“A woman needs a real Man not a boy!” Zari’s sister taking shots at Diamond Platnumz?

Zari’s sister Ashutalal has shared a post that seems to be taking shots at Diamond Platnumz.

In the post shared on her Instagram; the lady talked about ladies finding themselves responsible men who focus on their families.

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This comes comes after her sister Zari Hassan was left looking like a fool by Diamond Platnumz. According to reports the guy has been rumored to be moving around with several women.

Fans react to Ashutalal’s post

Fans on the comment section could not hold back from tagging Diamond Platnumz. This is because things have been rough between him and Zari.

Anyway, Ashutalal was definitely not sharing the post talking about her relationship; but that of her sister’s since her marriage has lasted quite somete now.

“It’s so sad” Zari and her sister get emotional as they celebrate 40 days after their mom’s death (Photos)

Zari’s mother Halima Hassan passed on in the morning of July 20th at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala where she had been hospitalized for close to three weeks.

The deceased succumbed to diabetes after a long battle with the chronic disease. She was buried a day after her death in accordance with Islamic burial rituals.

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Zari’s mother Halima Hassan

Yesterday August 29th marked 40 days since Halima Hassan passed on. A celebration is usually held on the deceased’s 40th day as this is believed to be the day he/she ascends into heaven, according to most religions.

Zari and her sister Asha celebrated their mother in emotional posts to mark 40th day after her death. The two expressed the pain they were still feeling for losing their mother.

Zari and her sister Asha

“My Angel today marks 40days since your gone. But always in our hearts?❤️❤️. R.I.P. Bibi ???????? I will say it like Princess Sonia say. INVISIBLE BIBI.??” Asha wrote.

“She is at peace…. miss her sana. It’s so sad.. one min your here the next your gone???….” Wrote Zari Hassan.


Zari’s mother recuperates at home after being discharged from the hospital

Zari’s mother is out of danger even though she is still weak, doctors have however allowed her to recuperate at home.

Zari’s mom was taken ill some four days ago, Ashutalal (Zari’s sister) reported that her mom was admitted to hospital due to heart failure.

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Ashutala has once again updated netizens about her mother’s condition, she thanked people for their prayers as she revealed that her mom was recovering well after being discharged from the hospital.

“Thank you all for your prayers . Mom is out of hospital still weak but recovering well. Allah is good ????????????????Ameen”

Zari’s mother admitted to hospital with heart failure

Diamond’s wife Zari is once again facing a difficult situation, her own biological mother has been admitted to hospital due to heart failure.

Zari’s mother touched down in South Africa on June 9th while she was in good health. She was received by Zari’s sister Ashutalal at the airport.

Zari’s mother and her sister Ashutalal at the airport in SA

Seven days later after her arrival in South Africa, Ashutalal took to social media to announce that her mother had been to hospital due to heart failure.

“Our mother was admitted in hospital last night due to heart failure problems need your prayers.??????????. INSHA’ALLAH she will be fine,” Zari’s sister wrote.

The recent development comes as a shock to Diamond’s wife and many other people since it was only a few weeks ago that tragedy struck Zari’s family when her baby daddy died.

Our prayers are with Zari and her family!