Avril shares why her snap back is taking forever

Singer Avril has finally opened up on my it’s very hard to lose your postpartum fat.

According to the singer who gave birth almost two years ago, it’s not easy for mothers to regain their bodies after they give birth.


A lot of women, especially celebs, have always shared how they have struggled with baby fat after having a kid.

Here is what Avril said:

“One year and a few months postpartum and I don’t have a flat tummy. Honestly don’t care if I do get one. #SuckInForTheGram?? ???????? .. I work out to clear my head, get my energy up to conquer so much more. Side note, funny how a pair of shoes can change your entire mood ???? .. ???? perhaps? Every day is a celebration ???? .. trying out these babies from @backyardshoez #Glam #Comfort.” she posted. 


‘Just know i’m taken’ Avril confesses she has a man but refuses to share who he is

The guessing game on who singer Avril fathered her child with continues as Kenyans try to dig her deeper and deeper to see whether she’ll leave any clues on who she’s currently dating.

In an interview with Citizen Radio’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the singer confessed that she dating someone, and he’s very much involved with the upbringing of their kid.

“I am taken,” she told Mzazi Willy Tuva during the interview. “He is very dedicated and committed to M. He is a really present father.” She added.


Kenyans believe the singer got the child with producer Jblessing though the two have never agreed or denied. When asked who the father of the baby was, she said that she’s not ready to reveal her family.
“I wanted a child and I feel so fulfilled as it’s an amazing feeling. I will introduce my family when I want to but not now. I am learning to live a private life and people close to me know exactly what’s going on and I would like to keep it like that.” she added. 



I couldn’t bother getting my hair and makeup done to record a selfie for a music video after giving birth- Avril continues shredding Naiboi 

Nakuru’s finest Avril Nyambura has come out to explain further why she blue-ticked singer Naiboi after he requested her to make a cameo in his video, but never did the same to Otile Brown.

Naiboi wanted the singer to be in the viral song hit song “2 in 1” which artists basically sent a selfie video that was included in the song.

Naiboi went into his feelings after Avril failed to reply his message. Avril stated that she was in the hospital at the time when the singer requested after giving birth to her first born.

“Watched the video and you rocked! But you refused to do the 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to,” a fan asked her on Instagram.

“Yer I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital…didn’t feel like getting into it with him… Let people do what they gotta do,” responded Avril.


Speaking to Kiss FM, Avril gave a deeper explanation on why sending the video was such a hustle for her.

“Nothing much to elaborate really goes without saying that I was postpartum and readjusting to my new life. It’s sad that a couple of men, and unfortunately some women, wouldn’t understand that once a woman gives birth she needs some time to herself and her child, away from work, stress, pressure,” she said. 

“I was in that state at the time. Yes, I could not honestly be bothered to get my hair/makeup done to record a selfie for a music video while my entire being (emotional and physical) was trying to readjust. I found his comments to be in bad taste especially being in the state I was in so I just chose to block his negativity and not respond. Again goes without saying, I had someone more important who needed my attention.



Si uko na wako na haumuweki! Fans attack Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe’s son on social media 

A section of Kenyans was not happy with singer Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe’s son on her Instagram page yet she hasn’t been posting her baby.

A photo shared by Eric Omondi on his social media account to show support for Maribe after she was sent to Langata Women Prison has been doing rounds on social media.


According to fans, Avril shouldn’t post the photo because the young boy is not connected to the on going case. Also, because she doesn’t post her’s she should refrain from posting other people’s kids on her page.

Here are some of the comments:

Ruby: Ni wapi huyo mtoto amehusika kumuua Monica.style up my dear.Niko na uhakika hata huyo Monica huenda yuko na scandal zake alizoenda nazo kaburini kushinda hii.Alikuwa anafanya nini na fiance wa wenyewe.Simurudii yeyote kwa mauwaji lakini mwache huyu malaika nje ya hayo.

Luccie: Pull this down if you could not go support her in court! Fake friend

Imma: @theavieway put yourself in Jackie’s shoes, would you be happy if someone else posted a pic of your lovely son on social media, without your consent, when you are at your worst moment? When you so much wish you could hold him or spend some quality time with him, but you can’t because you found yourself in a compromising situation that has left you behind bars. Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you. When you post anything people will comment and not everyone has good vibes, some will comment with harsh words living you feeling sorry or even worse. I believe God is in control?

Judith: Why are you posting this kid, these Kenyan celebrities wako down sana, post your babies, kwanza wewe mwenyewe unaficha wako, usituletee….so disgusting

Kari: @theavieway this pic is very inappropriate. You claim privacy for your child and want to expose someone else’s child while pretending to be showing sympathy. Very hypocritical behaviour especially from a celebrity mom. Know better, do better.

Emmy: This one is quick to post another woman’s child na wake ako busy protecting from Social media, pull this pic down woman with all due respect

Lee: Don’t post another persons child without consent from the mother .Its violating the child’s right and the mother did not give consent considering all the turmoil going on around her. Celebrity or not its not right!..who told you showing the agony of the child to the world helps the child or the mother.

Rexy: Seriously Avril….. No one has the right to start circulating the kids pic.. He is not involved in this


Avril releases new music ‘In Love’ sponsored and directed by her rumored baby daddy

Award winning singer and songwriter, Avril has released a new single, “In Love” after taking almost an year off. Fans had already started pressuring her to release new music but she came out to share that she had taken her break and will be making a comeback soon.

The new song has been directed by none other than J Blessing, a man rumored to be the father of her child. J blessing’s headphones Pace are also been advertised in the song.

Team effort

Avril’s comeback, which is Afro pop song that speaks to all the couples who are in love, was written Tommy Flavour and produced by Saint P. It comes almost six months after the singer gave birth to her first child.

“This beautiful song was written by Tommy flavour with me at the back of his mind. It is a song I believe will resonate with every person who is truly in love and every couple that has ups and downs in their union but still manage to push through.”

Watch the song below:

Pregnant Avril in mourning!

Kenya’s songstress Avril is mourning the death of her grandfather, who recently passed away.

The pregnant singer revealed this through her Instagram page; where she shared his death announcement published on a local newspaper.

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According to the information shared, the late James Gichuhi passed on after a short illness; and although he is not blood related with Avril, the singer considers him (James) as her grandfather since he was close with her late gramps who passed on a few years ago.

Avril’s message to her grandpa

Through her Instagram story, the singer revealed that even though they had met not so long ago; Mr James played the role of a perfect grandfather.

She wrote saying;

May his soul Rest In Peace!