Why celebrity LGBTQ relationships are tumultuous

Kenya has some rather brave celebrities who are openly LGBTQ. To understand why I label them as brave, you need to understand that Kenya is a very conservative nation and regardless of how things appear on the surface in cosmopolitan cities like Mombasa and Nairobi, homosexuality is still frowned upon.

LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

As a result, for the longest time, some celebrities, like their fellow members of the LGBTQ community have had to live in the closet to avoid facing the wrath of members of the general public, some of whom would willingly harm them simply for their sexual orientation.

That is why I would expect the openly gay celebs to have very strong relationships with each other because they aren’t just a minority but a persecuted one at that. You would think that this would make them band together in a celebration of the one thing they are forced to publicly deny themselves: love.

Anita Nderu Weighs In On Banning Of Gay Students From Boarding Schools by Magoha, Says She Supports LGBTQ Community

Instead, whenever you hear of LGBTQ celebs and look at their love lives, they are littered with heartbreaks and betrayals. I mean, look at Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri’s relationship. Look at Makena Njeri and her ex. Look at Brenda Johns and Phy Lamar. Fam, those are some hella unstable messes. Noti Flow and King Alami.

And I think I know why those relationships are about as stable as a two-legged stool. It has to do with two factors: the first being the repercussions of having to hide who you are for most of your life. Think about it if you will. Imagine having to deny a huge part of what makes you, you. It would be akin to having to hide your arms all your life.

Chimano explains why he decided to come out as LGBTQ

As a result, most of these LGBTQ celebs who have finally found acceptance in their small community, those who can now date freely are exploring what it means to do just that, date freely. And unfortunately, honesty is what they are sacrificing at the altar of newfound freedom.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

It’s like “starvation syndrome”. You were denied love and affection, hell, even infatuation and requited lust and now you have it albeit in a small community and it is a buffet because all the other members have experienced the same thing. So what do you think these people do? They binge. And as a result, those who are in relationships cheat.

‘F*k All LGBTQI Community!’ Lexxy Yung Disses Gayism, Terms It As Inappropriate And Evil

The second reason their relationships are so unstable is that they live in total fear. As a result of constantly being in survival mode, most LGBTQ celebrities are caught up in living their dream vicariously. So what if they have a partner? That won’t stop them from enjoying life because lord alone knows what would happen if they met with the worst dredges of society (criminals) who might just harm them.

Brenda Jon

And the same group doesn’t have an older, more grounded class that can advise them on how to settle into their lives and live them peacefully. When they look for role models, all they can see are the loud, crappy examples of the likes of Kaz Lucas and her throuple. These relationships are indeed exciting but they do not last long. And when they end, things tend to get toxic.

Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

So what you inevitably get in a lot of these celebrity LGBTQ couples, is a lack of balance that is grounded in reality and the truth that life is mundane. If you want a flashy, imbalanced relationship, sure it will be exciting but it will inevitably explode. And that is why you cannot mention a single LGBTQ relationship that was not preceded by or will itself explode in failure.

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LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

Tolerance and support of the LGBTQ movement are what your favourite celebrity is beginning to lean towards. It is the new movement to back if you’re down with Nairobi’s exclusive clique of influencers and celebrities. Simply put, if you’re down with the “it clique” then you’re down for the alphabet fight.

Anita Nderu Changes From Being Lesbian After Meeting New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

We have seen celebs who were previously only rumoured to be gay come out of the closet in their own way and fashion to declare their preference and leanings and we all saw them declare that 2022 is the “year of authenticity”. We then were treated to seeing our favourite influencers (the new name for socialites) and celebs alike come out to vociferously declare their support for the movement. Yay, I guess.


But this is nothing new nor is it anything but a transitory fad. Before this was mental health and before that was “femicide”. These were all the must-know buzzwords and lingo to add to your social media captions for you to seem like you were hip and with it. And just like with those bygone words, LGBTQ will find themselves used up and dumped (as a cause) without there ever having been any lasting change for the better in their lives or their cause.

Why Anita Nderu Changed Her Mind About Being LGBTQ

What do I mean? Well, remember when every Nairobi celeb was busy running at the mouth about mental health and just how important it is for us to take care of the same? Remember when everyone was reminding each other to “unplug” and actually take care of themselves? To check up on each other and ensure you let your friends know that they are doing alright? Well, that energy quickly ran out didn’t it?

Ms Anita Nderu

What about when every trendy influencer and celeb was exercising their Twitter fingers talking about the perceived plague that was femicide? Apparently, men everywhere were walking around in droves looking for females to “delete”. And now, it is about showing support and concern for members of the LGBTQ but unfortunately, it is all just a grift. It is a con.

Anita Nderu Weighs In On Banning Of Gay Students From Boarding Schools by Magoha, Says She Supports LGBTQ Community

And that is why people such as Anita Nderu are talking about this. It is cool for a woman to “come out” and declare their membership in the lipstick lesbian lip-lock but as soon as a man comes around showing their interest in them, these lipstick lesbians quite the lip-lock and make away like a bandit! That is why Anita Nderu courted controversy with her show that celebrated her orientation then quickly got into a relationship, engagement and eventually marriage that is heterosexual.

Anita Nderu with mzungu husband

I mean, come on, at some point, we have to call out the charlatans because they hurt the cause. Human beings, hell, Kenyans will forgive and even tolerate you for being true to your authentic self (we might brand you as peculiar and take the occasional verbal jab at you) but we do not tolerate hypocrites.

Why Michelle Ntalami uses her body to sell her products

The Anita Nderus of the movement make everything out to seem like a cheap stunt. The LGBTQ is about more than a feeling that is hip today. It is about a literal battle to live and be at peace for a lot of Kenyans -whether or not you support the cause this is true. But when the vapid “cool kid” influencers and celebs are pushing the fight, do not expect anything other than chic photo-ops and cool music videos.

Here’s why Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are fanning LGBTQ rumours

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Why Anita Nderu Changed Her Mind About Being LGBTQ

Anita Nderu has decided she is no longer a member of the LGBTQ community and do you know why that is? Because of something called the “epiphany stage”. A quick Google search will explain what that means but I know you’re as lazy as I am so I will instead just tell you that it defines the period in a woman’s late 20s/ early 30s when she realises she needs to settle down.

Anita Nderu Changes From Being Lesbian After Meeting New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

Mother Nature has a sick sense of humour. She gives women their highest value while they are young and that is when women have a lot of fun. I know a few people who knew Anita Nderu in her young, Hillcrest days and indeed, she had her fun. Then she moved on to dating quite a colourful bunch before announcing her engagement back in 2019.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

That engagement went belly up soon enough and she was left announcing to Kenyans that she was a true blue LGBTQ practitioner. This to me, personally, stunk of manipulation. I say this because it was like a person who just got fired saying that they quit. Yup, it was her lashing out at the world.

Anita Nderu claps back at critics pointing fingers at her after coming out!

Why am I saying this? Well, to be entirely fair, it is because she went from being straight, to being gay and back to being straight in record time. This is actually a huge problem that plagues the community: experimenters. People who dabble in what they consider a lifestyle yet for a lot of people this is their reality. They are not here to play games, this is who they are.

Anita Nderu

And Anita Nderu also decided to get married at the time when the sociological phenomena of “epiphany” came into play. This is the explanation of what was happening. This is the issue: she wanted to settle down but felt like the game had given up on her. It had rejected her. She was the reject and she couldn’t accept this fact.

Is Anita Nderu genuinely coming out of the closet or is she desparate for attention?

So she decided that all men were bad. Men were evil and she needed to take control of her life by turning to the LGBTQ community as a warrior against the travesty of men that life had visited upon her love life. That is why when Prince Charming finally presented himself, she abandoned her new lifestyle. That shows a lack of conviction. Zero faith in her new dispensation.

Anita Nderu
Former Capital FM presenter

Men are better with women. Women are better with men. But I am about to be crucified for saying so. What I will however say with no shame is that everyone has a right to love whomever they want. Just don’t be a Trojan horse. You’re messing with people who are living their lives and because of their proclivities, in Africa, this is a very dangerous expression of love. And you, Anita Nderu were only using it for clout and vengeance. It had to be said.


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Is Anita Nderu genuinely coming out of the closet or is she desparate for attention?

Anita Nderu seems to have come out of the closet. It is a celebration for GALK and lesbians all across Kenya’s borders. There were always rumours about her being gay but I understand why people did not want to out her because in Kenya such matters can result in death.

“I shattered my right arm into four pieces,” Anita Nderu opens up on painful battle with recurrent seizures

Anyway, one has to wonder just what exactly the lass is doing given there can be no perceivable upswing for her coming out of the closet. Or perhaps, I should be focusing on some yet unmentioned NGO lurking in the shadows, cheering her on and meeting some yet unknown costs.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu looking scrumptious

You see, up until Anita Nderu decided to start a homo-erotic cooking show, no one was on her matter talking about her being a lesbian. It was only when she showed that side of her to the Kenyan public that the whispers became louder.

Hypocrisy! Anita Nderu just exposed the conversation that Kenya is too “godly” to have

And that was met most recently with both confusion and derision. Because at the end of the day, while Kenyans are rough on gay men, they are very forgiving of lesbians. She actually had the option of skating by with people left in the grey. No real confirmation.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu with her ex-lover


Here’s why Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are fanning LGBTQ rumours

Now that she has come out, we must first celebrate the act that a she is brave for risking her entire career and indeed, her wellbeing but there were much better ways for her to address the issue rather than her feed the circus.

To illustrate that, I would like to remind you of a former Just A Band member called Jimmy Chuchu. He came out as gay and the way he did it was mature. He, unlike Anita Nderu, did not pander to the gallery, he did not drop a hot tweet, he actually put out a movie to deal with the issue. The reason the media did not drag him even though a lot of homophobic clowns control it is because they respected his play.

Contrast that to someone who put out video content that was meant to be shocking. It seems as if they are doing what they are doing merely to elevate their profile. It feels cheap. Understand, this is a content creator who outside of this, takes herself very seriously. You have to wonder why she didn’t put out a video explaining who she is and her decision to come out of the closet. If indeed she is doing this for the sake of future generations, why make the matter a clown edition?

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Hypocrisy! Anita Nderu just exposed the conversation that Kenya is too “godly” to have

For a while media personality Anita Nderu was bashed for having entertained gay guys on her show “The Overdressed cook”.

She clearly just exposed how Kenya is still homophobic and too godly. Worse is apart from the societal backlash, the government is also not party to the LGBTQ rights.

I remember in may 2019 the high court on  upheld a law banning gay sex, keeping same sex relations punishable by 14 years in jail. Well, some rejoiced when this happened while the LGBT community and activists went home a sad lot.

So here is the thing, the Anita Nderu stunt once again made us show our nativity all in the name of conforming to “norms”.  Are we not having a new normal so far thanks to the pandemic?


LGBTQ conversation time?

I think its high time we have this conversation that we are too “godly ” to have. Fact is that these guys exist and will be stuck with us for the longest time. It is just hypocritical that we tend to criticize them for feeling attracted to someone of same gender.

Read: Ezekiel Mutua terms Anita Nderu‘s show as pathetic after an attempt to promote same gender relationships!

Worse is we are angry that a bigger number of youth are opting for same sex relationships. But again whose fault is it? We are pretty good at banning what we think is wrong but we never want to go into the details of it. We hide in religion and cultural practices that we ourselves kill by the day.

It was just the other day when film director Wanuri Wanuri Kahiu had her film “Rafiki” banned because of its homosexual theme. The irony comes in where the ban was lifted for a while for its eligibility for the Oscar awards  nomination. International recognition is good but not at home. Smh!

Thus in my opinion we should cut the Anita some slack and admit being homophobic won’t stop the LGBT community. They will love whoever makes them happy.

But hey I’m straight.

Here’s why Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are fanning LGBTQ rumours

Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami recently did some rather seedy plays. Anita Nderu aired a clearly homoerotic chef show and Michelle Ntalami and her girl-friend (as in female friend)  shared messages to each other that were geared to leave tongues wagging.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

Anita Nderu was asked to address the fact that many Kenyans found her show’s content distasteful and her message to Kenyans was:


michelle ntalami and makena njeri

I was told to overdress the nation, so I shall????????️‍????????
I am pro freedom of expression!
Most of you chose to throw me under the bus because of being pro LGBTQ????️‍???? I remain unapologetic ????
Do what makes you happy! You are only here for a while????
You call us a Christian state/too conservative, yet excuse lies, cheating, corruption and murder? Your hypocrisy is well noted.
P.S Even the people who introduced you to Christianity accepted it!
We have people who should be in jail yet they walk our streets but your biggest issue is how someone wants to be loved? If only you could redirect your anger!
In the past few months the whole world has been shaken to the core. Each one of us in one way or another has been adversely affected by this pandemic.
There’s been no better time to celebrate and live to the fullest. Each one of us owes it to ourselves to live, laugh and love authentically.
I as a content creator stand by this, that is why I push boundaries on the content I post simply because it’s a true expression of who I am.
As such I would like to thank Kenyans for expressing their authentic views on this matter.
That said I will not be bullied into silence, just as I respect each view I expect the same respect in return❤️????️‍????????

All the guests who have been on my show will tell you our one rule is be yourself, there is no script. We cook and hope for the best ???? I cannot believe I am here defending my friends for being their authentic selves. Whoever is reading this, I hope you never have to be defended for being yourself, live you! Always????

Also????????‍♀️ it was not an advert in any shape way or form, even we didn’t notice the brand under fire was in the video. We as usual posted as we cooked, you will see the same in all our previous The #OVERDRESSEDCOOK videos. Give them a break, thank you????

And with Michelle Ntalami, her girl-friend shared the following message:

Why Michelle Ntalami’s relationship rumours have sparked flames

What a sight you are and yes you got me tripping most of the time because Damn you are SEXY!
Whatever you need, I’m at your beck and call. If you need a foot rub, a back rub, someone to take you shopping and spoil you silly , or just someone to drive you around town, I’m your person. I want to make you feel like you’re a true goddess who deserves all the love I give to you ♥️.
I have experienced the most beautiful love with you Queen and it shows in every single inch of my existence . Baby you got me at hello and what a time to celebrate you darling. Happy Birthday you Sexy Queen!! @michelle.ntalami ????????

michelle ntalami and makena njeri

And while Kenya’s fascination with the LGBTQ is a rather peculiar one, we have to look at something else today and that is the fact that the two ladies, Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are clearly playing on the LGBTQ tip. And it makes for a rather coy game indeed.

Michelle Ntalami and BBC´s Makena fuel lesbianism rumors in open love letters to each other

Michelle Ntalami courted the controversy along with her girl-friend Makena Njeri. Now that they are finding the questions Kenyans are asking to be a bit of a bother.
Anita Nderu, on the other hand, is having a bit of cheeky fun with Kenyans and even Ezekiel Mutua.

Michelle Ntalami

Why would they bother you ask? Because the notoriety it buys them cannot be bought with money. The two, Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are now the talk of the town. That wouldn’t have happened if Michelle Ntalami’s girl-friend had shared their sweet friendship messages in each other’s Direct Messages.

Michelle Ntalami has taken to posting thirst traps for attention

Perish the thought because we would not have seen the messages and Kenyans wouldn’t have caused a stir and I wouldn’t have shared my opinion here.
Anita Nderu chose to share to feature in a brazen homo-erotic video featuring two men because this type of move not only increases her gangster points but also puts her firmly in our collective awareness.

Fashion lover, Anita Nderu

Or you know, the reason for all this hullabaloo could be more straight forward… I just won’t mention it because I do not believe in courting drama.

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Anita Nderu has managed to finesse her ex-boyfriend

Anita Nderu has managed to score the elusive holy grail of romantic dating -breaking up with her ex, Sunny and still managing to maintain him as a “friend”. That is a hell of a doosie!

Anita Nderu finally explains motive behind viral raunchy cooking video (Screenshots)

You need to understand that the equivalent is for a company to fire you then keep calling you to complain about your immediate replacement. How about that? Now can you see why Anita Nderu is just the one? She has managed to pull a fast one over a guy and make him all too willing to stick around and ingratiate himself to her and who knows, maybe, one day she will look to him favourably once again.

anita nderu

Anita Nderu chose not to continue having a romantic dalliance with Sunny but instead look elsewhere for that and then keep getting the benefit of his affection. Think about it, no relationship ends out of mutual agreement. One party, and definitely not her, was left feeling some type of way. And as a result, that party is probably more than willing to remain a friend, and a good one at that, to help out.

Internet erupts after Anita Nderu’s sexually explicit video emerges

That is truly an awkward situation you would find yourself in if you were Sunny. Knowing that she will call you if she ever got stranded on the bypass one chilly Saturday morning at around 7 AM and you have pigeon-holed yourself into the “friend” position.

anita nderu

What caused me depression – TV girl, Anita Nderu opens up

But what am I if not a casual observer simply stating his opinion on a matter that doesn’t affect me? Whether or not Anita Nderu has managed to finesse her ex into playing contrary to his evolved instincts, whether or not Sunny has sacrificed his self-respect to stay in her sunshine a little longer is not going to affect the rate at which my chicken reproduce.

anita nderu


Still, wouldn’t ever in a million year let this nonsense happen to me though.

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Anita Nderu was given ‘Hits not Homework’ job despite competition to choose host: “I had no idea”

Former Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu was in the middle of controversy several years ago after being picked as the new host of the radio’s show ‘Hits not Homework’.

Capital had conducted a competition in an effort to pick who will take over the show following the exit of Amina Abdi. Surprisingly, the station chose several presenters to fill in the position only later on to replace them with Anita.

In an interview with True Love, Anita Said that she was just informed that she has been moved to the position by the management.

“I was at the gym when I was called into a meeting at the office. I had no idea what it was about. The communication I was given was that I had been moved from the News department effective the end of that week and appointed as a co-host on ‘Hits not Homework,” she told True Love Magazine.


Anita was among the judges in the competition but never thought she might end up hosting the show.

“The same way any employee of any organization can be informed by their boss that their department has been changed is what happened to me,” she explained.

Anita Nderu: I don’t know Swahili because my father banned sheng after my brother called him BUDA and he heard PUNDA

Former Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu has been under pressure from fans to speak Swahili.

Kenyans have been arguing that being as a journalist, she needs to understand that she has to speak at least Swahili to fully communicate with all her fans.

Speaking on NTV, Nderu, who will be turning 30 years soon, shared that she can’t speak Swahili because she has never spoken the language since she was a kid.


Anita said that Swahili was banned from their family by her father when she was young simply because her brother used a Sheng word ‘BUDA’ to refer to his father but father misinterpreted the word as ‘PUNDA’ donkey’.

Since that day, Anita’s dad made English the official language in the house.

Here’s the interview

Why Anita Nderu has resigned at Capital FM

Capital FM radio host Anita Nderu has quit her job at the station. The top presenter shared it was a long time coming after she drafted her resignation letter months ago.

“I drafted my resignation letter in February but every day, I was like I’m sending this today, then I would tell myself, today is not a good day because am supposed to record something,” Anita said during Kasha event at Emory Hotel.

Done on good terms

The 29-year-old said that she had been trying to quit for a long time but finally did while on a flight. She said leaving the station was doe on good terms because she feels like she has mastered the job and needs new challenges.

“I [held back] for a while, until one day when I was in a plane where I felt like this is the right time because, by the time I am landing, I will just delete the email or undo,” she said.

“It is not that I did not love the organisation or I did not want to be there anymore, but I think I have given my best and I want new challenges.”

Why Anita Nderu doesn’t want to get married and get kids anytime soon

Days after celebrating her 29th birthday in a lovely pink pajama-themed party, Capital FM host Anita Nderu has come out to share that she’s not really ready to settle down and start a family.

Anita celebrated her birthday with family and close friends and it seems she her man might have been in the party too. Taking to social media, the radio presenter hinted why she’s not in a hurry to start a family despite nearing 30 years.

A very happy birthday to probably the coolest brother to grace the world back in the 80’s but remains forever young! You take care of your siblings with so much patience and love. I love how we have all at one point or another lived in your house, thrown parties and wrecked your house, broken your things, “borrowed” your things, cleared out your fridge then gone back to our other homes? Goodness if there is someone we have used the line “send me cash, I’ll return” and never have it has got to be you,” read her thank you message on social media.


Regarding her take to start a family later, Nderu said that it’s something serious which needs a lot of planning and thinking.

“I don’t think most people realize how big a responsibility having children is, so i am not willing to bring anyone into this world until i am sure that i can take great care of him,” she said. 


‘I have learned humans can be cruel’ Anita Nderu screams while celebrating 29th birthday(photos) 

Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu has just hit 29 years old. The sassy host took to social media to share how a birthday went down and it was one lively small event attended by family and close friends.

Nderu hosted a small pink pajama party and while at it took time to reflect eclipsing another year in this planet. In her reflection, Nderu shared that now she’s getting older, she has come to understand that people can be really inhuman.

She wrote;

“My last year on the second floor? I am 29 now? Happy birthday to me? What have I learned? Humans can be cruel, you need to develop tough skin, not everyone will like or understand you. Life happens when you are busy making plans. Most people do zero research and will believe click bait article narrations. No matter what the truth is. It’s okay to say no. The people you love can hurt you, A LOT! Gin is amazing with tonic and grapefruit #Tanqueray10Tonic #WorldclassKe
Warus are the best potatoes ?Speak your dreams into existence. Nothing is worth your mental health. A watermelon, berries, coconut water and pineapple smoothie is the truth. Be you boo boo, do you boo boo. Apply to every and any organisation you have passion for.
People in leadership positions are not necessarily cut out for the role. Just deal with them though. Petty is never an option. Do your bit and carry on.
Pray, A LOT!
Always be the kind of person who makes decisions that allows you to sleep soundly at night. Above all, your friends and family will see you through things you would not comprehend. Appreciate them every time you can. Happy new year to all the February babies??

Here are the photos: