Kennedy Rapudo issues a warning to Edgar Obare and Andrew Kibe

Kennedy Rapudo, during a segment of “Celeb Ride with 2mbili,” expressed his strong disapproval of having Andrew Kibe and Edgar Obare in his luxurious Range Rover.

Rapudo emphasized that he doesn’t know the two individuals personally, but he has issues with the way they create their content. He particularly criticized their controversial opinions shared online, stating, “Why would a man spend time talking about another man? You are a man, and you want to spend your time talking about another man, bro, it doesn’t work like that.”

Rapudo suggested that while he appreciates the content, there should be boundaries in addressing matters. He urged for a more civil approach without resorting to insults, emphasizing the importance of conveying points in a positive and inspiring manner.

Expressing his thoughts on Kibe, Rapudo commented on the age factor and the influence Kibe may have on younger individuals, especially given that he has daughters. He encouraged a more responsible and respectful approach when addressing women.

Turning to Edgar Obare, Rapudo raised concerns about boundaries, specifically referencing the blogger’s coverage of a court case involving Rapudo’s son. He questioned why sensitive issues related to minors should be publicized, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations.

Rapudo challenged both Kibe and Obare to use their platforms more responsibly and avoid resorting to insults and negativity in their content creation. He emphasized the need for a clean and respectful approach, stating that success can be achieved without the need for verbal abuse.

After a contentious internet feud, KRG the Don confronts Andrew Kibe face-to-face [Video]

Dancehall sensation KRG the Don has finally ended his longstanding online feud with Andrew Kibe by meeting face-to-face at an undisclosed location in Nairobi, with MP Babu Owino present.

KRG later shared videos of the encounter, which surprised many fans expecting a physical altercation based on previous threats exchanged online. Contrary to their social media portrayals, the two appeared amicable during their in-person meeting.


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MP Babu Owino also shared insights from the encounter with Andrew Kibe, expressing support for their interview. Babu praised Kibe as a gentleman, emphasizing that viewers should anticipate their intellectual and brainstorming discussion.

In addition, Babu commended Kibe for establishing his own platform, YAFREEKA, after facing a ban on YouTube. He applauded the new channel, which aims to address challenges and solutions in Africa, as a unifying platform for the continent.

Chipukeezy divulges information about Andrew Kibe’s contentious ascent

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has ignited conversations, asserting that the controversial media personality Andrew Kibe is a product of the very industry that now struggles to rein him in.

The outspoken MC, known for his candid opinions, openly admitted to aligning with some of Kibe’s controversial perspectives, particularly those regarding feminism and its impact on various industries in Kenya.

Chipukeezy was straightforward, stating, “There are other things he talks about that I take sides with him. I agree with him super. Like those things, he says about feminism and how it has affected industries in Kenya, those things we have talked about… Kibe does things, and you know why I believe it’s facts? Because they took him, tried to play those games with him, and he understood the craft of speaking out. So nobody knows how to deal with Kibe.”

Kibe, renowned for his outspoken nature, has encountered criticism from notable figures such as Jalas, Mulamwah, Eric Omondi, and Akothee, who believe he should exercise his influence more responsibly. Despite facing backlash, Kibe persists in expressing his opinions boldly, often stirring controversy on various issues affecting Kenyans.

Chipukeezy contends that Kibe’s emergence as a potent voice in the media landscape is not accidental. “Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry because…And this is how the Kenyan industry works; it’s just that Andrew Kibe bites them. They created a lion that bites them.”

Chipukeezy alleges that Kibe’s televised presence was a strategic move by the industry, replacing someone else to fulfill a specific agenda. “It is a game in this radio business. They wanted him to speak like that because those were the same things he was saying.”

The comedian underscores that the industry initially embraced Kibe’s rugged and rule-breaking approach. However, as Kibe turned his critical eye towards influential figures, the industry grappled with the monster it had brought into existence. “They are comfortable with him saying those things about others. But now he has started saying this about their friends.”

Chipukeezy asserts that Kibe’s popularity soared as numerous media offers poured in, fueled by misconceptions about his persona. “They thought he is a clown; they thought maybe he is an intelligent person; they thought he is not what he says.”

Kibe addresses how he lost millions after YouTube cancelled him

Former radio host Andrew Kibe has shared the story of how he suffered significant financial losses after facing a suspension on YouTube.

During an appearance on the Iko Nini Podcast, Kibe claimed that his suspension from YouTube was deliberate and lacked justification.

According to Kibe, his channel was taken down even though he had only received one strike, which was about to expire.

“YouTube rewards you financially when you adhere to their rules…but for me, the freedom to create content is invaluable, and no amount of money can be placed on it. We cannot quantify freedom… I didn’t do anything wrong. I had over 3,000 videos on YouTube, and I had only one copyright strike when they took down my channel. They didn’t just take down one channel; they took down all my channels, both monetized and un-monetized,” mentioned Andrew Kibe.

Kibe defended himself, asserting that he did not engage in any wrongdoing deserving such a severe punishment.

“It wasn’t because I said something; it was a targeted attack. It was someone very powerful. I only had one copyright strike that was expiring in like a week…I’m the person who had the most YouTube videos as a Kenyan, and then they came for channels that did not even have that content. It was a targeted strike,” added Kibe.

Mwafrika pointed out that Kibe was among the highest-paid Kenyans on YouTube and suggested that he needed to alter his content delivery to avoid future penalties.

Before his suspension from YouTube, Kibe was earning at least Sh1.6 million monthly from the platform.

Chipukeezy: Firmly endorsing one of Andrew Kibe’s most divisive viewpoints

Comedian Chipukeezy asserts that Andrew Kibe is a product of the industry. Speaking on the Iko Nini podcast, the MC expressed his agreement with some of Kibe’s controversial views.

Chipukeezy suggested that he aligns with Kibe’s perspective on feminism. “There are other things he talks about, and I take sides with him. I agree with him super. Like those things he says about feminism and how it has affected industries in Kenya, those things we have talked about, like marketing managers… Various things.”

“Kibe does things, and you know why I know it’s facts, because they took him, they tried to play those games with him. So, he is an intelligent person, he is smart. He is able to see. Then, when he understood this craft of speaking out, he became a proper creation. So, nobody knows how to deal with Kibe.”

Kibe has faced criticism from various individuals, including Jalas, Mulamwah, Eric Omondi, and Akothee, who haven’t spared the former radio presenter.

Chipukeezy emphasized that Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry. “Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry because…And this is how the Kenyan industry works, it’s just that Andrew Kibe bites them. They created a lion that bites them.”

“They created a monster. Kibe was very rough, spoke in a language we hadn’t heard, breaking radio rules. They could no longer deal with him. It’s like bringing someone from Kayole Lavi and they tell you the truth. He tells you that you can buy spinach for ten bob. And that’s where you grow up.”

Chipukeezy noted the shift when Kibe began challenging them. “They are comfortable with him saying those things about others. But now it is like he has started saying this about their friends.”

According to Chipukeezy, multiple media offers came because “they thought he is a clown, they thought maybe he is an intelligent person, they thought he is not what he says.”

Andrew Kibe Reunites With His Kids In Kenya

Andrew Kibe, the controversial content creator, has put feuds on hold for the time being as he reconnects with his children after a two-year absence. Sharing a heartwarming photo on his social media, Kibe simply captioned it, “With the fruit of my loins,” capturing the essence of his cherished moment.

Kibe’s return to Kenya on December 1st, 2023, was initially overshadowed by a crowd of online media and fans eagerly awaiting him at JKIA. Clad in a military Arafat scarf, he remained silent, opting to prioritize his family reunion.

However, drama unfolded when singer KRG, true to his earlier threats, arrived on the scene ready to confront Kibe. Fortunately, “elders” stepped in, acting as peacemakers and successfully diffusing the potential physical altercation.

KRG, addressing the media afterwards, boasted about his intent to “rough up” Kibe had it not been for the intervention. Nevertheless, Kibe’s reunion with his children takes center stage, marking a welcome shift in focus from online feuds to fatherly love.

This development leaves one to wonder – will Kibe address KRG online or let the matter rest? Will their rivalry continue to simmer, or will the focus remain on Kibe’s reconnection with his family?

Only time will tell what unfolds, but for now, Kibe’s priority seems clear: cherishing precious moments with his children.

Andrew Kibe Wins Major Award, Plans Meet and Greet in Kenya

Social commentator Andrew Kibe has won a major award, the Africa Social Media Star of the Year Award. He will be returning to Kenya in December for a meet and greet event where fans can pay Sh20,000 to meet him.

Kibe had previously announced the meet and greet event in September, dubbing it the “Andrew Kibe graduation.” He had initially set a goal of selling 300 tickets, but has since increased it to 2,000.

In September, Kibe’s YouTube account was suspended, which he said caused him to lose hundreds of thousands of followers. He protested the move, saying that he had not received an email indicating any violations that led to the termination of his account.

Google Africa Head of Communications Dorothy Ooko explained that Kibe’s account was terminated because he violated YouTube’s terms of service.

Despite the setback, Kibe is still going ahead with his meet and greet event in Kenya. He is clearly a popular figure, and his fans are eager to meet him.

Andrew Kibe Explains The Probable Reason For Akothee’s Break-Up With Her Husband

It was quite imminent that Andrew Kibe would indulge in the colloquy surrounding Akothee’s recent reported break-up with her husband Dennis Schweizer. The mother of 5 made her revelation of undergoing depression; leading to speculations that she might have decided to call it quits with her mzungu hubby.

Most have shared their sentiments on the paramount issue, claiming that Akothee rushed things before getting married to Schweizer. It seemed like a happy ever after marriage; but things might have gone south really fast. In less than 6 months of their marriage, it seems like Akothee’s expectations towards her marriage with the white dude didn’t go well.

Kibe’s Prophecies

Well, Kibe has prophesied a couple of relationships to end in a cul de sac- and this one was not any different. The YouTuber has now shared what might have led to their fall-out. According to Kifee, he claims Dennis might have been a Pakistani who was pretending to be Swiss. At least this is what Akothee divulged about her husband. Secondly, Kibe claims that the guy wasn’t good in bed as Akothee had expected, expediting their break-up. Kibe made his sentiments via his usual vlogs, adding that they weren’t meant to be and that the guy was just a scam; with Akothee ignoring the red flags. Akothee has been in several relationships, and none of them seem to be working. Bear in mind that Miguna Miguna had also warned Akothee about her white hubby. What do you think of Andrew Kibe’s sentiments?

Kibe celebrates Crazy Kennar’s latest skit

A Crazy Kennar sketch demonstrates how women respond to guys in various occupations. Even Andrew Kibe is pleased by his portrayal of how these men seduce women and tells him so.
He labels the video with the humorous phrase “HOW MEN FROM DIFFERENT PROFESSIONS SEDUCE LADIES” while posting it. Who or what is missing? Ayeeee Purchase your HAPPY COUNTRY concert tickets right away at madfun or by dialing *672*66#.
The author of the content demonstrates how Forex traders, cooks, instructors, physicians, bikers, acapella boys, broke men, baby daddies, photographers, and teachers can all effortlessly attract women.
He starts by having teachers demonstrate how simple it is to obtain phone numbers. He approaches a female teacher who is assisting a challenging pupil. He attacks the student and advises the instructor to call him if she ever has any issues.

The biker has it simplest because all he has to do is dress like them and walk over to his enormous bike. The woman quickly follows him.

The third occupation is that of the broke man who finds it difficult to persuade woman to visit him to see his new shower and duvet.

The photographer charms the woman with positions that reveal her physique and convinces her that he would make good friend.Most likely, the praise and worship leader has the smoothest time. He is bearded man with dark skin who performs acapella and uses his voice to sing songs that appeal to the church’s female members.

The doctor also follows up with unwell female patients to see how they are doing and to provide medications and medical advice. What woman wouldn’t appreciate a man calling her five times a day to see how she’s doing? The baby father bemoans his unappreciative baby mother while sobbing on a woman’s knee while sending her Sh 1 million in rent and school fees.

Mixed Reactions After Andrew Kibe Set To Charge 20,000 For A Meet-and-Greet In December

US-based Kenyan YouTuber Andrew Kibe is planning to charge his fans KSh 20,000 for a meet-and-greet event in December called “Andrew Kibe’s Graduation Day.” Kibe initially planned to sell 300 tickets, but sources close to him advised him to sell 2,000 tickets instead. He explained that he wanted to keep the event manageable, so he decided to sell 2,000 tickets.

Some of Kibe’s fans expressed their thoughts on the event on social media.

Comedian Dj Shite said that the tickets had already sold out.

Instagram user itsmssuzzy commented;

“If you have to pay someone to tell you you’re a man bro you have drama issues.”

Tina Muchiri commented;

“Ma student wa kibe ata hawawezi afford iyo” (Kibe’s students can’t afford that)

Bright Gameli commented;

“What is he graduating with? And the people to attend are… let me not finish.”

Kibe’s decision to charge KSh 20,000 for a meet-and-greet event has been met with mixed reactions from his fans. Some fans are excited about the event and are willing to pay the price, while others believe that it is too expensive and that Kibe is charging his fans too much.

Jacky Vike responds to Kibe calling her ravishing

The well-known Awinja, Jacky Vike, has expressed gratitude to Andrew Kibe for calling her the sexiest person alive.

The comic was shocked because she had no idea Andrew Kibe had praised her looks, but she was grateful nonetheless.

When questioned if Kibe had feelings for her, Awinja responded simply by thanking the male activist for his appreciation and declining to elaborate on his allegation.

“Mashallah, lemme appreciate sina kitu ya kusema other than asanti nimeshkuru”

The journalist insisted that Andrew Kibe had a crush on her despite repeated warnings from the mother of one child since he doesn’t value people very highly.

“Unajua Kibe anajulikana na sifa tofauti tofauti lakini wewe ukjo on the right books na anaembrass your beauty as the sexiest human being. Labda umemteka Kibe na hujui”

She advised the entertainment journalist to quit being so demanding and to stop making a big deal out of a small compliment.

” Acha uchochezi bana, Mimi nasema asanti, its a compliment mbona nikatae compliment nimesema asanti.It is courteous to say thank you once someone compliments you.”

The comedian thanked Kibe for his compliments and also revealed how she got her fantastic summer figure.

The dancer joked that she ate everything because it was the one thing she didn’t take poison of when asked if she had a food plan.

“Mimi nakula kila kitu kenye siezi kula ni sumu pekee. Ni genetics sisi kwetu si wakubwa sana tukona mwili ndogo

but other than that I do hot yoga ama Bikram yoga is a room is heated then mnafanya yoga hapo for 40 minutes siezi wadanganya ati ni hivi au ni vile mimi nakula kila kitu.”

Andrew Kibe finally addresses Kate Actress and Phil Karanja split

The marriage between Kate Actress and Phil Karanja has ended, and social commentator Andrew Kibe has something to say about it.

Like most Kenyans, Kibe has something to say on his account.

Kibe attacked Kate’s remarks by playing an earlier video of her talking about fathers who stand up, as well as one showing how Phil welcomed her after a trip to South Africa.

Aiee the pain that is in Nairobi right now. Watu wa roho mbaya come her. I will ask you one question. Finally, she has left that msee. I talked about it a few months back. Do you guys remember when she came from South Africa? And she was crying …

Men what did I show you how many times am I going to teach this lesson If you dont learn a lesson you will perish, men, you will find yourself on how to keep the calm edition. When you find yourself here, it means you are a joke. Niliwashow aje? Please if you hear she is a single mum tell her…eheeh look at the time si nita kucall. Toka mbio kaa mwizi.

Buda! Us baby daddy’s I want to teach you we have full access to those **Bro any person who has my child iyo ni yangu I can pick it up anytime I want. Even if it is my last day on earth and I need one last time, I will just pick any one of my baby mamas. You can walk in or out anytime, all day all night. The only thing that is keeping her relationship alive is because you don’t want her. The day you want her, that guy is crying. “

Kibe reiterated his warning to “tunuthias,” as he refers to men who look after children who are not their own. Kate thanks men in that video for,

 “I just want to salute the men who step in who took over and just nurtured, mad mad respect and God bless you and for not making us feel less, but supporting our dreams and pushing us to become even better moms, wives. Thank you so much.

Tunuthia, how long do I have to keep telling you? Mnacheki venye mnasukwa hapo. Oh God bless you young man, for taking care of children that are not yours, and God is going to come through for you, not me but God” 

Google finally explains why the cancelled Kibe off YouTube

Google’s head of communications and public affairs for Africa, Dorothy Ooko, has commented on the YouTube channels of controversial blogger Andrew Kibe being deleted.

Kibe had more than 400,000 subscribers to his YouTube account.

Ooko clarified that Kibe’s channels were terminated as a result of transgressions of the platform’s rules in her response to a question posed by a user going by the name of Mariam on September 18.

“Cancel culture can not be allowed to take root in content creation. @kibeandy termination of YouTube accounts is NOT about his message but a direct attack on the creative. Restore his accounts. Say NO to CANCEL CULTURE.” 

Dorothy explained that the author had been forbidden from posting films at first. He made an effort to post information on a different channel in order to get around Google’s limitations on his main channel.

In a response, Andrew Kibe expressed his skepticism about the given justification.

He claimed that he had not received official notice of the closure of his channels, and he asked for clarification on the precise rules that he was said to have broken.

“Sounds so pedestrian. Can you show me the emails of the violations? That is the procedure, right?

I mean, there is no way YouTube permanently blocks any channel with over 3,000 videos with no paper trail. Be serious with your job.”

Kibe has received conflicting reactions from both supporters and detractors, propelling him to the top of Twitter trends in response to the deletion of his well-known YouTube account.

On social media, the content producer received a lot of support from his ardent followers who pledged to subscribe to his new channel.

Andrew Kibe already planning a huge comeback!

According to Andrew Kibe, a Kenyan content creator, YouTube will lose its dominance in Africa to his yet-to-be-launched new platform, “Yafreeka.”

The sudden closure of Kibe’s YouTube channel, which he claims to have anticipated and afterwards used as a catalyst for change, prompted him to write these lines.

Kibe claims that instead of giving in to hopelessness, he took proactive steps to make sure that his material and influence would thrive in the digital sphere.

Kibe expressed an unrelenting resolve on his different social media platforms, making it clear that nothing, not even death, could stop him from achieving achievement.

The announcement of Kibe’s switch from YouTube to Yafreeka has generated a lot of discussion online.

Fans from all walks of life have been outspoken in their support, with many expressing excitement for the debut of the new platform.

Kibe himself was compelled to respond to the responses, saying,

“Kibe is the best, the whole story has been trending the whole day. People have been saying I will go and wash old grannies. We have been waiting for this day. Kucancelliwa a YouTube channel is that news? They had not employed me. It doesn’t make sense. I now have my own platform, Yafreeka. By Friday, we will be going live on that platform.”

Beyond achieving personal achievement, Kibe’s objective is fundamental. He is an outspoken supporter of Kenyan content producers taking control of their own destinies and developing their businesses on their own. He insists vehemently,

“Let’s build our own thing so that we can be our own watchmen. How can they dominate us? That I cannot say what I want to because people will get offended.”

As he continues, the former radio host demonstrates an unrelenting dedication to his profession and the freedom it affords him.

“I will never stop doing this unless you find a way to kill me, Ata kama nitabaki na watu wawili. I will whip you daily.”

Because of a breach of the terms of service of the app, Kibe’s YouTube channel was blocked. Fans and detractors alike expressed shock and joy over the closure of his well-liked account, catapulting Kibe to the top of Twitter trends.

Edgar Obare causes Andrew Kibe to lose his YouTube account with 500K subscribers

Social commentator Andrew Kibe’s YouTube account has been deactivated and Edgar Obare has come out to gloat about being the reason for this. The American-born Kenyan has not yet expressed regret after losing his account.

Since a while ago, Andrew Kibe has been informing his devoted followers that he will upload his content to another platform once his time on YouTube is over.

It will be interesting to hear what he has to say regarding his YouTube account, even though this may be a different situation now.

Here is what Google Help has to say about closing an account.

– You may submit a counter-notification if your channel was shut down due to allegations of copyright infringement and you believe the accusations are unfounded. For authors with terminated channels, this method is still available, but the counter-notification online form won’t be available.

– Is the termination of YouTube permanent? YouTube’s social networking service may suspend accounts either temporarily or permanently.

– YouTube has the right to delete any account at any time, without having to provide a reason.

– You might be able to appeal by making a video appeal and submitting it or by contacting Creator Support from inside YouTube Studio. Our experts will react with a conclusion to your appeal within 14 days of receiving it.

Andrew Kibe Challenges Jalang’o To A Political Contest After His ODM Expulsion

Andrew Kibe, a controversial content creator, has challenged Jalang’o, the Lang’ata MP, to a political contest after he was expelled from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

Kibe, who contested for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat in the 2013 General Election, said that he would meet Jalang’o on the ballot in the next general election.

“Photoshop kiasi and this poster is good to go. @JalangoMwenyewe⁩ tukutane kwa debe,” Kibe posted, sharing his campaign poster from the 2013 General Elections.

Jalang’o was expelled from ODM on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, alongside four other lawmakers for gross misconduct.

The comedian turned politician was ousted alongside Kisumu senator Tom Ojienda, Gem’s Elisha Odhiambo, Bondo’s MP Gideon Ochanda, and their Suba South counterpart Caroli Omondi after the party’s National Executive Committee resorted to adopting the recommendations.

Kibe’s challenge to Jalang’o is likely to be seen as a publicity stunt, but it also raises the possibility of a political contest between the two men in the future.

Jalang’o has not yet responded to Kibe’s challenge.

It remains to be seen whether Jalang’o will seek re-election in the next general election, but his expulsion from ODM could make it more difficult for him to do so.

Kibe, on the other hand, has never held elected office, but he is a popular figure on social media and he has a large following. He could use this platform to launch a political career of his own.

Andrew Kibe Confidently Declares He Will Go To Heaven Despite His Unpleasant Criticisms

Controversial Kenyan YouTuber Andrew Kibe has made a bold declaration that he will find his place in heaven. The former Kiss FM presenter, who is known for his outspoken and often controversial views, said on his online show that he believes he will be welcomed into heaven despite the fact that many people consider him to be “toxic.”

“You will find me in heaven. I will be marking the register,” Kibe said. “You are all saying Kibe is toxic but don’t be surprised to see me in heaven.”

Kibe’s declaration has sparked a debate on social media, with some people supporting his right to believe whatever he wants and others criticizing him for his arrogance. Some people have also pointed out that Kibe’s past actions, such as making homophobic remarks, could be seen as a sign that he is not worthy of heaven.

Only time will tell whether Kibe will indeed find his place in heaven. However, his declaration is a reminder that everyone has different beliefs about what it means to be a good person and what it takes to get into heaven.

Kibe and Sonko Go at Each Other

Two of Kenya’s most outspoken personalities, Andrew Kibe and Mike Sonko, have been engaged in a war of words on social media.

The feud began when Kibe, a former Kiss100 radio host and now a YouTuber, criticized Sonko, the former Nairobi governor, for promoting Western luxury products without leaving his own legacy creations that will be remembered long after he is dead.

Kibe also wondered aloud how Sonko sustains himself.

Sonko, who is known for his fiery temper, responded by calling out Kibe and telling him to mind his own business. He also launched a full-on assault on Kibe, using many insults that are too incendiary to publish here.

Kibe responded by questioning Sonko’s source of income and accusing him of corruption.

The back-and-forth between Kibe and Sonko has attracted the attention of most Kenyans, who have been enjoying the vitriol being spilled between the two.

Some people have praised Kibe for speaking out against Sonko, while others have criticized him for stooping to Sonko’s level.

It remains to be seen how the feud will end, but it is clear that both Kibe and Sonko are not afraid to speak their minds.


The feud between Kibe and Sonko is a reflection of the increasingly polarized political climate in Kenya. Both men are known for their outspokenness and their willingness to attack their opponents.

The feud is also a reminder of the power of social media to amplify conflict. Kibe’s comments about Sonko were shared widely on social media, and Sonko’s response was even more widely shared. This has helped to fuel the feud and keep it in the public eye.

It is unclear how the feud will end, but it is likely to continue for some time. Both Kibe and Sonko are unlikely to back down, and their supporters are likely to continue to defend them.

The feud is a reminder of the dangers of social media. It can be used to spread hate and division, and it can be difficult to control once it starts.

Flaqo reveals Andrew Kibe saved his relationship with Keranta

In a recent interview on the Iko Nini podcast, comedian FlaqoRaz shared how he has used criticism to grow his brand. He said that as a content creator, it is important to learn to balance love and life, and to separate your personal relationships from your work.

FlaqoRaz recalled a time when he was trolled by Andrew Kibe about his relationship with content creator Keranta. However, FlaqoRaz did not overreact. Instead, he took Kibe’s criticism to heart and used it to improve his work.

FlaqoRaz said that he and Keranta have been together for over three years, but they chose to keep their relationship private for a while. He explained that he wanted to weigh the pros and cons of going public before making a decision.

“I had to weigh the outcome of making it public because we all know people’s perspective to you as a content creator change and now they equate your content to your relationship,” he said.

In the end, FlaqoRaz decided to go public with his relationship because he felt that his comedy characters and Keranta do not relate and they know nothing about each other. He said that this made it safe for him to share his personal life with his fans.

FlaqoRaz also talked about how he deals with hate and criticism in his comedy. He said that as he has grown and understood himself better, he has learned how to address criticism in a more constructive way.

“I used to take it personally, but now I know that it’s just part of the job,” he said. “I use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

FlaqoRaz’s story is a reminder that criticism can be a valuable tool for growth. If you are able to learn from criticism and use it to improve your work, you will be well on your way to success.


Andrew Kibe announces he wants a paternity test carried out on his own sons

If the man Andrew Kibe calls dad is indeed his biological father, Andrew Kibe wants to know. The outspoken celebrity has frequently spoken out to other celebrities, pleading with them to perform DNA tests on their offspring.

He singled out the comedian YY and the author of online material Thee Pluto as those who have reprimanded him.

Kibe frequently talks about DNA to his male viewers on his YouTube channel. Here are the instances where he went into length on DNA testing.

Kibe read aloud a note from a fan three weeks prior asking if he should perform a DNA test due to his suspicions. He also provided the man with a justification for never taking a DNA test.

Kibe responded to a fan’s query by saying the guy was unsure the child was his because the doctor had told him their child’s due date was in May when his wife became pregnant on the day of delivery, but his arithmetic did not add up.

He gave the young man some advice:

“I was like that’s wasting my money I already know that child is not mine, my mathematics tells me, how can the kid come early?

They bombard you because you are alone, and this happened to me, but them they come all of them bitchign, puttign alot of nois ein his head to a point hwere he might completely do away with that thought and now focus on raisign the child,because makelele imekuwa mob sana.”

Wajaka ni #1 Andrew Kibe declares

In a recent video, Andrew Kibe told his followers that he thinks the Luo language is the nicest and loveliest language that has ever been.

He did this after viewing a clip of Luo women shouting about individuals in partnerships looking into their partners’ pasts.

The two women were having an argument when they said to stop asking people how many bodies they had and to just appreciate them for who they were.

The YouTuber claimed that although he only partially understands the language, he could make out some of what the women were saying.

“Mi naskia kijaka kiasi na kuna words zingine siskii but niliskia tu bodycount and i was like why not play this video.”

The former radio host continued by comparing the Luo language to the Kikuyu language and candidly discussing his feelings about Kikuyu.

“Luo is the sexiest language in the world hands down but Kikuyu is the most horrible language, it really sounds bad.”

He claimed that despite missing out on a few phrases and their significance, he thought the two women were hilarious.

After criticizing someone for bringing up the Kalenjin language and claiming that it is similar to the Kikuyu dialect, Andrew Kibe continued.

“Hatuezi export kikuyu na kikale apa nje, people cannot speak that language out there, and worse uongeze kikamba ile wanaongea ni kama wanaimba.”

He continued by saying that because English words fit well into the Luo language, it is possible to speak both English and Luo in the same sentence.

In contrast to Kikuyu, they even need to alter their juxtaposition in order to accommodate English terms into their native tongue.

Kibe releases “I told you so” video about Sauti Sol’s breakup

The news of Sauti Sol’s breakup, which first surfaced a few days ago, has now prompted a response from social critic Andrew Kibe. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Kibe said that the boy band’s dissolution was due to the influence of women in their lives.

The YouTuber continued by stating that the band had become so weak as a result of the ladies in their lives that they were no longer able to support themselves. On Saturday, Sauti Sol made the announcement that after their US tour is over, they will part ways. The news was received by their fans with a great deal of disappointment.

Since people adored them as a band and once they embarked on single careers, Kibe contends that they would become obsolete.

However, in a video the vlogger had released a few months ago on his Youtube channel Kibe felt that Sauti Sol as a band was pulling Bien behind and was of the opinion that if Bien wanted to rise and have a name in the continent he had to ditch the band.

Kibe continued by asserting that Bien is the musical glue that keeps Sauti Sol together and that the group would not exist without Bien.

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Andrew Kibe flames Abel Mutua’s diss to him

Abel Mutua has been on a winning streak of late and he even upgraded his vehicle from a Mercedes Benz to a Range Rover Discovery and while on his winning streak, he decided to diss Andrew Kibe so as not to lose his heat.

But Andrew Kibe ni nani? He has now come back and completely cooked Abel with his hilarious response and we love to see this exchange because it has forced both to be creative and we are truly entertained:

Kenyan TikToker Nyako Pilot Hits Out at Andrew Kibe for Negative Comments

Kenyan TikToker Nyako Pilot has hit out at radio presenter Andrew Kibe for making negative comments about her on his YouTube channel.

In a video posted on Thursday, May 18, Kibe called Nyako a “bootleg Akothee” and blasted her for bragging about being abroad. He also said that there is “nothing as disgusting as seeing an old woman talking nonsense. She is online screaming, usipatie Mjaluo doh, they will never let you sleep.”

Andrew Kibe gives a tour of the new home he has bought

Nyako responded to Kibe’s comments in a series of videos on her own TikTok account. She accused Kibe of being a bully and a misogynist, and she threatened to take legal action against him.

“You have knocked on the wrong door,” Nyako said. “I am not going to let you get away with this.”

“Nifungulie iyo mdomo yako ina nuka tena ati you are looking for views. Uta pata hizo views, utanipata Kenya. You are joking with American system, umeshinda umebully watu umebully watu nobody says nothing about that Andrew Kibe, because Andrew Kibe has the last say about women, acha Andrew Kibe,” she said in Dholuo

Kibe rubbishes Colonel Mustafa plea for help

Kibe has not yet responded to Nyako’s threats. However, his comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people supporting Nyako and others defending Kibe’s right to free speech.

The feud between Nyako and Kibe is just the latest in a series of online controversies involving Kenyan celebrities. In recent months, there have been a number of high-profile cases of cyberbullying and online harassment.

These incidents have raised concerns about the safety of Kenyan celebrities and the impact of online abuse on their mental health. They have also led to calls for more to be done to protect Kenyans from cyberbullying and online harassment.

It remains to be seen how the feud between Nyako and Kibe will be resolved. However, it is clear that this is an issue that is important to many Kenyans.

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Andrew Kibe gives a tour of the new home he has bought

Andrew Kibe decided to give his fans and haters a tour of the new purchased for himself in America. Actually, to be entirely honest you’re not sure whether he has purchased a home or is merely renting it given his apathy towards the concept of home ownership.

‘Akothee Can Only Attract Old Men’- Andrew Kibe

It is a small humble abode but he seems happy with it as it suits his purposes. He is a man who is not interested in ostentatious living preferring to stuck up his money while he lives humbly for the time being.

Check out the home below:

Kibe rubbishes Colonel Mustafa plea for help

Kibe doesn’t buy the fact that Colonel Mustafa needs our help if anything he is under the impression all of this is a publicity stunt and he will soon release a song or he was working at the construction site to build his own house.

On his podcast the provocatuer made sure to make it clear that he feels Kenyans are being taken for a ride by the former rapper. And according to him he feels blogger and tabloids need to do better.


Do you agree with Kibe that Colonel Mustafa is looking for Cloud to either restart his career or release a new song? After all it has become the norm for Kenyan artists to participate in Ludacris publicity stunts.

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