They grow up so fast! Adorable photo of baby Taiyari at 6 months

It was just the other day Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It welcomed their first child together. For some reason, the couple received mixed reactions from fans who did not hold back from weighing in on their relationship.

Some fans called out Corazon Kwamboka for allegedly stealing Frankie from ex, Maureen Waititu; but hey, how can one steal an adult man? Impossible.

Corazon with baby Taiyari

While others felt that these two needed to explore their new found love; and just like that – Corazon and her man ended up trending for weeks. Just to prove how much they loved each other, the couple welcomed their first child together 6 months ago; confirming that this was a serious relationship.

Corazon after welcoming son, baby Taiyari

Baby Taiyari at 6 Months

Away from that, just like most celebrities on social media Frankie and Corazon rarely share their son’s photos or videos on social media. In fact, they have been keeping him on the low until recently when he turned 6 months.

Baby Taiyari at 4 months

This being his half first birthday, dear mummy Corazon Kwamboka decided to shower her son with nothing but love. As seen on her social media pages, Corazon poured out her heart to son saying:

When you realize you’re 6 months old and boobies won’t be your only source of food but then your realize you’ll be eating mama’s delicious food ????.

Baby Taiyari at 6 months

I can’t believe it’s been 6months already. Everyday I get to be this boy’s mama is a blessing. Happy 1/2 year @taiyari_kiarie

Worry after Corazon Kwamboka runs out of breast milk (Video)

Being a first time mom, Corazon Kamboka is having her fair share of challenges but luckily, her baby daddy, Frankie might have seen it all with Maureen Waititu, therefore acts as an efficient support system.

A month after welcoming baby boy Taiyari, the couple has had it a bit taxing having to switch roles as Kwamboka juggles motherhood without a nanny.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spend day out with their weeks-old son, Taiyari

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So recently, the yummy mummy had to go for formula to feed her little baby after her milk supply run pretty low. As seen on her gram, Frankie is spotted feeding their son as Corazon wonders aloud what might have gone wrong asking: “moms, any tips on how to improve the supply?”

Further giving us a glimpse of what it was like, struggling with milk production, Corazon showed a baby bottle that had been almost an eighth filled with breast milk, revealing that that is all she could get for the day.

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She giggled a bit, before admitting that her situation was getting pretty serious, not sure what to do.

The pair welcomed their baby boy on August 3, after Corazon’s blood pressure shot up, putting at risk their unborn boy, and the doctor felt she needed to deliver in order to save both their lives.

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Corazon underwent a Caesarean section (CS) and has since kept it indoors until their recent staycation to Nanyuki, Mayan Villas, that stands as the couple’s first vacay with their little one.

Corazon with baby Taiyari