Pink Ladies Meet and Greet: Stars Connect with Fans, Celebrate Kenyan Film Industry

On Friday, December 8th, the much-awaited Pink Ladies Meet and Greet brought together Kenyan celebrities and their dedicated fans at Prestige Plaza Cinemax along Ngong Road. The event was a star-studded affair, featuring the cast of the popular drama series, including Azziad Nasenya, Dorea Chege, Mama Baha (Wanjiku Mburu), and Pascal Tokodi.

The Pink Ladies series, airing on Startimes’ Rembo television, has captured audiences with its relatable storylines and talented cast. Shix Kapienga leads the way as Trizah, alongside Azziad as Cecilia, Dorea as Anne, Brenda Gesare as Stephanie, and Pascal as Charlie.

For Azziad, the Meet and Greet was more than just an opportunity for fan interaction. She emphasized the importance of such events in bridging the gap between actors and viewers, ultimately fostering a stronger film industry in Kenya. “I’m thrilled to have connected with our fans,” she shared. “This kind of engagement is crucial for promoting Kenyan film and art, especially with the massive growth we’ve seen in recent years.”

Mama Baha, known for her iconic role in the Baha series, also spoke about the power of digital platforms like TikTok in empowering aspiring artists. “Our youth should embrace every opportunity and utilize the digital space to their advantage,” she encouraged, reminding them to never give up on their dreams.

Dorea Chege echoed these sentiments, highlighting the unique connection formed through the Meet and Greet. “It was incredible to share moments and laughs with our dedicated fans,” she said. “Events like this remind us of the impact our work has, and how it brings people together.”

The Pink Ladies Meet and Greet wasn’t just a celebration of fan love and celebrity connection. It was a testament to the vibrant Kenyan film industry, its growing potential, and its ability to inspire and entertain audiences both locally and globally. As Azziad aptly stated, “This is the way to go.”

Azziad Nasenya Denies Relying On Wealthy Sponsors For Success

Kenyan content creator and media personality Azziad Nasenya has set the record straight regarding her financial success, dispelling misconceptions that she relies on wealthy sponsors, or “Wababas,” for income.

Azziad asserts that her financial achievements stem from her hard work and dedication, emphasizing that she has built a strong support network encompassing her family, friends, and online fans.

In an interview with Eve Mungai on November 13, Azziad addressed the recurring online trolls and false accusations that have targeted her, stating, “In this life, there is nothing as bad as accusing someone falsely. A lot of people will make noise, and that’s okay.”

While acknowledging the hurtful nature of false accusations, Azziad finds solace in the unwavering support of those who genuinely care about her. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work hard and earn her own success, adding, “One thing I’ve been able to appreciate and be grateful for is working hard. I am grateful I have favor.

Azziad’s success story serves as a reminder that true achievement stems from hard work, dedication, and a supportive network. Her resilience in the face of online negativity is an inspiration to others who face similar challenges.

Azziad Nasenya discusses how her boyfriend deals with rumours about her “wababaz”

Azziad Nasenya is addressing ongoing rumors that attribute her success to her connections rather than her hard work. She expressed frustration with the constant association of her achievements with “wababa,” despite her repeated clarifications.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Nasenya emphasized that her success stems from dedication and effort, not external factors. She expressed disappointment at the accusations, stating that they hurt her close friends and family.

“All they can do is comfort me,” Nasenya said, referring to her support system’s reaction to the rumors.

She revealed that her supportive boyfriend and family provide her with strength amidst the criticism. Additionally, she finds solace in her faith, turning to prayer for guidance.

“In this life, there’s nothing as bad as accusing someone falsely,” Nasenya asserted. “A lot of people will make noise, and that’s okay. One thing I’ve been able to appreciate and be grateful for is working hard.”

She acknowledged the impact of negative comments, saying, “It feels bad… at the end of the day because you are human.” However, she emphasized that her true supporters, including friends, brands, and family, do not succumb to such rumors.

Nasenya attributed her opportunities to her dedication and self-investment. She shared examples of collaborations with brands like Visit Dubai, highlighting her ability to attract opportunities through her efforts.

“The moment you fear investing in yourself, hakuna kitu utapata,” Nasenya advised, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and investment in one’s craft.

She addressed the notion that her success is linked to men, calling it a “backward mentality.” She challenged the idea that women’s achievements are solely attributed to male support.

“I’ve never seen a ‘behind every successful woman there is a man,'” Nasenya stated. “I think that’s backward mentality. I don’t even know what to call it.”

She attributed the perpetuation of such rumors to projection, stating that those who underestimate women’s capabilities resort to associating their success with external factors.

Nasenya expressed hope for a change in mindset, emphasizing the importance of recognizing women’s hard work and contributions.

Azziad discusses why she’s misunderstood

Azziad Nasenya, a popular TikToker and actress, has opened up about the harsh criticism she faced after her rise to fame during the “Utawezana” challenge.

In a recent interview, Nasenya spoke candidly about the judgment she endured, some of which was so cruel that it left her feeling overwhelmed and self-doubting. She questioned why the world is so quick to judge celebrities without understanding their stories, noting that some people even wished her death because they were unhappy with her success.

Nasenya also pointed out that people often judge celebrities unfairly, because they don’t know their stories before they became famous. She herself has been acting for many years, and her dedication to her craft is evident in her work.

Despite the negativity she has faced, Nasenya has persevered. She continues to act and create content for her TikTok followers, and she is an inspiration to many young people.


Azziad Nasenya, a famous TikToker and actress, has talked about the mean things people said to her after she became famous. She says that some people were so cruel that they even wished her dead. She doesn’t understand why people are so quick to judge celebrities without knowing their stories. She says that she has been acting for many years, and that she is dedicated to her craft. Despite the negativity, she has continued to act and create content for her fans.

Azziad Nasenya Reacts To Photoshopped Image Of Her And Ruto

Businesswoman Azziad Nasenya has responded to a manipulated photo of her being greeted by President William Ruto that went viral on social media.

The photo surfaced after President Ruto made headlines for his choice of footwear, Converse shoes, which Azziad had also been spotted wearing a few weeks prior.

In the manipulated photo, Ruto appears to be greeting Azziad, even though the original photo shows him greeting someone else.

Azziad took to her Twitter account to share the manipulated photo and react with a lighthearted exclamation.

“Ai. Alah! But Why? Aki,” she wrote.

Azziad has achieved significant success and garnered a large following over the years, but she has also been the target of criticism from some netizens who have accused her of not earning her success through hard work.

The manipulated photo is the latest in a series of attacks on Azziad on social media. However, she has remained unfazed by the criticism and continues to focus on her work.

The photo has also sparked a debate on social media about the role of social media in spreading misinformation. Some have argued that the photo is a harmless joke, while others have expressed concern about the spread of false information on social media.

Ababu Namwamba Denies Romantic Relationship With Azziad Nasenya

Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports, Ababu Namwamba, has denied having any romantic relationship with popular TikToker Azziad Nasenya.

Namwamba spoke to a local news outlet and said that he and Azziad are not in a relationship. He also said that he feels sorry for Azziad, who has been the target of unfounded rumors about their relationship.

Namwamba explained that Azziad was appointed to the Talanta Hela Council, a technical team aimed at enhancing the programs within his portfolio. He said that Azziad was selected along with other Kenyans because of her skills and experience.

The CS questioned the motives of those who have spread the rumors about his relationship with Azziad. He said that it is unfair to tarnish the reputation of a young woman who has worked hard to achieve success.

Namwamba said that he believes Azziad is innocent and that she has been treated unfairly. He said that he is willing to take the criticism that has come his way, but that he believes Azziad should be left alone.

The CS’s denial of the rumors has been met with mixed reactions. Some people believe him, while others believe that he is lying. Only time will tell what the truth is.

Brian Chira talks about all the drama surrounding him after Azziad sued him

Brian Chira, a Tiktoker, has disclosed the shocking specifics of his imprisonment.

His troubles started on Wednesday when thugs attacked him at his college apartment.

On Thursday, Tiktoker Brian Chira was taken into custody.

“Let’s say this. I have the freedom of speech, it’s not admissible to any court or something. So it was CID and a cop, they came to Kabarak University, they called the CSO, and they asked for my contact.” 

He acknowledged enrolling at Kabarak University.

“Yes I’m a student there, but got suspended over some issues, you know what they are. On Wednesday I was cooking in my house, then these three goons come, ..I was mugged in my house, it’s liek intimidation thingi. 

Cops came to school and called the CSO at around noon. I was summoned to school and given a suspension letter that says I’ve been suspended from Kabarak University.”

Why was he put on involuntary study leave?

“They say I haven’t been keeping up with the school’s motto.

Kabarak’s motto is ‘Biblical perspective, education within Biblical perspective’

So I have not been doing his Biblical thing within the Biblical perspective thing of this school, and I am not ashamed”

So how was he arrested?

“It was not embarrassing to me because there were no students around. I was taken through the back door.

I was cuffed in the car. I was taken to Memengai police station, but first, we had to pass through the Dean of Students so that she can be notified that Chira has gotten a suspension letter”

The Chief Security Officer gave Chira the letter.


Kabarak University suspends Brian Chira after he got sued by Azziad Nasenya

Brian Chira, a content creator, claims that Kabarak University suspended him after he was detained for cyberbullying TikTok celebrity Azziad Nasenya.

Chira spoke candidly about the situation during a Live session on TikTok with Andrew Kibe. He disclosed that the Chief Security Officer had given him a letter of suspension after his detention on July 27.

For reportedly using his TikTok account to disparage radio DJ Azziad Nasenya, Chira was accused of engaging in online harassment.

The third-year Kabarak University student discussed his version of the incidents that resulted in his arrest and subsequent suspension during his Live session with Kibe.

“Azziad got me arrested on Thursday; that is when the cops came to school and called the Chief Security Officer (CSO) around noon. I was summoned and told that I had been suspended from Kabarak University,”

Additionally, he asserted that because the university was founded by Christians, several of his previous online Live sessions had heightened tensions there.

Chira explained, “It’s because I haven’t been living according to the school’s Christian philosophy.

When Andrew Kibe questioned him about whether the online persona he adopted was a role, Chira responded, “I am just me, and this is who you get.”

Chira described being transported to Menengai Police Station during his detention, among other details.

Additionally, he said that the Chief Security Officer, not the Dean of Students, was the one who gave him the letter of suspension.

Nairobi News made an effort to get in touch with the dean of students at Kabarak University for clarification.

The dean retorted, “Due to confidentiality, the University’s policies and procedures forbid us from discussing our pupils with anyone. Any suspension, if any, would be a result of an internal issue. We are also unaware of what is already known to the public, whatever that may be. All we know about him is that he is one of our students.

According to its moral code, Kabarak University respects principles including honesty, superiority, professionalism, inventiveness, innovation, dedication to service, and consideration for others.

The university community makes an effort to uphold these values while using Jesus Christ as their model.

On Monday, July 31, Brian Chira was freed after posting a monetary bail of Sh50,000 and providing a matching surety.

Azziad opens up about having a sponsor

In a recent interview, content creator Azziad Nasenya responded to allegations made by internet users that she relies on a sponsor to support her extravagant lifestyle.She refuted them, claiming that she toils hard to give herself the lifestyle she merits.

The damsel covered a wide range of topics during an interview with film director Phil Karanja.

One of them was how busy she is since on some days, her side jobs take up the majority of her time.

After describing her daily activities, Phil reacted.

“Here we are as a public, thinking that you get these things on a silver platter.

Shame on us, wah mtu yangu mbona huna sponsor, juu hiyo kazi ni ngumu?”

Phil pushed her to open up more on the situation,

“Kupata kazi ama kupata sponsor?”

He received a stern glare from Azziad as she makes her point clear.

“kufanya kazi by the way hawa masponsor wanatolewa wapi? you know me I hear people say oh sponsor …na wanatolewa, mi sijawahi umeni peeko? 

Because there’s beauty or rather the satisfaction in getting money from your sweat.

Oh, I sleep well knowing that I’ve worked my *** off. It’s mine, no one gave it to me.”

Azziad faces off with LGBTQ socialite Brian Chira in court

On Monday morning, Azziad Nasenya came at Kibera Law Courts. Due to difficulties with slander, The Tiktoker filed a lawsuit against fellow Tiktoker Brian Chira.

A comment that harms the reputation of a third person is considered defamation, according to the Legal Information Institute. Libel (written statements) and slander (spoken words) are both considered forms of the tort of defamation.

According to reports, Chira was detained by police after being nabbed last week.

Nasenya’s attorney informed Mungai Eve that Chira will be charged with slander and disclosing the TikToker’s number in public and that she will appear in court.

“Sometime last week Chira went live on TikTok at night and the Topic was Azziad he uttered some words which I cannot repeat here but those words are defamatory and he did not stop there he went ahead and gave out her number.

My client has for the past week been buzzed with a lot of calls and messages some of which are insults and she was not happy.” Since we have the computer misuse and cyber crime act she choose to take legal action.”

The Kibera Law Courts are hearing the case against Chira. Nasenya made her courtroom entrance donning a denim jacket, a black marvin, and a black jumpsuit.

Azziad Nasenya Tells Off Haters- Advices Them To Be Humble In Order To Be Blessed

Azziad Nasenya is a Kenyan TikToker who has captured the attention of millions with her captivating dance moves and infectious personality. However, behind the scenes, Azziad has chosen to keep certain aspects of her life away from the prying eyes of the public.

In an interview with Radio Maisha on Wednesday, she opened up about her journey to fame, her approach to handling trolls, and why she prefers to maintain privacy when it comes to her relationships and family.

Azziad said that she has always dreamed of being a star, and she is grateful that her dreams have become a reality. She said that gaining fame hasn’t been easy, but she is determined to succeed. She also said that she has developed a thick skin over time and no longer lets the negativity affect her.

She claims that she prefers to keep her private life private because she wants to protect her family and friends from the public eye. She said that she also wants to be able to live her life without being constantly scrutinized.

Azziad is grateful for the support of her fans, and she said that she is committed to using her platform to spread positivity. She said that she wants to inspire other young people to follow their dreams and to never give up on themselves.

Azziad’s decision to keep her private life private is admirable. She is setting a good example for other young people by showing that it is possible to be successful without sacrificing your privacy.


Azziad Nasenya Walks Out of Radio Maisha Interview After Being Asked About Alleged Firing

Azziad Nasenya, a popular social media personality, walked out of an interview with Mwende of Radio Maisha after being asked about her alleged firing from Talanta Hela Council.

The incident, which was captured on a TikTok live stream from the radio station, sparked a heated debate about the boundaries of journalistic inquiry and personal privacy.

Nasenya and Mwende had reportedly agreed not to discuss the firing during the interview. However, Mwende broached the topic anyway, asking Nasenya if she had been fired from Talanta Hela Council.

Nasenya was visibly upset by the question, and she immediately responded that she did not want to talk about it. She then got up and walked out of the studio.

Mwende defended her line of questioning, saying that she was simply doing her job as a journalist. She argued that asking about the firing was important for the interview to make sense and provide relevant information to the audience.

Nasenya, however, felt that Mwende had violated her trust by asking about the firing after they had agreed not to discuss it. She said that she felt blindsided and that the question was inappropriate.

The incident highlights the delicate balance between a journalist’s responsibility to ask probing questions and respecting the interviewee’s boundaries. While some argue that Mwende’s inquiry was necessary to provide a complete picture, others feel that it crossed a line of sensitivity and respect for the interviewee’s wishes.

In an era where media plays a significant role in shaping narratives and public perception, finding a balance between journalism’s duty to inform and an individual’s right to privacy remains an ongoing discussion. The incident involving Azziad Nasenya and Mwende provides an opportunity for reflection and a reevaluation of journalistic practices in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Azziad Received Over 50K Hate Messages After Going Viral

Nasenya’s manager, Peter Kawa, stepped in to help Azziad deal with numerous online trolls after her rise to fame. Kawa proposed to manage Nasenya’s brand and protect her from the incessant calls and messages she received due to her leaked number. When Kawa took over Nasenya’s phone, he discovered over 50,000 unread messages from haters on her WhatsApp alone.

In a recent interview with Phil Director, Kawa shared the story of how he stepped in to support Nasenya during the onslaught of trolling and hate messages that followed her sudden rise to fame.

“I went to her house and found her in a mess,” Kawa said. “She was crying and she was scared. She didn’t know what to do.”

Kawa said that he helped Nasenya to block the haters and to report the harassment to the authorities. He also helped her to develop a thick skin and to ignore the haters.

“I told her that she is a star and that she should not let the haters bring her down,” Kawa said. “I told her that she has to be strong and that she has to keep going.”

Nasenya has since bounced back from the trolling and hate. She is now one of the most popular TikTok stars in Kenya and she has a large following on social media.

Kawa’s story is a reminder that online trolling and hate can be a real problem. However, it is also a reminder that there are people who are willing to help those who are being targeted. If you are being trolled or harassed online, there are resources available to help you. You can report the harassment to the authorities and you can seek support from friends, family, or professional counselors.

Is Azziad Nasenya’s Content Worth Her Endorsements?

In the local context, it’s quite excruciating how so many people get endorsed for effortless content creation while others struggle for years without success.

It’s a colloquy that has roped in several netizens’ sentiments; considering a couple of celebrities in mind. The most recent one being Azziad Nasenya.

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From Tik-Tok To A Star

At 22-year-old, Azziad rose from a little-known dancer to an actress, content creator and media host with over 4.5 million followers on social media platforms. The exquisite content creator is popularly referred to as Kenya’s TikTok queen after her ‘Utawezana’ dance challenge went viral in 2020.

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Azziad has been able to bag a couple of endorsements after becoming popular; including a brand endorsement deal with French manufacturing corporation, Société Bic. The TikTok star was Tuesday unveiled as Kenya’s brand ambassador for Bic’s Miss Soleil women’s razor.

She’s also radio presenter at Sound City. She also received an appointment as a member of the government’s Talenta Hela Creatives Technical Committee.

The role has made so many people question whether she indeed deserves it; considering she got famous ‘just by dancing’. The same question has been posed after Tik-Toker Priscilla WaImani bagged an endorsement deal just by whistling loudly. Unlike ‘Nduru man’ who has waited an eternity to get a deal. Below is a screenshot of Azziad going head to head with a fan;

What’s your take on this?

Azziad Nasenya Criticized For Not Being Good Enough For Creative Job

Azziad Nasenya Criticized For Not Being Good Enough To Fit The Creatives Job

Popular TikToker Azziad Nasenya has found herself under heavy criticism after landing lavish Government job. The lass was among the content creators who were appointed by Ababu Namwamba to take up various roles in the creative Industry.

Other members of the committee include; Akinyi Odongo, Jimmi Gathu, Esther ‘Akothee’ Akoth, Kizito Makhande, Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, Awadhi Salim Awadhi, Douglas Kipkirui, and Langat Susan Ekasiba.

In her defence, she took to her Instagram to express her gratitude at landing the plush job alongside other more established entertainers. In a long post, she promised to take the role seriously for the benefit of the whole creative economy and those like herself working within it:

I sincerely thank honourable Ababu Namwamba and the entire Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts team for nominating me to be part of the Creatives Technical Committee,” Azziad said.

“I am a firm believer in the potential of the creative economy as a fulfilling career and source of income, and beneficiary of the same.”

The content creator has however been criticized by a couple of Kenyans for bot being good enough for the role, including celebrities who believe she isn’t fit enough for the job.

Big Wins! Azziad Nasenya Excited As She’s Nominated For International Award

TikTok sensation and Content creator Azziad Nasenya is over the moon after being feted as a nominee for the 2021 America’s E! People’s Choice Awards in the African Social Star Category.

Azziad couldn’t keep calm as she took to her social media to share the exciting news;

“Guys I am the only Kenyan and the only East African nominated. Thank you for your support, Please Vote for Me. Voting is on for the next 3 weeks. Make sure you put your email address after sliding the voting button to make sure your vote has been counted. Thank you,”.

Azziad Nasenya-Google

The 21-year-old will be battling with the likes of;Lasizwe (South Africa),Mihlali Ndamase(South Africa),Falz(Nigeria), The Odditty, Witney Ramabulana (South Africa), Tyra Chikocho (Zimbabwe), and Boity Thulo (South Africa) for the prestigious award.

The People’s Choice Awards is an American awards show, recognizing people in entertainment, voted online by the public and fans. The awards has been held annually since 1975.

Apart from her prestigious nomination, Azziad Nasenya was appointed the global ambassador for Save Our Future, an organisation which focuses on rebuilding education across the world owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.
ave Our Future also partners with the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in education matters.

Azziad has explained how anyone can vote for her on her Insta stories. Let’s support our own!

‘I Have Not Yet Made It’ Azziad Nasenya Speaks After Landing New Radio Job

TikTok queen and actress Azziad Nasenya is an epitome of self made greatness. At only 20 years old, Azziad has not only made a name for herself in the entertainment industry; but has also achieved more than her peers in the shortest period.

Her breakthrough came during the COVID-19 pandemic when she danced to Mejja’s song featuring Femi One dubbed ‘Utawezana’. She later became an internet sensation to many; who admired her impeccable dancing skills.

Few months later, Azziad started receiving roles on the screens; both as an actor and TV host. Fame has not been an easy fete for her. At one time, she disclosed that she received 13,000 texts on her WhatsApp after her number got leaked. Some trolled her, while others said hilarious things to her.

Anyway, Azziad is still winning big. The TikTok queen had been lowkey for a period of 2 months. Turns out, she was working on her radio project on Sound City; where she underwent training for that period. She has been hailed by Kenyans for her tremendous consistent achievements.

Questions have been asked about her journey to greatness, But Azziad thinks she has not yet made it.

 ”I’m so grateful to God because without him I would not be where I am today. He has blessed me… People are asking me how did you make it from Utawezana… First of all, I have not yet made it. I’m trying. We’re working on this still…”

Azziad continued to say that she might do a video on her epic journey. Can’t wait to listen to her story.

Azziad Nasenya unrecognizable after unveiling makeup free video

Tik Tok sensation Azziad Nasenya on Saturday, 27 December decided to have an IG live session that left most of her fans confused.

Not in a bad way, but in the comment section most seemed to question whether the Azziad we are used to and the one on the live session were one and the same person.

Azziad Nasenya graciously flaunts her enviable bikini body

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Don’t get me wrong, this article is in no way aimed at attacking Azziad; but appreciating how real she has been with her online fans.

Azziad without filters and makeup

Well, turns out that Azziad is actually not light skinned but was blessed with a cool warm chocolate undertone; that most women on social media want to distance themselves with through bleaching.

However Azziad went on a 100% all natural live video session; and the result was an eye opening experience to say the least.

Calling her “unrecognizable” without makeup might be a stretch; because we had already seen one of her makeup free photos shared by an alleged bitter Ex boyfriend; but seeing her on a live session actually hit different.

Anyway although she may need to tone down on the filters – in order to bring out her natural beauty; I can assure you that Azziad is not the only woman battling with the ‘filter Syndrome’  (which most ladies are addicted to) but truth is, she is a natural beauty!

Team natural Azziad


Mothers to 6 prominent celebrities who are aging backwards

Age is but a number is a saying majority of ladies have embraced, whether in their 40s, 50s or older.

Many have been introduced to the faces of celebrities but very few have met the earlier generation. Mothers who bore children who got to grace the limelight but very little said about where they came from.

Women who however maintained their looks, youthfulness, sense of style, their vibrancy and beauty.

Lets have a look;

1. Anne Mwaura

Sassy TV presenter and Lifestyle Journalist who doubles up as a presenter at Capital FM recently got to introduce her fine mom to the public as she graced the fifth floor. Gushing; “My mum is actually so cute, she said “Can you imagine I’m 50? Anyway enjoy you enjoy your day””.

Anne Mwaura’s youthful mum

2. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika got to celebrate her mother on her special day – her birthday – sharing beautiful photos of the woman she always called mum’ and cherishes to date. A woman who has maintained her class and vibrancy.

Vera Sidika’s mum

3. Chebet Rono

The popular comedian took fans by surprise after introducing a fine young woman who she mentioned is her ‘mom’. A beautiful blend of style and taste.

Rono chebet with stunning look alike mum

4. Yvette Obura

Bahatis baby mama got to parade the 3 generations in a sweet photo with her nieces and nephews, with a mother blessed to be called ‘grandmum’ but taking one step at a time.

Yvette with mummy and family

5. Kate actress

The former Mother-in-law actress has more often introduced her mom as a no-nonsense woman who is still able to generate positive energy with her radiant smile.

Catherine Kamau’s mum

6. Azziad Nasenya

Azziad happened to mention that she acquired her dancing skills from her mom who used to be a dancer back then but still keeps fit to date and probably why her body doesnt seem to age.

Azziad Nasenya parades her mom

7. Patricia Kihoro

We get to finish off with a bonus of the multi-talented singer and actress who recently marked her moms birthday in a heartwarming tweet before sharing a photo of her young, adorable mom who is sure aging backwards. “My mum turned a year older today. Cheki dem.”

Patricia Kihoro’s mum

Azziad Nasenya gorgeously parades enviable bikini body in sunny thirst trap photos

For the few that can still enjoy the hot Kenyan weather while it still lasts, then they havent thought twice about it.

Following the entry of COVID-19 in the Kenyan borders, social activities were deemed a no-go zone. With extroverts forced to adapt to the new way of life – simply all indoors unless you must really go out.

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Something that has not been easy on many and soon as the strict social measures were let loose a bit, then celebrities have flocked social places without giving it a second thought.

TikTok Queen, Azziad Nasenya

Well, because you never know how long the freedom might last.

It has now been a trend in the Kenyan celebrity industry to proudly show off that bikini body, your way and by your own rules as majority learn to appreciate themselves as they are.

Azziads thirst trap

Most recently is a dear petite Azziad Nasenya who has gone all in, to parade her sexy bikini chocolate body in a series of thirst trap photos, leaving little to imagination.

Ms Azziad Nasenya’s chic look

The Internet sensation decided to let fans in on what a good weekend vibe feels like if the sun agrees to cooperate.

She started off with a 3-piece casual wear that left some good layer of her skin out, in a fancy, exciting weekend affair.

Azziad Nasenya sassy weekend vibes

Then came the booty short edition.

Before dropping the bomb with a series of thirst trap photos, locked in suggestive 2-piece bikini collections that have only sparked crazy ideas among fans.

Azziad Nasenya graciously flaunts her enviable bikini body

Be it the Team Mafisi or female fans who cannot help but envy the coveted female bikini body that the Western world has set as a standard.

Azziad Nasenya looking like a million bucks!

Well, there you have it!

Azziad Nasenya talks dating Pascal Tokodi and Nick Mutuma (Video)

20-year old Azziad Nasenya has come clean on her love life and dating Kenyan male celebrities within her reach.

The babe who was featured on actress Nyce Wanjeris vlog, admitted she is taken and currently dating an undisclosed guy.

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However, the seat got hot when the former Auntie Boss actress popped the big question on Azziad dating several hot local male celebrities.

Marry, Smash and Show Off question

As usual, it was the ‘marry, smash&pass and showoff question’ and the guys on her list were: Pascal Tokodi, Nick Mutuma and Sauti Sol’s Savara.

A shy and unexpecting Azziad grew cold feet, asking to pass on the question because clearly, the list was not in her favor.

Actress, dancer and TV host, Azziad Nasenya

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Nyce quickly pleaded with the 20-year old’s boyfriend, that this was but a question and not reality, just in case it caused chaos between them.

Azziad kept fumbling, before going quiet, admitting that Pascal and Nick Mutuma were like brothers to her and it would not feel nice, thinking about them beyond that.

Internet sensations Azziad Nasenya and Pascal Tokodi

So she refreshed her list, with comedian YY, Dr King’ori and Savara. On her feet, Azziad confidently responded:

“I’d smash and pass YY, marry Dr King’ ori and show off with Savara.”

TikTok Queen, Azziad Nasenya

Azziad additionally talked of getting cyberbullied after fame, shed light on her rate card and talked of her aspirations to start an own fashion line and be an International actress in the near future.

Watch and drop your comment below.

Jalang’o forced to apologize to Azziad Nasenya after ugly encounter during Live interview

Hard times will always reveal true friends, is a saying that added up for Azziad Nasenya just before she hit fame and right after her star shone.

During her afternoon Live with comedian Jalang’o, the barely 20-year old talked of how she would literally beg her friends to show up for her plays in the theater but only a countable few turned up for her.

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Some she would remind everyday to buy tickets and even volunteer to pay for half their tickets, just so that they can support her talent but individuals who showed zero efforts or concern.

Azziad Nasenya

Azziad kept her cool and forewarned those on her contact list, that someday will come when she will hit fame and they will all come looking for her, but nowhere to find her.

Well, her prophecy came to pass, much sooner than expected. Soon as she went viral through her fine Utawezana challenge, her WhatsApp, DMs, call list, Twitter were full.

Azziad Nasenya

Friends she had begged to show up for her, were now pleading for forgiveness but having foretold it all, she trashed those who had given her a cold shoulder and walked the new journey with those who had always been there for her.

Jalang’o clashes with Azziad

Let me take you back to a time when the TikTok sensation allegedly turned down an offer to work with Wasafi TV after going viral.

Internet sensation Azziad

Well, Jalang’o was not left behind, coming out to blast the young campus babe for turning down such a lucrative offer at such a young age, all in the name of ‘values’.

Eventually, they met and had a Live sit-down, where a totally embarrassed Jalas had to apologize for his negative remarks towards the Internet sensation.

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you am very very sorry. I wanted to meet you and apologize personally for my actions,” Jalas told Azziad.

Jalas finally apologizes to Azziad

A smitten and chilled out Azziad was like “Aww…! It’s okay”. Clarifying that he later deleted the post and feels so sorry that he never clarified the rumors first.

Have a listen to the engaging and lively chit-chat between the two:

8 female Kenyan celebrities who have stylishly rocked short, bold hair

Short hair has been largely embraced in the local market especially by female celebrities who have opted for a bold, more polished and different look that has only left them looking younger and hotter.

Be it young or older, married or single, in their different professions and daily hustles, several female celebrities have come out to prove short hair can still look sexxy. Lets dive right in;

1. Ciru Muriuki

The former NTV’s The Trend show host, currently working with BBC, recently decided to chop off her 6-years old dreadlocks for a bolder, younger, new look, that has been turning heads online.

BBC’s Ciru Muriuki

2. Femi One

The Utawezana rapper and hitmaker is one personality whose stylish, colorful hair dyes ranging from yellow, to pink, to red and even green has only made her stand out in the industry. No lie, this fine babe goes extra when she decides to!

Rapper Femi One

3. Wahu Kagwi

The mother of two who doubles up as a gospel artist has since time immemorial opted for a mohawk-look, maintaining it trimmed and at a certain length, that allows her to meddle with it, depending on the occasion.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

4. Corazon Kwamboka

The first time mom, took the internet by storm after chopping off her beautiful, long, dark African hair soon as she welcomed her son Taiyari with Frankie Just Gym It. Matter of fact, Frankie was the one who brought in the idea and a dear Corazon did not even think twice about it.

Corazon Kwamboka serving hot body goals at 5 weeks postpartum

5. Azziad Nasenya

The celebrated TV show host and actress keeps her natural hair short, away from the screens, more often spotted with a blonde look, pimping it with braids and wigs once in a while.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

6. Lilian Muli

The TV girl always seen in wigs, once ditched them for a hot look in short plumed hair. This was after getting rid of the short locs she had hidden beneath her wigs for a long time. And honestly, her age betrays the look.

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

7. Huddah Monroe

Huddah loves her hair short and trimmed, recently letting off the wigs and signature bandanas, to step out looking like a 16-year old, after trimming it a bit more and she sure looks stunning.

City socialite Huddah Monroe

8. Jovial

The Coastal-based songbird, who was once signed under Otile BrownJust In Love record label, has time and again proven her look in short hair and even when she gets those wigs on, she opts for a classy boy cut.

Kenyan singer, Jovial born Juliet Miriam Ayub

Well, there you have it!

Controversial Kenyan MP mentions Azziad Nasenya in Parliament (Video)

Azziad Nasenya was discussed in the Kenyan senate proceedings yesterday for a fascinating reason.

The discussion was regards the use of the now viral social media platform, TikTok that apparently entertained all Toms, Dicks and Harrys to create content.

TikTok Queen, Azziad Nasenya

The Senators were debating about putting efficient laws in place to guard the moral standards of the Kenyan people especially the youth, who are the greatest percentage of users.

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Nominated senator from Garissa, Hon Iman Falhad Dikow asked the Senate to investigate the use of the digital platform and whether it was a safe space for the Kenyan community using it, after the application recently faced allegations regards personal data privacy.

Budding Kenyan celebrity Azziad Nasenya

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Before Nandi County Senator Cherargei referred to the fact that TikTok boomed especially in the country after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, discovering sensational dancers like Azziad Nasenya whose magical moves brought the internet to a standstill following her Utawezana debut.

The politician further urged fellow members that it was important to guard Internet usage locally and especially among the younger generation who fall prey to all sorts of immoral content.

According to him, Kenya was yet to certain standards to protect the dignity of the people and to preserve the African morals. Have a listen:

The mention saw the internet erupt as tweeps persistently tagged the 20-year old celebrity until she got wind of what was going on. Check out netizens reactions:

“I have a weakness of cheating,” King Kalala confesses (Video)

King Kalala aka female Andrew Kibe is at it again, this time telling the dirt as it is.

During her recent interview on Shoe Game with Azziad, the bubbly lass admitted she was finding it hard to date because it was an almost guarantee she would cheat on her lover.

King Kalala

Kalala confessed she had a weakness of going after what was not hers and she cannot assure anyone she dates, that she’ll be faithful.

Lemme not do that thing where I am coming into a relationship, I’m like “I love you” when in real sense I’ve just come from cheating. I know everyone has their weaknesses and mine is cheating.

Therefore her plans were not anything around dating rather learning how to be in good relationships with people before she can commit to one specific person.

I love flings badly!

Prudence Chepkirui Tonui aka King Kalala

The babe has been in several relationships, the most recent with a guy who hurt her so bad and you could tell she was still hurting about it, during the interview.

Surprisingly enough, Kalala said maybe her next relationship would be with a guy or a same sex, a girl – she can’t promise either but she looks forward to a good one.

I want to slowly learn the art of faithfulness. Because when I want it, I really want it!

NRG presenter, King Kalala

Kalalas body count

Sadly, the NRG radio presenter born Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, had lost track of the number of men she had gotten involved with, revealing;

I was high in all of them.

Have a listen: