“I don’t have biscuits to give you” Amira tells off Youngins sliding in her DM

Amira is big mad at young men in her DM asking to date her. Not sure what she was expecting especially after claiming her ex man, Jimal is no longer her type…I mean, the post looked like a greenlight to single men who’ve been eyeing her.

Tbt: Amira with family

I know yall are tired of her drama with Jimal and as much as we want to let their scoop slide…we just can’t. These two are serving soap opera stunts on social media…it’s like watching a Mexican telenovela where Alejandro keeps messing with Camilla’s heart…apologizes but isn’t still committed.

Camilla on the other hand starts acting single – hence attracting the attention Roberto, Juan (Marto and kevo) who start chasing her; but since she’s still in love and bitter with Alejandro – she makes effort to let everyone around her know she has suitors chasing her too. Maybe…just maybe to get Alejandro to act right…but we all know how it goes right.. Cheat. Act right. Repeat.

Rich aunty vibes: Amira

No small boys allowed

Like I said, it’s a soap opera they’re willingly putting out on social media and were all watching and reporting.

Anyway as seen on Amira’s post, she wrote:

All these boys coming to my inbox with hey and hello. I don’t have biscuits to give you.

Depends with how you look at it at this point. Could be a stunt to threaten Jimal that strong, young & energetic men are ready to take his place; or this could be true – yaani Damien, Antoine na Jerimih hamchelewi? 

But again -can we really blame these young men with the likes of Zari Hassan making it look so easy?

‘It’s Something I Should Have Done A Long Time Ago!’ Amira Speaks On Divorcing Jimal

Amira is on the verge of divorcing Jimal Roho Safi amid Amber Ray’s birthday today, November 4. It’s now clear that she’s had enough of both of them. Her declaration to divorce Jimal comes after the flamboyant business man posted Amber Ray to celebrate her birthday.

Seems like Amira has really been pissed off seeing Amber on her hubby’s timeline; owing to the fact that they had gotten over each other some time back to end their perennial online drama. Amber moved from her previous home in Syokimau to expedite peace between herself and Amira; but maybe this was the beginning of a secret relationship.

Done For Good?

Well, maybe Amira is just overthinking, but the fact that Jimal did not post their son on his birthday allows her to speculate they’re still seeing each other.

Amira now remains saturnine over the whole issue and has declared she’s ready to divorce Jimal; something she claims she would have done a long time ago.

She insinuates Jimal has been blocking her from achieving success.

”On the 4th of November I got the courage to stand up for myself. It’s something that I should have done along time ago but didn’t have the courage to. But it reaches a point where enough is enough! Today is breaking point for me… Working towards becoming a better version of myself and caring for my kids. And doing my business one step at a time.”

Amira has definitely had enough of Jimal. Will they manage to reconcile this time?

Blame Game! Jimal Roho Safi Accuses Amira Of Introducing Him To Amber Ray

Flamboyant business man Jimal Roho Safi and his first wife Amira are back at locking horns after a recent exposé;  which has pictured Amira as the one to blame for their failed marriage.

After the drama that befell Syokimau months ago, Jimal’s marriage was on the line since Amira was not willing to allow him back.

On the other hand, his 2nd ex-wife Amber Ray was busy enjoying her single life. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the fiasco and aftermath of the drama.

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Jimal and his family-Google

The Blame Game

At first, Amira blamed Jimal for the drama, saying that he fueled all of it; and that’s why she was hesitant to let him back.

In his defense, Jimal has also decided to write a cryptic message; blaming Amira for introducing him to Amber Ray.

He also admonished women to avoid introducing their female friends to their lovers;

”Mind the female friends you introduce to your boyfriends/husband. Trust me I know what I am saying”

It’s believed that both Amber and Amira were friends before the whole co-wife mess.

Jimal is probably feeling more than a smatch after losing the love of both Amira and Amber Ray. However, Jimal and Amira were recently spotted at the same coffee house. Could they still be solving their issues?



Amira and Jimal Roho Safi back together after cheating scandal! (Photos)

At this point I’m beginning to believe that Amber  Ray, Jimal and Amira have been clout chasing with their nyumba tatu scandal; and truth is – as much as it may have hurt Amira – it paid off big time!

The three have been smiling their way to the bank; and thanks to Amber Ray’s QnA posts this past weekend; we understand that her relationship with Jimal is finally over due to some unknown reasons.

However we cannot confirm how true this is since – well, clout chasing for them is a daily routine.

Amira and husband building together

Anyway, remember all those positive messages y’all ladies sent to Amira, encouraging her to walk out on Jimal? Guess who has been revising the DMs while just to pass time? Yes Jimal.

Well judging from the new videos shared by Jimal and Amira; we have reason to believe that these two lovers spent their weekend together at a certain coffee joint; which I also think is their latest business joint!

This comes days after Jimal shared a new post appreciating his two sons with Amira; and as usual forgot to post the other small boy who he had with his boss.

Jimal spending time with wifey

For some reason, I also didn’t see why Amira would away from hubby now that he was cheating publicly; I mean, didn’t he even gather a son with his boss and she still stuck around?

Anyway mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu; but at least this relationship is more like a business investment. Endelea kulilia Mapenzi haina pesa. Call them Bonnie and Clyde.

Amira denies getting back with husband, Jimal

For a minute we all thought that Amira had gotten back with husband Jimal; after he broke up with Amber Ray. This assumption was made after a video of Amira and Jimal were seen enjoying each other’s company in a video we assumed was shot this weekend.

However turns out that this was a major Tbt shared by unknown sources; that may have wanted fans to think Amira is back with her husband.

I mean, with the video out no one would have asked questions especially now that Amber already confirmed that she broke up with Jimal.

Talking about the video in the comment section, Amira left a comment saying;

Video za 2018 mnapost sahii

Amber confirms breakup

Anyway, whether it was taken in 2018 or not…we can now confirm that Jimal and his nyumba Ndogo Amber Ray are no longer together; and the sad part is that Jimal is currently ignoring Amber Ray despite all the love they shared. Ouch.

The lady confirmed the breakup through a QnA session where a fan wrote;

Amber with hubby

  Are you together with Jamal, if not what happened?

To which she responded;

No, Not anymore

Tables turning for Amber

Well, if indeed the break up is real and not staged; the. I guess Amber Ray and Jimal has their fan while it lasted but runout has it that they secretly dated for months before their private relationship was exposed on social media.

During this time, let’s just say Amira was not only going through a hard time; but was also getting publicly embarrassed and going through depression.

Jimal and wife, Amira

However turns out that despite all that pain, husband was still calculating on how to get back with Amira; and I guess this is how the tbt video has found itself on social media.

Jimal is that you?


Jimal Rohosafi speaks after wife exposes his alleged fake lifestyle

It must be really hard for Jimal Rohosafi now that all the slay queens in Nairobi know; that his lifestyle is financed through loans and as Amira puts it, madeni ya watu.

Jimal is clearly bored from this photo

Well, not to judge but this information should have remained in the family; because at the end of the day bad mouthing him wouldn’t have tamed Jimal; who is already symptoms of boredom from his first marriage.

However, we also can’t blame Amira for her actions as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; and since she was bitter – Amira ended up disclosing this information to blogger Edgar Obare.

Unfortunately for her, the blogger who was meant to keep this information private; sadly spilled it all on his social media pages.

Jimal speaks

Well, having come across the stories and screenshots of his wife exposing him; Jimal in turn decided to speak – but as usual he did not explain himself.

Jimal however went on to share a post that read;

 Sometimes the best response is SILENCE.

Jimal’s post

Although Jimal didn’t choose to explain himself; the post above may have been a sarcastic way of saying ‘believe what you want.’

Jimal and Amira’s toxic relationship

By now even a blind man can see that these two are just too toxic for each other, and unless they both give each other space; the disrespect and humiliation on social media will not only get worse; but someone will end up mental health issues – all in the name of perseverance.

“Hana kakitu, ni maloans tu” Amira exposes husband, Jimal

They say a wise woman will protect her family; but at times it’s better to speak up rather than silently die in an abusive home.

Well, seems like Amira had been fed up with her husband’s abusive (mentally and physically) marriage with Jimal; forcing her to open up about unknown information about her marriage.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Although she may regret serving the tea in Edgar Obare’s DM; fans have come out in large numbers encouraging the young mum to protect her mental health for the sake of her two boys.

This is after she revealed some of things she allegedly puts up with from Jimal i.e death threats, physically, verbal abuse and public disrespect from the man she married in her teenage years.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

He is broke

Well, let’s just say that some of the information like (broke husband) came out due to the bitterness she feels; but this also confirms rumors claiming he is struggling to maintain his lifestyle as he lives on loan. Wrong move.

As seen on the screenshot shared by Edgar, Amira is seen saying;

He’s not even rich. He lives on loans na madeni ya watu.

Amira exposes broke husband

But again what has been said cannot be taken back, but the good thing is that fans continue to encourage Amira not to give up; since life has both its ups and downs and so far things are looking up for her.

Let’s see whether Jimal will respond after his wife’s confession to Edgar Obare.

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

If it’s not working then walk out. This is a phase most feminists will use but truth is; it’s easier said than done and at this point fans feel that Amira needs pack her bags and walk out on husband, Jimal.

This is after popular blogger Edgar Obare released receipts from his conversations with Amira; where she opened up about many unknown things about her marriage with Jimal.

From the receipts, Amira is seen asking Edgar not to expose the intel she was giving him; – about her life with Jimal.

Amira goes on to add that she was afraid that Jimal would harm her; that is if he found out that she was behind all the tea Edgar has been serving about Jimal.

Jimal with his alleged wives

Death threats and physical abuse

What’s more surprising is that despite Amira being physically beaten by her husband; the lady says things got worse to a point where the threatened to have her shot and killed.

Who stays after being threatened?

Anyway at this point it’s hard to tell what Amira really wants. That’s because despite her man publicly misbehaving; and worse threatens to have her killed just because of Amber Ray...she still stays…how can she be helped?

But question is, how desperate are the Syokimau wives?

Lanes: Inside Amira and Jimal’s beautiful Syokimau home (Photos)

Amira who is Jimal’s first wife has given fans a reason to admire her home; moments after sharing photos showing off her home interior for the first time.

The business lady first made headlines thanks to Amber Ray; who allegedly stepped in as a second wife in her marriage – making things complicated and at the same time public.

So far many believe that Amira is one humble and beautiful wife Jimal should respected; before bringing in a gardening tool as ‘second wife’ but hey – we are not here to judge.

Jimal’s good taste in wives

Although the situation is messy and complicated all we know is that these two wives are good at cleaning up and the interior of their homes are to die for.

Well, we already know how Amber Ray’s house looks like; and now we finally get a chance to see how Amira’s home looks from the inside.

Thanks to a few photos shared by the lass on insta, we understand that Amira and Jimal’s home is just too stunning. Yes, the home looks like the inside of a 5 star penthouse and the fact that it’s also spotless leaves us wondering whether she banned her boys from playing inside her house. I mean, who looks that neat when you have kids?

Anyway check out the stunning photos below courtesy of Amira.