Meet the hot lady giving Saumu Mbuvi sleepless nights after snatching hubby, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

Saumu Mbuvi is having a tough time accepting that husband aka baby’s daddy Senator Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip is now dating another woman identified as, Aeedah Bambi.

Saumu with her baby daddy

Judging from the posts shared by blogger Edgar Obare – it’s evident that Saumu Mbuvi is currently going through the bitter phase after a break up; but good thing is that this too shall pass.

However what seems to hurt her most is the fact that her baby daddy, Anwar chose to move on with one of her friends. And clearly the backstabbing has left Saumu in a compromising position – where she is washing her dirty linen on social media.

Saumu with daughter and ex boyfriend

Aeedah Bambi

Like Bensol, Sauti Sol and Mejja said – Nairobi is one big bedroom where partners are exchanged between friends; and the sad part is that it happens right under your nose.

Well, the perfect example is between Aeedah and Saumu Mbuvi who were once close; but now Aeedah has not only snatched the Senator from Ms Saumu but has asked her former friend to move on!

Anyway for those who still don’t know who Aeedah Bambi is; then meet the hot lady below!

Saumu Mbuvi’s Father-in-law allegedly shot by the police

Saumu Mbuvi is disappointed by the fact that her father in law got shot by the police on Sunday evening. As seen on her posts, Saumu says that her father’s husband was trying to beat the curfew hours when the police shot him.

The mother of two went on to blame the police for using excessive force on innocent Citizen. According to Saumu Mbuvi this should be stopped at any cost to avoid losing more lives.

So far 3 deaths related to police brutality have been recorded in the country; and from Saumu’s post I bet it’s now time to say ‘No’ to such acts! Through her instagram page the lady went on to say;

Saumu Mbuvi’s post

They shot my father in law today, yet it was still daytime!!! Police brutality must stop…. Everyday we get cases of them shooting innocent citizens and nothing is being done… it’s time this end. Police brutality must and should stop! We are tired. Stop taking advantage of your power to intimidate innocent citizens.

Saumu’s second born

After her relationship with Ben Gatu failed, the lass moved on with her new man Anwar Loitiptip who is the father of her second born daughter. The two welcomed their first child in March and since then Saumu has been missing in action until her father in law’s gunshot incident.

Anyway, to welcome the new blessing in their lives, Saumu Mbuvi shared the message below where she wrote;

Saumu Mbuvi and lover, Senator Anwar welcome newborn baby

Today morning we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and still it happens to be my first born’s birthday as well as women’s day. am more than grateful to God for all his blessings. The day I became a mother was the most magical day of my life.

Away from that friends and family have been sending quick recovery messages to Anwar’s family hoping their dad gets better soon. Saumu on the other hand will not be letting this go before finding out which officer shot her father in law.

Confirmed! Senator Anwar to wed Saumu Mbuvi in an Islamic wedding before 2019 ends

Recovering Lamu Senator, Loitiptip reveals his plans to have Saumu Mbuvi walk down the isle before the year ends.

Speaking to ¨The Nairobian¨, the 33-year old legislator disclosed that he and Saumu were planning to formalize their union after 1 year of dating.

However, he added that it would be an elaborate Islamic wedding.

I am in a serious relationship with Saumu

and we are planning a lavish Islamic wedding whose date will be announced soon,

probably towards the end of the year.

In regard to his marriage, Mr Loitiptip articulated that he once dated a police officer, Sophia Mohamed but ended things after continued disagreements.

Ms Saumu Mbuvi on the other hand strongly clarifies:

What is this I am seeing all over the media that my husband is married, yet I know he isn’t?

I never heard of any wedding between him and any woman.


Senator Anwar additionally refuted speculations that his love for Governor Mike Sonko´s daughter  is not genuine, and is just in it to gain political mileage.

I made my way into politics through the support of Lamu electorate.

Sonko is a good friend and I stand by him in his political ambitions.