Churchill comedian blamed for Ayeiya’s death breaks down to tears narrating the ordeal (Video)

Comedian Wakimani who fell into depression after Ayeiya’s family blamed him for his death has opened up for the first time, recalling the fateful day.

On that day, the two comedians were headed for handsome gigs at a local place, with Wakimani having to lend a neighbor’s car to make it for the show. On his way, Ayeiya asked him to pick him up.

In the personal car was Ayeiya, his wife, a friend and Wakimani as the driver, only for the trip to get cut short after the fatal accident.

Ayeiya accident

Soon after, Ayeiya’s wife and her lawyer slapped Wakimani with a letter, demanding a huge sum total as compensation but failure to foot it saw the issue dragged before a court of law.

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The bond

During his recent interview with Tuko, Paul Wakimani Ogutu admitted that Ayeiya was that one friend who took him from being an armed robber to a man who could lead a decent life.

I was an armed robber at one point in my life. When I was in my lowest moments, this is one friend (Ayeiya) picked me up. After I lost that friend in my own hands, I had so many regrets, I blamed myself for so many things.

Comedian Wakimani

So close had they grown, they were open about their salaries and Wakimani clearly knew how much Ayeiya was earning, so getting slapped with a sum of KSh 300,000 monthly was outrageous.

I knew what we were getting paid, it is not a lie! Then someone comes and tells you, “This person used to give us KSh 300,000 a month, so you will pay us that money!”

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This saw Wakimani slowly fall into depression to the extent he lost his girlfriend because it had become too much!

It got to a point when I would talk to my girlfriend mpaka akili inapiga miss and that’s how I lost her. From that point, I became a drunkard, depressed and with a lot of questions. I ask myself why I even became a comedian in the first place, I would rather just be suffering like before and Ayeiya would still be alive.

Comedian Ayeiya

And just like that, Wakimani drowned in alcohol and that’s how he lost everyone!

I relapsed after all this so my friends walked away because they felt I am a liability to them. But one day, I will tell the entire story.

Sad! Churchill Show comedian comes clean on sacrificing popular young comedian through death

Popular comedian Wakimani has admitted to severely paying for the death of fellow comedian Ayeiya in whose car he was driving before he breathed his last.

Ever since Ayeiya, born Emmanuel Makori Nyambane bid the world goodbye, his close ally Wakimani has had it rough from the family who immediately sued him for the death demanding a whooping KSh 21 million as compensation.

Comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu

Well, with a court order on his hand and a sum total he did not know how to repay, Wakimani soon after sank into depression.

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And like Zeddy had recently revealed, Wakimani contemplated selling his kidney at Nairobi’s Nyayo just to foot the bill.

Sadly, Wakimani drove the car on that fateful day, while ferrying Ayeiya, his wife and a friend before the fatal accident.

The fatal car accident that claimed Ayeiya’s life


Speaking on life after the accident during a recent interview, Wakimani confirmed the reports narrating:

After the accident, we buried Ayeiya and I thought everyone understood that it was an accident. But after a week or 2, Ayeiya’s wife called me and told me she had my letter and we should meet I take it. I met her on the following day and she served me with a court order indicating that I’m supposed to pay KSh 21 million for killing her husband.

Comedian Ayeiya

Breaking down the huge bill, Wakimani explained:

The lawyer told me that Ayeiya was earning KSh 300,000 every month. So since he was earning 300k and died at 31, he was supposed to be retiring at 55 years old. They did the calculation for the remaining 24 years…I was also asked to pay for the damages. The case is in court.

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Churchill Show comedians Wakimani and Professor Hamo

Turns out, on that fateful day before Ayieya passed on, he was making his comeback at Churchill Show and called upon Wakimani to pick him up. Only for tables to turn on him.

At some point, I’ll have to retrieve the phone calls for them to understand. My fans don´t have to see me as a person who can sacrifice a friend. He was my friend and that´s why since then I´ve fallen out but I hope I´ll be back.

Churchill Show comedian MCA Tricky remembers fallen comedian Ayeiya 

Churchill Show comedian MCA Tricky will never forget how instrumental fellow comedian Emmanuel Makori, aka Ayeiya was in his career.

Tricky took time to honour his friend who died in a road accident at the peak of his career.

“Ayeiya was kind to every person during his last days,” MCA Tricky said.

“Ayeiya was not always on the show but he would come and advise me on what I needed to do. He gave me hope with what I had. I would call him every time I had a problem to ask for his advice,” Tricky added.


Tricky, who is planning to re-brand soon, added that he’s planning to change his direction with Ayeiya in mind.

“When I joined comedy, I did not intend to hustle with it but with time it has grown to a point where it is not mine alone, but also for my fans,” Tricky said.

“It’s Me Me’ is an event to unveil what next for me as a comedian because I want to start balancing my stand-up comedy with my online content.”

Shocking photo showing the extent of the damage caused on the late Ayeiya’s car after the tragic road accident

Comedian Ayeiya unfortunately passed on this past Friday, 14th of April after the car he was travelling in rammed into an electricity post that left his wife and a fellow comedian admitted at the Kenyatta Hospital.

The tragic accident happened somewhere near the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and till date many are still in doubt that he is gone. His fellow comedians have been messages of condolence as they mourn the death of the young man who lost his life when his career was starting to pick up.

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He will however be remembered for his jokes, laughter and how he carried himself around those who knew him at a personal level.

President Kenyatta also wrote a moving message in remembrance of the fallen soldier through his twitter handle saying….

Rest well @ayeiyaaa We will all remember your signature, Ayeiyaa – Poa!Poa! @MwalimChurchill pass my condolence to the #Churchilshow team

Anyway below is a photo of the remains of the car that was involved in the tragic road accident:

This is the last thing Ayeiya did before meeting his untimely death…it was with his wife

What was the last thing Ayeiya did before he got into that car which would finally kill him on Thursday, 13th April 2017?

That’s something we would all like to know right?

Well, he posed for a picture with his gorgeous wife…a photo fellow comedian Paul Ogutu aka Wakimani took.

The comedian who was also in the same car Ayeiya died it has finally come out to talk about the events that led up to the crash and they are just disheartening.

This is what Wakimani posted on his Facebook: