Mejja is smarter than 80% of Kenyan celebs

Mejja is someone who proves that privacy is golden for any human being because though we know that sunlight is the best disinfectant and everything comes to light sooner or later, silence is the sound of hard work.

Mejja Explains Why He Doesn’t Publicize His Relationships (Video)

No really, he recently explained something that honestly made me appreciate him more than I previously did and I think that by the time you get to the end of this article, you too will feel inspired to admire his genius.


First, if you’re expecting me to talk about some life lessons, then you’re right. But it is such a simple one that Mejja has taught Kenyan celebrities that his genius is in danger of being underrated.

Mejja Narrates How He Almost Became A Truck Driver Before Venturing Into Music (Video)

He recently opened up about his private life and what he had to say was:

Illest Genge rapper Mejja

”Unajua hii dunia ni ku learn from your past mistakes. Ukiwa kwa relationship ingine lazima ukue sure umeskuma kama miaka kadhaa. Ni mara ngapi wasee wanapost wana delete… That’s why me hukaa ivo. Si mimi pekee. Ushai realize everybody aki postingi lazima kiumane… Nafkiria ni macho mbaya. Wasee wanakutakia mabaya…”

Why you will never see Mejja flaunting his wealth & personal life on social media

And in the event you cannot read and comprehend Kiswahili, then allow me to break it down for you; what he is saying is that he has learned from his past mistakes and as a result, he doesn’t publicize his relationships.

Mejja Genge

So basically, Mejja has managed to do what guys like Jimal Roho Safi who the government knows as Jamal Marlow has still not managed to comprehend: STFU about your relationship and personal life.

We were right about Mejja Genge’s ex being inlove with him

Look, when the question arises, all we really need to know is that you’re spoken for. We do not need to know the nitty-gritty details of how you’re girlfriend is the BeStEST eVeR. We do not need to know about why you chose her. And I hope this message reaches Arrow Bwoy’s ears.

What happens between you and your person is your business. Because as Mejja has pointed it out, the minute you let us know about who it is you’re dating, we will dig up all your details and drama. First, why subject your partner to that? And secondly, why subject yourself to that intrusion? Trust me, if your music is dope, we’ll rock with it. No need for the extra BS that comes along with your personal life.

Mejja must be slangin’ because his ex can’t get over him!

And this carries itself forward to other aspects of your life. And this holds true even financially. And that is how you keep KRA off you back. Something that Anerlisa Muigai needs to internalise.

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Nadia Mukami has neutered Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami has effectively made her man, Arrow Bwoy a eunuch and I guess they are happy with the situation… Or at least Nadia Mukami is because he has been complaining that he has not gotten to enjoy her company in an intimate fashion for over 6 months.

Nadia Mukami Pens Sweet Message To Celebrate Arrow Bwoy On Men’s Day

When I first read his claims, I laughed. Actually, I was beside myself with laughter. Why would a perfectly normal young man who happens to have tons of social proof seeing as he is a celebrity, choose to willingly become an incel? And not, that is not an ironic question, he has actually agreed to make himself an involuntary celibate because he is complaining about that state of affairs.

Also, why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks would Arrow Bwoy share such a shameful aspect of his relationship with Nadia Mukami publicly? It’s maddening enough to have female celebs share their nonsense on social media but when men too begin to overshare, you have to question their intelligence or their testosterone levels and seeing as Mr Bwoy is jacked…

Arrow Bwoy Reacts To Nadia Mukami’s Post On Getting A Baby Soon- Hujanipea Vitu For 6 Months

Then again, perhaps it is a testament to just the type of mettle Nadia has if she can successfully keep this guy completely enthralled by her even though she has subjected him to 6-months of a Sahara dry dryspell. Or perhaps, just bear with me, someone is fooling the other and if he is not the boob, and she is not the fool, then we the adoring public are.

I say this because I do not believe that any man who has the magnitude of options that present themselves to both superstars would have the willpower to routinely turn down opportunities to stray day-in and day-out. Something’s got to give.

Nipee Mimba Sasa- Nadia Mukami To Lover Arrow Bwoy As She Celebrates 25th Birthday

Or maybe I am just allowing my cynicism to run amok and Arrow Bwoy is not in any females DMs nor is he routinely out and about town cruising for some spring chicken to help him wind down after his shows.

maybe Nadia Mukami has indeed found the answer as to how to keep a man with six-pack abs and glistening muscles to trade in his sensual imperative for a humdrum existence that forces him to either go full-on monk or resort to his hand for release. Doubtful.

But let us say that is the case, it would explain why a man like Arrow would be comfortable revealing to us that he has been forced on a 6-month erotic sabbatical. And maybe as a result we are about to get the awesome music of a late twenties RnB crooner who is frustrated due to all his pent-up energy. Simply put, we are in for some daggering bangers.

Celebrity artiste, Arrow Bwoy

Still, it beggars belief that a man in his prime such as Bwoy would be willing to sacrifice his imperative. He should be thinking about enjoying himself and gaining experience with the ladies even as he focuses on building himself up and continuing to give us bangers. Maybe we should look into what is in the water he drinks because he has effectively been neutered. That portion called love is not a joke.

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Kelechi Africana’s prayer answered as he features Arrowbow in new jam “Hamida”

Few weeks after dropping a lyrical prayer song dubbed “Dear God”, Coast-based artiste Kelechi Africana teams up with Arrow Bwoy for “Hamida”.

In his prior “Dear God” he was a prayer to God seeking for a musical breakthrough. He even went ahead and mentioned how he has struggled to make good music but seems to be hitting the rock by the day.

As he sang through he was just asking for one hit song and he would be forever grateful.

He sought to have it played like fellow artists Arrowbwoy, Nadia Mukami among others.

However, days in Kelechi got the chance to have a collabo with ArrowBwoy as he features in one of the songs of his EP Keep it fleek.



They teamed up for Hamida an all naughty but upbeat song. A song about a guy his girl over for a night of pleasure. We won’t dwell on the lyrical depth because it is fire.

I mean it literally is the sensual kind of music. Especially when Kelechi starts it off you literally what to dance to it without question.

The vocals are so well put for this jam I believe the video and choreography for this will be epic. One thing for sure is that Kelechi African is very underrated in this country.

With music like this why keep shifting for English RnB. Arrowbwoy in his part never disappoints, the lovemaking song had him playing all smooth and suave in his lyrics.

Hamida is clearly a song to look out for. Kenyan artiste’s are no longer holding it back but doing music as Kenyans want it.

A collaboration of this sort deserves all attention. As I write this article it’s on repeat mode for my playlist it surely should be on yours.

Furthermore, Kelechi’s prayer for stardom could have just been answered. I just hope Kenyans can see that this twa twa song is clearly worth your time.

If you don’t believe me listen and tell us what you think.

East Africa united by an encouragement song ‘Kosi’

Kosi is the newest project in town that features a group of artistes from East Africa. The jam has brought on board big names from Uganda and Kenya.

Those who are part of the strong hit are; Ambassada, Pallaso, Eddy Kenzo, Nina Roz, Arrow Bwoy, Jabidii, Beenie Gunter, Dufla Diligan, Wambui Katee and Ghetto Kids.

The collaboration between all the 11 is something that shows the industry is headed somewhere. First, we get to understand the meaning of Kosi. According to the team, Kosi is a short form for the word Kosisikeleli which means freedom.

East Africa united by an encouragement song 'Kosi'

Kosi is an inspirational song to the young generation

The main aim of the song is to inspire, motivate and encourage the new generation. It helps them to acquire a positive mindset towards life in general.

It is worth noting that the hit has brought together the best producers in both audio and video to ensure comprehensive work.

East Africa united by an encouragement song 'Kosi'

Kosi also brings on board the good works of radio legendary, Mzazi Willy M Tuva, a Kenyan presenter. Audio production involved three brains with two from Uganda and one from Kenya.

The beauty of this heat is brought about by the Masaka kids whose give the dance they’re all. Actually, the song is so real and unique.

Wambui Katee the queen of covers also graced the song with her beautiful voice. Being a woman in a male dominated world is just cool.

The lyrics of the song are a mixture of languages. This gives Kosi a new and unique taste. There is a combination of great works.

East Africa united by an encouragement song 'Kosi'

Kosi is a great jam and it is an inspiration to many. African artistes should focus more on content that is inspiring the young generation.

In conclusion, the likes of Jabidii and Arrow Byow are names that are recognised in the two nations for their good work.

In conclusion, Kosi by East Africa Allstars is relevant to today’s generation thus the rating of 6/10.

Video below.

DJ Shinski ready to ‘Bounce’ with Arrow Bwoy

DJ Shinski is back with a big tune dubbed Bounce. In the Bounce song, he has featured Kenya’s best talent Arrow Bwoy. The song is all lit from the beats and they are the first thing that you will notice.

It is a very simple song that has brought great minds and talents together. To two minutes song is introduced by Arrow Bwoy and his does his thing as usual.

DJ Shinski in this song is talking about having fan with a girl. He talks of letting the big body bounce meaning he is not competing with anyone.

DJ Shinski ready to 'Bounce' with Arrow Bwoy

This Bounce song is all about love promises

There are promises made in the song by DJ Shinski. Also, they talk of taking the girl for shopping and thus asking others to leave.

Bounce can be used to mean a lot of things. Also, the song is directed by True Juelz and this is just a perfect one. The shots in the video are just amazing and meet the international threshold.

There is that line DJ Shinski says acha kanuke. Imagine such kind of promises in the real life. In Bounce, they ask the DJ to keep playing the song.

DJ Shinski ready to 'Bounce' with Arrow Bwoy

Arrow Bwoy on his side blends in very well with DJ shinski bringing the much-anticipated vibe in Bounce.  To add on, you’ll realise that he is talking about melanin girl. This is simply a dark girl that has that African golden colour.

Also, Arrow Bwoy teams up with Shinski weeks after he released his single Happy Birthday. The song though it is yet to hit 1K views it is a fine jam and we should appreciate talents.

In addition, Bounce is very much original and the style and language used are easy to adapt. It has the best set and costume. Congratulations to the duo.

In conclusion, DJ Shinski and Arrow Bwoy on Bounce get a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Arrow Bwoy back with a new tune Happy Birthday

Arrow Bwoy is back with that great voice in a new jam dubbed Happy Birthday. The Kenyan sensational singer has delivered the best this year if I might say.

To start with, this is a happy birthday song that is very simple and well articulated. To whoever it is supposed to be dedicated to, it is actually dope.

In this case Arrow Bwoy is also talking of spoiling the girl by spending his money on her. There is a stanza he is also talking of thanking God for the birthday queen.

Arrow Bwoy back with a new tune Happy Birthday

Simply, the song is all about having fan during the birthday. Leo ni siku ya kukula bata.. This is more symbolic.

In addition to the great and simple Happy Birthday lyrics, is a voice that will just attract you. You all know what normally marks a birthday in this country.

First he is talking of gifts in large amounts and drinks as well. Just can’t wipe it out on how the birthday has bee hyped.

Arrow Bwoy is also appreciating God for the strength he has given this girl.

Without dwelling more on the lyrics, this dude has just given the video the best treatment. It is very quality and appealing.  Actually, Arrow Bwoy is always giving his videos.

Also, sound has been well catered for. Starting from the beats, they do not compete with the audio thus making it a great hit.

The vixens in this are just so beautiful and have that command and vibe in the song. One might think that this is more of a joke but I can assure you that you’ll be playing this song even on your 50th birthday.

The idea was a good one for Arrow Bwoy and for the very first time I have listened to a clean song within the week.

In conclusion, Arrow Bwoy gets a rating of 7/10 on Happy Birthday.

Video link below.

‘Digi Digi’ hit maker Arrow bwoy celebrates the love of his life leaving many ladies jealous

Arrow bwoy is the latest name in the entertainment industry giving other artists sleepless nights. From what we have heard is that the young man is currently working under KRG the Don and from the look of things; he is an investment with a bright future.

So far Arrow bwoy has released a couple of hits but Digi Digi has seen him rise to the top. It is not only a club banger but an antheme also known by kids.

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With his star shining so bright, we can all agree that some Instagram model must be chasing him due to the fame and money; but unluckily for them, Arrow boy has a serious lady he has been seeing.

Arrow boy introduces long term girlfriend

In a new post shared on his Instagram page, the reknown singer introduced his woman in a post where described her as his day one woman.

He went on to write saying;

Meet Kaka Empire’s new artist Arrow Bwoy who’s taking over the music industry

Kaka Empire has added a new,very promising artist to their stable, Ali Yusuf, famously known as Arrow Bwoy.

He started his music career as a Kenyan Recording and a Performing artist at the Fast Cash Music Group.

Before that,he was a lead Vocalist in a boy band called Qbic way back in 2011.

In 2016 he short to stardom after releasing Mdogo Mdogo which was later on followed by Koona,these two songs stamped his name officially in the music industry.

He now joins the likes of Timmy T Dat, Avril, King Kaka, and Femi One at the Kaka Empire.

Arrow Bwoy is destined for greatness, and he has what it takes to be the next big household name.

Check out his latest release,MURDER which is already taking over the airwaves.