“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

Noti Flow is quite fashionable and the last time we checked – she was getting her style inspiration from American bad girl Riri.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

So yes – when this Kenyan bad girl says Luku ni mbwakni, chances are that – she knows what she is talking about.

Noti flow trolls Bahati

Anyway in less than 24 hours after Bahati dropped a new song dubbed take it slow, singer cum rapper Noti Flow came forth to throw shade at Baha; saying that the singer was wearing fake clothes or rather trying too much to stay stylish – yet his stylist keeps failing him.

Being one with zero chills, Noti Flow dropped a savage comment at fans who kept comparing Baba Heaven’s look to that of Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz.

Photo from Bahati’s new video

This is after the two artists stepped out wearing ‘puff Jackets and ankle pants’ not forgetting man purse; which fans feel looked similar – but according to Noti Flow, one of the artists Bahati; was forcing matters with his Imenti House clothes.

Responding to those comparing the two looks Noti Flow wrote;

Moja ni Mbwakni

Learning from mentor Diamond Platnumz?

This comment left on Nairobi Gossip’s page attracted more mean comments about Bahati’s taste; while others quickly asked the former singer to fire his stylist for always failing him.

Although Bahati doesn’t really look so bad – the oversized blue puff jacket overshadowed his small handbag; making it look like a sling bag – Heaven Bahati would carry around their house.

Bahati learning from Diamond Platnumz?

Anyway who are we to judge when it’s evident Bahati likes bright colors; and is trying hard to achieve the cool kid look? Anyway check out their photos below and be the judge.

“Wacheni Ujinga sasa. Too much acting” Bahati and Marua told by fans after Bahati’s cheating episode 

Kenyans believe Bahati and Diana Marua’s reality show has nothing to do with reality and is all scripted.

This is after an episode in which the popular gospel singer was accused of cheating by his PA. In the show, the PA approached Marua and told her that Bahati has been flirting with a certain woman who she has been attending all her shows.


“We’ve been going for events and he flirts with women. There’s this particular chic who never misses any of his events. I don’t know how she usually knows where we are but I always see her. So Bahati has been going for shows with this chic. Who does bahati think he is? Because he’s a celebrity he thinks he can get away with anything? This is the last thing I expected to hear,” Emma, his PA, told Marua.

Fans in the comment section blasted the two saying they have turned their show into an acted drama seeking for views.

its_shannis Is this real ama scripted????????????

.e.e.o.o.n Na si mumeiva ku act????????????????????????????

janesjacindy ???????????????????????????? emmah kazi kwisha ???????????? khai Aih you guys leo nafeel kama nimewatch comedy . Been laughing all along ????????????. Good job.???? #bahatirealitywacha sasa tungoje Jaguar akuwe mediator ????????. Can’t wait for the next episode of #bahatireality. dope staff ????????

abed_stewarts What a stupid show… Stage managed..reality show.. Leo nilipata bibi anawatch hii upuzi nikapasua TV.. Pesa otas kesho ntanunua LG 64 inch TV..lubbish

Watch it below:



Kenyans angry after Diamond failed to perform because he was sick yet spotted ‘grinding on Tanasha’ at a club 

Tanzania’s Diamond and Nigeria’s Yemi Alade failed to appear at the Morgan Heritage Tomorrow’s Leaders Concert held at the Kasarani Stadium on Saturday.

Kenyans have been demanding answers after the two top artists failed to show up without any explanation.

Diamond, who had not updated anything about the show on his Instagram – after arriving in Nairobi on Friday – confirmed that he would not perform as he was “unwell” while Yemi pulled out because of unclear reasons.

According to Morgan Heritage, the two artists missed the show because of the weather which had a toll on them.

“Yes, the weather here is so funny and diamond has been on a very busy tour, his voice went out and Yemi got sick.” they said. 


Pregnant Tanasha

That is however hard to believe because Diamond was allover Kenyan clubs partying with his bae Tanasha that night. The show was also marred with organisational conflicts and was doomed to be a flop from the word go.

About 3,800 people, among them Permanent Secretaries, MPs and UN officials had each paid up to Sh12,000 for the VVIP ticket but couldn’t enjoy the event since the VVIP section wasn’t even set up and it was raining.

Haiya! Mapema aje? Tanasha forced to deny relationship with Diamond is over 

NRG presenter Tanasha Donna has come out to deny that her relationship to singer Diamond Platnumz has hit a rocky phase and the two might have parted ways.

A fan, out of curiosity, wonder why the two are no longer so much together as they used to. The fan also asked Tanasha on social media if everything was okay after she posted a motivational quote.

We all know how motivational quotes and break ups go hand in hand.

“Self discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,” posted Tanasha. 

“The way you sound these days hope you and diamond are ok?Because your motivational quotes tho????????????????” the fan asked, wondering if everything was okay.

Doing fine

Tanasha assured her everything was fine though and that the quote shouldn’t be over interpreted.

“@naomi_kassidi_kassidi we’re more than okay. Our love grows more and more each day ❤️❤️, the motivational quotes is just a little self reminder for myself and others every now and then. ????????” she said. 


Diamond Platinumz and Bahati to work on collabo but under one condition

Up and Close with Presenter Ali, Bahati does not mind working with Secular bongo flava artist, Diamond Platinumz, as long as it is a song that praises God.

The gospel artist has previously worked on collabos with Tanzanian artists; Mbosso and Rayvanny, signed under Wasafi Record Label but is yet to work with the Wasafi King, Diamond.

The ´Nikumbushe´ hitmakers, Rayvanny and Bahati

He explains:

Diamond is my friend, lakini mafans wetu huwa hawafurahii tukijimix sana.

Bahati and Diamond Platinumz have been close friends for a while now, so proposing a collabo between the two would be a walk over.

However, this comes along with conditions to be met:

I just wanna represent the church more but ikitokea we do something that can praise God, it´s okay.

Aside from that, the father of two adds that he has been looking forward to work on collabos with fellow International gospel artists:

But I believe, what if nifanye na Kirk Franklin, ama Sinachi.