The disrespect! Khaligraph Jones belittles singer Bahati in new war of words

Khaligraph Jones is said to be the most popular African rapper from our generation; and judging from his projects – we indeed give credit where it’s due.

With a successful music career comes money and pride – which clearly seem to have overpowered Mr Omollo.

For those who know Khaligraph will tell you that the guy is not only good at dropping bars; but is full of pride – and this keeps his fans entertained.


Just a few hours ago, the guy – once again let his cocky behavior get the best of him while responding to Bahati’s diss track. Being one who doesn’t clout chase – Baba Amali (Khali) was quick to distance himself from Bahati who is known for pulling stunts – in the name of creating hype.

Know your lane

However having been dissed pushed Khali to the wall hence decided to respond to his ‘boy’ for poking him in his latest song. Through his IG, the rapper wrote;

Bahati the smoker

Afadhali America Watu si Wakonda Kama Akina @bienaimesol. Alafu Naskia @bahatikenya ameanza Bangi na Sigara ameanza Kurap matusi, punguza Iyo Bangi baba wacha Kiherehere. #RESPECTTHEOGS Cc @gemstonekirimi


To which Bahati responded by saying;


And with Bahati’s response, clearly Khali wasn’t having this back and forth clown or rather clout chasing vibe as he quickly shut down Baha saying;

smh, we toka hapa, we have no time for you

If you think for a minute that the above comment by Khali was on a light note; then you’re confused as Bahati himself.

“Huyu hawezi toshea kwa bedsitter!” Bahati warns young men lusting after his wife

Gospel singer Bahati has expressed his disappointment after coming across a few DM’s on his wife’s social media pages.

Well he is not really mad at the fact that other men find his wife attractive; but by the fact that these men have nothing to offer Diana Marua – who he has been investing in for years.

Gospel star, Bahati

Being the good husband that he is, Bahati ensures to provide everything his wife needs; and even sometime back Ms Marua revealed that she is a stay home mum since Bahati can afford to take care of her and the kids!

Bahati’s advice to young men

However earlier today the gospel singer set the record straight by sharing a piece of advice to these men targeting his expensive lovely wife.

In a post shared on his page, the fella wrote;

#Juswokeup Alafu Pia ambieni hawa vijana wadogo hapa social media to put some respect on this gem????. Maze huyu hawezi toshea kwa Bedsitter. ???? is the volume okey?

Diana Marua

Bahati and Khaligraph Jones

This post comes just a few hours after the gospel singer hit back at Khaligraph Jones for dissing him in his latest song!

According to Khaligraph Jones, gospel singer Bahati started off as an independent person only to end up being controlled by Diana Marua. In his song Khali throws shade saying;

Khaligraph Jones with his wife and their daughter

Kuwa celebrity ni garama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu

With song already out, fans have been focusing on the line shared above; and unfortunately there are memes already making rounds on social media trolling the Bahati’s.

Yes, the smartest in the industry gets to survive and make more money; however in this case Khali overstepped his boundaries by insulting a fellow dad; who is raising a daughter just like his baby girl, Amali.

Gangsta points are in check for Khali, but what about the day the tables will turn?