Yvette Obura showers Bahati’s wife with praises leaving many suprised

Yvette Obura seems to have found a new best friend in her baby daddy’s wife, Diana Marua and so far – she can’t hide the gratitude she has towards the lady.

Well, as Bahati ignored both her and Diana Marua on Mother’s Day – Yvette on the other hand decided to mark the special day by appreciating the wonderful mums in her life.

Diana Marua finally explains why she was insecure about Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura

Diana Marua meets Yvette Obura

To our surprise she started sharing a photo she took with both Mrs Bahati and daughter, Mueni…and accompanied it with two other photos of her mum and sister to which she captioned;

Happy mother’s day to this incredible women.My mom,my siz @oburamercy and mama heav @diana_marua .

Co parenting working just fine

Since sorting out her issues with Bahati, coparenting now seems to be working just fine between Ms Obura and the Bahati’s.

‘I love you’- Yvette Obura Pens Heartfelt Message To Celebrate Diana Marua On Her Birthday

So far, baby Mueni seems to be living the good life courtesy of her dad and the latest development is that she gets to school with Heaven and Morgan who I believe attend a private school.

But come to think of it – why concentrate on the war while having peace makes everything workout just fine?

Maybe it’s time baby mamas learn a thing or two from Yvette, right?

I Don’t Love Bahati Anymore- Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura

No relationship seems to be working for singer Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura. The mother of one allegedly ended her recent relationship this year when she dumped her latest catch Tresor Nzomo; who took to his social media to open up about being dumped;

Nzomo confirmed the news of the ‘hurting’ break-up through Facebook, while also confirming he’d already moved on.

‘Thank You For Choosing Peace Over Violence’ Bahati Praises Ex-lover Yvette Obura

Love is indeed a beautiful thing; and when two people are well-connected, it’s very hard to separate them. It becomes even more interesting when they understand each other’s flaws; and still chose to be together with their different imperfections.

Blessing In Disguise

Kenyan musician Bahati has undergone the phases of love in the most intriguing manner. Having a baby mama who understands him has made him one of the luckiest dads. Yvette Obura allowing Bahati’s current wife  Diana Marua to raise her daughter shows how mature their relationship is.

The love story between Yvette and Bahati is even more interesting; bearing the fact that Bahati hid both her and their daughter Mueni Bahati for 2 years. Why? Well, at that time; he was deep into gospel music and wouldn’t want to be judged for doing contrary to what he preached.

Yvette, Mueni, Diana and Bahati-Google

Explaining further on the same, Bahati has written to his baby mama; Yvette, who is on the verge of getting married to her new lover; Trevor.

Bahati has written a long elating message on his Instagram saying;

”As I Continue With #BahatiGratitudeWeek, I will be Selfish if I dont Thank God for this Two; Mama Mueni & @Mueni_Bahati…. I was at My Pick as a Gospel Artist then; Just after being Awarded as the Male Artist of the Year Groove Awards & AFRIMMA’s Best Gospel Act in Africa then I was Surrounded by so much heavy Judgements…

I hope I’m not opening up so Much but I think this is another apportunity to ask for forgiveness from the Mum & my Daughter for keeping you as a Secret and away from the Public for almost two Years; its never what I wished for but because of what I lived for: Gospel Music…

And to You Mama Mueni; #Yvette thank You for Choosing Peace above Violence and Creating a Condusive environment as we both raise this beautiful Princess @Mueni_Bahati. You have shown & proved that Co- Parenting is possible????. Your Relationship with My Wife Diana and Positivity that both of you potray is not only an inspiration to Many Families out there but also to Me! ”

Bahati finalized by saying that he’s ready to attend Yvette’s wedding with her new bae.

”Niliona Kwa Blogs Umepata Mtu Handsome; Please I will be honoured to Be invited to your Wedding…”


Bahati finally treating baby mama, Yvette Obura right after years of sidelining her

Bahati was clearly not ready for a child when ex girlfriend Yvette Obura got pregnant about 5 years ago. In fact, the singer managed to keep her on the low for 2 years not forgetting his daughter too; but thanks to Diana Marua, Bahati was able to come out clean.

However before then, Miss Obura says Bahati had not only neglected his daughter but was asking for a paternity test. Like really? But oh well, with a ‘good boy’ image to maintain Bahati at that time was ready to lie his way out of a baby mama scandal.

Yvette Obura with daughter, Mueni Bahati

Anyway, as revealed by Yvette – life after the birth of Mueni changed. They both slept on the cold floor, went hungry for days and Bahati did not really care much – that is according to baby mama’s revelation.

Bahati finally acting right

However over the years, Bahati has not only matured mentally but now he knows how to handle the mother of his first child. In his latest post, the singer goes on to reveal that he is planning on flying out both his daughter and  baby mama to go celebrate Mueni’s birthday on holiday. He wrote;

Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni Bahati

And as I Celebrate My Daughter’s 5 Years Birthday Today; I also Wish to acknowledge this Woman Here!

This is a Special Shout Out and thank You to You Mama Mueni for Raising My Beutiful Daughter. Were it not for you she Wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Thank You I do appreciate you and respect You Mama @Mueni_Bahati ????????????


And in another post Bahati went on to add;

Suggest a Birthday Destination that I should Take this Princess @Mueni_bahati and the Mum ????

Was the break up with Diana Marua a wake up call for Baha to appreciate baby mama more?

Who knows but definitely something about Bahati seems to have changed – and hopefully in the same spirit Bahati will also gift the lady a car/mansion or something to help mend his relationship with his first baby mama.

Bahati’s baby mama flaunts her revenge body after shedding off 17kgs!

Yvette Obura is a darling and just because her relationship with Bahati did not work out as planned due to his selfish reasons; the mother of one managed to bounce back and is currently eating life with a big spoon.

After welcoming her daughter 3 years ago, Yvette Obura gained too much weight which she has since been trying to flash off her system. But just like any new mum, she will tell you how hard it is – but when focused sometimes it can be a walk in the park.

Anyway one year after embarking on her weight loss journey, Yvette has managed to cut off 17kgs through her intermittent fasting weight loss program. Just a while ago the mother of one went on to parade revenge body; showing how small she has since become.

Through her IG page Yvette wrote;

Before meets after

“If it wasn’t for quarantine I’d be celebrating 21kgs apart but here I am celebrating 17kgs apart (added 4kgs)in the past 3 months. But well,it’s been a journey I’m proud of. ???????? 1 year 3 months of intermittent Fasting and 1year waist training

Weight issues

Although losing weight had not been in her plans before; Yvette once revealed that she embarked on this journey after discovering that she was overweight.

Apparently sometime back, she realized that she couldn’t breathe well while walking. This not only left her worried for health; but a wake up call she used to turn her life around.

Yvette Obura shades off excess weight

“I kept postponing diets/workouts/waist training till January 3rd 2019 when I was walking in town with my best friend and I was slowly losing breathing (sp). That night I had a meeting with myself and told myself enough is enough, logged in to Pinterest reviewed all the diets and landed on one (13 days metabolism diet). DISCLAIMER: Am no doctor so I don’t know how recommendable the diet is. So after the diet, I lost 7.3 Kgs (5 inches around my midsection) I took a break for 3 days then did 5 days cardiologist diet, lost 1.2 Kgs, all this time I am on consistent waist training. I drink at least 4 litres of water daily to curb hunger, I do home workouts and this February I am doing 21 days no wheat, no sugar, no fried food and no carbs after 3 pm challenge,

“Mueni needs a car and a house too!” Bahati’s baby mama demands

Yvette Obura is tired of her baby daddy spoiling the family he lives with and forgets that his first born daughter Mueni also needs a good life.

Judging from the latest episode of Bahati’s reality show, Miss Yvette Obura who is Mueni’s mum called out Bahati for ‘neglecting’ their daughter.

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura with their 4-year old daughter, Mueni Bahati

According to Yvette, she is fed up of paying cabs every day to drop off their daughter in school and for this reason she now demands that Bahati should buy them a car.

We need a home too

The lady went on to remind Bahati’s about getting a house/apartment for their daughter too since he doesn’t even know how she lives; yet Heaven and Majesty get to enjoy the house he bought Diana Marua.

 How have you been!? Naona unacheza PS tu kwa Ofisi, enyewe wewe umemake it. Alafu sasa unanibuyia gari lini? Juu strory ya cab imenichosha kabisa. Nataka gari ya kubeba Mueni. So gari ukibuyia Mueni mimi ndo nitaendesha. Utanunua ama hutanunua? Juu huku naona kuna tatu na naona hata hiyo Van. 2020 lazima niendeshe gari.”

She went on to add:

Hata tuwachane na story ya gari, sasa nyumba unatununulia lini? Nyumba ya mtoto wako na najua unaweza afford. Leo ni leo sitaki kujua kama camera ziko ama haziko lazima needs zangu zikuwe fulfilled. Hata think of it, hiyo nyumba yako wakati ulikuwa unabuyiana, haikuwa supposed to be under my name ama under Mueni’s name. Imagine tunaendanga kila mahali na Taxi.

Lets see whether he will get his daughter a house if not a car then!

¨All I want is the best for my daughter¨ Yvette defends her exposes to blogs

Bahati and Yvette Obura have a daughter they co-parent on but communication has seen the two end up in a mess.

This compelled Bahati´s brother, Kioko to intervene in order to see both parties come to a mutual agreement.

During Bahati´s reality show, Kioko poses?

How can you [Bahati] block your baby mama?

The irate gospel singer quickly responded:

You [Yvette] don´t know why I blocked you? Then there is no reason to have this meeting. If today we wake up ok then the next day najipata mpasho.


Bahati´s argument being:

There is a time Yvette used to give so much information to blogs I even started wondering if she works for blogs. If a person acts that way and you do not want to see them si the best thing ni kumblock?

Yvette has previously hailed herself for being Mueni´s dad on Father´s day and seeking clarification, Bahati questioned:

So am I seating in this meeting as her uncle or her dad?

Yvette went ahead to defend herself that what is reported on the blogs is nothing but the truth.

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura defends herself

Speaking to the two brothers, Mama Mueni stated:

There are things I see and I am not happy so out of anger I wake up and write those things. All I want is the best for my daughter.

Bahati and baby mama, Yvette Obura in a tussle over their daughter´s upbringing [video]

Kenyan gospel star, Bahati seems to be having some scuffles with baby mama, Yvette Obura concerning their daughter´s upbringing.

Baby Mueni was turning 4 just late November but the duo had no coordination of the events scheduled for that day.

A dear Yvette Obura had taken her daughter over to Mombasa ahead of her 4th birthday while a dear Bahati was in Nairobi busy planning for Mueni´s birthday.

Mueni Bahati and her parents, Yvette Obura and Bahati

It is clear the two did not even talk about it because none had revealed the plans they had, to each other. During his reality show, Bahati ranted at Yvette´s actions for not informing him.

Where is Mueni? How can you be in Mombasa and it´s her birthday? There is no way you can take away my daughter to Joho´s county and I do not know. Do not try my patience, you are really trying me.

From her end, Yvette questioned Bahati´s anger because as far as she knows, the singer blocked her so there is no way the two could communicate anyway.

I am in Mombasa and it´s her birthday. So what about it? I texted you and you did not reply. How can I call you when you have already blocked me?

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura with their 4-year old daughter, Mueni Bahati

An irate Yvette could not hold it, instead warning Bahati to stop shouting at her after all, he ignored her messages.

Do not shout at me, that is being disrespectful. Look at your phone. I requested you to buy her a dress and you did not respond. You are being very rude.

So the ¨Mama¨ singer asked that Mueni gets back to Nairobi in time for her 3:00 pm birthday event.

Look for a way to bring her back before then because I had planned for her birthday at 3:00 pm.


However, that was close to impossible because Yvette said she had booked SGR return tickets for 2 days later.

Let alone the number of days, Bahati could not believe his own daughter rode a train instead of flying high to Mombasa.

Why did you make my daughter board a train? My daughter goes to Mombasa by flight.


Private Jet

Since Bahati felt his daughter was flying too high for her to ride in the SGR train, Yvette dared the gospel singer to buy his daughter a private jet in that case.

So Bahati´s daughter cannot board the SGR train according to her dad. Well, since he feels like he has enough money, how about he buys her a private jet?

Bahati could not appreciate the fact that Yvette dug into her own pockets to ensure their daughter had a beautiful gateway on her birthday, instead, anger ruled his mind.


Bahati´s defense is:

I want the best for my daughter and as long as she is happy I can do anything for her. This is my blood. I want to give her the life that I never had. All I want is to co-parent.



¨It´s all about Mueni¨ Diana Marua confesses she lets Bahati and Yvette Obura communicate often

With fame comes celebrity status and so comes baby mamas especially for male celebrities.

Regardless of whatever position you hold or what field you decide to venture into, it strikes them all.

Gospel star, Bahati was not spared either. At least he has one baby mama, that we are aware of, Yvette Obura, with whom they have sired a daughter.

Yvette Obura and baby daddy, Bahati with their daughter, Mueni Bahati

Currently, Bahati is gracing the ladder of fatherhood with his wife, Diana Marua who hasn´t disappointed in siring kids for the young artist.

Mueni Bahati

However, there is a kid at stake and like Diana has alleged, she knew what she was getting into. Baby mamas, never come and go, they are here to stay, because a kid is part of the equation.


Through her YouTube Channel, Mama Majesty confessed that she allows Bahati and Yvette to stay in communication, for their little one, Mueni Bahati.

Yes, she was not really acquainted with how baby mama-baby daddy relationships work, she was ignorant at the time, all she wanted was a love relationship with the ´Story yangu’ singer.


So now, here she is and she has to deal with it. But good thing, she has approached it all with an open mind.

Bahati was really open with me when I got into a relationship with the fact that he has a daughter somewhere. Of course, I knew what I got myself into. I was not having the thoughts of how baby mama relationships are with the current girlfriend, that was not in my mind. I was like we will deal with it the way it comes. The fact that they have a daughter together they have to communicate. It´s all about Mueni. She needs basic needs and its the baby being taken care of.

The mother of 3 now, says Mueni has needs that need to be met with both parents involved. Adding that Mueni considers her as her mum and wherever she is home, Diana treats her like her own.

Mueni who is not my child, will come to me and have confidence in me. I am a mum and I will treat her like my own daughter once she is at my house.

Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua holding Mueni Bahati closely

However, for clarification, Diana affirmed that she and Yvette are not rivals, they are in communication and so far, so good.

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura and Diana Marua