Baha of Machachari reveals next move after the show was cancelled on TV

Actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, has revealed his next move now that Machachari is no longer on TV.

Baha spoke to Word is saying that it was unfortunate the show was canceled but he’s moving to the next phase now.

“Honestly, I felt bad. However, everything that has a start has an end as well. I have had memories. We’ve bonded with people on set and for me, it’s like a bittersweet thing because it will allow people to go into the next step of life.” he said. 


Explaining what he’s up to now that he won’t be on TV any time soon, Baha said that he’s focusing on his Youtube channel.

“I want to create a YouTube station. It shouldn’t be one type of content. You can get comedy, reality shows, movies and almost everything the youths want to watch. Like a diverse platform,” he said.

“At the moment, I don’t have the financial power to get into TV, but I can create shows as a producer and put them online. I have started a series called ‘Budah In Shawt’ because Africans love telling stories. We have a unique way of telling them. Thus I want to educate and at the same time entertain.”


Just like Govi, Machachari’s Baha also unveils his hot girlfriend and she’s bad as they come

Just the other day Baha and his click from Machachari were just a bunch of toddlers out to do the right thing and save the day while and it’s just surprising how they in just a blink of an eye metamorphosed into a bunch of teenagers.

Almasi is busy is doing his thing, being bad and smoking weed while Govi has been out and about with his modelling and Mceeing.

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Baha has been the only one away from the limelight up until recently when he finally unveiled his girlfriend to the world, a model like girl who I can bet is bad as they come.

Check her out in these hot photos: