Annitah Raey reveals why she remains grateful for her baby daddies

Annitah Raey must be the coolest woman ever that is judging from her latest posts where she talks about her baby daddies. Yes, not just one but maybe two who she has kids with but following the usual relationship problems – she ended up with neither of them, something she’s not ashamed of.

Annitah Raey with former bae

Well, I say this because Annitah Raey handles herself like a man. This woman is not only courageous in many ways but is the type that makes men uncomfortable. Like ‘utado?’ kinda person….so might also explain why she’s been single for a while now.

Anyway, despite parting ways with the fathers of her kids, Annitah Raey work up this morning and decided to reveal why she’s grateful to see yet another day…and from her posts…it’s because of her exes.

Beautiful blessings!

Without them Annitah Raey says she’d never earned the name ‘mum’ a name that every young woman looks forward to being called in future.

Lord thank you for my baby daddies…I would not be a mother without them. And I wouldn’t have my amazing kids????

According to Ms Annitah Raey these men changed her life when they made her a mum. I know it’s not everybody who can relate with Annitah’s feeling especially judging from how (some) bitter single mums view their kids as ‘baggage’ after getting dumped by those responsible.

But with Annitah Ray, things are different – unlike your bitter baby mamas – she prefers maintaining the friendship.