Jimal on trust issues after experiencing character development

Maybe Jimal Rohosafi did not think it through before getting involved with Amber Ray or is it that he was mistaken to let her go because clearly – he has not moved on or is really regretting trading his family for a fling.

Well as far as we know is that he gambled with his family when he announced to be in a relationship with Amber Ray, a woman he wanted to marry as a second wife. He made this known through his social media pages and just when we thought the relationship was headed for marriage – Amber Ray broke up with the guy.

From what she says is that Jimal lied about wanting to leave his wife for her and even claimed they weren’t living together – only for her to realize the fella had no plans of exiting Amira’s life. Okay….not quite sure why she believed a married man in the first place….but again – it happens.

Jimal spending quality time with Amira

Regrets after breakup

Anyway having parted ways barely 4 months ago – Amber Ray is now living her best life with new boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo and truth is – it’s a bitter pill to swallow for Jimal.

Having seen her vacation photos, Jimal is slowly sliding into the woiye phase with motivational posts. As seen on his social media, his latest post read;

Its always someone close, someone you trust that will destroy you.

I cant really say he now regrets losing his family over her….but all i know is that she hit him with character development when he least expected it. Sasa ona.

Amira turned into a laughingstock by hubby Jimal weeks after he begged to have his family back, she reacts

Okay by now I am pretty sure if Jimal Rohosafi was running for any parliamentary seat in Nairobi – I can bet you wamama hawatamvotia.

Yes, I can bet it on my life that Jimal Rohosafi is also among the most disliked men on social media – but problem is – he doesn’t really care about how you feel since he benefits from making most of y’all mad.

Jimal Rohosafi with Maembe ya msimu

Well, still asking how he makes women mad at him on social media? Mmmh, I’m thinking it’s because he has decided to make the most out of making his wife miserable on social media. I mean the guy is ready to drag his wife in whatever dirt just to keep himself relevant and if you thought he had embarrassed Amira enough….you thought wrong!

Jimal back to embarrassing wife

You see, a few weeks back he begged his wife to take him back by writing a heartfelt apology and for a minute, I promise – I felt he was real….but men can life…yaaani Jimal karibu alie and today he is back to embarazzing his wife.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Incase you haven’t heard….the fella just nominated his 3 women – the side chick one, the other woman and the kept for Real Housewives of Nairobi….and yes for a minute we all went like damn…he must have some bøllz of steal…right?

I mean who does that?

Okay, it’s not like we didn’t really expect him to be that petty…but I can’t help but wonder how is he someone’s Pilar or strength? Ama they focus more on the money than the man…cause ain’t no way a woman will entertain such pettiness.

Anyway responding to husbands nomination for the reality show…Amira reacted by writing;

But why do I feel like they’ve been playing us?

“I forgive myself” Jimal Rohosafi makes peace with himself despite wife refusing to accept his public apology

Jimal Rohosafi recently apologized to his wife for publicly embarrassing her and exposing her to insults from the online community.

This all happened during his short lived relationship with ex Amber Ray who we all believed was about to replace Amira in Jimal’s life or end up as the second wife.

Jimal and wife, Amira

If you remember well – the drama that we all saw proved Jimal Rohosafi was not man enough to handle his house affairs; and most surprising part is that he took part in embarrassing his wife by telling Amber Ray personal things like she’s lazy among other things which the socialite later used against Amira.

Jimal Rohosafi ready to start afresh

However after almost a year – Jimal Rohosafi now says he is sorry for his actions and if anything – wants to prove that he has changed from the man he was. Apologizing to his wife, Jimal through his gram wrote;

If i’m being honest,this hasn’t been easy for me to write.Out here i may seem okay but deep down i’m broken and i can no longer continue to live like this.Most of you if not all know what happened between me and my wife and how we came to limelight;To say the least,It was chaos!it was messy!it was downright ugly!I may have seemed unbothered but i was helpless.I knew it was wrong,i knew you were hurting but i just couldn’t get myself together!Amira i am doing this because the disrespect was also as loud. I apologize for all the disrespect,for all the embarrassment,for all the hurt,for all the pain,for all the trauma????I am sorry for all the times i haven’t been the man i promised to be.You’re my wife i was supposed to protect you and never associate you with any kind of drama!I failed and i admit it.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and i have taken the first step.Please forgive me????????Me and you come from way back and for me to put you through all that mess was distasteful. Please forgive me ???????????? @being_amira

But as you know Amira said she ain’t about that life meaning Jimal Rohosafi had to dig deeper on how he’d apologize.

Well…having tried to apologize publicly – keeping in mind he’d embarrassed her also in public and now she’s paying hard to get…Jimal  instead decided to make peace with himself just to keep his conscious clean.

As seen on post dedicated to himself, Jimal wrote;

I Forgive myself for Not
Being perfect….

Mapenzi! Jimal Roho Safi spoils wife, Amira with new expensive gift worth hundreds of thousands (Photos)

We have been told time and time again men will embarrass but for some reason; Socialite Amber Ray chose to ignore these wise words by claiming Jimal Rohosafi as her man forgetting he is married.

Actually I believe she even went ahead to get a tattoo of his name ‘Marlow’ on her back; to prove that their love was for a life.

Jimal Marlow and ex, Amber

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However looks like Jimal is back with his wife after their short separation; and truth is, he is putting in effort to ensure his wife forgets the time he publicly humiliated her by dating socialite, Amber.

Well as seen on his IG stories, looks like Jimal recently gifted wife the latest iPhone 13 pro max released a month ago; and I hear it costs around Ksh 160,000. Lanes.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

Amira appreciates hubby

Having received such an expensive gift, Amira quickly shared the good news through her gram where she wrote;

They say good things happen to good people. Thank you @Jimal_rohosafi. Am obsessed with my new iPhone 13 pro max


Well, if I was Amira I probably could have done the same; especially, since you know – the whole chako peke yako ni kaburi stunt that left social media talking.

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However we also can’t help but notice how Amira plays safe….doesn’t describe Jimal as bae, hubby, sweetheart or any cute pet names.

Probably because she learnt the hard way that men can embarazzzz you and still find a way to live with themselves.

Anyway don’t know how Amber Ray is doing on the other hand; but with her still rolling around in Jimal’s cars – let’s just say she low key remains on the picture. But, si ni life?