‘I was a walking zombie’ Avril talks balancing motherhood and her music career

Motherhood is no joke. In fact, I don’t think there is anything harder than handling a toddler; but I’m told – teenagers are actually worse once they hit puberty and high on unnecessary hormones!

Tbt: Avril with son

Anyway Singer Avril recently held a candid interview with one Ala C; where she opened up about her school life, growing up in Nakuru, music journey and finally – the hardest of them all – Motherhood!

Although many assume motherhood is easy to cope up with; truth is its actually harder than a 9 to 5 routine job. And thanks to Avril’s latest interview; she actually explains this better. Speaking her experience Nyambura said;

Pressure, and stress, You should respect mothers. When my son was a day old its when it hit me that I no longer had a say.

Adding that motherhood needs selflessness saying;

Avril Nyambura’s baby boy

It would always be about him as he now fully depends on me. In the beginning, I was a walking zombie because I could not get enough sleep. Even now I still survive on very little sleep as I also have to chase my dream.


Balancing motherhood and work can be confusing and it’s easy to become depressed as one learns on the job.

Decision to embark on motherhood journey

Although Avril prefers keeping her private life off social media; the singer for the first time shared a little information on why she chose motherhood over her career saying;

(1hr 30sec)

I was very ready to be a mum. I HAD BEEN READY 5 years before I became one.
But I never had someone stable in my life. I wanted someone stable in my life so we take care of the child together. So when the person I am dating came into my life the situation felt right and he also wanted it.’

Watch the full interview below:

ONE ON ONE: Jimmy Gait reveals qualities his future wife must have, mtawezana? (Video)

There is a certain point you get to in your life and one of the things you start thinking about is settling down. Some will go as far as writing down the qualities they want their soulmate to possess while others will not mind how the package comes.

During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, James Ngaita, popularly known as Jimmy Gait, opened up about some of the celebrities he would not mind dating and also the qualities he is looking for in his future wife.

Jimmy Gait looking dapper

A fan asked who he would prefer dating between Tanasha Donna and Avril and his response was, “Tanasha is very beautiful and very intelligent but this is fiction…but Tanasha, yes!” The reason why he would not date Avril is because “I dont like very big, sizeable. Kubwa sana si sawa.”

Some of the aspects he considers are spiritual and physical. “If I was looking at the spiritual aspect, then I would not date Tanasha because she is Muslim.” As for Vera Sidika, he said hatawezana. Wacha akae na Brown Mauzo.

For the ladies who are eyeing the Muhadhara hitmaker, I have yet another leakage for you. You have to be an intelligent woman, not jumpy, should be quiet, sophisticated, classy, beautiful and born again.

Jimmy Gait opens up on his tough musical journey

The deal breaker for him would be if a woman is not born again. “Sana sana huyo mtu unataka kusaidia akuwe born again, atakuwa born again ndo mkuwe pamoja. Then once you are together, she goes back to what she used to do,” he stated.

The artist also gave us a history of why he broke up with one of his exes. Apparently, his ex went to his office drunk, staggering, acting funny, weird and shouting all over the place and that is when he decided to call it quits.

Ladies, I hope you took notes. Mine is to wish Jimmy Gait success as he looks for his future wife.

Watch the full interview below.


Apana tambua bwana! Willy Paul openly thirsty over the curvaceous Avril

Willy Paul is tired of holding back his feelings when it comes to Avril Nyambura! After years of trying to keep them hidden, seems that they continue to get stronger with time.

Having had enough, the young man has now decided to publicize his feelings for Avril as seen on his latest post. Well Pozee not only confessed that Avril’s voice keeps him alive and going; but so is her beauty.

This being the first time Willy Paul is writing such beautiful to address a lady; I must confess that there might be more than meets the eye! And in this case, they might just be planning to drop a new project now that Willy is no longer in the Gospel music industry. In his post, Willy Paul wrote;

Avril Nyambura

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Someone please tag this beautiful lady, her beauty n voice has kept some of us alive!! Kuna vile anakuanga tu amechukua my ❤️… aki huyu ndio the beautiful nani…

Avril responds

Judging from the way Avril responded to Willy’s post, could be that she had no idea that the singer would confess his feelings for her so openly.

But hey, since she is no longer in an exclusive relationship with J Blessing who is said to have married another woman; I guess Willy shooting his shot wouldn’t be taken as disrespect!

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Anyway responding to the sweet nothings written by Willy Paul, the queen wrote;


Avril response to Willy Paul

Not quite sure whether the ‘Wauuuuuuuuu’ was meant to come out positively or negatively; but at least Avril did not leave him hanging like she does with most of her admirers.

Curves! Avril parades acres of skin in tiny bikini, 2 years after welcoming her first child (Photos)

Avril Nyambura has been maintaining a low profile ever since welcoming her first child with J Blessing. Rumor making rounds on social media is however that the two parents allegedly parted ways barely 2 years after starting a family together!

We however cannot confirm how true the rumors are – especially since both Avril and J Blessing have proven to be quite secretive!

Despite having welcomed their baby boy 2 years ago; Avril has made sure to keep him off social media but word has it that he looks everything like his dad!

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Avril with baby daddy, Jibril Blessing

Post baby body

Jist like most women, Avril also underwent a few body changes after welcoming her first child! Her petite figure bloomed into perfect curves that often make people uncomfortable when she walks in a room!

Looking at the new bikini photos shared on her social media pages it’s evident to see that Avril’s curves got thicker after welcoming her first child; and if I am not wrong, I guess she may also not be in a hurry to shed off the gained weight anytime soon.

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Her new bikini photos have however left team mafisi zooming in to get an up close look; but the truth is, Avril was undeniably favored by her pregnancy which brought out the best in her!

Although we may take a few more years before meeting her son; fans on the other hand feel that the singer should then at least release a new project to keep them busy and entertained  for the mean time. Anyway check out the bikini photos below.

Avril Nyambura showing off her curves in Ankara print bikini
Singer Avril showing off curves

Kenyan artists are mining gold hosting live shows, and not stopping even after the pandemic

Hollywood star Idris Elba proved his prowess away from the screen to host an electric live show tagged Africa Day Benefit Concert @ Home in celebration of Africa Day, on 25th May 2020. The concert was break from the normal, thanks to changing times occasioned by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The exclusively African show was awash with a stellar cast of regional celebrities to make the online concert a digital musical talent footprint. In normal times, this cast would have graced the red carpet in the characteristic VIP treatment vibe, but well, times change.

Idris Elba had a terrific time hosting stars Bebe Cool, Yemi Alade, Sauti Sol, Burna Bwoy amongst others. Also making an appearance was South African stand-up comedian and TV host, Trevor Noah.

Closer home, Kenyan stars have had to re-package their brands to remain relevant in the dynamic industry. In the earlier times physical shows and concerts would give an artist instant feedback from their fans, but would be a handicap of sorts – their fan base would be restricted. Only the artists familiar with their work would be available.

A live, online show has a greater reach. An artist easily interests and captures followers beyond their normal fan base. This is great, especially post-pandemic with promise of sold out shows inclusive of the new following achieved in live YouTube and IG shows.

In Kenya, it’s hard to credit the most memorable live show. The list is impressive. They have had to learn on the job – there’s no handbook to learn from!

Music fans have been treated to the One Day Concert, by the eclectic performing artist Juliani. This show had a striking ‘Fight Inequality – Fight Covid-19’ theme. Another regular concert that took refuge online is the iconic Koroga Festival on Sunday 24th, which featured artists Zzero Sufuri and the Boondock’s Gang, live.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

The perennial star Nyashinski has made a mark with his IG show. The Decimal Chronicles concert tagged the ‘Curfew Edition’ was lit, notably songstress Bridget Blue kicking it off with her single, Cheza.

Naiboi has teamed up with Avril, and H_Art the Band live on diverse dates and kept their followers on their toes. With such talent and vigor seen with Naiboi, the energy seeps right through the digital barriers.

Besides the music stars, celebrated mix-master DJ Bash became the first Kenyan entertainer to do a 24-hr live IG show. That’s previously unseen on these shores – uninterrupted, sizzling performance.

In this industry, things and trends change in an instant. Regardless of how things get after the global pandemic is brought under control, the live shows by our artists will be to stay. They’ve timely uncovered a hitherto-ignored digital gold mine, and its infinite possibilities.

Avril Nyambura’s special birthday message from baby daddy as she celebrate 34th birthday!

Avril Nyambura is finally 34 years…yes just 6 away from hitting 40, that age many women including myself tend to fear.

Anyway, the lass who is also a mother of a 2 year old baby boy has been aging like fine wine and unlike most women who are self conscious; Miss Avril is the true definition of beauty and inspiration to women.

However unlike other female celebrities like Betty Kyallo and Catherine Kamau who are sweethearts to many Kenyans; Avril has lately been receiving mixed feelings from Kenyans demanding for new projects since her silence is putting her talent to waste.


Birthday message from J Blessing

Anyway even after refusing to address claims linking her to J Blessing who is her alleged baby daddy; there is no doubt the chemistry between these two is quite strong.

A few weeks ago the singer excited many Kenyans with her birthday dedicated to Jibril. And now, the fella has returned the favor as he celebrated Avril with unique birthday message showing the real Avril.



As seen on the video, clearly there was no need of photoshop or slimming effects; and for some reason many seem to have fallen in love with the video showing Avril the small imperfections that make the lady an African Queen.

Private relationship

Although it’s evident that they have no plans of exposing their relationship to the public; chances are that these two now live as man and wife!

Indeed Jibril bagged himself a gorgeous woman, who is not only beautiful but has brains!

Avril with baby daddy, Jibril Blessing

Avril Nyambura has also proven to be good in terms of chasing her paper, and I bet this is why she cares less of what people say about her; whether good or bad since she can afford to pay her bills!

Vitu kwa ground ni different! Avril leaves fans talking after her unfiltered photos surface online

Avril Nyambura is one proud mum of a young baby boy and of course after pregnancy comes baby fat among other struggles that we women have to put up with.

Anyway, after welcoming her son back in 2018, the lady has been struggling to shed off her baby weight which is never too easy to cut and this where the filters/photoshop comes in handy for ladies.

Jalang’o, Avril and Chris 001

Well a few fans have come out to share their opinions after Avril’s filter free photo surfaced on social media – showing us the real her.

Reduce the filters

Don’t get me wrong, but adding weight especially after child birth is normal and acceptable – however these same celebrities who refuse to embrace the changes in their physical appearance are the same people giving young women the pressure to appear ‘perfect’ yet they look different in person.

Anyway below are the photos taken from her interview on Radio Milele earlier this morning.

Avril with Jalang’o

And the comments;

“Haitaki makasiriko!” Avril tells off Naiboi for holding on to old grudges

Singer Avril was not impressed with how Naiboi handled their beef which started back in 2018 after the mother of 1 refused to feature on his popular song dubbed 2 in 1.

Naiboi and Avril online fight

From my understanding back in 2018 Avri Nyambura was heavy with her first child and since she wanted to keep this on the low – it’s obvious that she wouldn’t have featured on Naiboi’s project.

However if is no secret that Naiboi has been holding on this grudge for almost two years and if possible for more coming years as he swore not to ever work with Avril.

Avril’s hits back

Well, through her Instagram page Avril went on to make things clear that she had no problem with no one whatsoever.

Although her post sounded sarcastic and carefree – I am not quite sure whether they will ever find it in their hearts to love past this stage. Anyway below is a screenshot from Avril’s response to Naiboi.


Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

I’m not a fan of Bongo music. I only listen to Tanzanian songs when I have to, for instance when I am doing a review or when they are randomly played at a club, party or in a matatu.

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On the flip side, I admire so many Tanzanian artists not for any other reason but because they really work their asses off. I could list them but their names would take up all this space. So, I’ll save you the agony.

WCB arists
WCB artists

Bongo music has always been big deal  not only in Tanzania but across the continent and it’s bout time we – or rather our artists – borrowed a leaf from them.

They should ask themselves questions like,”What can we learn from Tanzanian musicians?”, “What areas should we work on?” and “What are they doing differently?”

One of the Bongo artists that I really admire, just like most of you is Diamond Platnumz. Despite being accomplished and all, he has never been content with his success. He keeps pushing each and every day.

Since the year begun he has released more than 30 songs, perhaps more, including collabos. As a result, he is always at the top of people’s minds.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

It always seems like he is a pacesetter for the Tanzanian music industry since most people – including his stablemates – like Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen want to keep up with him.

The local music industry lacks a someone who keeps artists on their toes as is the case with Tanzania and this means that very few musicians, if any, give a hoot about consistency.

The truth is that people get bored very fast. I doubt if any of the people who are reading this article can have a jam in their playlists for more than a week and this means that artists need to release more music. There is no other way.

Many of you will be quick to point out that new age artists such as; Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, 34 GVNG, Gwaash, etc. are constantly releasing music but let’s be honest, that is not serious music.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In as much as we find the songs by these youngins catchy, they rarely transcend our borders. It’s what it is. To add to that, the quality is always wanting.

I’m talking about the likes of Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Octopizzo, Khaligraph, King Kaka, Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali, Avril etc. Will they ever wake up from their deep slumber? If so, when? Enough said.

“My son looks like Heaven Bahati” says Risper Faith

There are many who have been waiting for Risper to unveil her son’s face but it seems to be taking long.

However, thanks to a comment the lady recently left under the Bahati’s photo shared by Diana Marua we now understand that Risper’s son apparently looks like Heaven Bahati.

The Bahati’s

The mother of one went on to leave a comment saying;

So cute I wish I had the confidence to post my son he looks like heaven❤️????????


This is the first time Risper Faith is opening up about her son. A while back she had revealed that her husband Brian is not willing to have them share a photo of their baby – therefore it might take a while before we finally see him.

Singer Marya and husband

Among the celebrities who have continue to hide their children’s faces is Marya and her hubby who have kept their son Kevo Junior on the low for almost 2 years now.

Avril Nyambura, Cashy among others also seem to have joined in the new trend of keeping their babies on the low until they feel comfortable to reveal them.

Singer Avril already off the market? Check out her gorgeous ‘wedding bands’

Song bird Avril might have just walked down the aisle in secret if the new gold rings on her left fingers mean anything.

The mother of one flaunted her rings in a new photo shared on Instagram leaving her fans wondering whether she got married to her soon to be revealed baby daddy.

Judging from how she lately carries herself, well it wouldn’t be such a big surprise if she decided to have a low key wedding to avoid the press and public from interfering with her privacy.

Avril’s wedding band?

Avril linked to J Blessing

Rumors on the streets is that TV producer and Music Video Director J Blessing is Avril’s baby daddy and lover.

Avril with her son

Not quite sure whether the two got married but the rings Avril is seen rocking are definitely not cheap nor common.

“My Grandfather was a boxing champion” screams Avril while sharing her family lineage 

Singer Avril is a champion in the music industry because she sure comes from a family of champions.

The singer was recently on social media to share that her grandpa Philip Waruinge once represented Kenya in the Olympics in Mexico in 1968 and won Bronze medal.


According to Avril, she has heard a lot about his stories while growing up. She was on social media to honor him saying that he is a true hero.

“I am humbled having met this man is an under statement… very few people know know that I am the grand daughter of the living legend boxing olympian phillip waruinge… hearing tales about him from his childhood friend and boxer as well, jimmie ‘pap pap’, made my heart so full #myheroes #greatnessrunsthroughmyveins #stinger #lightweightboxingchampions.”

Most Kenyan musicians don’t know their worth and it’s sad

Despite being super-talented and all, you’ll be shocked to learn that most Kenyan musicians don’t really understand their worth. This is a sad fact of life!

So, here’s the scenario, you are are dead broke despite being an accomplished musician. You’ve dropped three new singles since the year began.

To add to that  you have thousands of followers on your own social media pages, meaning you can easily pull crowds to a gig.


Someone, say a fraudulent promoter, approaches and asks you to perform at an out of town gig for Ksh. 10,000 and you agree because you need to sort out some bills and what not.

Who’s the fool here? Is it the promoter or the musician. It’s definitely the latter and I’ll explain why.

You see, Kenyan musicians should be aware of their worth and stop undervaluing themselves. When they accept paltry amounts for out of town gigs, they are unknowingly setting a bad precedence.

Event organizers are always in constant communication. If word goes around that you charge a certain amount for a performance, your rate card is set.


The next time an event organizer calls the musician up, they will probably offer them the same amount or much less.

At the end of the day, a musician will be bitter for getting bad rates yet they are being offered such meagre amounts because of the precedence that they set. It’s your fault bro!

Musicians should know that it’s okay to turn down amounts they are not comfortable with and that their personal needs or debts should not come before their crafts.

If a musician  needs a manager to help them evaluate how much they are worth, they should go ahead and get one. It’s totally okay!

This way, they’ll get paid what they are worth.  The musician, will also be able to do more things. Instead of performing at many small gigs and being underpaid, just have one or two and get your worth.

Some of the musicians who have been smiling all the way to the bank because they understand their worth are the likes of Naiboi, Khaligraph, Sauti Sol, Otile Brown, Nameless, Avril, Fena Gitu, King Kaka, Octopizzo, Nyashinski, just to name a few.


If you’ve been wondering how come they always have a new song every now and then it’s because they are getting paid what they are worth.

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J Blessing shares sweet message to his birthday girl, Avril

TV producer, Jibril Blessing, appreciates Kenyan songbird, Avril on her birthday with a video whose caption is her own romantic jam and the beauty´s images in the background.

The Kenyan video director expresses his heartfelt wishes to the mother of 1 for being an amazing ally and the true definition of a champion.


The melodious singer appreciates:

???? Thank you J. Much appreciated


Happy Birthday to the ´aging´ Queen.


“My pregnancy hormones didn’t like him” Avril on why he blocked ‘noisy’ Shaffie Weru 

Well, there’s a popular saying in Swahili that goes like “Mimba ilimkata” which roughly translates to a pregnant woman disliking someone because of nothing at all. Just hormones pushing her into the act.

That’s what happened between singer Avril and radio host Shaffie Weru. A pregnant Avril blocked the popular radio host on instagram without a specific reason.

Missed him

In her recent visit to Kiss FM to launch her new song, Shaffie asked her why she did and Avril confessed that it was just her hormones.

“It was my pregnancy hormones.” she told him. 

Having blocked him for several months, Avril confessed that she later missed him on her timeline.

“You are the only female celebrity i follow so not seeing you for one year 3 months was hard for me,” she added. 

Striking a balance between work and baby! Avril reveals her struggle with parenting

Sultry singer Avril became a mother for the first time sometimes in July 2018. Her life changed forever since she gave birth to her son.

Avril opened up about motherhood challenges during a recent interview with Kiss FM. She talked about lessons she has learnt ever since she became a mother.

“Motherhood has it’s trials, especially for a new mum right at the beginning when it hasn’t quite hit you that this is your life now; but it’s the most rewarding chapter of my life that I have ever found myself in. It’s teaching me a love that I never knew existed, patience that has brought me so much peace. The fatigue at the beginning weighed me and I’ll admit got me a bit loopy, but once I got a hang of things I started being a very happy tired person,” said Avril.

Baby and work

Avril also narrated how she had managed striking a balance between her son and her work. The mother of one revealed that being self employed has really helped her even though she get affected emotionally when she leaves her son behind for a few days due to the nature of her job.

“Later I think the greatest challenge started being striking that balance as a working mother. I am fortunate to be self-employed so I spend a lot of time with my son, but there comes a time when I need to travel for a couple of days; that’s usually pretty hard for me especially emotionally. The first time was the worst,” Avril said.





Avril explains why she refused to appear in Naiboi’s video whereas she agreed to appear in Otile Brown’s new video

Rapper Naiboi was sad and depressed when fellow artistes Avril, Sanaipei Tande and Victoria Kimani refused to feature in his music video ‘2 in 1’.

The irony is that ‘2 in 1’ went on to become such a big hit after the ladies turned him down. The rapper said Avril and Sanaipei Tande politely declined his request to appear in his music video whereas Victoria Kimani simply ignored his request.

“Avril told me she was going to send, but I tried calling and my calls went unanswered. For her, I believe she might have not understood the idea, but at least she told me she was going to send, which she didn’t. It was a different case with Victoria. I called Sanaipei and she told me at the moment she can’t be in such a project, unless we have a project together. That makes sense to me, than someone blue-ticking me,” said Naiboi in a past interview.

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Excuse or genuine reason?

Avril has appeared on Otile Brown’s new music video ‘Kenyan Girl’. The singer was among several other celebs who were featured in the video.

A curious fan confronted Avril on YouTube comment section about failing to appear in Naiboi’s video whereas she was featured in Otile Brown’s video.

“You refused to do 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to..” Josephin Elenah asked Avril.

To which Avril replied:

“yer I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital…didn’t feel like getting into it with him .. let people do what they gotta do


‘There is a whole science behind it’ Avril shares how she managed to lose the extra baby fat and snapped back 

Singer Avril gave birth early this year to a healthy baby boy. It’s no yet clear who the father of the baby is but rumors have insisted it’s producer J Blessing.

The two have always dodged giving an official statement on the matter and have neither denied or accepted they brought the baby to this world.

Anyway, having given birth, the singer managed to snap back to her curvy body in just weeks and many are wondering how it all happened. In an interview with Switch TV, she explained that breastfeeding has helped her cut the weight.

“You know what happened, I gave birth to a baby boy who has been breastfeeding. I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby up to now he is 8 months still breastfeeding. I started weaning him at 6 months he loves his mashed bananas and bla bla bla but he still breastfeeds,” she said.


The singer went on to add that many people underestimate the power of breastfeeding but it’s important in losing weight. There’s a lot of science in play that many don’t understand which makes it all possible.

“There is a whole science behind it, there is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin. So when it’s generated from the brain to the abdomen muscles it tells the body you need to contract… So when you are breastfeeding that chemical goes down and causes contractions and the contraction leave you snatched.” she added. 


Who’s fooling who? Avril explains viral lesbian nude photos

Sometimes in November 2010, Judith Nyambura Mwangi aka Avril was cluttered with lesbianism allegations that gave many irreversible shocks.

Damning photos popped online showing Avril getting seriously cozy with another lady, and this was the genesis of the ‘Hallo Baby’ hit maker being labeled a lesbian.

One of the photos that leaked in 2010 showing Avril getting some with another girl
One of the photos that leaked in 2010 showing Avril getting some with another girl
Straight shooter

Avril is not attracted to girls, the mother of one made this clear during an interview with Kalekye Mumo. She said the girl in the viral photos wasn’t even her.

The sultry singer explains that she whole lesbian scandal was a malicious scheme intended to kick her out of Ogopa record label.

“They say you haven’t made it until someone calls you the ‘L’ (lesbian) word. That is what Kanye said, so whatever! I have never been an experimental type. I have never been experimental with my sexuality. I am a straight chic, I am a straight shooter. It was something I came to find out later that there were some people who wanted me to be dropped from Ogopa DJs. They don’t know that I know because somebody from their team later came and told me: ‘By the way, this is what happened… bla bla bla…’ One of the women in that picture wasn’t even me, man!” said Avril.


Avril: I had non-cancerous growths in my uterus, could be the reason it took me longer to get pregnant

Singer Avril Nyambura gave birth to her first child – a baby boy sometimes in April 2018. The boy is rumored to have been fathered by J Blessing even though Avril neither denies or confirms it.

Avril opened up about her struggle getting pregnant in an exclusive interview with Parents Magazine. She was featured on the cover page of Parents Magazine’s October edition.


Avril reveals that doctors discovered she had fibriods when she was pregnant with her son. Her doctors told her the fibroids could be the reason why she struggled to get pregnant.

Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow in the womb during a woman’s childbearing years. They can vary greatly in size and can affect up to 80 percent of women over 50. [sic]

“I had two fibroids when I was pregnant and the doctors speculated that that could have been the reason it took me longer to conceive,” Avril revealed.



Si uko na wako na haumuweki! Fans attack Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe’s son on social media 

A section of Kenyans was not happy with singer Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe’s son on her Instagram page yet she hasn’t been posting her baby.

A photo shared by Eric Omondi on his social media account to show support for Maribe after she was sent to Langata Women Prison has been doing rounds on social media.


According to fans, Avril shouldn’t post the photo because the young boy is not connected to the on going case. Also, because she doesn’t post her’s she should refrain from posting other people’s kids on her page.

Here are some of the comments:

Ruby: Ni wapi huyo mtoto amehusika kumuua Monica.style up my dear.Niko na uhakika hata huyo Monica huenda yuko na scandal zake alizoenda nazo kaburini kushinda hii.Alikuwa anafanya nini na fiance wa wenyewe.Simurudii yeyote kwa mauwaji lakini mwache huyu malaika nje ya hayo.

Luccie: Pull this down if you could not go support her in court! Fake friend

Imma: @theavieway put yourself in Jackie’s shoes, would you be happy if someone else posted a pic of your lovely son on social media, without your consent, when you are at your worst moment? When you so much wish you could hold him or spend some quality time with him, but you can’t because you found yourself in a compromising situation that has left you behind bars. Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you. When you post anything people will comment and not everyone has good vibes, some will comment with harsh words living you feeling sorry or even worse. I believe God is in control?

Judith: Why are you posting this kid, these Kenyan celebrities wako down sana, post your babies, kwanza wewe mwenyewe unaficha wako, usituletee….so disgusting

Kari: @theavieway this pic is very inappropriate. You claim privacy for your child and want to expose someone else’s child while pretending to be showing sympathy. Very hypocritical behaviour especially from a celebrity mom. Know better, do better.

Emmy: This one is quick to post another woman’s child na wake ako busy protecting from Social media, pull this pic down woman with all due respect

Lee: Don’t post another persons child without consent from the mother .Its violating the child’s right and the mother did not give consent considering all the turmoil going on around her. Celebrity or not its not right!..who told you showing the agony of the child to the world helps the child or the mother.

Rexy: Seriously Avril….. No one has the right to start circulating the kids pic.. He is not involved in this


Singer Avril reveals the main reason you will not be seeing her son’s face anytime soon

Avril Nyambura is among the new celebrity mum’s we have in the entertainment industry. However unlike most mums, the singer prefers to keep her private life on the low.

Early this year someone close to her leaked information about her pregnancy giving many tabloids a reason to ‘meddle’. With this news already out for the public Avril did not deny nor confirm that she was expecting her first child.

As expected she tried hiding her baby bump until the last semester where her bump was too huge to conceal with baggy outfits. Anyway later on she confirmed to have given birth to an adorable baby; but she has since refused to unveil her baby’s face.

Why Avril’s son will remain on the low

Anyway just recently during an interview with Parents Magazine, the singer came out to reveal why her fans will not be seeing her baby anytime soon.

According to Avril, she wants her son ‘M’ to live a simple life without being pushed to unrealistic expectations by his mum’s fans. Avril opened up saying;


“I want M to have a simple life, without the pressure of being compared to or being set for unrealistic expectations because he is my son. When he is old enough and chooses the public light for himself, then that’s okay. Until then it’s a no for me,”

This comes after Avril told Parent’s Magazine that so far she has refused big endorsements aiming to use her son as a brand ambassador!

Naiboi: “Avril and Victoria Kimani ignored my request to appear on 2 in 1!”

Although his 2 in 1 song is a success; seems that Naiboi also faced a few challenges here and there.

Just recently he revealed that he had no budget for his song and thanks to a few Kenyan celebrities he managed to come up with a catchy video.

So far the song has seen him raise to the top and if I am not wrong, Naiboi might just be the hottest artist in the industry.

Avril and Victoria snubbed me

However this did not give him a free pass when it came to Avril and Victoria Kimani. Speaking to Adele this morning, Naiboi revealed that he reached out to our Kenyan Diva’s Avril and Victoria Kimani who ignored him.

Apparently he tried to get them on his video for support but the two ladies never got back to him. Well, this is not new in the Kenyan music industry and we still ask why our music is lagging behind?

Here’s why Avril has not released new projects in months

Song bird Avril Nyambura is among the celebrated female artists in East Africa; but she has not been releasing new music like before.

Well, definitely this is something her die hard fans had to notice. Having worked on successful projects before, most fans expect the lady to drop one song after another; However just recently Avril responded as to why she has been missing in the music industry.

She talked about this while responding to a comment left by a fan who needed to hear new music from her.

Why Avril has been missing in action

Having welcomed a baby a few months ago, it’s quite obvious that she had to disappear for a while. According to Avri she needed some time off but she will be returning soon.


Illuminati recruiter desperate to enroll singer Avril into satanic cult

Illuminati is a mysterious group said to have direct link to Lucifer himself. Other conspiracy theorists believe Illuminati is a group that seeks a new world order, the reason why it recruits politicians, religious leaders and celebrities.

Illuminati members are said to be using the media to brainwash the masses. This explain why the secret society is said to focus on recruiting people who have influence over the masses.

Kenyan singer Avril Nyambura shared a screenshot of a message she received from an alleged Illuminati recruiter. The person was offering Avril instant riches if she agreed to join the secret society.

Life changed forever

The Illuminati recruiter further tells Avril that the secret society is recruiting billions of citizens across the world. They promises her that her life will change for the better if she joins the satanic cult.

“Hello, join Illuminati and change your life forever. For the first time in history our organisation is seeking to recruit candidates for Illuminati membership from the billions of citizens on this planet. My name is ***. I am a full member, we make you rich and famous,” the message read.

Avril however laughed off the message. Con men have also been sending similar messages to unsuspecting Kenyans with the aim of ripping them off.



Singer Avril receives second marriage proposal? 

Sultry songbird Avril Nyambura could be engaged again! The mother of one set tongues wagging when she shared a photo showing a mystery man propose to her.

Avril received her first marriage proposal when she was in a relationship with South African ex Leslie Mugadza. The Kenyan singer publicly announced her engagement to Mugadza in early 2014, and even posted a photo of the ring and the face of her South African fiancé.

Avril and ex fiance Leslie Mugadza
Avril and ex fiance Leslie Mugadza
Second proposal

Avril hinted she received a second marriage proposal when she shared a photo showing a shadow of a man kneeling on one knee and holding the ring on one hand.

The photo was taken during her recent vacation at Diani Beach, Mombasa. It seems Avril’s bae took her on a vacation to Coast to pop the big question.