Why Azziad getting a government job was wrong

Azziad got herself a plum government apoointment and no one can explain why. Naturally, this has upset alot of people who have been adamant that the person who did the appointment did so with ulterior motives And we can all say we kno0w why.

Is Azziad Nasenya’s Content Worth Her Endorsements?

Ababu Namwamba is the man who gave her the appointment and he isn’t known to be a man with great d-discipline. He was infamously involved in a scandal that involved his wives relatives and though he landed in hot water, his political career managed to somehow survive.

Team natural Azziad

Azziad isn’t exactly known for her talent. Her claim to fame is a video of her whning her waist that went viral during 2020 as every thirsty Kenyan man was on lockdown and not getting laid by their frustrated wives and girlfriends.

Azziad Nasenya Criticized For Not Being Good Enough For Creative Job

Because of the eagerness to fap to new material, her video was passed around until she went viral and a star was born. That is her claim to fame and the content most closely associated to her so why pray tell should she be given a posting meant to help direct the government on content creation?

Azziad Nasenya graciously flaunts her enviable bikini body

When you put two and two together a picture begins to form: a man who is known for his legendary thirst for women and a woman with no real talent who somehow got a job… Is that math mathing? Azziad however, is not without her defenders as a bunch of adult yes-men and clowns in the shape of  Chris Kirwa and Burale came together to forma cheerleading squad and you can already begin to see the people who are set to benefit the most from this appointment.

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Vivianne and Azziad’s bizarre beef was about entitlement and envy

Vivianne has unwittingly played out an age old game with Azziad that was not quite interesting but shed a lot of light on entitlement. You see, we already know that Vivianne was wrong for thinking she deserved Azziad’s assistance to push her song simply because they are both female. She was wrong for pointing out that she wanted to perpetuate the Kenyan entertainment scene’s culture of taking advantage of upcoming talents.

“I have made peace with you,” Singer Vivianne speaks up weeks after Azziad Nasenya saga

What many did not however realize is that this was an age old game in which an older female claws her way to the pinnacle of her career and then succumbs to jealousy when she sees that life has moved on and is showering the latest, younger, hotter female star with even more attention. It’s envy.

Singer Vivianne

The Greek’s were aware of this and a lot of their tragedies told circulated around such stories such as that or Athena and Ariadne. It was this envy that we are seeing play out. You see, there were no shortage of approaches Vivianne could have taken to working with Azziad that would have had a more positive outcome.

Singer Vivianne brutally attacked after her unfiltered mean remarks on Internet sensation Azziad Nasenya (Video)

Instead, what we got was an infantile rant that exemplified just how badly the situation was handled by Vivianne. Can you imagine someone asking you for a favour and when you counter with a request for monetary consideration because you realized you are short of time and have other projects that will build your personal projects or give you money, they respond with a terrible argument about why you are spoilt and why you owe it to them to do their thing for free?

Songbird, Vivianne

That is what happened. And now, Vivianne has put out a statement that is meant to make her seem like the bigger person by forgiving her enemies -you know, the same ones she created in her own coconut because we haven’t seen proof that Azziad even thinks of her let alone thinks of her as an enemy.

Is Vivianne serious about Kenya’s entertainment scene being demonic?


I have finally made peace with the fact that there are people who will never be my friends.
I wish them greatness in all their endeavors. Because that is God’s will. What’s on your Sunday list?

Performing artiste, Vivianne

And wouldn’t you know it, she was also held accountable by netizens who saw her statement and instantly understood why it didn’t sit well with them. It was essentially your high school bully saying they forgive you for resisting their attempts to bully you. They are now enlightened and they want to go forward and enjoy their positivity.

Make it make sense.


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Azziad Nasenya’s rate-card exposes the jealousy in Kenyans

As Azziad is discovering, Kenyans are a peculiar bunch. We are more than happy to support people on their come-up but the minute they succeed, we are the first to tear them down.

Savage! Azziad Nasenya mercilessly claps back at haters in style (Video)

When she first appeared on the scene, aside from inflaming the desires of thirsty men, she was also met with unbridled support. And we as a people were more than happy to follow and share Azziad’s videos.

Multi-talented actress, Azziad Nasenya

She then evolved from just being a dancer on social media and in an evolution that has me in admiration, she showed acumen by converting the attention she got into more than simple-minded clout but using it to launch her brand.

100k per post! Azziad Nasenya’s exaggerated online rates leaves Kenyans in shock

You see, she was already an actress but now with the attention her brand was attracting, most production houses decided they wanted in on her clout. And now she is even setting her eyes on the advertising sector and attempting to take a professional direction right from the start, complete with a rate card.

Acclaimed dancer, Azziad Nasenya

And what have Kenyans decided to do on realizing that the girl has some serious ambition? They have not only baulked but they are now adopting their crab in the bucket mentality and talking smack about her and her rates.

Azziad Nasenya’s new hustle to give big industry names a run for their time and money

Azziad now is “delusional” for having an expensive rate card and rather than accepting that maybe she isn’t targeting you and your business, Kenyans are saying her rates are too exorbitant. Why? because it seems to rub Kenyans the wrong way when someone that was beneath them aspires for greater. We are more than happy to help when you are less than us and we do indeed want whats’s best for you but not in enough quantities to make you move beyond our capacities.

Tik Tok sensation, Azziad Nasenya

Because at the end of the day, Azziad’s rate card is simply that, her rate card. And simple economics will come into play to determine whether or not it is viable. That is all Kenyans need to trust. Well, that and God and keep things moving.

Advertisers are clearly seeking her services. She is the “it” girl and she has a substantial following on social media complete with the title of  “most followed Kenyan on TikTok” so she has the leeway to set the prices of her services. If her prices are jacked up, then the market will correct it all on its own without your catty “hot takes”.

Let the young girl shine and shine bright.

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Azziad is playing her cards right and protecting her image

Azziad is the flavour of the week and many men are doubtless in her DMs trying to see whether she will allow them to take a dive in her garden of Eden but so far, it would seem she has done a great job of fending off the thirsty men.

The most recent man whom she has outed is none other than Andrew Kibe who was put on blast for trying to sleep with her by first sliding in her DMs and she steadfastly refused.

Andrew Kibe breathes fire after Azziad’s brutal reply to his DM (Video)

While to many this may seem like overkill, this is actually a smart move by Azziad that will preserve her image and even help to enhance it because the last thing she wants to do is to be known as the entertainment industry jump off. When it come s to any facet of entertainment, be it acting or singing, the worst thing for any woman is for her to gain or rather earn the reputation of being an easy lay. Why? Because these industries attract lecherous men who are opportunistic hunters.

Internet sensation, Azziad Nasenya

That is why many artists, music video directors and are known to ask for sexual favours in return for their being included in the scenes that have the most screen time.

Azziad Nasenya has proven many people wrong


Being aware of this, Azziad actually did a great thing to shut down all the men in her DMs. And when she finally does meet her prince charming, he will know that she actively chose to be with him because she could have had any man she damn well pleased even if it would have lasted all of a hot minute.

Sad! Azziad Nasenya speaks of tormenting nights few days after her debut on ´Selina´ drama series

azziad nasenya
Azziad Nasenya

Add to this the fact that women’s power isn’t in the actual act of coitus but rather in the allure and promise of what’s to come. And in rejecting all these men, Azziad actually maintains the power.

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Azziad vs Femi One and Avril: Do artists owe influencers money?

Azziad seems to have a way of exciting gullible Kenyan simps who have already seen the magician behind the curtain and peeped just how much of her mystique is makeup but Kenyan men still continue to thirst and she is smart enough to leverage this shameless thirst.

“Yo! get some sleep” Avril breathes fire on fan vouching for Azziad’s recognition on Hello Baby track

So when she decides to dance along to a song, these simps push it into the trending page on Youtube and whichever other platforms Kenyan simps sit on.

Azziad Nasenya (left) and Utawezana hitmakers, Femi One and Mejja (right)

Femi One and Avril are the recipients of this attention thanks to Azziad dancing along to their music. And trust the simps to have noticed this fact. And they went further and demanded these two artists pay Azziad for being essentially an influencer for their music, making it popular.

“Utawezana was trending before Azziad!” Femi One savagely claps back

And this assertion has irked both women. Femi One was quick to point out that Azziad only danced along to her song because it was already lit and trending. Essentially, Azziad jumped onto an existing trend and reinvigorated it but with or without her contribution to the music, it was going to trend.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars
Avril however, was less uhm… Magnanimous in her response but that is because her circumstances were convolutedAzziad decided to dance to a song Avril had released a song featuring Ommy Dimpoz a long time ago that had its moment in the sun before being consigned to the forgotten bin. So when Azziad decided to retrieve it and dance to it, she legitimately did make it trend once more.

Avril responds

So do the two artists owe Azziad a paycheque? I don’t think so. You see, the argument has already been made that whenever America influencers, for instance, dance along to an artist’s song, they do not demand to be paid because they were not contracted to popularize the song. Sure, some influencers like Kylie Jenner can make a song that wasn’t on the radar hot, but they do so simply because they enjoy the song and want to share it with their fans.

Azziad Nasenya speaks up on claims of referring to Diamond Platnumz as ‘a woman eater!’ (Interview)

Azziad needs to try and dance to a Drake song then send him a bill. But knowing just how much he simps, he will probably pay her. So perhaps I should say that she should dance to some SixNine song and then send him a bill for “popularizing it”.

The fact of the matter is that aye, she is still pretty influential but her 15 minutes of fame are running out. But she cannot claim to want anything from Femi One or Avril. Sure, it would be nice to receive a thank you text or some acknowledgement but nothing is owed.


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A flash in the pan: Azziad has already been forgotten

2020 was the year of digital discovery as Azziad was discovered thanks to TikTok and thirsty men. Kenyan men, re-known for their thirst made her trend with many captivated by her lithe waist as she whined along to the Utawezana track by Femi One and Mejja.

Diamond is a woman eater and has no respect for women – Azziad Nasenya blasts Diamond following Wasafi TV job offer

Things got so hectic for the lass that she had to make a video asking her friends and members of Whatsapp groups she is a member of not to share her phone number without her consent. Actually, that request made sense because a lot of men had been blowing up her phone with propositions and requests for dates. Then Kenyan men decided to take their revenge on Azziad and they began mocking her for her heavy reliance on makeup for her aesthetic beauty.
Let us keep it the way real, she is not exactly aesthetically gifted after she takes a shower.


Anyway, Kenyans then came out to praise Azziad and defend her against the big bad spectre of Kenyan men and it was all done around the clarion call of “body positivity” which was interesting to watch. Feminists, ugly lasses and their male allies (eunuchs) bandied together like they were summoning Captain Planet and they pummelled their keyboards in defence of Azziad.
It was actually quite thrilling to see as the Captain Planet cabal fought to protect this new lass on the block to the point they caused her social media following to swell, even declaring her the queen of Kenyan TikTok.

EXCLUSIVE: Azziad Nasenya ‘Kenyan Tik Tok Queen’ opens up about her dating life, fame and being cyber bullied

But just as quickly as she appeared on the scene, it would seem the flavour of the week, Azziad, has been forgotten. Well, not quite, she was trending late last night and it wasn’t pretty. Kenyans were at her neck which just serves to validate the premise of this article -the one time darling of the people had outlived her 15 minutes of fame.


And Kenyans are savages about how they remind you that you had your time. Fortunately for Azziad, however, she is a smart girl. She made the most of her time in the spotlight and sun. She now has well over 300K IG followers. And that isn’t looking at her TikTok and Twitter followers.

Azziad Nasenya
Tik-Tok queen, Azziad Nasenya

Whatever the case may be, she is just another lass now. Albeit a lass who Kenyan men have studied and realized that Kenyan women are only as beautiful as their makeup allows them to be. And Kenyan women learnt that they can take advantage of Kenyan men’s thirst and when they are in an opportunity to do so, they should totally take advantage of it.

Azziad Nasenya alias Kenyan Tik Tok Queen

But it is also very difficult to see a way Azziad will reclaim or taste the levels of popularity she had at the onset of her 2020. And that is just the way things go because Kenyans have a form of collective amnesia that means that once they discard you, they forget about you and are onto the next fad. Issa rough, tough life.


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Celebrities Vs KOT: Cyber Bullying being a norm is sending many to depression

Kenya’s KOT -Kenyans on Twitter- was ranked top for being the worst cyber bullies. Top huh, well I wish it was for something good but well here we are. Online entitlement!

Many social media users have made it a norm to just trash someone just because they can. Having little internet has made many become cowards that have taken advantage of their online privileges.

Celebrities Vs KOT

The other day fast rising Kenyan Comedian Mulamwa became a trend on Twitter after he burnt his comedy regalia because of being trolled for over three years.

For one Mulamwa was accused of bullying others too, but truth about that is a story for another day.

Further, Flaqo of the Mama Otis skits also had his share of trolls around that same time of Mulamwa. Good thing is other celebrities came in their defense and the two regained their sanity.

The two are just but an example of what social media freedom has done to people. But this is sending many into depression.

Among others who have had to deal with such trolls are Bahati, Willy Paul, tik tok Queen Azziad Nasenya and worse  the first Covid- 19 survivors. Why are people this mean?

Nadia Mukami become the latest victim of a hard hitting troll that she opted to take a break from social media.

Also read : Nadia Mukami threatens to take legal action against fan who abused her on social media

Well, I have never understood the need to bring down another person. Breaks my heart.

Should online entitlement be tamed? Think about it.



On the other hand, the self declared OG Kaligraph Jones and Masauti teamed up for “Hao”a song that highlights the plight of many celebrities and how trolled for their work by fans.

In the song, the two put out how hard celebrities work though in public to make a living by entertaining them  but are trolled instead of appreciated.

Jones went ahead to admonish fans for always trolling celebrities especially the famous KOT  and forgetting that they are just  human and at work.

He told fans off for always having a point to make when its not necessary.

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Truths is Nyi ni fans in denial so of-course mnajifanya!