All well with the Bahati’s? Singer Masauti confirms he can nolonger reach him 

Okay its been three weeks since went down and unfortunately that happens to be around the same time Bahati went missing in action on social media.

Bahati roughed up by goons

His absesnse has however raised questions on social media as many fear he could be battling maybe  after losing the Mathare MP seat….but again its never that serious right? Unless – well unless he spent all his savings on his campaigns…now that’s a different story and enough reason to go MIA online.

Anyway singer Masauti is the latest artist to reveal that he cannot seem to reach Bahati who has remains silent since his last post on IG shared on August 11th. According to Masauti – he is hoping to work with the politician in future due to public demand…but problem is – no one knows where he is.

Namcall Diana manake Bahati simpati toka uchaguzi uishe.

Bahati on a break

Although many are focused on where Bahati has disappeared to – i feel that his fans are being selfish by putting unnecessary pressure on the singer/politician.

Think about it this way – he just lost the Mathare MP seat which he said was forcefully or rather was stolen for him, okay – has his 5th child on the way – mortgage to pay for his newly acquired mansion among other things…..wouldnt you also need a break?

Diana Marua comforts husband Bahati after 2022 general election loss

Diana Marua Bahati has proven that she will stand with her husband come rain or sunshine. To her, he is more than a life partner but a king, a father and a best friend she will forever remain grateful to have met – which brings us to her latest post directed at hubby after he lost bid for the Mathare MP seat.

As seen on her page, Diana Bahati went on to express her gratitude to her man for all he has been and all he will be in future. She wrote;

  Woke up feeling Grateful and Blessed to have this man by my side. My Husband, My King, My Confidant…. To whom my Heart Belongs to ????


The Bahati’s

I love you with my entire being. Thank you for Being my BestFriend, my pillar of support and my army in soo many ways.

I will love you always

Having watched him campaign night and day…facing difficulties and rejection during campaign rallies – Diana Bahati continues to describe him as her Superman and above all a superdad to their kids.

For this reason, the lass went on to reveal that she will forever remain submissive to him as the word commands her.

Thank you for Loving us Unconditionally, for providing for us and for being the best Dad to our kids. We love you and I will always be your submissive as the Bible commands me To. I love you @BahatiKenya ❤️

With such words, allow me to say that Bahati must feel like the luckiest man alive to have such a supportive wife.

Andrew Kibe’s advise to Bahati after losing Mathare MP seat

Finally we all know who the president is and after days of waiting to see how things will go…looks like Kenyans are ready to jump right back where they left from just before the election, hoping maybe soon – things will start to change for the nation. I mean, it’s a new era and whether we like it or not…life has to move on.

Bahati’s bitter political career

Well with some of our new favorite elected candidates assuming office soon, Bahati unfortunately will not be one of them since he lost to Anthony Oluoch of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

With that of course Bahati will have to focus on something else and that is what Andrew Kibe is actually telling him judging from his latest vlog. Speaking to Bahati who lost the Mathare MP seat, Kibe sai;

Bahanye didn’t win so at least we have something to celebrate. I don’t know what to feel for you. I know you put a lot of effort into it and you feel very disappointed.

Hold your head high and move on

Okay, as you already know Kibe has never been the kind of man to speak in a humble manner and whether giving advise or bashing – he sounds the same but for the time we can say he was abit polite with Bahati.

Still advising him on how to handle rejection from Kenyans, Kibe went on to tell Bahati;

It felt good for the moment that it lasted, till next time. Take your hands put it down your pants and cup your nuts and realize that you are a man and go out there and do some other sh*t. These guys have rejected you.

Well, wel all hope he finds the courage to speak out now that it’s been days since he lost but continues to maintain his silence.

“He should have started as an MCA then grow” Socialite reacts to Bahati losing the Mathare MP seat

Bahati lost the Mathare MP seat to one Anthony Oluoch; the same politician Bahati had been requested to step for a few weeks ago before the general elections.

Bahati’s bitter political career

Well, many might say this comes as a big surprise since they were sure about the youth electing one of their own; but again – politics is like a game of chess. It’s like being in the center of the board, with mainstream positions and but still – to make a move you have to be strategic, poker face and one step ahead.

And unfortunately maybe Bahati’s team didn’t think of it that way hence – Anthony Oluoch’s win; well maybe because they already knew how the game is played out.

Noti Flow

Anyway having lost the seat (but hasn’t conceded defeat yet) Bahati has gone missing on social media since his last post where he claimed there was some rigging at Mathare.

However Oluoch having been named the winner, a few celebrities like Noti Flow have reacted to Bahati’s loss saying maybe he should have started as an MCA before running for the MP seat.


Her reason is because Bahati is a new player in the game of politics – meaning he still has a-lot to learn before running as an MP. A comment that attracted many others support the socialite’s reasoning.

Below are just a few netizens weighing in on Bahati’s loss.




Ringtone to Bahati: “I’m proud to see you serve the devil so openly”

Ringtone is mad with the fact that Kenyans continue to show support for Bahati despite knowing that he is no longer a ‘gospel artist.’

The controversial singer has talked about this in a new video where he congratulated Bahati for finally portraying his true colors; after years of pretending to be a servant of God.


According to Ringtone, Bahati has always been a sinner but was hiding the gospel industry; probably because business is always booming!

On the same clip, Ringtone adds that the current behavior portrayed Bahati is the real him. But now that he is tied of pretending, the best thing he can do is serve the ‘devil’; who he also says is Bahati’s father.

Speaking through the video, Ringtone is heard saying;

Kenyan celebrity bahati
Former gospel singer, Bahati

Nataka kujibu Bahati. Naona ulinitukana kwa wimbo wako lakini sina ngori wewe ni boy wangu. Nataka kusema aje, I’m proud of you Bahati kwa sababu this time around umeanza kufanya vitu za ukweli ukweli. Umeanza kufanya dhambi kubwa kubwa venye unafaa kufanyia baba yako shetani ili afurahi.

Christians stop supporting Bahati

As if this wasn’t enough, Ringtone goes on to urge Christians to stop supporting Bahati who already chose a stand with the devil.

According to him, it’s time Kenyans started supporting real gospel musicians (like himself) instead of paying attention to a servant of the devil. He said;

Nataka pia kuambia wakistro wawachane na Bahati. Bahati aliquit gospel, sijui mbona wakistro wanashinda ‘Bahati Bahati’ fuateni wasanii wa gospel.

But looking at the comment section, most fans feel that these two are actually alike; it’s like looking at a mirror – that is behavior wise.

“Ile kitu ex wangu alinionyesha…” Bahati opens up about his first heartbreak

Love is the most beautiful thing and the best part is that it comes with such warm; and fuzzy feelings – making a person want to live in the moment for life. But sadly, it turns sour the moment a heartbreak is involved.

Singer Bahati who had lied to us about not having a girlfriend at the beginning of his career; has now opened up about his exes from back in the day – and truth is – we have been tripping to believe that he is single.

Well, this is because boys his age back in the day were high on hormones; and now that they are grown – you can see why Nairobi has become one big bedroom.

Dear Ex

Away from that, Bahati recently released a new song dubbed Dear Ex where he apologizes for the wrong he did knowing and unknowingly.

The singer who had always kept his private life on the low goes on to confess having loved this particular ex so much; and from the lyrics – he may have introduced her to his family; but unfortunately things did not work out as planned.

Anyway, in a throwback photo shared on his IG, Bahati talks about being done dirty by his ex as he captioned the post;

Kitu Ex Wangu Alinionyesha itabidi nifanye #DearEx Part 2 ???????? #TBT

Anyway, not quite sure which ex he is talking about; but the one who inspired the Dear Ex hit song may have been the one he was hoping to settle down with. But clearly, she had other plans and such is life!

”Stop the cheap fight and make peace!” Bahati tells Harmonize

Bahati is definitely bored and if not, then clout chasing must be his favorite sport; that’s judging from how fast he has been chasing attention on social media.

Well, just a few hours ago the Kenyan gospel artist went on to write a detailed post dedicated to Harmonize. According to the details in the post; we might as well say this is a letter written by Bahati asking Harmonize to seek forgiveness from his former boss.

As seen on the post, Bahati goes on to advise Harmonize on the importance of asking for forgiveness; especially since Diamond chose to invest in him when nobody else could.

According to Bahati the Harmonize chose to pick a cheap fight which should now end. He went on to write saying;

MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You who You’re Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World!
As I Close My preaching I will Tell You… Go Humble, Apologize and Walk away with Your Blessings Bro- Unajua Baba Ni Baba ata Awe Mchawiii… Hivyo Baba anauwezo Wakubariki na Kulahani…

Make peace

He went on to add that it is time for Harmonize to recognize the person who made him; and in this case it is Diamond. Bahati went on to write saying;

If You want to be the #Tembo you Claim to be Stop the Cheap Fight & Make Peace!!! #WIZKID Was Once Signed By #BankyW and Even after the Completion of the Contract he still Recognizes & Respects BankyW as his Musical Dad! Remember KARMA is Real. The Young Artist You’ve signed Today Might do you to you just the Same Very Soon!Don’t get me wrong, Harmonize you’re my Friend and I have always come through for you anytime you have Needed my assistance. So Do Something Bro!!!

Diamond made you

In another part of the letter, Bahati made it known that Harmonize owes Diamond Platnumz his entire career. As seen on the post, the controversial artist went on to add that wasafi is Harmonize’s mother and father; therefore should remain honored by Konde boy.

2020 I Chose to think differently and that’s Why Every time I See this Story of Harmonize & Diamond Platnumz it Pisses off Because,1st.. it’s So uncalled for. Secondly, We don’t forget how we have been helped Just Because we’ve become Stars, NO! To Harmonize; First Congs for your Record Label & Album but Where I come From we Say “Don’t Bite the Hand that Fed you. And if You’ve happened to Read the Bible in “Ephesians 6:2” My Religion teaches me to “HONOR MY FATHER & MOTHER” and in this Case #WASAFI is Your Father & Mother!!!

Beefing season?

In another part, Bahati went on to say most artists have resulted to picking fights on social media; which is a wrong thing. However with his post directed to Harmonize, wasn’t he also looking for beef?

I Know the Current Order of the Day is; Beefing with the Successful to gain a Short Cut to the Top- But I don’t Believe in that Bro, We Can Make it to the Top Clean. Bro you don’t have to Create a Beef with Diamond Platnumz for you to be at the Top, No, infact you need the Blessings of this Man Ndio pia Usitumie hizi Nguvu Nyiingiii ku Prove a Point. Every One has their Faults and I Believe your Boss is not a Perfect Man; Ata Mimi amenikosea, Aliwachana na Sister Wa Mine but Sahi Niko Kwa Maombi Warudiane.

Checkout the post below.

Never before seen photo of Bahati’s late mum

Singer Bahati might be drowning in scandals now that his career has kicked off quite successful. Apart for making news for the wrong reasons, seems like his Monday is about to change all this.

The young singer this past weekend blessed his followers with the only photo he has of his mum. If you remember well, back when the young dad embarked on his music journey; Bahati only focused on making worship music if not praising him mum in songs like Mama.

However since she passed on when he was still young, Bahati was forced to grow up with his step mum; and judging from how the story goes, things were not so easy for him. Thanks to an one episode from his reality TV show, Bahati for the first time disclosed the main reason his relationship with step mum never worked out.

According to him, the lady who was supposed to play the role of a mother in his life ended up accusing him of being involved in cult. He went on to add that she even came in between his relationship with his younger brother, Benjamin.

Bahati’s mum

The late mama Bahati

Anyway the singer joined in to celebrate mother’s day as the world marked yet another day of appreciating mothers. Through his instagram page, Bahati went on to share the photo above which he captioned;

THE ONLY PICTURE I HAVE EVER FOUND OF MY LATE MUM LUCIA MUENI ????. Taken more than 35 Years ago. At times Looking at it I always Wish I would be granted Just a Day to treat her. Just a Day to Make her Proud.

Bahati with kids: Mueni, Heaven and Morgan

He went on to reveal that she passed on while he was just 7 years; not knowing that life would take a drastic change on his side. However through it all, everything worked out in his favor and almost 21 years later; he has managed to live a life she would have really been proud of.

She Died When I was 7 Years Old even before I knew the bitterness of this World. Every Day I work Hard to Make her Proud and May the Lord Rest her Soul in Eternal Peace. R.I.P Mama ???????????? HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAMA BAHATI ????????????

“I promise you the biggest wedding Kenya has ever seen!” Bahati tells Diana Marua

With Coronavirus sweeping people off the face of the earth left, right and center; there are so many things that have changed but not Bahati love for his wife Diana Marua.

Diana Marua

The two love birds have been entertaining their online fans for a while now and even with the petty and major scandals; fans can’t seem to stay away from this lovely couple.

Anyway, just recently Diana Marua went on to shower her hubby with a special message shared on her Instagram page. She thanked her man for all the happiness he brings to her life. Diana Marua went on to write saying;

Diana Marua with hubby and their son

I’ll never trade this happiness for anything. I am Blessed ???? After hii Rona @bahatikenya let’s explore this life with a big spoon. Thank you for creating beautiful memories in my heart. Always and Forever my reasons ❤❤❤”

Wedding bells!

With such a lovely and special message from his wife; Bahati also decided to up his game during his response!

Unlike other men who would shy off from publicly ‘romancing’ their wives on social media; Bahati used this opportunity to make couples out here jealous of his love with Diana Maria.

The Bahati’s

Well, as seen on his response to his baby mama cum wifey, Bahati promised Marua the biggest wedding ever witnessed in Kenya. He wrote;

 After this Corona I Promise you the Best| Biggest Wedding that +254 has ever Seen❤️…… Let’s Pray God all Comes Back to Normalcy ????❤️????

Bahati is no longer an artiste but a socialite

Mtoto wa mama alias Bahati is no longer a baby. Bahati seems to enjoy this attention of stardom negative or positive.

Despite all the scandals from the purported “gospel artist,” Bahati might just be headed to the secular scene. How?

So here is the thing the boy’s drama is louder than his music.

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The other day it was Bahati arresting his musician Peter Blessing and his producer. Shortly after just as expected he created a new narrative around his collaboration with Boondocks Gang in the “Taniua” song.

I also think that song was utter nonsense! But who cares?


For long we have tolerated the aspect of disrespecting God that is why we’d dance to music like “Taniua.” Got nothing against Boondocks gang, I mean gengetone is still a thing.

Further, Bahati has identified that fact that Kenyans have a habit of embracing scandals and they chew on in proper. So the question of Bahati opting to be a socialite comes in.

Bahati the Socialite

It all started with the Tv show “Being Bahati ” on NTV. The wanted Kenyans to keep up with what the Bahati’s do. After all its “Mtoto wa mama.”

Maybe when it got to his head he lost his cool focused more on the drama than the music. These saw his close friends like Mr. Seed and David Wonder among others leave EMB label citing indifference.

The other day he was hurling insults at Jamaican deejay G Money calling him gay. See what I mean? But well netizens are unforgiving he got what he asked for lash back.

Well, that happened, then as we still were absorbing the Taniua song he drops another jam in collaboration with the Kansoul dubbed “Kererembe”.

The Kansoul and Bahati

And just as expected Bahati was trending to Twitter being bashed for somewhat switching to the secular scene.

Something that got Willy  Paul welcoming him to the secular music scene. We hoped for more music and less drama.

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Or rather if it gets that bad why not shift officially to secular music or just be an artist that does all sorts of music because I insist GOD DESERVES TO BE RESPECTED no in between!

Watch Kererembe and tell us what you think.

Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

I honestly feel like Kenyan gospel musicians are deep in slumber. I’m saying this because I feel that the gospel industry is not as vibrant as it was a few years ago. I feel like it has stagnated.

If you are an avid fan of Kenyan music then I’m sure you remember how the gospel industry was big five to ten years ago. Can you?

M.O.G performing on stage
M.O.G performing on stage

The gospel industry was so enormous so much so that secular artists were almost unheard of, no one even cared about them or what they were up.

The biggest song in the country at any given time was from the likes of DK Kwenye Beat, Juliani, Willy Paul, M.O.G, Benachi, Daddy Owen, Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika etc.

I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way, the secular industry overtook took over. We can debate about this until the come home but deep down you also know that this is a fact.

The gospel music is not what it was five to ten years and this begs begs the question, are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep, did they get too comfortable or are they just lazy?

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro

I know it’s not a competition between the two sides. After all, they are all Kenyan. As a Christian, it just gives me comfort when the gospel industry is at the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of secular music. Yup! From Sauti Sol to Ethic, anything goes. I have nothing against secular musicians.

It’s just I really miss that days when gospel music was the order of the day. Those days when gospel gigs had the biggest crowds. The days when gospel musicians were really praising God with music.

This is a clarion call to all Kenyan gospel musicians. Enough said!

Bahati reveals that he’s been ordered not to go anywhere near Uhuru and Ruto 

Singer Bahati claims that Uhuru Kenyatta’s team has restricted him from accessing the president and his deputy. Bahati made the revelations in Kirinyaga while performing at an event graced by DP Ruto which turned out chaotic.

“Nowadays I can only wave to you from afar, I was told not to come near you during performances, but still, that’s okay,” he said. 

Misbehaved while performing

The artist was highly criticized after sitting on the president’s chair while performing, something that is against protocol. Uhuru’s team are now very careful not to allow the same mistake that became a huge topic in the country.

“I’m still excited to sing in your presence and see you getting excited Bwana Deputy President,” he said.

Bahati’s daughter celebrates 2nd birthday! 

Baby Mueni, the daughter of singer Bahati and his ex girlfriend Kisha Yvette has finally turned 2 years. For the first time since birth, the baby who was born on November 29th 2015 celebrated her 2nd yesterday through her social media pages.

Though Bahati himself did not share any post marking his baby’s special day, the social media running his daughter’s page wrote saying;

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On 29th November 2015, a princess? was born and was named Yvanna Mueni Bahati ?. I turn 2 years today. Happy Birthday to me ?? #am2years today #Blessed

Unlike most dads Bahati has been keeping the toddler off his social media pages. Well, no one knows why he does this but it’s probably to protect her.

Bahati expecting 2nd baby

Anyway, Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are currently expecting their first child together and word has it that he/she will be born early next year.

However, will he also keep his baby with Diana on the low like he kept his first born, Baby Mueni? Lets wait and see.