“I was busy performing on my wife!” Babu Owino denies fighting at Konshen’s New year event (Video)

New Years must have been fun for many, that is judging from the number of events that were lined up for that specific night.

There are those who went to church, others clubs but most were out to party at the various events i.e the Konshen event; not forgetting the failed Omah Lay event at the coast.

However judging from the feedback given out by fans from all the New year events; looks like Konshen’s not only gave fans a night to remember; but the fans themselves also got to entertain themselves in various ways including – fights.

Well, I say this thanks to a viral video showing a couple of drunk girls fight during the Carnivore event; and the funniest part is, social media users are convinced that Babu Owino was among those who were involved in the fight as seen in a viral video shared online.

‘Wasn’t me’ Babu Owino

Looking at the video, one can say Babu Owino was definitely part of the fight; that is after his look alike appears on the clip for about 3 seconds before disappearing in the crowd.

Having seen the video himself and seeing how fans on social media are talking; Hon Babu Owino on January 2nd issued a statement distancing himself from the viral video as he wrote;

Babu Owino speaks

With due respect,I was not at the Konshens’ party,and the man purported to be me in the video doing rounds is NOT me.

According to Babu Owino, at the time Konshen’s was performing – he (Babu) was busy carrying out his husbandly duties on his lovely wife.

The time Konshens was performing I was also performing on my wife and she can attest to this.People at the Konshens’ party should also confirm that I was not there

Watch the video below.