Amira confirms she is divorcing husband, Jimal

Business lady Amira Jimal has been making headlines for months thanks to husband’s affair with socialite, Amber Ray. Well, the three gave us ‘the real housewives of Syokimau’ an interesting episode; that not only confirmed that Jimal was cheating but proved how much Amber Ray and Amira disliked each other.


Anyway since the affair, looks like Amira and Jimal’s marriage changed for good; and just recently the lass announced she would be getting a divorce from the guy. Well after making this public, fans have been keeping up with the lady as they await to see whether or not she will be parting ways with her high school sweetheart.

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Just the other day, a fan identified as miss Bern went on to ask about the divorce as she wrote;

Divorce aje mama?

To which Amira sarcastically responded saying;

Iko njiani…Ama ushanitafutia mtu?


Amira making changes

Well this comes at a time when Amira announced that she would be making changes in her life for her own good.

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So far, she is not only planning to divorce her husband, Jimal but is currently on a weight loss journey to help shed the extra unwanted weight.

Well judging by the kind of food Ms Amira has been sharing on her Instagram stories, looks like the weight loss journey will delay for a while now.

Amira Jimal embarks on weight loss journey (Photo)

Amira Jimal has announced that she will be making major changes in her life and that includes a divorce and a weight loss journey.

Amira Jimal embarks on weight loss journey

As seen on her page looks like the mother of two already started working out, and will hopefully stick to this new commitment as she hopes to bring out a better version of herself.

Amira Jimal announced this through her Instagram page where she wrote;

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When I said I’m working on myself, I meant it!

Out of the comfort zone

If not for Amber Ray and Jimal’s affair I can bet that Amira Jimal would still be comfortable with her old self but thanks to these two – Amira now wants to bring out the best in herself.

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Well, they say getting cheated on can change someone for best (look at how Michelle Ntalami has become humble and is now reposting posts) or worst…. but at least Amira can’t say Amber Ray didn’t help her in anyway. No?

Jimal’s wife, Amira
Rich aunty vibe, Amira

Anyway…didn’t she go to the Kadhis court to file for a divorce, how did that go?