Amira Illustrates How Amber Ray Snatched Her Ex-Husband Jimal, Insinuates It Was A Blessing In Disguise (Video)

Amira remains bitter on Jimal’s previous relationship with flamboyant socialite Amber Ray despite them not being together anymore. The businesswoman went into a frenzy of rage after Amber recently disclosed that she got pregnant for Jimal while she was still married to him. She felt so betrayed and even shared that she lost taste and started to find her ex-hubby unattractive after learning he was cheating on her.

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Husband Snatcher

Unlike the bitter Amira, Amber Ray is just out here minding her own BS. She’s focusing on finding love, hopping from one rich guy to another and none seem to be working out for her. After being a 2nd wife to two men from her previous relationship, she vowed not to fall into the same trap. But currently, she’s roaming the streets. 

Amira Securing The Bag

After calling it quits with her ex-hubby Jimal, Amira is now balling like never before. She’s going on vacations as if money ain’t a problem to her. And she’s financing all these by herself. This is why she believes Amber Ray snatching her hubby was a blessing in disguise.

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She recently shared a clip on her Instagram, which insinuated that she helped Jimal grow financially, but he left her for Amber Ray, who didn’t feel a flinch on their struggle to success. But Amira thrived solo after being betrayed.

She captioned the video;

”This is exactly what happened to me,and how the cookie crumbled.But finally i met my goals ,became more happier and peaceful.

Moral of the story; keep digging and dont look back coz theres always something bigger at the end of the tunnel”

Watch the video she shared below;

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

If it’s not working then walk out. This is a phase most feminists will use but truth is; it’s easier said than done and at this point fans feel that Amira needs pack her bags and walk out on husband, Jimal.

This is after popular blogger Edgar Obare released receipts from his conversations with Amira; where she opened up about many unknown things about her marriage with Jimal.

From the receipts, Amira is seen asking Edgar not to expose the intel she was giving him; – about her life with Jimal.

Amira goes on to add that she was afraid that Jimal would harm her; that is if he found out that she was behind all the tea Edgar has been serving about Jimal.

Jimal with his alleged wives

Death threats and physical abuse

What’s more surprising is that despite Amira being physically beaten by her husband; the lady says things got worse to a point where the threatened to have her shot and killed.

Who stays after being threatened?

Anyway at this point it’s hard to tell what Amira really wants. That’s because despite her man publicly misbehaving; and worse threatens to have her killed just because of Amber Ray...she still stays…how can she be helped?

But question is, how desperate are the Syokimau wives?

Amira Throws Shade At Amber Ray After Her Relocation From Syokimau (Screenshot)

Amber Ray has finally expedited her move from Syokimau, just weeks after we witnessed late night drama between Amira and herself. The two Co-wives are yet to make peace with each other. Occasionally, both prevaricate and insult each other indirectly.

Peace At Last?

Amber Ray’s relocation is a relief for Amira; who has thrown shade on her Instagram;

‘It’s finally raining in Syokimau’

On the other hand, their hubby Jimal, sits on the fence about the issue. He doesn’t seem to be bothered about the perennial beef between his two gorgeous wives.

Similarly, netizens remain undecided on who to blame for their endless drama. Some believe that Amira is just a ‘silent killer’, who is just seeking public pity; but is also to blame.

Jamal Roho Safi's Wives Amira, Amber Ray Engage in Heated War of Words in  Syokimau ▷

On the other hand, Amber Ray is believed to be the one ruining Jimal’s marriage; with some even claiming that she has cast a spell on him.

However, Jimal cleared the air on the same in an interview on Jalang’o TV. He claimed that he genuinely fell in love with Amber Ray and wanted her to be a 2nd wife; since he was spending Ksh 50,000 a day on women.

Their issue remains unsettled. But for now, the distance between them will reduce their shenanigans.

Lanes: Inside Amira and Jimal’s beautiful Syokimau home (Photos)

Amira who is Jimal’s first wife has given fans a reason to admire her home; moments after sharing photos showing off her home interior for the first time.

The business lady first made headlines thanks to Amber Ray; who allegedly stepped in as a second wife in her marriage – making things complicated and at the same time public.

So far many believe that Amira is one humble and beautiful wife Jimal should respected; before bringing in a gardening tool as ‘second wife’ but hey – we are not here to judge.

Jimal’s good taste in wives

Although the situation is messy and complicated all we know is that these two wives are good at cleaning up and the interior of their homes are to die for.

Well, we already know how Amber Ray’s house looks like; and now we finally get a chance to see how Amira’s home looks from the inside.

Thanks to a few photos shared by the lass on insta, we understand that Amira and Jimal’s home is just too stunning. Yes, the home looks like the inside of a 5 star penthouse and the fact that it’s also spotless leaves us wondering whether she banned her boys from playing inside her house. I mean, who looks that neat when you have kids?

Anyway check out the stunning photos below courtesy of Amira.

Syokimau Chronicles; Late Night Drama As Amira Attacks Amber Ray At Her House (Video)

Amber Ray and Amira’s perennial beef lost control yesternight as Amira decided to take her cavalry at Amber Ray’s house to fight over Jimal. In a dramatic turn of events at night, Amber Ray could be heard hurling all kinds of insults at Amira.

”Tumbo imening’inia imefika kwa magoti, matiti imefika kwa thighs… Atauzia nani? Bladifa*n… Anakuja kwangu kufanya nini? Niko kwangu mimi. Na silali leo hii. Wametaka show, wape. Kama kuna mtu akona number ya watu wa TV wakuje Syokimau leo. Nonesense, kieleweke.”

Too Hot To Handle

All the drama was live on both Amber Ray and Amira’s Instagram; Amira’s numerous neighbors gathered to back her up; referring to Amber as ‘Malaya’. One of Amira’s supporters could be seen approaching Amber asking her to look for her own man.

However, Amber wasn’t giving up easily and told Amira to share. She continued;

”Eeeh, malaya. Ata wewe k*ma si uko nayo. Kama inaeza nunulika enda ukauze. I will not respect a woman who doesn’t respect me. Amekuja kwa nyumba yangu. This is my house.”

On the other hand, Jimal separated himself from the scene. Even though neighbors expected him to intervene, Jamal decided to flee. The drama lasted for hours late in the night, as more and more neighbors gathered to the scene.

Amber had previously divulged her intentions of moving out of her Syokimau’s house; claiming that her life was in danger. And from the look of things, the latter might be true. The next phase of their beef will definitely be a nasty one.

Below is a glimpse of the drama;

‘Bado Sitambui’ Amira Explains Why She Refuses To Acknowledge Amber Ray As Co-wife

The battle between co-wives Amira and socialite Amber Ray seems to be a perennial one and no one among them is ready to back down. The issue between them remains unsettled even though they’re sharing the same hubby, Jimal; who seems to be enjoying this since he hasn’t resolved the matter.

According to Amira, being the 1st wife to Jimal means she has to be informed first before any other marriage takes place. And this was not the case when it came to marrying Amber Ray.

Amber Ray and Jimal on Valentine’s day-Google

Amira Speaks

For this reason, Amira has denied to acknowledge Amber Ray as her co-wife. She claims that she was not informed about any wedding, nor engagement of Jimal and Amber.

Amira disclosed this in an interview on Chatspot with Nana Owiti and Kush Tracey;

”Ni sawa. Mimi kwanza nitasema. Mimi sikuona harusi… Harusi ndio hatujaona. Alafu na documents na nini ziko wapi? So mimi kwanza siezi sema nina mke mwenza. Bado sitambui”

Jimal’s engagement to Amber Ray happened in March this year and Amber was introduced to his family.

Despite all the beefing, Amber Ray and Amira are immediate neighbors; maybe it’s time for them to sit and settle their differences.



“Mie ndo mke mwenzio” Amber Ray openly mocks co-wife Amira weeks after fighting over hunk, Jimal

Amber Ray still feels like she needs to prove a point now after co wife; Amira called her out for snatching husband, Jimal.

So far the two ladies have been involved in serious online fights – that not only left them looking like drama queens; but also confirmed that they will never live as co wives despite their husband wanting to keep them both.

Amber Ray

However fans feel that Amber Ray is only dating Mr Jimal for obvious reasons money; but thanks to a new post shared on the lady’s IG – could be that fans judged her wrong as she now refers to herself as Jimal’s Nyumba ndogo.

Amber is clearly Amira’s headache

The post comes just a few hours after Zuchu released a new song dubbed Nyumba Ndogo a new anthem for women who support polygamous marriages.

Amber Ray and Amira

Well, being one who recently got married as a second wife – Amber proudly danced to this anthem; and from the comments – it’s obvious that the post was dedicated to Amira.

Some fans congratulated her for being open about sharing her man with another woman; while others quickly judged her for being ‘loose’ and a husband snatcher.

Not quite sure how long this relationship will last; but from the way Amber keeps entertaining Jimal – she might probably end up walking down the aisle with him….or not! Watch the video below.

Jimal Marlow’s 1st wife threatens to sue Amber Ray

At this point it’s evident that Jimal May have to choose who he will stick with between his two wives! This is because – this situationship is clearly not working and unlike most Muslim wives – these two wanachoma sana.

A few hours ago the two ladies washed their dirty linen on social media; leaving fans entertained by the family scandal as the two ladies continue to fight for a man they both call husband.

Amber vs Amira

According to Amber, she has every right to remain as a second wife since Jimal chose her over his other side chicks; but problem is that Amira (first wife) does not want to share her man with Amber. Apparently Amira is open to have any other lady as her husband’s second wife; but just not Amber.

Amber accuses Amira of abandoning kids

Anyway after apparently acting like the bigger person for months; Amber for the first time came out gun blazing with serious accusations against Amira.

The Jimal family

In a detailed post by the lass, she accused Ms Amira of abandoning her two boys; while she travelled to Dubai kurombosa aka eat life with a big spoon.

The socialite went on to reveal that Amira was also preaching water on social media; but behind the scene – she was causing drama for husband by threatening to poison her self and her boys. Amber wrote;


In response to the accusations, Ms Amira who is a mother to Jimal’s two sons asked the socialite to give tangible evidence to her stories; if not, she is ready to take legal actions for defamation. In a now deleted post Amira wrote;

You realize I am not Amber. Please let her answer I am also eager to see otherwise, I’ll file for deformation.

Husband on the other hand continues to maintain his silence; as he observes his two ‘wives’ attack each other on social media.

“I can’t poison my kids” Jimal’s wife addresses suicidal claims made by Amber Ray

Life in Jimal Roho Safi’s home must be really hard! Both his wives have decided to wash their dirty linen on social media; and as much as the tea is good – we also can’t help but worry!

This is after Amber Ray revealed that her co wife Amira is full of drama just to get attention from husband, Jimal. According to the lady – Amira has not only threatened to get a divorce from husband; but implied that she would kill herself and her two sons.

Amber with Husband, Jimal and first wife, Amira

Amber who is rumored to be the reason why Jimal’s home is failing exposed her co wife’s dramatic stunts saying;

And please last warning kwa wale mnaniambia niwachane na hii maneno. Nita wa block, you guys don’t know the nonsense I take everyday hapa kwa ground. Being forced to be the bigger person juu mtu anashinda akisema atakunywa sumu na apee watoto pia then anakuja kuwahubiria online ????????

Amber’s post

Amira shares side of the story

Of course we cannot tell whether Amber Ray’s statement is true or not; but all I know is that women can overreact especially after baby daddy/husband decides to date and publicize another woman.

It’s life…it happens but it’s never that serious. Anyway responding to Amber Ray’s statement that portray Amira as a suicidal mum; first wife wrote;

My babies, mum could never hurt you let alone ashame you ❤️. My supportive followers, all those DMs that have encouraged someone & those always showing me love, ati nawaacha niende wapi?


Ndio tu tumejuana we have so much wins to come and things to share ata recipe bado tujamaliza. Haya maisha ni matamu msichochwe dah! There is so much to live for

Amira vs Amber Ray

Well….there you have it!