stop spreading lies and work,”

Amina Khalef fed up

Well judging from the post Ms Amina shared after her husband was exposed for cheating; it indeed appeared that Amina was tired and ready to move on with her life.

It is unclear as to whether the coffin symbolized the death of the relationship;  or rather her love for the singer who turned out to be a cheat after fans blamed her fir breaking up with Kiba a few months ago.

Snubs Kiba

Well things don’t seem so good as she chose to ignore the special birthday message Alikiba sent her just a few days ago when she turned a year older.

Amina Khalef appreciated and reposted messages from her close friends – but refused to respond to the one Alikiba sent her. She went on to write saying;

Amina’s message


Proof that Alikiba’s wife is fed up with her husband’s cheating ways!

Amina Khaleef popularly known as Alikiba’s wife left many talking after the hilarious video shared moments after her husband was exposed by his former side chick!

Alikiba’s side chick

Word has it that Amina left Kiba since he was not faithful and even after being painted at the villain; the truth finally came out at the last minute.

Amina’s video

Judging from the contents in the video shared by Amina, we can say that indeed there was no future for her and King Kiba!

We cannot confirm whether the coffin represented the dead relationship or just another hilarious way of laughing off at her baby daddy for being exposed!

Fans support

Anyway now that it is clear that Alikiba is not an angel nor the perfect gentleman many assumed he was; fans have gone ahead to show their support for Amina Khaleef who chose to maintain her silence despite many trolling for walking out on Kiba last year.

Couple, Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef

Some fans have suggested that she should move on with her life; since Kiba is known to depend on older women who support his lifestyle!

It is also unclear as to whether Alikiba’s relationship with his wife will go back to normal; but as for now all we can do is watch and see how the story unfolds!