Sudan’s death rekindles some very painful memories for Fashion Watch panelist Annabel Onyango

As the world mourned Sudan, the last male northern white rhino in the world that past away yesterday at the age 45, Citizen TV Fashion Watch panelist, Annabel Onyango found herself dealing with more emotions than of just his death.

Onyango, who is married to Sauti Sol manager Marek Fuchs, said that she suffered a miscarriage at Ol Pejeta conservancy while visiting Sudan during their first wedding anniversary.

“In this image, I am also pregnant with our baby who we tragically lost that same week to a miscarriage. There are so many emotions tied up here,” she captioned a photo she took with the rhino.

A beautiful place to visit

She added:

“Yesterday, Sudan passed away. He was the last remaining male Northern White Rhino in the world. My mother-in-law Gita Fuchsova facilitated his transfer from a Czech zoo to @olpejeta in #Kenya where they hoped to breed more endangered Northern Whites; due to a number of factors the mission was unsuccessful. In this image @marek and I took a trip on our 1-year wedding anniversary to visit Sudan, who Marek said could understand Czech because he had lived there for so long.”


“To us, Sudan represented a beautiful coalescence of Czech Republic and Kenya (kinda like our marriage). In this image I am also pregnant with our baby who we tragically lost that same week to a miscarriage. There are so many emotions tied up here. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the human team at @olpejeta for their tireless efforts towards animal conservation.

“It’s a magical place to visit due to the sheer volume of wildlife. We thank them for allowing us to get this close to this treasure Sudan (can you imagine touching a live rhino!) that they were safeguarding for all of humanity. We have our new beginning in our baby Kenzo who was born one year later. As conservationists scramble to use Sudan’s DNA to reproduce more Northern White Rhinos, we pray theirs will come too #RememberingSudan #WorthMoreAlive.’’ She posted.


Sauti Sol’s stylist shows off her growing baby bump

Annabel Onyango is enjoying the thought of becoming a mother soon. She recently announced that she was expecting her first child with Sauti Sol’s manager Marek Fuchs who is by the way her loving husband.

The two are soon to join the list of celebrity parents in Kenya and judging from how much they love each other…we have no doubts that adding a new member to their family will only make things get better.

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Anyway, the beautiful Annabel has shared her first baby bump photo through her social media where she posted a picture congratulating her baby cousin who will soon be walking down the aisle with the love of her life. Annabel wrote to say,

My beautiful cousin is getting married soon ?? ? but I can remember the day she was born! ?

Looking at the picture she shared, one can’t help but notice the growing baby bump…

Annabelle's baby bump
Annabelle’s baby bump