My potty my choice! Real House Helps of Kawangware actress Awiti wards off critics from her pot belly

Winnie Rubi popularly known as Awiti has hit back at critics poking fun at her tummy. The Real House Helps of Kawangware actress is proud of every inch of her curvy body.

Awiti boasts of serious curves that make them brothers drool like crazy. Forget her role on he Real House Helps of Kawangware, she is a slay queen in real life.

Winnie Rubi

Awiti however doesn’t have flat tummy that her critics admire. The curvy actress destroyed detractors castigating her over her pot belly on her post on social media.

She shared a photo of herself showing her potty and captioned it ‘I owe no one a flat tummy’. The message is directed to flat tummy admirers.


Is DJ Shiti planning on quitting TV show ‘Real House helps of Kawangare?’

Comedian Dj Shiti has not only been winning fans but he has also been growing his promising career. For a while now he has been entertaining his fans through the Real House Helps of Kawangare where he plays the role of the lead actor – after comedian Njugush left.

However during an interview with Pulse just recently, he was asked whether it was true that he was to leave the TV show as revealed by several tabloids a while back.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti with Awiti

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Well, he did not confirm nor deny but according to him – he was only supposed to appear on 5 episodes and after his contract ended the producers of the show convinced him to stay he said;

Well upon meeting Abel Mutua in 2014, who introduced me to Mr Waithaka Mukuria, the agreement we had was that I was to feature in strictly five episodes.But owing to great public demand Mr Waithaka was forced to recall me.

With his catchy and funny character I bet the show would have never gotten the same review as he played the important part now that Njugush was no longer working with ‘Real House helps of Kawangare.
Anyway it is good for his fans to know that he is not planning on leaving anytime soon, right?

Awiti of Real Househelps of Kawangware flees with her husband’s household items

KTN TV actress Winnie Rubi popularly known as Awiti has gone missing with her husband’s household items after a quarrel.

The curvaceous actress is married to a certain Bildad who is a construction professional, the two are blessed with one child – a daughter.

Awiti with her daughter

Awiti reportedly took off after a quarrel with her husband, apparently the Real Househelps of Kawangware actress returned home in Komarock Phase II late past 10pm when she was drunk and her hubby couldn’t have any of it.

The KTN TV actress fled from her matrimonial home taking away with her household items that include; mattress, fridge, cooker and academic certificates belonging to the husband. She also broke the TV before she left.

Awiti’s living room after she fled with household items

Rumor has it that Awiti started being disrespectful to her husband after she raked in serious guap from featuring in TV commercials.


The Real Househelp Of Kawangware’s actress Awiti introduces her adorable daughter

Winnie Ruby aka Awiti is a proud mum of one lovely baby girl she welcomed about 2 years ago when she started acting The Real Househelp Of Kawangware. We saw her put in a lot of effort in the show despite being pregnant and so far she remains one of the funniest female actors we have come to know.

She however kept her baby on the low since giving birth but thanks to her social
Media pages we have been able to get photos of the lovely and adorable baby girl.

She is as beautiful as her mother and they also happen to look alike. Awiti now the list of celebrity mums introducing their children on social media but at the same time making sure that they maintain the level of privacy for their children’s sake.

However we don’t know the name of the baby but one thing is for sure…she is one adorable baby. Checkout her photos below.

Awiti from The Real Househelps Of Kawangware bags herself a new man, trust me is he not any average man

Awiti continues to wow her fans on the Real Househelps Of Kawangware show where she plays the role of a house keeper alongside her other talented co actors.

When the show started we saw her with different guys who ‘dated’ her and among them is Njugush who left the show sometime last year. Since then Awiti remained without a boyfriend until just recently when she managed to bag herself a ‘Nigerian’ man who is now her bae.

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The new guy by the name of Ojina Ike is the latest new member of the Real Househelps Of Kawangware and word has it that he is totally smitten by Awiti. Their photos shared online are also proof that Awiti has finally gotten over Njugush.

Below are some of their new photos courtesy of the TRHK page….Disclaimer – this is not the man she is dating in real life.