Why do Kenyans keep recycling old talent?

Why do Kenyans keep recycling Talent? that is the question we are trying to tackle today. What I mean by this is the fact that we have the same Radio presenters the same TV presenters the same entertainers that we did a decade ago still being pushed by corporates and mainstream Media even though they no longer have a dedicated fanbase to flaunt.

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Young Kenyans I have experienced a boom in terms of opportunities to launch their careers by the comedians like Crazy Kennar, new artists like Wakadinali, or even just lifestyle stars like Thee Pluto, it’s clear to see young Kenyans no longer feel connected to the old crop of celebrities.

Amina Abdi Rabar

Yet any time you switch on the radio you’ll hear the same old voices and when watching TV you see the same old faces and mainstream Media keeps wondering why they are hemorrhaging viewers. And at this point it’s just pathetic.

The disrespect! Khaligraph Jones belittles singer Bahati in new war of words

But this is nothing new as the previous generation too faced the same however back in the day there weren’t as many avenues of entertainment and social media so mainstream Media could act as gatekeepers.

But the new crop of Kenyan celebrities do not need to be co-signed by anyway I do not need to be elevated by any a cake structure and so we have witnessed the Democratic version of celebrity Hood and as long as you’re content resonates with the audience, you will become a star.

Gone are the days when we would be force-fed aging and washed-up celebrities who cling onto the moniker of being “youth” even though their last hit song came 7 years ago. And this is unfortunately evident without such as Avril who released a song recently on her YouTube channel only to see it garner 1000 views.

Of course there are some exceptions such as Nyashinski but by and large Kenyans are manufacturing their own celebrity is regardless of what mainstream media says, so why are corporate sponsoring concerts that boast artists who have aged out of relevancy?

Why are lifestyle shows still being hosted by people whose clout has long been dwarfed buy more relevant younger Kenyan celebrities?

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Kamene Goro and Avril prove plus size women should rock African attire

Kamene Goro and Avril are both heavy set girls. They aren’t ever in any danger of being considered the stereotypical malnourished African whenever Western media wants to talk about us starving and being in a war-torn continent.

Wanawake Mjitegemee- ”Men Don’t Respect Women Who Can’t Hold Their Own” Kamene Goro

That said, whenever they decide to get dressed, they always invariably go for urban style clothing and outside of the convenience of getting said clothing, these clothes aren’t designed to be flattering to the fat-girl form.

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This is why we have statements such as, “Dress your size” because even the creators of those attires usually know they are not designing clothes for round figured women. That is why you will not find designer outfits made for fat women.

Kamene Goro has been packing on an immense amount of weight over the past few months. The same statement rings true for Avril. Ever since she got her baby, she has been unable to shed off the baby weight and has infact gone on to pack more and more weight.

Here’s why Kamene Goro’s ideal man would not want her

And so whenever Kamene Goro and Avril have been dressed up in their best jeans/ joggers and t-shirts, there is no denying that they often look fat and frumpy. And although it isn’t politically correct to say such things, that is the truth.

And yet when they rocked African attire, they looked really great. Kamene Goro and Avril made me realize that African attire is very flattering to plus-size women. They actually looked great.

Perhaps this was down to the fact that these clothes are designed with the African form in mind and these days, more than eighty per cent of women over the age of thirty are fat-to-obese. And African designers and tailors create clothes with African women and their realities in mind.

I actually would love to see more and more women like Kamene Goro and Avril embrace African attire because it isn’t cool to be spilling out of your jeans with your muffin top or having to stuff your belly into the trousers you’re wearing.

And lets face it, there is not point in telling either Kamene Goro and Avril and their plump sisters to hit the gym because it will not happen -too much hard work and discipline would be demanded there so instead, let them embrace African attire.

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About the black and white photo challenge, and why you shouldn’t break the #ChallengeAccepted trend

The black and white photo challenge has taken up significant attention on social media. It’s a prompt amongst friends to post a personal photo, albeit in black and white, on Instagram and other social sites, with the caption #challengeaccepted.

Did you know it has evolved globally as a sign of women’s empowerment and is a part of a campaign called “women supporting women”?

Have you been “challenged” yet?

Michelle Ntalami in the Challenge
Michelle Ntalami in the Challenge

If you are a lady haven’t yet been challenged, there are chances that you will be. All it requires is to post a black and white photo with the caption “challenge accepted” and then passing the baton to the next woman. You have participated in the women empowerment campaign.

While many social media enthusiasts may do it for fun, it’s an inconsequential and valuable addition to the cause.

The origin of the challenge remains fluid, with many cites sources. The most authentic and realistic source has been tagged to women in Turkey protesting against femicide and gender-based violence. Other sources may be unrelated but have fuelled the movement, and prominent women personalities with huge following have participated.

On an abstract level, black and white colors have often been used as truth meters and morality gauges in the society. That is easily explained by the phrase “tell it to me in black and white”.

In photography, making the choice to use black and white instead has communicated an introspective seriousness, a kind of clarity of moral and artistic intent.  This is partly due to the idea that facts are black and white and color is some kind of wild, luxurious distraction.

Is there any truth in that?

Sussie Kirea and Ann Njambi on Facebook
Sussie Kirea and Ann Njambi on Facebook

Kenyan celebrities on Instagram haven’t been left behind in the empowerment drive.

Instagram tags the challenge as “meant to celebrate strength, spread love, and remind all women that supporting each other is everything.”

Just to name a few: Yvonne Okwara. Jacquie Maribe. Michelle Ntalami. Avril. Sage. Mayonde.

Wherever the origin of the challenge, it’s a big motivation for the women and a reason to support each other. It’s a ‘feel-good’, power-to-the-women feeling that sheds light to atrocities meted upon the gender mostly for being female. It also sends a precedent for future generation to fight against gender abuse.

What you waiting for?

Accept the challenge, and pass it on!


Watching Avril’s star diminish: Reaching the end of her celebrity cycle

Avril was one of the pioneers of Kenya’s urban entertainment scene, being one of only a handful of women who took the foray into music back in the small 2000s. She was fronted by Ogopa DJs who had tasted immense success with their other acts like Nameless, Esir and Deux Vultures.

Avril Nyambura’s special birthday message from baby daddy as she celebrate 34th birthday!

When Ogopa DJs decided to focus on female acts, there was Avril, Amani and Marya. Of the three, Avril has arguably been relevant longest. Amani disappeared before she resurfaced as a gospel artist and Marya fell off with her love-life being more a cause for headlines than her talents.


And don’t get me wrong, given the fact that Avril was by and large considered attractive by a huge section of Kenyan men, her love-life was of interest.

Vitu kwa ground ni different! Avril leaves fans talking after her unfiltered photos surface online

And that actually brings us to the matter at hand; Avril’s dwindling star.


Gone are the days when we would look out for Avril’s music. These days we are more concerned with whom she is dating. Her songs bear the telltale signs of a drop in relevance as they struggle to garner one hundred thousand views when she doesn’t feature artists who come with their own massive fanbase.

“Haitaki makasiriko!” Avril tells off Naiboi for holding on to old grudges

As a result, she has begun having to increasingly rely on collaborations and publicity stunts. A case in point would be her public “feud” with Naiboi. It was admittedly well executed and as a result, the music video to their song Rada to date has amassed 1.3 million views (on Naiboi’s channel) whereas the same pairing has only amassed one hundred and fifty-four thousand views for their collaborative effort Weka which sits on Avril’s channel.

Avril performing

And while Avril was a hot commodity artist, to her credit, she attempted to make a business out of her fame as she announced she was working on an earphones deal. That fell through and unfortunately, now she is left with a shell of her fame and nothing to show for it.

J Blessing shares sweet message to his birthday girl, Avril

Consequently, she now makes headlines because of her relationship with J Blessing. She makes headlines because of their love-child.

J Blessing with Bahati

And this is just the natural progression of any artist’s career but when the artist relies on her sexual appeal to carry the better part of her brand, the fall in popularity is more pronounced.

“My pregnancy hormones didn’t like him” Avril on why he blocked ‘noisy’ Shaffie Weru 

At this point, the best options that lay in front of Avril are either for her to make the famed gospel switch or for her to look for a TV show that she can host.

Jalang'o and Avril

You see, the gospel switch opens a whole new demographic to Avril that is forgiving of the fact she has aged. In fact, they will embrace her as an example of how women can turn back to God after the secular world is done with them. She can sell the redemption story like Size 8 or Amani.

Striking a balance between work and baby! Avril reveals her struggle with parenting

Or she could host a lifestyle show on TV and this opens her up to a new, younger audience especially of lads who can make her out to be their fantasy MILF. But at the end of the day, we have to face the fact that Avril no longer has the star power to draw the attention she needs to turn her next release into a smash hit.

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Azziad vs Femi One and Avril: Do artists owe influencers money?

Azziad seems to have a way of exciting gullible Kenyan simps who have already seen the magician behind the curtain and peeped just how much of her mystique is makeup but Kenyan men still continue to thirst and she is smart enough to leverage this shameless thirst.

“Yo! get some sleep” Avril breathes fire on fan vouching for Azziad’s recognition on Hello Baby track

So when she decides to dance along to a song, these simps push it into the trending page on Youtube and whichever other platforms Kenyan simps sit on.

Azziad Nasenya (left) and Utawezana hitmakers, Femi One and Mejja (right)

Femi One and Avril are the recipients of this attention thanks to Azziad dancing along to their music. And trust the simps to have noticed this fact. And they went further and demanded these two artists pay Azziad for being essentially an influencer for their music, making it popular.

“Utawezana was trending before Azziad!” Femi One savagely claps back

And this assertion has irked both women. Femi One was quick to point out that Azziad only danced along to her song because it was already lit and trending. Essentially, Azziad jumped onto an existing trend and reinvigorated it but with or without her contribution to the music, it was going to trend.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars
Avril however, was less uhm… Magnanimous in her response but that is because her circumstances were convolutedAzziad decided to dance to a song Avril had released a song featuring Ommy Dimpoz a long time ago that had its moment in the sun before being consigned to the forgotten bin. So when Azziad decided to retrieve it and dance to it, she legitimately did make it trend once more.

Avril responds

So do the two artists owe Azziad a paycheque? I don’t think so. You see, the argument has already been made that whenever America influencers, for instance, dance along to an artist’s song, they do not demand to be paid because they were not contracted to popularize the song. Sure, some influencers like Kylie Jenner can make a song that wasn’t on the radar hot, but they do so simply because they enjoy the song and want to share it with their fans.

Azziad Nasenya speaks up on claims of referring to Diamond Platnumz as ‘a woman eater!’ (Interview)

Azziad needs to try and dance to a Drake song then send him a bill. But knowing just how much he simps, he will probably pay her. So perhaps I should say that she should dance to some SixNine song and then send him a bill for “popularizing it”.

The fact of the matter is that aye, she is still pretty influential but her 15 minutes of fame are running out. But she cannot claim to want anything from Femi One or Avril. Sure, it would be nice to receive a thank you text or some acknowledgement but nothing is owed.


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‘Just know i’m taken’ Avril confesses she has a man but refuses to share who he is

The guessing game on who singer Avril fathered her child with continues as Kenyans try to dig her deeper and deeper to see whether she’ll leave any clues on who she’s currently dating.

In an interview with Citizen Radio’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the singer confessed that she dating someone, and he’s very much involved with the upbringing of their kid.

“I am taken,” she told Mzazi Willy Tuva during the interview. “He is very dedicated and committed to M. He is a really present father.” She added.


Kenyans believe the singer got the child with producer Jblessing though the two have never agreed or denied. When asked who the father of the baby was, she said that she’s not ready to reveal her family.
“I wanted a child and I feel so fulfilled as it’s an amazing feeling. I will introduce my family when I want to but not now. I am learning to live a private life and people close to me know exactly what’s going on and I would like to keep it like that.” she added. 



Avril: I have turned down endorsement deals because I don’t want companies to use my baby

They say labour always kicks in at the least expected time and always needs a hero to help out.

For singer Avril, she was her own hero when labour came.

In  a recent interview with Parents Magazine, the singer said that she drove herself to hospital when labour kicked in. She also said that she did most of the preparation of the baby by herself.

“When I found out I was pregnant I had mixed feelings. It was something I had wanted for so long so I was happy. However, I also wondered, ‘what do I do next?’ By my second month, I was done with baby shopping and when my water broke, I drove myself to hospital,” Avril told Parents Magazine.


Avril also shared that she has rejected several endorsements deals from companies since she doesn’t want to use her baby yet. She said even though the deals were good money she had to say no unless she took the endorsement herself.

“I’ve been approached for endorsement deals and I’ve had to turn them all down. Mind you, it’s a lot of money. However, if I’m signing a contract, I’m signing as Avril not as Avril and M, unless the corporate is comfortable with my son’s identity remaining anonymous.” she said. 


Ni wa nani huyu? Avril gives Kenyans first look of her baby(photos)

Kenyans have been guessing for months who the father of Avril’s baby is in vain. First, they started by guessing whether Avril was pregnant after she choose to stay silent even when heavy with the baby until word finally leaked.

Though rumours have been pointing towards Jblessing as the dad, it seems the guessing will not stop any times soon especially, now that she has posted first full photos of the baby.

Understanding a mother

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared a deep message while sharing the photo saying:

“I struggle so deeply to understand how someone can pour their entire soul blood and energy into someone without wanting anything in return. i will have to wait till I’m a mother.”

Here are the photos:


Singer Avril was booed after she tried telling parents the nasty stuff their kids do when alone

Singer Avril wanted to inform parents on what their kids do when left alone but ended offending many than she expected. After Kenyans started #ifikiewazazi  hashtag showing some of the nasty things kids are doing these days on social media, older guys have been trying to give them a sense of direction.

Avril shared how she once tried it during an event and it didn’t go down so well.

“I remember asking some parents whether they knew what their teens are up to during a certain awareness campaign and they were so hell-bent against it and I remember clearly being booed and for some reason, I thought the event was serving spoilt milk by the looks on people’s faces…cause I wasn’t a parent (yet I probably spend more time with teens being in the entertainment space than they ever would do)…I’ll never understand, oh how people love to use that card. Haya #ifikiewazazi sasa. I’ll probably be lynched for that statement nishazoea save it.”


Stop the shaming

Being a person who experienced online bullying after her nudes were leaked, the singer asked Kenyans to find better solutions to tackle the matter other than just sharing their photos online.

You have an obligation as an adult to steer any if not every young person you meet towards responsibility. The frustration and ugliness you have gone through are lessons that can always hold a person’s hand…So instead of the shaming and cyberbullying through #ifikiewazazi jiulize maswali kiasi especially kama you are over 21.”