“Choke on that” Anerlisa claps back at hater who called her out for acting like a teenager

Anerlisa is perfecting the art of telling off her haters. Unlike the old polite Anerlisa who would prefer remaining quiet when abused on social media; the new Aner is all about zero chills and clap backs!

Lanes: Anerlisa Muigai

Earlier this morning the Keroche Heiress shared a playful video; where she is seen twirling and showing off her tiny waist in an all black outfit. From the way she moves around on the video, one would easily confuse her with a teenager but hey….we love seeing her happy!

However there is one particular fan who decided to kill Aner’s vibe with a bashing comment where he wrote;

A Happy Anerlisa Muigai

Why do you act like a teenager????????don’t you know you’re past that age Big Auntie????????????

And just like that, this comment brought out Anerlisa’s mean side; and boy can she be a savage. In response Aner wrote;

Failed marriage

According to Anerlisa the account that commented had zero followers and no posts which only means this was a pseudo account.

In response, the Keroche heiress said;

No need to reply. 0 followers 0 following. These are people who can’t stand seeing somebody happy. Choke on that ????. Sorry but we are positive vibe here.

From the way she responds politely but at the same time rudely leaves us wondering whether she knows the person behind the pseudo account. Bitter ex maybe?

Anerlisa Muigai hits back after being warned against rebound relationships

Anerlisa Muigai has a list of wealthy celebrity exes that we know of; and problem is, they never seem to wife her for unknown reasons.

So far we have seen close to 5 guys and out of them all, Ben Pol was the only one who managed to marry the stunning Anerlisa; but in less than a year – the Bongo singer had already filed for a divorce.

Anerlisa Muigai looking like a model in new photos

Well, not sure why most of these guys always end up leaving the Keroche heiress despite all the money and beauty she has. However in the comment section – most fans feel that behind the innocent personality she portrays online; lies another cruel character that we know nothing about. But hey, it’s not our place to judge.

Don’t rush into dating – Fan to Anerlisa

With 5 failed relationships, a fan identified as Duncan Mwenda recently went on to advise Anerlisa not to move on quickly; but take time to heal and detach herself from the pain of divorce saying;

Please dear don’t start dating so fast give yourself a break to reflect otherwise some guys can take advantage of this period (????)  you are in. Gnte gorgeous

Well, if you ask me – that’s a great piece of advise; however judging from the response given by Anerlisa – probably the fan (Duncan) should have just used that time to clip his nails..smh.

Responding to fella, Anerlisa wrote;

Sweetheart that’s a good advice but not for a grown 33 year old????. Ps* With age comes a lot of experiences.

Anerlisa Muigai