Amira turns to coparenting after realizing her marriage to Jimal can’t be saved

Amira and Jimal have not been living in peace thanks to second wife, Amber Ray. Well by now you know how it all started and how Jimal found himself trying to be with both Amira and Amber Ray but problem is, it just ain’t working for him.

A few weeks back, rumor had it that Jimal broke up with Amber and chose to reunite with Amira and their boys. For a minute it all seemed perfect as he even went ahead to gift his wife with an iPhone 13 (which she’s currently selling) and now looks like they are back to square one.

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Tbt; Amira with Jimal

Well, over the weekend Amira through her IG QnA post got to reveal that she currently started coparenting; and is hoping that this experience won’t be tough on her. In a now deleted post, a fan went on to ask Amira;

How are you

To which the mother of two responded by saying;

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Allahamdullilah am ok. Am still on the journey of self discovery and finding peace, prioritizing my kids and learning that some people don’t want to be fixed because being broken gets them attention.

Jimal back with Amber Ray?

Well her complaint comes right after Amber Ray decided to take a long road trip and judging from the photos shared by the socialite so far, we understand she’s driving Jimal’s Jeep.

This could only mean that the guy decided to reunite with his Kamba bae; and since Amira once revealed that she would never share a husband with Amber Ray……guess who is now single on Instagram?

But again, seeing how team positivity, Amira got resolve her issues with Jimal even after being warned… I guess this time around fans are willing to watch rather than give advice because mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu.