Babu Owino Calls For Protests Against Proposed Bread Tax

Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, is urging Kenyans to protest against the government’s plan to tax basic necessities, particularly bread.

Owino criticizes the Finance Bill 2024, arguing that the tax increases only worsen the high cost of living without any corresponding wage growth for ordinary Kenyans.

He cites the French Revolution as a historical example of how economic inequality can lead to social unrest. He compares the proposed bread tax to Marie Antoinette’s infamous suggestion of eating cake, implying President Ruto is insensitive to the people’s struggles.

Owino believes mass demonstrations are the only way to force change. He references comments made by former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who stated that protests, not negotiations, are necessary for national change.

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Owino Opposes Tax on Bread and Vehicles During K24 Interview

In a recent interview with K24 TV, Owino strongly condemned the proposed 16% tax on bread, calling it “unjustified” and a burden on Kenyans. He argues that reintroducing this tax, removed 30 years ago, would be disastrous.

Owino further criticizes the government’s overall tax policies, including the proposed 2.5% tax on motor vehicles. He views these measures as deliberately harmful and leading the country in the wrong direction.

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Finance Bill 2024 Unveiled

Owino’s comments come amidst public discussions surrounding the Finance Bill 2024. The bill, introduced on May 9th and presented to parliament on May 13th, proposes changes to various tax laws.

These changes include modifications to income tax, VAT regulations, excise duties, and the Affordable Housing Act. The bill notably proposes a 16% VAT on previously exempt goods like bread, potentially causing significant price increases for consumers.

The favorite to succeed Raila as Luo Nyanza leader is Babu Owino

A recent survey conducted by the Consortium of Researchers on Governance (CoRG AFRICA LIMITED) sheds light on the potential successors to ODM leader Raila Odinga in the Luo Nyanza region.

According to the survey on public policy and governance in the Nyanza region, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino emerges as the top choice to succeed Raila Odinga, with 51.8 per cent of respondents supporting him.

Following Babu Owino, Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga garnered 11.6 per cent support, while ODM National Chairman John Mbadi received 10.3 per cent. National Assembly Minority Leader and Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi followed closely with 9.8 per cent, and Home Affairs Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo secured 5.2 per cent. However, 11.3 per cent of respondents remained undecided.

Regarding Raila Odinga’s potential retirement from local politics if successful in his bid for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship, 41.6 per cent of respondents believe he should continue to serve as their leader. On the other hand, 27.4 per cent feel he should retire from politics, while 31 per cent are yet to decide.

In the Kisii Nyanza region, Kisii Government MP Simba Arati was voted as the best candidate to lead with 67.4 per cent support, followed by Mugirango South MP Sylvanus Osoro with 10.8 per cent, and Kitutu Chache North MP Anthony Kibagendi with 6.5 per cent, while 15.3 per cent remained undecided.

Regarding awareness of the implementation of promises made by Nyanza region governors, Governor Gladys Wanga was rated highest at 68.3 per cent, followed by the Migori Governor with 61.1 per cent, and Governor Simba Arati with 60.9 per cent.

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka was rated as the most vocal Senator from the region in exercising his oversight role in the Senate, with 65.1 per cent approval, followed by Okong’o Omogeni of Nyamira with 59.8 per cent, and Moses Kajwang of Homa Bay with 57.5 per cent.

In terms of project implementation and representation by county women representatives, Fatuma Mohamed of Migori County received a rating of 73.2 per cent, followed by Kisii Woman Rep Dorice Donya with 70.8 per cent, while Ruth Odinga of Kisumu County came third with a rating of 66.7 per cent.

After a contentious internet feud, KRG the Don confronts Andrew Kibe face-to-face [Video]

Dancehall sensation KRG the Don has finally ended his longstanding online feud with Andrew Kibe by meeting face-to-face at an undisclosed location in Nairobi, with MP Babu Owino present.

KRG later shared videos of the encounter, which surprised many fans expecting a physical altercation based on previous threats exchanged online. Contrary to their social media portrayals, the two appeared amicable during their in-person meeting.


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MP Babu Owino also shared insights from the encounter with Andrew Kibe, expressing support for their interview. Babu praised Kibe as a gentleman, emphasizing that viewers should anticipate their intellectual and brainstorming discussion.

In addition, Babu commended Kibe for establishing his own platform, YAFREEKA, after facing a ban on YouTube. He applauded the new channel, which aims to address challenges and solutions in Africa, as a unifying platform for the continent.

Love, Laughter, and Challenges- Babu Owino Sends Advice To Couples Wishing A Happily Ever After

Kenyan politician Babu Owino, known for his colorful personality and outspoken nature, recently shared some surprisingly heartfelt wisdom for married couples. During a podcast session with Cultured Times on TikTok, Owino shed light on his perspective on what makes a strong and lasting partnership.

One of Owino’s key messages focused on recognizing the true value of a partner, especially during challenging times. He emphasized that while financial security can be important, it’s a partner’s unwavering support and presence through hardships that truly defines their worth. “Good women come from God… a beautiful woman comes from God, a handsome man comes from the bank,” he quipped, “but all in all the moment we will appreciate the importance of a partner is when there are challenges and the challenges that you go through if your partner is by your side always and supporting you and being strong by your side and praying for you, then that is the right person in your life.”

When asked about the qualities to look for in a life partner, Owino offered practical advice. He highlighted the importance of compatibility, effective communication skills, and the ability to navigate disagreements constructively. “Remember marriage is a union between two persons to the exclusion of all others,” he advised, “you only invite God in it.”

Owino also stressed the importance of teamwork and shared values within a marriage. He encouraged couples to unite and work together towards their goals, keeping their faith and commitment at the core of their relationship. This emphasis on a shared foundation resonates with many couples who find strength and purpose in building their lives together.

Beyond the Headlines: A Glimpse into Owino’s Personal Side

While Babu Owino is often known for his flamboyant persona and political activism, this glimpse into his perspective on marriage reveals a softer, more reflective side. His advice, rooted in personal experience and observation, offers valuable food for thought for couples at all stages of their journey.

Whether you agree with all of Owino’s points or not, there’s no denying that his words spark conversation and encourage introspection. Ultimately, the secret to a happy marriage lies in finding what works for each unique couple, embracing both the laughter and the challenges, and building a lasting foundation of love, respect, and support.

So, the next time you’re considering the qualities you seek in a partner or navigating the inevitable ups and downs of married life, remember Babu Owino’s nuggets of wisdom – they might just offer a fresh perspective and a dose of encouragement on your path to happily ever after.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino Condemns Rise In Femicide Cases In Kenya

Taking to his social media, Owino delivered a powerful message, drawing inspiration from the Bible to highlight the interdependence of men and women. He quoted 1 Corinthians 11:12, emphasizing that “neither woman is independent of man, nor is man independent of woman,” underscoring the shared responsibility in building a safe and just society.

“Let’s say no to femicide!” Owino declared, urging men to recognize their role in upholding the dignity and safety of women. He further stated, “Men depend on women even as women depend on men. That is not just true about birth. It is also true about almost every part of human society. God intended that men should use their authority with an attitude of love.”

Owino’s call for unity resonates with the actions of many Kenyans who have taken to the streets in recent days to protest the femicide epidemic. On Thursday, January 18th, a group of women in Nyeri town organized a peaceful demonstration, raising their voices against the recent spate of gruesome killings of young women. Armed with twigs and placards, they demanded concrete steps from the government to enhance security in lodgings and short-term accommodation facilities, identified as vulnerable spaces for women.

The rising tide of public outcry against femicide reflects a growing awareness of the urgency of this issue. Owino’s appeal for men to understand their responsibility as partners in creating a safe and equitable society offers a crucial perspective in this fight for justice.

Babu Owino Blames Ruto For Untimely Release Of CDF Funds, Citing Impact On Education

Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, has urged the government to expedite the disbursement of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) monies, highlighting their importance for education and student welfare.

In a video posted on social media, Owino expressed concern about the ongoing delays, asserting that they affect the ability of schools to function effectively and hinder access to education for disadvantaged students.

“President Ruto has a responsibility to ensure timely release of CDF funds,” Owino stated. “Education is the cornerstone of our society and economy. We cannot afford to undermine its foundation by delaying crucial resources.”

He emphasized his personal commitment to education, pointing to his long-standing initiatives in providing bursaries for students in his constituency.

“Every year, I support around 17,000 applicants with educational grants,” Owino explained. “I understand the transformative power of education, having experienced it myself. I want all children, especially those facing hardships, to have the same opportunity to thrive through education.”

Owino’s statement comes amidst widespread concerns about the delayed release of CDF funds, with reports indicating disruptions in school operations and delays in critical educational programs.

Babu Owino Says He Will Not Celebrate Until DJ Evolve Walks Again

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili, popularly known as Babu Owino, has been acquitted of misuse of firearm charges in relation to the shooting of Felix Orinda, also known as DJ Evolve.

However, Owino said that he will not celebrate his acquittal until DJ Evolve fully recovers.

“The day I will be victorious is the day I’ll see DJ Evolve walk and stand by my side. Until he recovers, I want to assure the public that will walk by his side and will always be there for him. I’m planning to take him to India for further treatment and I pray he will walk again in the near future,” Owino said.

Owino was accused of shooting and injuring DJ Evolve at B Club in Nairobi’s Kilimani area on January 17, 2020. He was charged with attempted murder, but the charge was later reduced to misuse of firearm.

The MP was acquitted by Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, who said that the prosecution did not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Having evaluated the evidence before me, it is my finding that the prosecution did not prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, the victim denied that he quarrelled with the accused. For the above-stated reasons, the accused is found not guilty and acquitted under section 215 of the CPC,” the magistrate ruled.

While acquitting Owino, the magistrate said that the prosecution did a shoddy job during the investigations of the case.

Owino’s acquittal has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have welcomed the decision, while others have expressed disappointment.

DJ Evolve is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in the shooting. He is currently wheelchair-bound and has limited mobility.

Owino has said that he will continue to support DJ Evolve and help him get the treatment he needs.

Babu Owino Freed From DJ Evolve’s Shooting Case

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has been acquitted of charges in the shooting of Felix Orinda, also known as DJ Evolve.

The decision was made by Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi at the Milimani Law Courts. Ochoi ruled that the prosecution had failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove that Owino was the one who shot DJ Evolve.

The prosecution had alleged that Owino shot DJ Evolve at a club in Nairobi in January 2020. However, the court found that the prosecution’s evidence was weak.

For example, the prosecution did not have a medical report to prove that DJ Evolve was shot. They also did not have a ballistics report to prove that the bullet that injured DJ Evolve came from Owino’s gun.

In addition, DJ Evolve himself testified that he did not see Owino shoot him. He said that he was shot by someone he did not know.

Based on this evidence, the court found Owino not guilty of the charges against him.

This is a significant victory for Owino, who has been fighting these charges for over two years. It is also a setback for the prosecution, which has been unable to secure a conviction in this case.

The case has been closely watched by Kenyans, who are divided on whether or not Owino is guilty. Some people believe that he is innocent, while others believe that he is guilty and is getting away with a crime.

The acquittal of Owino is likely to further polarize public opinion on this case. It remains to be seen whether the prosecution will appeal the decision.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino Addresses High Cost Of Living With Religious Messages

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has once again addressed the high cost of living in Kenya. In a series of social media posts, Owino combined his commitment to advocating for reduced living costs and taxes with religious messages.

Owino, who has been a vocal critic of the government’s handling of the economy, said that everything has risen in price except salvation. He quoted a passage from the Bible, Exodus 1:12, which says: “But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they grew.”

Owino also shared a passage from the Bible, Matthew 18:1-5, which emphasizes humility and purity of heart. He said that those who are humble and have a pure heart will be rewarded in the kingdom of heaven.

Owino’s posts have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his message of hope and resilience, while others have accused him of using religion to deflect from the real issues facing Kenyans.

The high cost of living is a major concern for many Kenyans. The prices of basic commodities have been rising steadily in recent months, and many people are struggling to make ends meet. The government has taken some steps to address the problem, but many people believe that more needs to be done.

It remains to be seen whether Owino’s message will resonate with Kenyans. However, his use of religious messages is a reminder of the importance of faith in times of hardship.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino Released On Bail

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has been released on a cash bail of Ksh.100,000 in a case where he is charged with conspiracy to commit subversive activities.

Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina noted that the prosecution had not established a reason to deny the accused persons bail. The court also observed that the prosecution did not establish which of the accused persons would interfere with investigations into the case.

Owino and six other persons were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the opposition-led anti-government protests. They denied the charges.

Owino was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and taken to Wang’uru Police Station in Mwea, Kirinyaga County, ahead of the Wednesday protests by the Azimio coalition.

He was on Thursday transferred to the Nairobi Area Traffic Police Headquarters after his family members and lawyers stormed the Wang’uru station demanding his release and was later in the day arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts where he was charged.

His legal team applied for his release, arguing that he had been unlawfully arrested and detained and that the charges preferred against him could not be substantiated.

The court granted the accused persons bail and directed them to report to the police once a week.

Babu Owino’s Wife Claims He Is Being Detained At Wang’uru Police Station

Fridah Ongili, the wife of Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino, has said that her husband is being detained at Wang’uru police station in Mwea, Kirinyaga County.

Fridah said that Owino called her on Tuesday evening, July 18, to say that he had been arrested by the DCI at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) upon his arrival from Mombasa. He told her that he would call her back, but his phone went off and he has not been able to reach her since.

Fridah said that she spent the entire day on Wednesday searching for her husband, going to the DCI headquarters, the airport, and several police stations in Nairobi. She was eventually directed to Wang’uru police station, where she was told that her husband is being held.

Fridah said that she was denied entry to the police station, but she was able to confirm that her husband is there because she saw a police officer who knew him. She also said that she heard from other people that there is a high possibility that Owino will be transferred to an undisclosed location.

Fridah pleaded for help from the Azimio la Umoja coalition leaders, saying that her husband has done nothing wrong and that he is being held illegally. She said that she just wants to be able to give her husband food and medicine, and to see that he is safe.

The arrest of Babu Owino comes just days before the planned anti-government protests. Owino is a vocal critic of the government and has been arrested several times in the past. His latest arrest has been condemned by the opposition and human rights groups, who say that it is a clear attempt to intimidate and silence critics of the government.

Babu Owino’s Wife Fridah Muthoni Ongili Shares Details of Husband’s Arrest and Detention

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino’s wife, Fridah Muthoni Ongili, has shared worrying details about the arrest and detention of her husband.

In a video seen by this writer, Fridah disclosed that her husband is being detained at a police station in Mwea. She went on to narrate that she had been denied permission to see her husband at the said police station.

Owino was allegedly arrested at JKIA upon his arrival at the airport from Mombasa and later transferred to an undisclosed location.

After a long search, his wife got wind that her husband had been transferred to Wang’uru police station in Mwea.

“He called me at around 11 pm and told me that he is at the airport, he had just landed and was being detained by the DCI and arrested,” Fridah said.

“He told me that he will call me after that but he hasn’t because his phone went off after that and it has been off ever since. All I have been doing is searching for him and I started at the DCI headquarters and I was directed to go to the airport.

“I went there and he was not there, I went to Gigiri and Muthaiga, Kilimani, Embakasi police stations and he was not there. Finally, I was given information that he was in Wang’uru police station in Mwea,” Fridah said in part.

Mrs Ongili further stated that after travelling to Mwea she was denied permission to see or even give her husband food.

She said that she was told that Owino was being held incommunicado and that she would not be allowed to see him until the investigations into his arrest were complete.

Fridah has called on the authorities to release her husband and to allow her to see him. She has also called on the public to pray for her husband and for his safe return.

The arrest and detention of Babu Owino has sparked outrage among his supporters and members of the public. Many people have accused the government of targeting Owino because of his political views.

The government has denied these accusations and has said that Owino was arrested in connection with a criminal investigation.

It remains to be seen what charges, if any, will be brought against Owino. However, his arrest and detention have highlighted the growing political tensions in Kenya.

Babu Owino detained

Azimio leaders are on the run after police launched a manhunt for them. The leaders, who include Babu Owino, have been accused of planning anti-government demonstrations.

Owino was detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on arrival from Mombasa. About six other Members of the County Assembly and pockets of activists were also detained overnight.

It is not clear if they will be produced in court, but government officials say they are being held to disrupt the planned three-day protests.

Other senior Azimio leaders have been missing since Tuesday evening. Police teams sent to their homes in the city and upcountry did not find them. They were still searching for them by Wednesday morning.

The demonstrations called by Azimio leaders have paralysed operations in most parts of the country. Pockets of protests were reported in the city, but anti-riot police dispersed the groups.

The government on Tuesday ordered the closure of all-day primary and secondary schools in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu ahead of the protests.

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome declared the planned protests illegal. He warned Kenyans against participating in the demos, saying the police would deal with demonstrators accordingly.

Long distance drivers were urged by their organization to be cautious and if possible suspend their trips. Kenya Railways announced the suspension of train services in Nairobi over the protests. Some public service vehicles also announced they would keep off-roads and monitor the situation.

The protests have been called in response to the government’s decision to increase fuel prices. The government has said the increase is necessary to raise revenue to fund development projects.

The demonstrations have sparked fears of violence. The government has deployed security forces to major cities to prevent any unrest.

It remains to be seen how the protests will unfold. However, it is clear that the government is determined to prevent them from taking place.

Babu Owino opens up about growing up on chang’aa proceeds

Babu Owino, the MP for Embakasi East, is a man of many talents. He has a first-class honors degree in actuarial science, a master’s degree in law, six diplomas, and four degrees. He was born and raised in the Nyalenda slums of Kisumu, Kenya, and believes that his experiences there shaped him into the person he is today.

“I believe that the things we go through in life are meant to shape us and build us into who we are supposed to be,” Owino said. “That’s the goal of hard moments in life.”

Owino says that he can easily relate to someone who has struggled to pay school fees, lacked food at home, or even been arrested. He has gone through all of these things himself.

“After my father died when I was in class 3, my mother resorted to selling chang’aa (an illicit alcoholic brew) so that she could take care of us,” Owino said. “That’s what put me through school.”

Owino is a strong advocate for the rights of the poor and marginalized. He gets angry when he hears about the government waging a war against chang’aa sellers, because he believes that these sellers are often the only source of income for their families.

“Chang’aa sellers are the leaders of tomorrow,” Owino said. “They are the people who are going to change this country.”

Owino’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled to overcome adversity. He is a living proof that it is possible to achieve great things, even if you come from a humble background.

Babu Owino pleads not guilty to gun charges, thinks court should acquit him

Babu Owino, the member of parliament for Embakasi East, has pleaded not guilty to charges of misuse of a firearm. In his submissions to the court, Owino’s lawyer, Duncan Okatch, argued that the prosecution had failed to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Okatch pointed out that none of the witnesses had seen Owino behaving in a disorderly manner, and that the prosecution’s reliance on CCTV evidence was not enough to prove that he was intoxicated. He also argued that the victim, DJ Evolve, had testified that he and Owino were friends, and that there was no motive for Owino to shoot him.

Owino himself also addressed the court, saying that he had spent Sh58.6 million on Evolve’s medical expenses. He said that he had taken responsibility for Evolve as a leader, and that this was inconsistent with someone who had intended to harm him.

The magistrate, Bernard Ochoi, has reserved his ruling until a later date.

Babu Owino Reveals He Spent Ksh58.6 Million On DJ Evolve’s Treatment

Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Ongili Owino alias Babu Owino has revealed that he has spent Ksh58.6 million on the treatment of Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve. Owino was charged with shooting Evolve at a club in Kilimani, Nairobi county in January 2016. He was found guilty and sentenced to serve seven years in prison. However, he was released on bail pending appeal.

In his defence, Owino told the court that he was not responsible for the shooting. He said that his gun was not loaded and that the bullet that hit Evolve could have come from another gun.

Owino also told the court that he had spent a lot of money on Evolve’s treatment. He said that he had paid for Evolve’s medical bills, as well as for his rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The court heard that Evolve had suffered serious injuries as a result of the shooting. He had to undergo surgery to remove the bullet from his neck, and he had to learn to walk again.

Owino said that he was sorry for what had happened to Evolve. He said that he had never intended to hurt him.

The court has yet to make a ruling on Owino’s appeal. However, his revelation about the amount of money he has spent on Evolve’s treatment has drawn mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his generosity, while others have criticized him for not taking responsibility for his actions.

It remains to be seen how the court will rule on Owino’s appeal. However, his revelation about the amount of money he has spent on Evolve’s treatment is a reminder of the serious consequences of gun violence.

Babu Owino fights against Ruto’s plan to tax wigs and makeup

It would appear slay-queens have a champion in the form of Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino who has decided to speak out against and even fight against proposed plans by Ruto’s government to tax wigs and makeup.

Babu Owino speaks

Babu Owino shows off his Karate skills

The proposed taxes are hidden within the Finance Bill 2023 and Kenyans are upset that it seems everything he can possibly tax will indeed be taxed.

Babu Owino

Speaking to members of the media bubble window claimed this was a tax being imposed specifically on Kenyan women and he went on to say that they wear these things to attract tourists which is why Kenya is such a great tourist destination.

Babu Owino complaining about women in his DM is a cry for attention

“I want to tell you that a government that is stealing from our ladies is not a good government and the real man should not steal from ladies our ladies are now putting on this leaves the wings to attract tourists and the main tourist attraction are these beautiful ladies so Kenya will lose billions”

Politician Babu Owino


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Babu Owino shows off his Karate skills

Babu Owino is a jack of all trades. The Embakasi East Member of Parliament holds two degrees from the University of Nairobi with one being a degree in Acturial Science and the other being a degree in Law.

‘Arresting Him Is Like Treason’-Babu Owino Warns Government Against Arresting Raila Odinga

On top of this, he has been credited with helping digitally tutor Kenyan students during the confusion that was occasioned by the Covid-19 lockdowns as education ground to a halt and some of the students that performed well thanked him for his role in their success.

Politician Babu Owino

So to say he is a smart man is an understatement. But what few know about Babu Owino is the fact that he is a Karateka. And a damned fine one.

DJ Evolve vs Babu Owino: Father made the right call

While it is unclear just how long he has been training, he shared a video of himself taking on a sparring partner and he put paws (and feet) on him. Check out the video below:

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‘Arresting Him Is Like Treason’-Babu Owino Warns Government Against Arresting Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga was teargassed on Monday following the pre-planned protests that involved netizens taking to the streets to ‘take action’.

Raila spearheaded the demos after he claimed that netizens had had enough of the current government for raising the cost of living. Further, baba continues to claim that he was rigged victory of last year’s elections.

For the latter reasons, a section of netizens inclined to his cry. The streets of Nairobi and Kisumu were filled to the brim by baba’s supporters; preparing for the demos.

Politician Babu Owino

Babu Owino being one of his biggest supporters, shows immense support for him. And for the demos, Owino claims baba shouldn’t be arrested at any point.

He divulged the same in a recent interview, where he purported that the thought of arresting him would be treason.

”Harbouring an intention to arrest baba amounts to treason. If you want this country to go down, try to arrest baba. Just even utter that you want to arrest Raila.”

Raila yesterday announced that the protests would go run on Mondays and Thursdays. Following the protests, Riggy G was displeased and accused former President Uhuru for being involved in the protests by helping to fund it. Watch Owino’s sentiments here

“I was busy performing on my wife!” Babu Owino denies fighting at Konshen’s New year event (Video)

New Years must have been fun for many, that is judging from the number of events that were lined up for that specific night.

There are those who went to church, others clubs but most were out to party at the various events i.e the Konshen event; not forgetting the failed Omah Lay event at the coast.

However judging from the feedback given out by fans from all the New year events; looks like Konshen’s not only gave fans a night to remember; but the fans themselves also got to entertain themselves in various ways including – fights.

Well, I say this thanks to a viral video showing a couple of drunk girls fight during the Carnivore event; and the funniest part is, social media users are convinced that Babu Owino was among those who were involved in the fight as seen in a viral video shared online.

‘Wasn’t me’ Babu Owino

Looking at the video, one can say Babu Owino was definitely part of the fight; that is after his look alike appears on the clip for about 3 seconds before disappearing in the crowd.

Having seen the video himself and seeing how fans on social media are talking; Hon Babu Owino on January 2nd issued a statement distancing himself from the viral video as he wrote;

Babu Owino speaks

With due respect,I was not at the Konshens’ party,and the man purported to be me in the video doing rounds is NOT me.

According to Babu Owino, at the time Konshen’s was performing – he (Babu) was busy carrying out his husbandly duties on his lovely wife.

The time Konshens was performing I was also performing on my wife and she can attest to this.People at the Konshens’ party should also confirm that I was not there

Watch the video below.


“We’ve become even closer” Babu Owino speaks on his new found friendship with DJ Evolve after shooting incident

Hours after Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi announced that DJ Evolve had dropped his case against Babu Owino; the politician has now opened up in a detailed post aimed at thanking Wvolve for the kindness.

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As seen on the statement issued online, Babu Owino thanked the court for allowing both him and Evolve to solve their issues out of court. He also went on to applaud DJ Evolve for making the right decision (despite the pressure from the public) and for standing for what he believes is right.

DJ Evolve

Babu Owino’s statement read;


DECEMBER 16, 2021


I welcome the recent decision of the Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi in which the court allowed DJ Evolve and I to resolve matters while embracing Alternative Dispute Resolution. I thank the court for being bold enough to uphold the restorative principles of Justice enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Praises Evolve for bravery

The case being of public interest, Babu Owino is aware that many would have preferred seeing him behind bars; but thanks to his close friend, DJ Evolve – this will never befall on the Embakasi East MP.

Politician Babu Owino

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Thanking DJ Evolve for being fair, Babu Owino went on to add;

DJ Evolve is a brave and inspirational young man. I remain indebted to him for the gracious manner in which he has carried himself during this obviously challenging time.

As for those who were not aware of the relationship Babu Owino and DJ Evolve had before the incident; the MP updated them saying;

We were close friends and have become even closer through this Damascus moment and I am committed to honoring my part of the agreement.
Thank you.

Babu Owino

And there you have it!

“I am now a changed man” Babu Owino speaks after opening up about his Cocaine and Heroin addiction

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is not ashamed of his past. In fact, he is willing to use his past life experiences to educate the youths; and thanks to an interview he did with Robert Alai – we get to know how his experience with drugs.

Just like most youths, Babu Owino says that he has used all types of drugs that is from soft to hard drugs. The fella said;

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

Personally, I’ve consumed everything. I’ve consumed soft drugs, moderate drugs and even hard drugs. But I didn’t see the benefit of it because it almost led to my destruction.

Just to give an example of some of the drugs he has used before, Babu went on to say;

I have done a lot of drugs, I’ve done cocaine, heroin and many brands of alcohol but that was in my last life and I have to admit that these drugs impair your judgement and they don’t help the body in any way. If anything, they do a lot of harm to the body.

Babu shares more details

Seeing how his interview with friend Robert Alai was getting recognition on social media; the politician shared a detailed post through his gram talking about the importance of recognizing the struggle of drug abuse in our society. He wrote;

Babu Owino

KENYAN SOCIETY NEEDS TO CONFRONT THE REALITY OF DRUG USE AMONG THE YOUTH. My attention has been draw to a clip circulating on social media from an interview I did with my friend Robert Alai about my history with drugs of abuse. I wish to take this opportunity to give that clip some context.

How it all began

On the same post, Babu Owino mentioned how and why he found himself drowning in drugs like most youths. The young leader said;

Yes, I can confirm that in the past, like many young Kenyans struggling with identity, I fell victim to drugs of abuse. I was in a dark place in my life; everything appeared rosy to the public but inside, I was struggling with my demons and my outlet was alcohol and drugs.


On the same post, Babu added that his main reason for the interview is to educate Kenyans on the effects of drugs; and him being a public figure means his story is the perfect example. He went on to add;

The reason I went public with this very personal testimony is to show my fellow young Kenyans that your past does not have to define your future. I knew that there would be varied reactions to my story – “How can an MP be involved in something like that? But your life appears to be so good? What do you struggle with compared to ordinary people?”


Drugs do not distinguish between rich and poor, young and old, male or female; it can affect anybody! But you do not have to carry the mistakes of yesterday into today. It IS possible to break free from the yoke of drug use and turn your life around.

Word of advice

To those who continue to battle with their demons on the low; the politician encouraged them not give into the ‘devils’ whispers saying;

I can confirm that with the help of God, I have broken the chains of darkness. I have been alcohol and drug free for over one year and thanks to the invaluable support of my lovely wife, my friends and the people of Embakasi East, I have managed to reclaim my story.I no longer have a secret with the devil.

And in conclusion, he wrote;

I know there are many of you out there struggling with drug use. I know how it can seem so hopeless. God can do for you what no man can. Trust in God and don’t be afraid to make that first step. It is possible! I hope through this testimony, I can provoke a long overdue conversation about the reality of drug abuse in Kenyan society.

Comrade Babu Owino,
MP, Embakasi East.

Babu Owino’s wife turning heads with never seen before hot photo

Light skinned politician Babu Owino is not loved by many; but the sad part is that he doesn’t really care. Even after the DJ Evolve incident, Babu Owino maintained his ego till date; and despite this being considered as a first degree attempted murder case – he remains free.

Babu Owino at a police station


Away from that, we all know that Babu Owino has a beautiful family he goes home to after a whole day of playing politician. Just like most prominent people in Kenya, Mr Babu rarely puts his family on social media display; hence making it hard for bloggers to write anything about them.

However, we have seen his wife through several photos; but just recently as the world marked Women’s Day – Babu decided to unveil a never seen before photo of his darling wife. In the post the young politician went on to write;

Happy women’s day to my Mum,my lovely,supportive,beautiful,respectful,Prayerful,God given and very intelligent wife and all women in kenya.May God grant all women what they desire in life.

Stunning beauty

As seen on the photo, Mrs Owino stepped out in a hot ‘electric crimson red’ gown that left her looking like the queen she is.

Just from her smile, it’s easy to tell that wherever she was headed with hubby Babu Owino; who is seen in a red bow tie and sleek suit – must have been special.

Well, let’s just say that Babu made the right choice in picking a fashionable lady with both beauty and brains. Anyway below is the photo that has left many ogling at Mheshimiwa’s hot wife!

Babu Owino with wife

Babu Owino ready to battle Otile Brown for the Embakasi East seat (Videos)

A few days ago a poster showing that Otile Brown will be vying for the Embakasi East seat emerged on social media exciting many. However, this poster was not received well by Babu Owino who chose to throw shade at Otile by referring to him as a slay King.

Well, whether a slay king or not Otile Brown definitely left Babu Owino fighting paranoia of being replaced come 2022. This is because the MP probably knew his people would support the hunk singer; especially since he failed in terms of fulfilling his promises of building roads in Embakasi.

Babu Owino at Kevin’s last send off

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However on Monday, 7 September Babu Owino availed himself to the people of Embakasi East; and as seen on his caption, Babu was there to help sort out some of their problems. On one of his videos, he wrote;

Today at the United Republic of Embakasi East (UREE) with my bosses solving challenges facing them.

PR at work?

Seeing that he may not be as irreplaceable as he thought; Babu has now started showing signs of delivering some of his unfulfilled promises. But why now?

In yet another video, the young politician wrote;

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Yesterday I was at Tassia in Embakasi East solving challenges facing my People

However said politics is a dirty game truly knew what he was talking about; but before anyone calls his bluff…let’s see whether he shall deliver!

6 local celebrities who can’t handle criticism from fans, always ready to attack!

Being a celebrity means your life is now exposed to the public. This gives netizens the power to air their different about opinions and if one can’t handle it; then you find them having bitter exchange on social media. But question is, if they can’t handle the pressure, then why sign up for it in the first place!

Zari Hassan the boss lady

Having dated Diamond Platnumz, Zari not only exposed her personal life but kids to online criticism from online fans. However everytime fans blast her for living a fake life, Zari always steps down from her throne to argue with fans. Wasting time and energy!

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So far the president of single mums has proven that online criticism bring out the worst in her. Just a few days ago she went on to threaten radio presenter Massawe Jappani after finding out the questions she was throwing at Vesha Okello.

Well as much as Massawe was wrong, I bet at 23 years Ms Vesha could have dismissed some of the personal  questions asked; but she chose to respond. Akothee on the other hand chose to use this against Massawe by showering her with insults!

Lilian Muli

Celebrity lives are hard and Ms Muli can tell you this for free. So far she has proven to have ‘roho ndogo’ hence her bitter exchange with fans who sometimes body shame, insult and pick on her. I mean would it really hurt to mute and ignore criticism? Lilian Muli is a brand, but sometimes she tends to easily forget this!

Khaligraph Jones

Can Khaligraph Jones Music withstand the test of time?
Khaligraph Jones known for his ‘savage’ clap backs

They call him the king of savage clapback but i can tell you that rapper Jones often lets fear of being embarrassed take over him. Most of the rappers on his level barely pay attention at comments from fans; but try throw shade at Khali and see if it won’t itch him to respond!

Babu Owino

Remember the last time Kenyans demanded justice for DJ Evolve? Of course. Babu Owino went on to have a bitter exchange with those who called him out; and despite his Degree in Law, his arguments sounded gibberish especially with the ‘mama yako’ insults!

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Vera Sidika

Entrepreneur, Vera Sidika

Although Vera Sidika seems to have retired or tired of the socialite life; this particular lady is known to engage with fans especially well insulted.

The last time she was exposed for living in Gachie and not Kitisuru….Vera decided to parade her new mansion in mombasa not forgetting the flaunt the fashionable Gucci, LV among others to those claiming she is broke.

But come on…why go through all the trouble?

Fans voice mixed feelings after new photo of Babu Owino praying on his knees emerges online

Babu Owino recently opened up revealing the traumatizing childhood he had back in the day; when he was still living with his mum and sibling in Nyalenda slums, Kisumu County.

According to the Embakasi East MP, his childhood was not only ruined by the police who constantly gave his Mum a hard time; but also the fact that he started taking Chang’aa while still quit young.

However despite growing under such circumstances Babu managed to make something out of himself; and as we speak, the boy from Nyalenda slums is now an MP – but sadly with a bad reputation.

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DJ Evolve (left) and MP Babu Owino (right)


For months now Babu Owino has become an enemy to most Kenyans who demand justice for DJ Evolve who was shot by the MP following a small argument.

Fortunately the incident was caught on camera; making it hard for Babu Owino to deny that he was the one who shot the young DJ. However till now Babu Owino remains free, something that angers Kenyans; who still find it hard to believe that Justice goes to the highest bidder in Kenya.

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Seeing that Kenyans on social media will not let this go; Babu Owino has since been working with his PR team and from the look of this the MP appears to be on a mission to win back all the fans he lost.

For this reason, this past weekend Babu attended a church service and thanks to the photographers he hired; they managed to get a photo that seems to be impressing Kenyans!

Well, being the first time he is seen praying on his knees; a few fans on social media now feel that he should be pardoned for his mistakes as he appears to have changed. Babu went on to caption the photo;

Babu Owino on his knees

God I’m a sinner may you forgive me of my sins.

But do you think the photo above proves Babu Owino is now a changed man?