Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new girlfriend exchange blows at a birthday party (Photo)

Saumu Mbuvi is back to attacking her baby daddy Senator Anwar on social media; and this time around she claims ex husband had his girlfriend attack her at popular joint where she went out to celebrate her birthday.

Saumu Mbuvi and Aeedah Bambi back at it

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This was revealed by Saumu in a post shared on her Instagram page exposing both Anwar and Aeedah Bambi for allegedly attacking her. On the post, Saumu parades her bloody index finger and middle finger probably hurt from the attack. Captioning the post she wrote;

Anwar shame on you!!! Sending your woman and her friends to beat me up on my birthday, leave me in peace.

The allegations made by Saumu come a few weeks after she exposed him for neglecting his daughter; adding that he had never been a father to their girl since he doesn’t know what and how she survives especially being a minor.

Saumu Mbuvi and Aeedah Bambi beef

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We also can’t forget that Aeedah Bambi and Saumu have been beefing for the longest time now – due to Anwar. From what Saumu says is that Bambi backstabbed her by stealing Anwar from her – despite having considered her as a best of friend.

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Since then these two women can’t help but feel like fighting each other – all in the name of a man – that doesn’t seem to be hurry to marry either of them. But I hear the ratio of men to women is 1:7 – so yea highest bidder gets the man, no?

Saumu Mbuvi back to trashing baby daddy on social media

Saumu Mbuvi has not received a single cent from baby daddy since their break up and despite having mentioned it before (not once or twice) looks like she is back to doing it again.

Former governor Mike Sonko with daughter, Saumu

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The former Nairobi Senator’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has opened her family to her social media followers and as usual – she did not have anything nice to say about the Anwar.

So according to Saumu the Senator has been neglecting their daughter for months and neither does he know her whereabouts since there is no communication between the two parents.

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This 4th if not 5th exposè happened during her QnA session after a fan asked,

Is Lamu Senator supporting his kid?

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To which Ms Mbuvi responded;

Deadbeat kabisa, has never supported a thing

Jilted lover?

If I’m not wrong, then it must be around 1 year  since Senator Anwar left Saumu Mbuvi for Aeedah Bambi – since then, he has been ghosting his daughter – something I feel Saumu Mbuvi should have accepted by now.

However with the way she chooses to trash talk baby daddy on social media proves that she remains bitter – again, hell has no furry like a scorned woman, you know.

But isn’t  exposing him on social media going to bite her back in the end?

“You are ratchet and meant for the streets” Saumu Mbuvi tells female stalker

Saumu Mbuvi feels like she has a stalker keeping up with her online life; and just to be clear – it’s obvious that the stalker she recently went on to throw shade at on social media in none other than the same woman who snatcher hubby Anwar from her.

Saumu Mbuvi attacking Aeedah Bambi?

So yes, Aeedah Bambi is the alleged stalker  that cannot seem to stay away from former friend, Saumu Mbuvi. From what we have since learnt is that the two former besties no longer see eye to eye all thanks to a man, Anwar;  who was Saumu’s husband and of course baby daddy.

Saumu Mbuvi with the shade!

With him moving on with Aeedah not only brought bad blood between the two ladies; but also seems to have brought drama – and the two cannot help but expose each other online.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi with Saumu’s husband, Anwar Loitiptip

Just a few hours ago Saumu went on a live session to open up about a stalker; and from the way she talked, let’s just say Saumu is carrying a lot of sumu scratch that bitterness in her tongue.

Speaking during the live, the lady went on to say;

You’re a ratchet and meant for the streets. You have been given a man for free and you are not satisfied. Taking my Instagram as a dating site. I hate being on social media but this woman is too much. What is wrong with this woman following all my partners.

Not quite sure why Saumu feels that Aeedah is chasing her men; but one thing is for sure – Senator Anwar needs to get his home in order before the two spill everything on social media!

Saumu Mbuvi still bitter with baby daddy, Senator Anwar

Daughter to former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is still very bitter with her ex husband, Senator Anwar.

Well, truth is – it’s going to take Saumu sometime before she gets over the fact that this guy; chose to be in a romantic relationship with one of her close friends – and whether they like it or not the battle is not about child support.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar

Just like most women who have gone through bitter breaks ups, separation or divorce; Saumu is clearly proving that parting ways with Anwar affected her as a person – but sadly she is yet to let go or rather forgive him.

Plays pretend

Just recently Saumu held a QnA session on her IG and just like we expected Anwar had to be mentioned somewhere in the convo; and as usual Saumu painted him as a deadbeat dad.

This was after one of her fans went on ask about his whereabouts in their daughter’s life to which Saumu said;

I have a big God that can do big miracles

Self imposed Amnesia

Although Saumu Mbuvi claims to have moved on from the Anwar/Bambi affair; it’s obvious that she hasn’t healed yet. Matters of the heart…but clearly there is more than she wants her fans to believe.

Anyway, responding to questions about her ex hubby; Saumu pulled the kipetero Kiyesu move as she responded by saying;

Sorry whose that?