Amira Shares Her Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Journey

Businesswoman Amira is offering a glimpse into her recovery process after undergoing four cosmetic surgeries in March.

A key part of her recovery involves wearing a compression garment called a Faja. This helps control swelling and bruising while shaping the body after surgery.

Amira recently shared a positive update on her progress,

“I can finally walk straight! Now it’s just the swelling in my thighs to tackle.” She even managed a trip to the supermarket, all while wearing her Faja 24/7.

Two weeks post-surgery, Amira showcased a slimmer figure in a onesie. She’s now transitioned to a “stage 2” Faja, aiming for around-the-clock wear when possible.

“Healing is coming along well,” she assured viewers. “My wounds are dry and scabbing, and most of the swelling has subsided, except in my stomach. The Faja definitely helps with compression there.”

Amira is also off most medications, only taking pain relievers at night. While her thighs are taking a bit longer to heal, she’s happy with the overall progress.

She even offered a helpful demonstration of putting on a Faja, highlighting the importance of compression for comfort and healing. Amira recommends Colombian Fajas for their superior compression, although she acknowledges their cost can be high locally.

Amira’s recovery is expected to take approximately six weeks. By sharing her experiences, she’s providing valuable insights for others considering cosmetic surgery.

Amira Hints On Being Co-Wife With Jimal’s Girlfriend Wangari Thiong’o After Offering To Teach Her How To Cook

Amira and Jimal Rohosafi appear to be making strides towards successful co-parenting. Amira recently offered a glimpse into a more civil side of their relationship, a stark contrast to their past social media spats.

During Ramadan, Amira put aside their differences for the sake of their children. She even hosted Jimal and his friends for Iftar, a celebratory meal. Fans took notice of this positive development, with some commenting on the complexities of navigating relationships after a breakup ([Swahili saying about two people’s business being difficult]).

Amira’s actions further suggest a more amicable co-parenting dynamic. She reportedly extended an invitation to Jimal’s new wife, Wangari Thiong’o, for a future get-together. Amira even offered to share some cooking advice with Wangari.

That said Baba Shamir, please bring your wife nimfunze kupika mapocho pocho.

In a social media post, Amira highlights the benefits of successful co-parenting, acknowledging that her ex will always be a part of their children’s lives. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing their children’s well-being and expresses her satisfaction with the current peaceful co-parenting arrangement.

Influencer Amira of “Gojias” loses 45 kg and has four corrective plastic surgery.

Beautiful influencer Amira underwent four plastic surgeries earlier this week following her impressive 45-kilogram weight loss. The beauty and lifestyle influencer had been planning for months to undergo reconstructive surgery after her weight loss journey and had even sought recommendations for doctors online before finally finding one.

In a series of Instagram stories, she shared photos and videos of herself in the surgical room and during recovery, expressing gratitude that she had finally undergone the surgeries she had been planning for.

“Finally did it… Alhamdulillah, my surgery was a success. I am very swollen and sore but receiving the best care and love. I will share my healing journey hopefully soon. I got a breast lift, thigh plasty, liposuction, and a tummy tuck. I know it’s a lot,” said Amira while in recovery and attached to surgical tubes.

Her surgery reveal comes two weeks after she celebrated her weight loss journey on International Women’s Day earlier this month, March 2024.

“So how do I start? You all know my journey from when I was over 130 kilograms, almost 140 kilograms sometimes! That is a hard place to be because one, you are big! Two, you know you are big but three, you don’t understand why stress is not helping to lose the weight; in fact, there is something called ‘stress eating’! Can you imagine how you are stressed and the answer to a big stressed me is to eat 🤬🤯 and continue the never-ending cycle of ‘Eat, Pray (become big), love (stressed because you are big then, eat) and repeat Eat, Pray, Love!

Fast forward whichever way, I am big and stressed or stressed and big… this is a crazy place to be! Anyone who has been here can relate, you relate right? It was always in my mind that one day all this weight will be gone and I will be healthy and be as I see myself in my head not in the mirror… and abracadabra it happened, I will spare you the details but it is all in the mind! I have lost a freaking 45 kilograms+ and I feel like I am on top of the world, not mostly because of weight loss but because I can do what I want if I want to do it which is the moral of the story! And with that ladies HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY QUEENS🎖️👑 and remember the moral of the story you can do what you want, if you want to do it! Period!!!!!” said Amira.

Amira angered by nanny whom she bought a phone for

Amira, a businesswoman, is experiencing the common frustration felt by many Kenyan women when their domestic workers go missing.

Taking to social media, the former wife of Somali Matatu owner Jimal expressed her dismay at being taken advantage of by her domestic worker.

She expressed concern that her nanny, who she took in with a month-old baby, failed to return after her scheduled day off.

“My nanny, who left on Sunday and was supposed to return by Thursday, has been unreachable since she left. She ignored my calls but managed to call my friend Kui, indicating that she’s okay.”

“Despite taking care of her and her baby, I am disappointed by her deliberate avoidance of my calls. I even bought her a new phone since hers was faulty, so she wouldn’t be unreachable while traveling.”

“I’ve learned not to form attachments to people because they always leave. Please help me find another domestic worker,” she requested.

Amira also shared her plan to address the situation:

“Based on the advice I received in my DMs, I’ve decided to seek character references from multiple sources. So, I’m heading to Tanzania to find a replacement.”

She later posted a video from Nyerere International Airport, saying, “Let me go find a replacement.”

Amira Goes To Vacation In Arusha Without Her New Boyfriend

Amira has left her new partner Osello Nyalik behind and journeyed alone to Arusha for a bonding experience with pals. He expressed his jealousy at her being able to enjoy the lovely weather while he was in Germany, where it was considerably colder.

“I should be in Arusha too enjoying better weather” as she gushed over his adoration of her “I really wish you were here though”

The mother of two talked about her amazing trip to Arusha and disclosed that she traveled in a group of fifty people.

“Its going to be a long day..we are heading to serengeti with a group of 50 friends. Good vibes only” she showed her morning journey on top of a tour van.

The group was going to the National Park of the Serengeti.
Amira is enjoying herself immensely, from boat excursions in the ocean to exploring the Serengeti National Park.

“Tonight we will camp by the river in the park” she shared the itinerary. “There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this”

He informed her in a note about how lonely he is without her that her new man was absent.

Her admirers have been impressed by her delight at being free of a difficult marriage and leading the finest life possible.

Amira finally moves on from Jimal Roho Safi, meet her new man

Two years after her divorce from Jimal Roho Safi, Amira has introduced her new boyfriend, Osello Nyalik, an engineer.

Amira shared a photo of herself and Nyalik on her Instagram page, accompanied by the caption: “New day, new month, new goal, new blessings, and new opportunities.”

The two have been hinting at a possible romantic relationship with comments on each other’s posts on social media.

Amira and Jimal Roho Safi finalized their divorce earlier this year after airing their relationship struggles on social media, including accusations of cheating and abuse.

Amira had previously expressed her disapproval of Jamal’s relationship with Amber Ray, leading to several social media outbursts.

In March, Amira took to her social media platforms to shed light on the challenges of co-parenting with Jamal. She emphasized that she did not regret leaving Jamal, but that she regretted not making the decision sooner.

Amira has also expressed deep remorse for choosing Jamal as the father of her children. She said that her decision to stay in the marriage despite experiencing violence and abuse was solely for the sake of her two children.

Amira has also said that finding a man is straightforward, but the real challenge lies in finding the right man.

Jimal Roho Safi’s ex-wife Amira unveils sexy body

To the joy of her social media followers, Jimal Rohosafi’s ex-wife Amira is starting her weekend by showing off how snatched her body has become. The two-time mother appears to be in the best physical condition of her life. She uploaded a snapshot of herself sporting a pair of form-fitting blue trousers, pink shorts, and black shoes.

She was clearly pleased with her outcomes because of the smile on her face. Unlike many, she did not caption the picture. The businesswoman first acknowledged she needed to lose weight in the 1990s and has been on a fitness quest ever since.

She appears to be in the best form of her life, proving that all the effort she has put into the gym has paid off. She revealed she had shed 17 kilograms last year, which made her feel fantastic.

Then, in early 2023, she revealed that she had lost over 30 kg as a result of her weight loss. Her stolen body has been drawing attention from her followers on Instagram.

mishi_iz_m..Sasa kama wewe na Jamal Mna amua kuwa hot stuff in the market ….which fire will burn the other one cause mume amua kuwa goals 🤗🤗😄😄….btw girl you looking fire 🔥🔥 I can’t wait when you’ve finally gotten to your target goal and start dressing the body cause I know uta tesa mbaya . One thing about you is you got vibes ..I’ve seen you since long time when you were blossoming on FB…keep self growing yourself it looks good on you.

kerry_maccambie..Wueeeh, the body is bodying 😍

gloriah_aroyal..Nini ilikuwa mbaya mwa mslam 🙈

msrubita…The hot ex. The one who upgrades so bad! You look so hot!!!

ashley.tall..Amberray typin and deletting 😂😂

ednaoketch…They threw dirt on your name and flowers grew,I would be mad too🤣🤣

fauzia_assan…MashaAllah Amira looking good. Keep up

Amira unleashes new Mercedes GLE

Amira, a maker of digital entertainment, just purchased a cutting-edge car.

Amira displayed a number of images of her new Mercedes GLE on Instagram.

She displayed the opulent Red SUV from several perspectives so that her internet followers could see the level of luxury she is surrounded by.

She has two vehicles total. White Cayenne is the first variety.

“Just like Zuckerberg, we don’t Announce…We Popp!!!Second Baby on my Block. I Don’t serve a Leaving God. I serve a Living God Allhamdulilah ????????,”

She also drove around the city to demonstrate how the interior of the car appears, allowing us to glimpse the posh dashboard.

“Tulisema gari lazima ikuwe German” she captioned part of the message about her new car, adding “But the wife can come from the village”

Amira Sparks Wedding Plans After Sharing Photo With Wedding Gown

Amira, the ex-wife of businessman Jimal, has sparked speculation that she may be getting married again. She recently shared photos on social media of herself in a wedding gown, and she also posted a video of herself rocking the gown.

Amira captioned the photos, “And now, I do what’s best for me.” This led many of her fans to believe that she is engaged or even married.

However, Amira has since denied these rumors. She said that she was simply trying on wedding gowns for fun, and that she is not currently in a relationship.

“Y’all just crazy,” she said. “I’m not supposed to have any male friends? If I ever date or I’m dating, I will never bring out my manz to public, so yall need to relax.”

Whether or not Amira is getting married is still unclear. However, her recent social media posts have certainly raised some eyebrows.
Amira separated from her husband Jimal over a year ago. And Jimal has already moved on with his new catch. Will Amira also go the same route and move on?

Amira Blasted For Maintaining Jimal’s Name Despite Divorcing & Hating On Him

Amira and Jimal have recently been topping the charts over their unsettled predicaments following their divorce. They have been locking horns ever since the break-up, and nothing seems to stop them from roasting each other on social media.

Despite having 2 sons together, the two are no longer seeing each other, nor co-parenting. Amira narrated how difficult their marriage has been and that she has been trying to hold on to the marriage for long but her efforts were ending in a cul de sac.

An emotional Amira claimed that Jimal’s violent nature expedited their divorce and she could no longer hold on.

After a while, Amira started roasting Jimal mercilessly. Her repertoire of roasting Jimal was recently witnessed after Jimal was accused of faking the price of his watch.

This is just among the few things she has used to throw shade at him. And it’s now in black & white that she loathes him.

But the intriguing thing is that she has still maintained his name; which she allegedly registered with while they were together. Amira was exposed by a fan. Check screenshot below;

Amira Shares A Glimpse Of Her Rich Boyfriend While In Dubai (Screenshot)

After throwing shade at her ex-hubby Jimal Roho Safi over his fake watch, Amira is not yet done making him look like a fo0l. Their separation was a nasty one, expedited by Jimal’s antic of having a ‘mpango wa kando’. The worst thing is, he was actually posting Amber Ray on his social media-eventually Amira came to know of the surreptitious relationship that they had.

Anyway, after several months into their separation, Jimal moved on and he already has a kid with his new catch Michelle Wangari.

On the flipside, Amira took her time after the break-up, working on bettering herself and relaxing her mind.

She has been in Dubai for a while; and it seems like she has now bagged herself a new man. She flaunted a glimpse of him while they were inside a car.

She captioned the short video snippet;

”When he picks you up in a Range Rover Vogue 2023 autobiography… Niskie mtu akisema amevaa socks na open shoes.”

Amira is yet to reveal further details about him. But I bet the guy is old enough, considering Amira had already admonished youngins to keep off her DM. Unlike Zari, Amira isn’t interested in young men. Jimal’s response is imminent as none of the two accept to be pulled down.



Jimal Roho Safi rubbishes Amira over his fake 2 million shilling watch

Jimal Roho Safi is clearly upset that his ex-wife, Amira, who also happens to be the mother of his sons was mocking him after a fake watch-busting Instagram account revealed to the nation that the word she was claiming was worth 2 million Kenya Shillings was a dud.

Jimal Roho Safi unfollows Amber Ray after she got re-engage

Kenyans had taken to tagging the fake watch buster account in a bid to find out whether or not the Watch was authentic and when it was revealed to be a fake, Amira had taken to mocking Jimal.

He was called by Ankali Ray who sought to find out his sentiments on the matter and he was very dismissive of his ex saying he was not trying to respond to her and make her more famous; he’d much rather focus on the mother of his young daughter, Wangari Thiong’o.

Kennedy Rapudo willing to share Amber Ray with Jimal Roho Safi


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ankali Ray (@ankaliray)

What interests observers is the timing of this response given that Amira seems to have moved on from Jimal and is currently believed to be on holiday in Dubai with a new man. This is the gift that just keeps on giving!


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Amira Throws Shade At Her Ex-Husband For Wearing A Fake Watch

Jimal Roho Safi and his ex-wife Amira have been throwing shade at each other after their break-up. Failing to settle their predicaments led to their nasty divorce. But it seems like they’re still poking their nose on each other’s business.

That being said, Jimal recently showed off a watch he claims to have spent 20,000 dollars for a Swiss-made watch, Hublot.

He showed a video of different angles of the unique timepiece captioning it with dollars emoji and “Sh 2.7m kshs.”

Hublot watches can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $5 million. In fact, the most expensive Hublot watch—the Hublot Black Caviar Bang—was on sale for $5 million.

The most expensive Hublot ever made debuted at 2012’s Baselworld and wound up being Jay-Z’s 43rd birthday present from Beyoncé. His fanbase was obviously impressed, but a watch expert has alleged it was fake.

After learning about the scrutiny that termed Jimal’s watch as fake, Amira commented;

“???????????????? I told y’all. Nigga be fake af ???? just like his hairline.”

She further shared a cryptic message, probably to revive the news about his fake watch. Check screenshot below;

Amira Throws Shade At Amber Ray Following Her Break-Up

Amira seems to be delighted with Amber Ray’s recent break-up with Kennedy Rapudo. She has reacted to the news of flamboyant socialite breaking up with Kennedy Rapudo despite getting pregnant for him.

It’s no secret that Amira divorced Jamal Roho Safi because of his love relationship with Amber Ray. The businessman revealed Amber left him because of his first wife’s insults and social media drama. Jamal said Amber never insulted Amira and formerly dumped him because she was sick and tired of the latter’s provocation.

Amira, on the other hand, accused Amber of using black magic to seduce her man and warned her against causing trouble in people’s marriages.

This was the beef between them. But either way, Amira decided to pack her bags and left the marriage. According to Amira, Amber is to blame for the divorce. And that’s why she’s celebrating her downfall.

Amira shared a cryptic message via her Instagram with ‘mtumba’ man’s video where he purported that whoever you love doesn’t love you back. They love another person who doesn’t love them back.

It’s needless to say Amira is excited over their separation.

Amira’s Sister Denies Abandoning Her While They Were Having Issues With Jimal

Amira’s sister Leila has come clean to share her part of the story; whereby Amira claimed that her family abandoned her while they were having issues with her ex-husband Jimal Roho Safi.

According to Amira, Jamal was violent and abusive but she stayed in the marriage for the sake of her two children.

According to her, he would also assault her during pregnancy. The assaults saw her miscarry back in 2021 but his family however encouraged him to continue.

“He did and was actually pregnant at that time(2021) and it was his sister’s wedding being done in my house. That was the latest incident. Let me not talk of how he used to beat me hata nikiwa 9 months pregnant with my son Amir. This time he hit me in front of my kids, his parents and his family and they stood there actually gassing him up to beat me  and that’s when I was done(had a miscarriage),” Amira opened up during a Question and Answer session with fans.

But her sister claims otherwise. She recently shared via her Instagram; adding that it was Amira who actually messed her up.

Amira showing off her new man months after nasty breakup means there’s plenty of fish in the sea for everyone

Amira has finally moved on from her ex husband Jimal and thanks to a video shared on her IG, we almost got to see the fine Somali man she has allegedly been seeing for a while now.

This new development comes right after Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo announced they are expecting their first child together – and seeing everyone wants to brag about how good life has been to them…..Amira too jumped in, showing off her man dressed in a pink polo shirt and a black hat to hide his face.


Since this was video uploaded on her IG stories, we also got to see that Amira was in the company of her younger son and sister; meaning she is finally comfortable introducing her kids and family to her new found love.

Tycoon behind helicopter rides?

Also now that Amira wants the world to know him, i cant help but wonder – could he be the tycoon behind Jimal’s ex wife lavish lifetsyle?


I mean, despite being kicked out from her Syokimau house – Amira never went online to complain about losing a house….but instead she started parading a high end apartment that she upgraded to….and from the rumors, seems like her new zaddy has enough to spend on both her and the boys……and now you can understand why Jimal has been claiming money isn’t everything.

Don’t Settle Just For Money, Amira Shows Women How It’s Done

Jimal Roho Safi’s ex-wife Amira has been making boss moves ever since the two went their separate ways. Jimal was rumoured to have chased her away from their home after things went haywire between them. Their separation was expedited by the relationship between Amber Ray & the flamboyant businessman.

They kept their relationship surreptitious, but not for long. Amira came to learn about it; and a series of endless drama ensued.

Amira would later decide to walk away from all the drama and focus on building herself. She started off by going on vacation. She started her own business, et cetera. In fact, according to Amira, marriage makes one look dull and she doesn’t fancy it anymore.

The mother of two is now building a house for herself. She flaunted the progress via her social media. It’s needless to say, breaking up with Jimal was a reason for motivation.

Lesson Learnt

For all we know, not many women would have the strength of moving on, especially from a rich man who is giving you all kinds of lavish lifestyles.

It was obviously a shrewd move by Amira to focus on herself. And other women who are entangled in toxic relationships just because of their rich husbands should pull out. Amira has set a good example.

Amira Explains Why She Doesn’t Fancy Marriage Anymore After Separation With Jimal (Screenshot)

After a short period of stagnation from Amira and Jimal on their online tiff, the two are now back at throwing shade to each other after their separation. Their nasty fall-out had netizens admonishing Jimal mtaka yote hukosa yote since he was also after flamboyant socialite Amber Ray.

Jimal-Amira Divorce

On their separation months ago, Amira revealed that she was tired of being humiliated by her husband and claimed a divorce would suffice.

“As from today, consider me a single mom. Jimal Rohosafi get that divorce paper, I’m not going to allow you to disrespect me again,” she wrote.

Amira further encouraged her fans to realize their worth and gather enough strength to walk out on anything that might be holding them back.

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Marriage A Scam?

The single mother has conspicuously undergone tremendous changes ever since her separation from Jimal- and it’s  a positive one. From her physique, to her vibes, and even in terms of luxury. All you’ll see on her gram are deluxe places where she visits often.

That being said, Amira is currently not considering marriage again- atleast for now. Why? She believes marriage barrs you from glowing and having a good time. She shared the sentiments with one of her fans recently. Check the screenshot below;


“I forgive myself” Jimal Rohosafi makes peace with himself despite wife refusing to accept his public apology

Jimal Rohosafi recently apologized to his wife for publicly embarrassing her and exposing her to insults from the online community.

This all happened during his short lived relationship with ex Amber Ray who we all believed was about to replace Amira in Jimal’s life or end up as the second wife.

Jimal and wife, Amira

If you remember well – the drama that we all saw proved Jimal Rohosafi was not man enough to handle his house affairs; and most surprising part is that he took part in embarrassing his wife by telling Amber Ray personal things like she’s lazy among other things which the socialite later used against Amira.

Jimal Rohosafi ready to start afresh

However after almost a year – Jimal Rohosafi now says he is sorry for his actions and if anything – wants to prove that he has changed from the man he was. Apologizing to his wife, Jimal through his gram wrote;

If i’m being honest,this hasn’t been easy for me to write.Out here i may seem okay but deep down i’m broken and i can no longer continue to live like this.Most of you if not all know what happened between me and my wife and how we came to limelight;To say the least,It was chaos!it was messy!it was downright ugly!I may have seemed unbothered but i was helpless.I knew it was wrong,i knew you were hurting but i just couldn’t get myself together!Amira i am doing this because the disrespect was also as loud. I apologize for all the disrespect,for all the embarrassment,for all the hurt,for all the pain,for all the trauma????I am sorry for all the times i haven’t been the man i promised to be.You’re my wife i was supposed to protect you and never associate you with any kind of drama!I failed and i admit it.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and i have taken the first step.Please forgive me????????Me and you come from way back and for me to put you through all that mess was distasteful. Please forgive me ???????????? @being_amira

But as you know Amira said she ain’t about that life meaning Jimal Rohosafi had to dig deeper on how he’d apologize.

Well…having tried to apologize publicly – keeping in mind he’d embarrassed her also in public and now she’s paying hard to get…Jimal  instead decided to make peace with himself just to keep his conscious clean.

As seen on post dedicated to himself, Jimal wrote;

I Forgive myself for Not
Being perfect….

Amira confirms moving on from ex husband, Jimal Rohosafi – spills interesting details of her new lover

It’s been a minute since we all heard about Jimal and his wife Amira, right? Well turns out that the two are no longer living as man and wife – that is according to Amira’s social media pages where she’s been giving fans new intel on her private life.


In a recent post, Amira who is a mother of two has revealed that she has a new lover who is not only loving her right but is treating her like the queen she is. The lady made this known through a funny post captioned;

When my ex asks how my new person is treating me

And since nobody in particular (fans) had asked about the new alleged man ( well apart from ‘ex’ Jimal) to me it looks like Amira was just trying to throw shade using the post – especially now that she has a new person in her life and ex is still on his own. Maybe.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Amira finds love?

Well judging from how she described the new feeling she’s experiencing with her new man, it’s obvious she is happy; or is trying to prove a point – but then again why would she when fans saw she what she went through with Jimal?

Anyway according to Amira, her new man is treating her better than  she’d ever imagined. She wrote;

Kwa Kifupi nadekezwa

Also looking at the new house she recently moved into – allow me to say Amira’s new man isn’t playing around when it comes to giving her the queen-like treatment.

However – what if the new man is still Jimal? What if….mmmh let’s see whether she’ll soon introduce him to the world too. Just for the doubting Thomases.

Mapenzi ya msimu? Jimal moves back in with first wife, Amira

For a while now word has had it that Amira is a single mum coparenting with ex husband, Jimal Rohosafi. But ooliskia wapi?

Turns out that Amira’s public announcement about her single status was a move made while angry – throwing things out of proportion – cause we just realized husbae has been spending some quality time with her in their Syokimau home.

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Jimal and wife, Amira

Well, could be coparenting – but from what I know the screenshot shared below says something quite different from what Amira had been preaching a few months ago. Remember her long post on ‘dont link me to Jimal bla bla bla we done’ post that read;

PSA!!! Am addressing this for the very last time!! Stop associating me with Jamal. You need to stop dragging me with every issue that you see out there, we’re no longer together. Am not his wife, he is not my husband, am not his problem, he is no longer my problem. Im only responsible and answerable to my kids!! KIELEWEKE

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On and off affection

If indeed they are back together, then trust me we wouldn’t be shocked since – well, Amira keeps taking him back after his fair share of fun with other females. She said it herself.

Jimal spending quality time with Amira

As of now, it’s only fair to say Jimal has two wives and is not planning on letting either go. But their love could also be based on business – I mean, lately Amira seems to be making news more than Amber Ray, so why not make use of the fame?


Amira jumps right back into the dating pool after ugly split from hubby, Jimal (Photo)

Looks like Amira is starting to live life after her ugly breakup with Jimal Rohosafi who apparently cheated on her with socialite, Amber Ray.

Since then, life has for the couple and for some reason Amira couldn’t bring herself to live under the same roof as her husband, which explains their ongoing divorce case. Anyway with Jimal openly dating Amber Ray, his ex wife Amira has also started seeing other people.

The online business lady revealed this a few hours ago after she stepped out looking like a thousand bucks; not forgetting the glow in her eyes and of course face.

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Amira steps out for first date

Judging from how stylish and glammed up Amira looked for her date – let’s just say the fella must really be worth it; that is considering the fact she only dated one man, Jimal who is also her high school sweetheart.

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However after the separation from Jimal, seems like Amira’s romantic life just started while in her 30’s and boy is she excited about the new experience.

Well, with 2 grown boys and a new online career – 2022 might just be the year Amira will finally find true love; if not getting back with Jimal – since these streets are not for the soft hearted. No?

‘Mlisema Nioge Nirudi Soko’- Amira Announces Readiness To Mingle

Flamboyant business man Jimal and Amira(now ex-wife) are no longer together. The genesis of their separation was expedited by the fact that Jimal posted Amber Ray on her birthday earlier this month; and didn’t reciprocate the same on his son’s birthday. In addition, the business mogul was recently spotted with Amber Ray.

The latter seemed to have pissed off Amira; who shared the tirade with her fans;

”The audacity!! U couldn’t even post your son on his birthday”

She continued to make the announcement that she no longer wants to be associated with Jimal and was filing for a divorce;

”As from today, kindly consider me a single mum @jimal_rohosafi get that divorce paper ready. Am not going to allow you to disrespect me again”

”On the 4th of November, I got the courage to stand up for myself. It is something that I should have done a long time ago but I didn’t have the courage to. But it reaches a point where enough is enough. Today is a breaking point for me and I hope this will also give you courage to leave whatever has been holding you back.”

Single and Ready To Mingle

After the separation, Amira is now willing to rekindle her love life-as evident in her last post.

”Si mlisema nioge ,nirudi soko????????
Twende kazi????
#sunkissed ༯”

One of her fans advised her to attend the upcoming luo festival in order to bag herself a new man.

”Sasa uko msafi kabisa ???????????? customers will start flocking in….make sure you attend this coming Luo night …that’s where you get grade one customers ???????????????? – 3500 cc vehicles and above????????”

It’s only a matter of time before we find out her new man.


Mapenzi! Jimal Roho Safi spoils wife, Amira with new expensive gift worth hundreds of thousands (Photos)

We have been told time and time again men will embarrass but for some reason; Socialite Amber Ray chose to ignore these wise words by claiming Jimal Rohosafi as her man forgetting he is married.

Actually I believe she even went ahead to get a tattoo of his name ‘Marlow’ on her back; to prove that their love was for a life.

Jimal Marlow and ex, Amber

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However looks like Jimal is back with his wife after their short separation; and truth is, he is putting in effort to ensure his wife forgets the time he publicly humiliated her by dating socialite, Amber.

Well as seen on his IG stories, looks like Jimal recently gifted wife the latest iPhone 13 pro max released a month ago; and I hear it costs around Ksh 160,000. Lanes.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

Amira appreciates hubby

Having received such an expensive gift, Amira quickly shared the good news through her gram where she wrote;

They say good things happen to good people. Thank you @Jimal_rohosafi. Am obsessed with my new iPhone 13 pro max


Well, if I was Amira I probably could have done the same; especially, since you know – the whole chako peke yako ni kaburi stunt that left social media talking.

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However we also can’t help but notice how Amira plays safe….doesn’t describe Jimal as bae, hubby, sweetheart or any cute pet names.

Probably because she learnt the hard way that men can embarazzzz you and still find a way to live with themselves.

Anyway don’t know how Amber Ray is doing on the other hand; but with her still rolling around in Jimal’s cars – let’s just say she low key remains on the picture. But, si ni life?

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

If it’s not working then walk out. This is a phase most feminists will use but truth is; it’s easier said than done and at this point fans feel that Amira needs pack her bags and walk out on husband, Jimal.

This is after popular blogger Edgar Obare released receipts from his conversations with Amira; where she opened up about many unknown things about her marriage with Jimal.

From the receipts, Amira is seen asking Edgar not to expose the intel she was giving him; – about her life with Jimal.

Amira goes on to add that she was afraid that Jimal would harm her; that is if he found out that she was behind all the tea Edgar has been serving about Jimal.

Jimal with his alleged wives

Death threats and physical abuse

What’s more surprising is that despite Amira being physically beaten by her husband; the lady says things got worse to a point where the threatened to have her shot and killed.

Who stays after being threatened?

Anyway at this point it’s hard to tell what Amira really wants. That’s because despite her man publicly misbehaving; and worse threatens to have her killed just because of Amber Ray...she still stays…how can she be helped?

But question is, how desperate are the Syokimau wives?

Amira explains herself after nasty verbal fight with husband’s second wife, Amber Ray

The relationship is getting toxic! Yes, Jimal’s house is a mess and the guy needs to man up and control his wives; because fans are also getting fed up with their day in day out half dramas.

Anyway on Tuesday 29 June, the real housewives of Syokimau gave fans a heated show with horrible lighting; but thank God for the clear audio where we both heard Amber Ray and Amira insult each other like never before.

Amber Ray and Amira

Well, from what we know is that the fight was sparked; by a dead bird said to have been left at Amber’s door by Amira. Crazy huh?

According to Amber, this left her feeling unsafe; and Jimal being daddy, he stepped in to defend second wife. And of course this did not end well.

Amira speaks up

The many videos on social media show how the drama went down; and judging from most comments – fans feel that Amira and Amber should stop giving Jimal all the power to control them.

But have you ever tried advising two/three people in love? 

Anyway shortly after the verbal fight, Amira who is the first wife addressed this issue through her IG stories where she wrote;

Team positive, even in the Quran, sometimes toughness is justified especially as I’ve repeated the peace of my kids is threatened in anyway shape or form.

She went on to explain herself saying;

For now enjoy the videos but there’s lines I’ll not let no one cross. I am not here to teach weakness but strength and standing your ground, being your own provider & protector coz sometimes silence is mistaken for fear or meekness. Goodnight the crown is back on.