Eric and Fred Omondi mourning after losing step mum and cousin

Comedian Fred and Eric Omondi are morning following the death of their step mom and their first cousin identified as Sikuku who passed away on Wednesday.

On social media, Eric posted a sad post alerting his fans that he lost the two. He didn’t share what happened.

“Death is so cruel. So we have lost our only surviving step mum at home and at the same time my 1st cousin, Skuku, who is more of a brother. Still can’t believe you are gone mama n Skuku, Only God knows why this soon but forever you will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace. Safari salama.  Strong till the end,” read Omondi’s post.


“Still can’t believe you are gone.” his brother added in a separate post.

In June last year, the Omondi’s lost their elder brother Joseph Onyango Omondi who was a drug addict for almost 19 years.

“Maybe she was calling my name during S~x” Babu Owino speaks after hearing Lilian Muli’s baby is a copy paste of him

While Lilian Muli is out here sending strong signal she’s single again but not ready to be a side chick, some are busy denying they were involved in bringing her baby Liam to this world.

Politician Babu Owino had a very cheeky response after a fan asked him whether he has seen Lilian Muli’s baby because he resembles him.

“Alafu umemwona yule mtoi wa Lillian Muli .mazee anakufanana vibaya sana ama kuna vile,” mose_ooro commented and Babu answered, “Maybe the mum was calling my name during sex.”

Not hers

The photo has been doing rounds on social media after Muli posted it. However, the baby’s isn’t Muli but belongs to Lillian’s close friend Cess P.

Interestingly, Muli posted the baby online while has been clearly avoiding to post her own who is barely eight months old.

Mapenzi bado iko! Eric Omondi welcomes ‘lost’ girlfriend Chantal back home like a true queen(photos) 

It has been almost eight months since comedian Eric Omondi saw his fiance Chantal Grazioli.

The two have been away from each other for so long that many started speculating that they are no longer together.

Eric came out to deny the allegations and even hinted there might be a wedding coming in e few months.

“Chantal and I are quite fine. She has been in Italy with her family for the last five months and we talk every day. I don’t see why people make such assumptions and conclusions without asking us when we are just a call away. That is really very lazy journalism,” Eric told Pulse.

Come back

The comedian brought Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to a standstill yesterday as he welcomed his fiancee Chantal Grazioli back home. Eric was at the arrivals terminus with a band that played music as she made her way to a car that was waiting.

Remember, last time he put up a billboard near JKIA to announce her arrival which ended up trending for days.

Here are the photos:


Jaguar’s cheeks hit my hands I didn’t no slap him- Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, while offering an apology in parliament regarding his 2017 fight with Starehe MP Charles Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar, left fellow MPs in stitches.

Owino offered a cheeky apology regarding his fight saying that he never slapped Jaguar during the heated argument. The apology was rejected.

“I would like to apologise and say that on that day, I did not slap Hon. Jaguar, it is his cheeks that moved towards my hands and I’m ready to apologise,” said Babu. 


Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi who was presiding over the Thursday, November 22, morning session, was not impressed with the apology and asked Owino to make another.

“I tender my unreserved apology to the members and this House for having acted in a manner that did not bring honor, respect and dignity to this House and undertake that I shall always abide by the responsibilities of leadership set out in the Constitution,” said the Embakasi East MP. 

The two went for each other’s neck in October 10, 2017, when Jaguar got agitated by Babu’s statements saying he could not recognize President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legitimacy.

Bado niko! Eric Omondi denies Italian girlfriend has dumped him after her encrypted post on social media

Comedian Eric Omondi has come out to clear rumours that his girlfriend Chantal Grazioli has ditched him.

The comedian was forced to explain their relationship status to the public after his woman took to social media to send a very strange message that many were quick to conclude all is not well.

“It’s funny how you think you know someone but you actually don’t.” she posted.

Not concerned

Omondi, in an interview with Nairobinews, said that their marriage is strong and he’s not concerned about the rumours.

“Those are just rumours my girlfriend is currently out of the country and I am at the moment busy with my comedy work. People are just very funny I remember them telling me to stop with so much lovey dovey and concentrate on my comedy but know that I am doing it they still have something to say,” said Omondi.

A quick inspection of their social media timelines shows that the two haven’t been sharing pictures of each other for quite a while.

The two were lastly together in March so they are on serious dry spells (we hope). The post also comes just days after Eric promised that a wedding will come in 2019.


Eric Omondi finally releases full ‘money’ video after leaving Kenyans in pure envy 

Comedian Eric Omondi recently topped headlines after posting a clip shoveling money into a sack, leaving many with envy especially after thinking of their dry bank accounts.

Kenyans have been eager to see what the comedian had in stores this time round considering how his videos can be controversial — remember that naked one?


The new video is yet another hit from the comedian in which he addresses corrupt politicians. Sampled from the popular Sauti Sol’s hit “Short and Sweet” Eric’s song has already impressed her fans.

Watch it below:


So sad! Eric Omondi introduces his blood brother who has been destroyed by drugs

Comedian Eric Omondi recently put jokes aside and decided to address a serious issue that has been affecting not only his family but the society at large.

The comedian took to Instagram to address the drug menace that has been destroying the youths, sharing a clip of his blood bother who has been crippled by the substances.

Joseph Omondi, Eric’s little-known older brother is worryingly hooked on substance abuse to the point it is affecting his functionality. He has been in and out rehabs with little help.

“If you are a young person and you follow this account.. This is for you!!! This is my blood brother Joseph Omondi(Same father same mother)… He is the First born, I am the second born… Our third born is Irene Omondi and the last born is Fred Omondi. Joseph has struggled with drug addiction since high school,” Eric captioned the sad video.

Eric and his brother Joseph Omondi

Nacada comes on board

He went on:

“He has been in and out of rehabilitation. We have tried our best as a family. Because of his addiction he has a tendency to run away from us to avoid Rehabilitation. I tracked him yesterday through a taxi guy who spotted him in Nairobi downtown along Nyandarua Road. @chipukeezy and Nacada have promised to help him. If you are reading this na uko High school ama colle na ushaanza kuonja hizo vitu jua tu kuna time hautaweza kulala bila hizo vitu.”

Babu Owino joins the list of celebrities defending Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has had the longest day as his fans have been trolling him after his nude video. The comedian was seen with a few minors enjoying the old ‘duff mpararo’ but not everyone was impressed.

According to most comments, Eric Omondi violated the low by showing children his body which is totally wrong. The comedian however issues an apology through his Instagram page saying;

Babu Owino defends Eric Omondi

Well, after Pastor Burale shared a post asking people to stop trolling the comedian; Babu Owino has also shared a tweet saying that swimming in the river has always been something Africans have been practicing.

In his post, he asks people to give Omondi a break as he wrote saying,

“We should all give Eric Omondi a break. We from poor families had rivers and lakes as our swimming pools with nudity as costumes,”