Avril Vs Mayonde Vs Vivian: Which female singer has the sexiest voice?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to musicians (especially female) the sexier the voice the more appealing it is. Don’t you agree?

This article is based on that, I picked three of Kenya’s leading female singers and we want you to decide whose voice you can listen to all day. That’s pretty much it!

The three are Judith Nyambura (Avril), Diana Nduba (Mayonde) and Vivian Wambui (Vivian).

For starters, let’s agree that all these ladies impecably beautiful but today we are jus trying to find out who, according to you, has the sweetest voice.


She’s been in the industry longer than the other two. Some of her notble hits are; Nikimuona, Chokoza, Hakuna Yule, Kitoko, just to name a few.


She started off as a BGV before crosssing over into mainstream music. Some of her notable hits are; Chini Kwa Chini, Nairobi, Shika, Isukuti Love, just to name a few.


She was introduced to the industry by Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar in 2013. She has been making music since then. Some of her notable hits are. Some of her notable hits are Chum Chum, Chingi Changa and Woman in Love.


So, who are you putting your money on? Who do you think has the sexiest voice? Tell us below.

“My Grandfather was a boxing champion” screams Avril while sharing her family lineage 

Singer Avril is a champion in the music industry because she sure comes from a family of champions.

The singer was recently on social media to share that her grandpa Philip Waruinge once represented Kenya in the Olympics in Mexico in 1968 and won Bronze medal.


According to Avril, she has heard a lot about his stories while growing up. She was on social media to honor him saying that he is a true hero.

“I am humbled having met this man is an under statement… very few people know know that I am the grand daughter of the living legend boxing olympian phillip waruinge… hearing tales about him from his childhood friend and boxer as well, jimmie ‘pap pap’, made my heart so full #myheroes #greatnessrunsthroughmyveins #stinger #lightweightboxingchampions.”

“My pregnancy hormones didn’t like him” Avril on why he blocked ‘noisy’ Shaffie Weru 

Well, there’s a popular saying in Swahili that goes like “Mimba ilimkata” which roughly translates to a pregnant woman disliking someone because of nothing at all. Just hormones pushing her into the act.

That’s what happened between singer Avril and radio host Shaffie Weru. A pregnant Avril blocked the popular radio host on instagram without a specific reason.

Missed him

In her recent visit to Kiss FM to launch her new song, Shaffie asked her why she did and Avril confessed that it was just her hormones.

“It was my pregnancy hormones.” she told him. 

Having blocked him for several months, Avril confessed that she later missed him on her timeline.

“You are the only female celebrity i follow so not seeing you for one year 3 months was hard for me,” she added. 

‘Just know i’m taken’ Avril confesses she has a man but refuses to share who he is

The guessing game on who singer Avril fathered her child with continues as Kenyans try to dig her deeper and deeper to see whether she’ll leave any clues on who she’s currently dating.

In an interview with Citizen Radio’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the singer confessed that she dating someone, and he’s very much involved with the upbringing of their kid.

“I am taken,” she told Mzazi Willy Tuva during the interview. “He is very dedicated and committed to M. He is a really present father.” She added.


Kenyans believe the singer got the child with producer Jblessing though the two have never agreed or denied. When asked who the father of the baby was, she said that she’s not ready to reveal her family.
“I wanted a child and I feel so fulfilled as it’s an amazing feeling. I will introduce my family when I want to but not now. I am learning to live a private life and people close to me know exactly what’s going on and I would like to keep it like that.” she added. 



Avril opens about balancing work and being a mother: It’s teaching me a love that I never knew existed

Singer Avril was recently blessed by a son and she vowed she wouldn’t tell Kenyans who the father was. Many speculated that the father of the son was music producer Jblessing but both of them have totally refused to speak about it.

In a recent interview with Kiss 100, the singer shared how having a baby has changed her life. She’s now a mother and has to balance between work and the baby.

“Motherhood has it’s trials, especially for a new mum right at the beginning when it hasn’t quite hit you that this is your life now; but it’s the most rewarding chapter of my life that I have ever found myself in. It’s teaching me a  love that I never knew existed, patience that has brought me so much peace,” she said. 


Avril also added that she’s lucky that she’s self employed and can steal a few days to be with her son but trips out of town usually leave her emotional.

“The fatigue at the beginning weighed me and I’ll admit got me a bit loopy, but once I got a hang of things I started being a very happy tired person,” she said.


“Later I think the greatest challenge started being striking that balance as a working mother. I am fortunate to be self employed so I spend a lot time with my son, but there comes a time when I need to travel for a couple; that’s usually pretty hard for me especially emotionally. The first time was the worst.” 

I couldn’t bother getting my hair and makeup done to record a selfie for a music video after giving birth- Avril continues shredding Naiboi 

Nakuru’s finest Avril Nyambura has come out to explain further why she blue-ticked singer Naiboi after he requested her to make a cameo in his video, but never did the same to Otile Brown.

Naiboi wanted the singer to be in the viral song hit song “2 in 1” which artists basically sent a selfie video that was included in the song.

Naiboi went into his feelings after Avril failed to reply his message. Avril stated that she was in the hospital at the time when the singer requested after giving birth to her first born.

“Watched the video and you rocked! But you refused to do the 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to,” a fan asked her on Instagram.

“Yer I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital…didn’t feel like getting into it with him… Let people do what they gotta do,” responded Avril.


Speaking to Kiss FM, Avril gave a deeper explanation on why sending the video was such a hustle for her.

“Nothing much to elaborate really goes without saying that I was postpartum and readjusting to my new life. It’s sad that a couple of men, and unfortunately some women, wouldn’t understand that once a woman gives birth she needs some time to herself and her child, away from work, stress, pressure,” she said. 

“I was in that state at the time. Yes, I could not honestly be bothered to get my hair/makeup done to record a selfie for a music video while my entire being (emotional and physical) was trying to readjust. I found his comments to be in bad taste especially being in the state I was in so I just chose to block his negativity and not respond. Again goes without saying, I had someone more important who needed my attention.



‘There is a whole science behind it’ Avril shares how she managed to lose the extra baby fat and snapped back 

Singer Avril gave birth early this year to a healthy baby boy. It’s no yet clear who the father of the baby is but rumors have insisted it’s producer J Blessing.

The two have always dodged giving an official statement on the matter and have neither denied or accepted they brought the baby to this world.

Anyway, having given birth, the singer managed to snap back to her curvy body in just weeks and many are wondering how it all happened. In an interview with Switch TV, she explained that breastfeeding has helped her cut the weight.

“You know what happened, I gave birth to a baby boy who has been breastfeeding. I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby up to now he is 8 months still breastfeeding. I started weaning him at 6 months he loves his mashed bananas and bla bla bla but he still breastfeeds,” she said.


The singer went on to add that many people underestimate the power of breastfeeding but it’s important in losing weight. There’s a lot of science in play that many don’t understand which makes it all possible.

“There is a whole science behind it, there is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin. So when it’s generated from the brain to the abdomen muscles it tells the body you need to contract… So when you are breastfeeding that chemical goes down and causes contractions and the contraction leave you snatched.” she added. 


Avril loses her composure after meeting Yvonne Chaka Chaka in Rwanda 

Singer Avril, never in her wildest dreams, imagined she’ll one day share stage with legendary singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka leave alone working for Bill Gates.

Avril, who is among the guest artistes selected by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to represent as global artists for the International Conference on Family Planning, 2018 in Rwanda, lost her composure after finally meeting the legendary singer from South Africa.

Magical moments

She took to social media to share a few photos with her and state that the moment was still unbelievable. She also thanked God for making her 2018 more than magical.

“I type this as I balance my tears so that no one can see how emotional I am right now back stage .. okay maybe a drop or two rolled down lol.

“Heavenly Father you know what I have gone through to get on this stage .. you have wiped my tears, held me as I screamed, healed my pain, wiped the mud some so gleefully felt like they could throw at me.

“This year alone you have made not one of my dreams come true, I kiss my blessing every morning. This short video may seem like a small thing but for me I don’t take this introduction for granted .. not one bit.” she said. 


Money! Billionaire Bill Gates partners with singer Avril in new deal

It’s still shocking and surprising for singer Avril but she has actually been picked by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a global artist for an International Conference.

The singer took to social media to share the story saying that she couldn’t believe after first learning that she will be heading to Rwanda as a global artiste representative for the international conference.

“So at the beginning of the year I told myself, and even put it on my vision board, that I’d make a trip to Rwanda .. never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would have been courtesy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a global artist for an International Conference where I get to work with amazing fellow global artists.” She said

Dream come true

She added that it was still unbelievable that she will be with legendary singer Yvonne ChakaChaka who will also be present in the conference. 

“Still pinching myself to try believe that one of the artists is the legendary Yvonne ChakaChaka ? .. touch down Kigali Rwanda .. Goodmorning fam ❤️ #VisionBoardManifesting #DoYou #YouNeverKnowWhosWatching .. and of course I carried a little bit of home with me cc @home_254 @pace_africa.” she said. 

Avril: I have turned down endorsement deals because I don’t want companies to use my baby

They say labour always kicks in at the least expected time and always needs a hero to help out.

For singer Avril, she was her own hero when labour came.

In  a recent interview with Parents Magazine, the singer said that she drove herself to hospital when labour kicked in. She also said that she did most of the preparation of the baby by herself.

“When I found out I was pregnant I had mixed feelings. It was something I had wanted for so long so I was happy. However, I also wondered, ‘what do I do next?’ By my second month, I was done with baby shopping and when my water broke, I drove myself to hospital,” Avril told Parents Magazine.


Avril also shared that she has rejected several endorsements deals from companies since she doesn’t want to use her baby yet. She said even though the deals were good money she had to say no unless she took the endorsement herself.

“I’ve been approached for endorsement deals and I’ve had to turn them all down. Mind you, it’s a lot of money. However, if I’m signing a contract, I’m signing as Avril not as Avril and M, unless the corporate is comfortable with my son’s identity remaining anonymous.” she said. 


Avril releases new music ‘In Love’ sponsored and directed by her rumored baby daddy

Award winning singer and songwriter, Avril has released a new single, “In Love” after taking almost an year off. Fans had already started pressuring her to release new music but she came out to share that she had taken her break and will be making a comeback soon.

The new song has been directed by none other than J Blessing, a man rumored to be the father of her child. J blessing’s headphones Pace are also been advertised in the song.

Team effort

Avril’s comeback, which is Afro pop song that speaks to all the couples who are in love, was written Tommy Flavour and produced by Saint P. It comes almost six months after the singer gave birth to her first child.

“This beautiful song was written by Tommy flavour with me at the back of his mind. It is a song I believe will resonate with every person who is truly in love and every couple that has ups and downs in their union but still manage to push through.”

Watch the song below:

What Avril’s friend Marya had to say after she announced her pregnancy 

They came together, they “Chokozad” men together and now both will be mothers.

Singer Marya had a lovely message for her friend Avril who will soon join her in mothers’ club: It’s a sweet journey.  After Avril succumbed to pressure and finally shared her baby bump photos, her friend Marya, who she started out with in the music industry after clearing campus, sent her a message publicly congratulating her.

Marya, who has two kids already, is popularly known for her collabo with Avril called “Chokoza” released in 2015 that became a national slogan for ladies looking to flirt with men but later leave alone, leaving them high and dry.

“Wow you know I’m still speechless Yaani my gal congrats sana sana gosh I’m so happy may God guide you in this journey sweetie. Many blessings,” she said. 

Avril’s bump

Who’s the father?

Avril is trying to take her fans one step at a time. We all now know she is pregnant but what many are waiting for is confirmation that Jblessing is the father, just as rumors have been pointing out for the last couple of months.


Turn up! After dropping a sizzling project featuring Apass, sassy singer Avril set to give fans a free treat tonight

If you have never been to a show where Avril is performing then believe me, you’ve missed out on the best shows then. However this should notbother you as the singer has a treat for her fans.

A few hours after dropping a new song which she worked on with Apass, the sassy singer will tonight be performing her hit songs and hopefully her latest song Babie tonight at the Natives Bar and Grill!

There will be no entrance fee for the lit show which will be attended by several celebrities including the funny man himself, Fred Omondi who will be MC.

Dj’s Steno and Eriqque will be on the decks playing your favorite international songs and local music too.

If you had no plans…then you know where to be tonight!