Avril opens about balancing work and being a mother: It’s teaching me a love that I never knew existed

Singer Avril was recently blessed by a son and she vowed she wouldn’t tell Kenyans who the father was. Many speculated that the father of the son was music producer Jblessing but both of them have totally refused to speak about it.

In a recent interview with Kiss 100, the singer shared how having a baby has changed her life. She’s now a mother and has to balance between work and the baby.

“Motherhood has it’s trials, especially for a new mum right at the beginning when it hasn’t quite hit you that this is your life now; but it’s the most rewarding chapter of my life that I have ever found myself in. It’s teaching me a  love that I never knew existed, patience that has brought me so much peace,” she said. 


Avril also added that she’s lucky that she’s self employed and can steal a few days to be with her son but trips out of town usually leave her emotional.

“The fatigue at the beginning weighed me and I’ll admit got me a bit loopy, but once I got a hang of things I started being a very happy tired person,” she said.


“Later I think the greatest challenge started being striking that balance as a working mother. I am fortunate to be self employed so I spend a lot time with my son, but there comes a time when I need to travel for a couple; that’s usually pretty hard for me especially emotionally. The first time was the worst.” 

I couldn’t bother getting my hair and makeup done to record a selfie for a music video after giving birth- Avril continues shredding Naiboi 

Nakuru’s finest Avril Nyambura has come out to explain further why she blue-ticked singer Naiboi after he requested her to make a cameo in his video, but never did the same to Otile Brown.

Naiboi wanted the singer to be in the viral song hit song “2 in 1” which artists basically sent a selfie video that was included in the song.

Naiboi went into his feelings after Avril failed to reply his message. Avril stated that she was in the hospital at the time when the singer requested after giving birth to her first born.

“Watched the video and you rocked! But you refused to do the 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to,” a fan asked her on Instagram.

“Yer I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital…didn’t feel like getting into it with him… Let people do what they gotta do,” responded Avril.


Speaking to Kiss FM, Avril gave a deeper explanation on why sending the video was such a hustle for her.

“Nothing much to elaborate really goes without saying that I was postpartum and readjusting to my new life. It’s sad that a couple of men, and unfortunately some women, wouldn’t understand that once a woman gives birth she needs some time to herself and her child, away from work, stress, pressure,” she said. 

“I was in that state at the time. Yes, I could not honestly be bothered to get my hair/makeup done to record a selfie for a music video while my entire being (emotional and physical) was trying to readjust. I found his comments to be in bad taste especially being in the state I was in so I just chose to block his negativity and not respond. Again goes without saying, I had someone more important who needed my attention.



“Avril is fake and has no talent!” Popular Tanzanian singer blasts ‘uko’ hit maker

This is the first time we are hearing someone claim that Avril from Kenya has no talent.

Well, not everyone will be your fan or support what you do and this what one Tanzanian singer by the name of AT did to ‘Nikimuona‘ hit maker during his recent interview.

According to A.T, Avril is just a basic singer with no talent and he questions why most Tanzanian artist always wish to work with her despite her lack of talent.

Speaking to CloudsFM in Tanzanian the singer says he discovered this after working with Avril in a song that is yet to be released.

This was however a few years ago and since Avril did not deliver as expected he opted to keep the Jam on the low as he feared wasting the good beat on a project that was not going anywhere.

We are not quite sure whether the two have any personal issues…. but all I can say that -it’s a shame to have a man like him speaking ill of a woman in public since once you disrespect a woman in public, then who will teach the youth to respect women in the society.

This is what he said;