“Na kwanza wewe ni divorcee!” KoT roasts Anita Raey for claiming her daughters won’t settle for broke men

Anita Raey is one media opportunity personality who enjoys drama and if I am not wrong; she actually enjoys having Kenyans bash her on social media!

Awhile back the mother of 2 annoyed many single mums after claiming a man is not expected to pay for child support; that if he is not interested! Her statement however arose hatred and dislike from fans who could believe that a woman her age was capable of such words.

However, thanks to her carefree attitude – the lass barely cares about others and their opinion. This is why she recently went on to publicly admit that her daughters would never settle for a man who cannot support them.

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According to Anita Raey this is something young girls are taught by their parents; and later in life they pass down the knowledge to their daughters. Circle of life.

KoT bashes her!

Well, judging from the comments left by fans on Twitter; many men did not agree with Anita’s blunt idea. To them this was more of pimping than allowing real love to grow from the ground up.

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At some point, there is one who went on to use Anita’s single status as example; proving that the media personality’s  advice actually failed her own marriage. Cold.

Not quite sure why most people tend to hate on her personal decisions; but truth is, the lady will always stand by her own words and that’s what gets her paid at the end of the day. Below are just a few screenshots from fans bashing Anita Ray after her interview with Trevoh Ombija.

Zero chills as KoT goes ham on Anita
Anita Raey
KoT blasts Anita Raey
Anita bashed
Presenter Anita bashed by fans



Willis Raburu reportedly throws wife out, moves in with another woman

It seems all is not well between Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami Irungu.

According to Word Is, the couple that tied the knot on May 5, 2017, is now living separately after 10 over 10 presenter cheated.

Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami

A source who spoke to the publication revealed that the couple was living in Phenom Estate in Lang’ata but they have since vacated the house.

The source further claimed that Raburu is currently putting up with another woman in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa Estate. His wife on the other hand is living in a rental in Thindigua.

It is reported that the news anchor is the one who asked his wife to move out and he agreed to rent a house for Mary and paid two months deposit  after they divided household items.

Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami

In January this year the couple lost their daughter who they had christened Adana and it has left people speculating whether it is what caused problems between them.

A few days ago, Raburu was on a live-stream with Hot 96 presenter Anita Raey  where he didn’t seem bothered about discussing sexual topics and it left many wondering what his wife would think about it but it now makes sense.