Beautiful but unlucky: Why Anerlisa can’t find a man to settle down with

32 year old Anerlisa Muigai recently announced she wants to start her own family before hitting 35 years and I am thinking – in order for that to happen, she needs a man to be in the picture.

But having dated several guys whom she introduced through her social media pages – the relationships always tend to end in tears. Howeber out of these handsome men – Anerlisa managed to turn one,Benpol into a husband but again the marriage lasted less than 3 months.

Funny part is that before they decided to wed – life seemed like a whole fairytale….they actually almost convinced me that true love does exist…but after the wedding….mmmh i went to thinking that true love is just a kenyan magazine. If you gerrit.

Don K – the married man who almost left his wife and kids to marry Anerlisa

Anerlisa Muigai type: Young and broke

Okay while her agemates are focusing on older men – it is no secret that Anerlisa likes them young and the younger they are – the more broke they likely must be.

So imagine Anerlisa coming from a family that owns Keroche breweries and the kind of money she has gotten used to over the years….do you think shed make a submissive wife to a man she knows depends on her money to pay their bills?

Anerlisa’s loyal ex boyfriend who loved her despite the weight

Wait wait….there’s actually a time she came out complaining about a boyfriend expecting her to give him money…can’t work and won’t work.

So yea – with that we not only see through her toxic traits – which explain why her youngin boyfriends always tend to leave her high and dry despite all that money she has.

However if she serious about wanting a family of her own – then maybe she should try caucasian fellas….because black men… men will never let a woman walk all over them because she pay his bills.

So i guess we wait and see how long the new boyfriend will last this time around.