‘You Inspire Us’ Band Beca Celebrate Caroline Mutoko As Their Hero

With their exceptional talent, singers Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru decided to form their all-female band ”Band Beca’. The Band is taking the local music industry by storm. Carol and Becky are immensely talented with the kind of music they do and have flourished in making their band known to netizens.

Becky and Carol met at Penya Africa’s Sauti Academy a few years ago while undertaking a vocal training course and decided to blend their voices and kick off their musical career.

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The two ladies have taken to social media to celebrate media personality Caroline Mutoko as their hero. Caroline Mutoko is known for being actively involved as an activist of civil rights and female empowerment. She is also known for her popular Kiss FM show, which she hosted with Nyambane years ago.

Nevertheless, Mutoko will visit three ghetto areas during the month. Her reason is to make an effort to change how people see the ghetto spaces. Becky and Carol thanked her for being an inspiration to them.

”@Caroline Mutoko is the definition of bold,smart and outspoken..You inspire us and soo many ladies and our album #BeCafever is all about that…Are you ready???

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In an effort to promote their band, Carol featured in Eric Omondi’s ‘Wife Material’ Show. The show had 9 female contestants and Carol emerged as the winner. Moreover, Eric later revealed that the show was scripted and everything that happened was confidential.

After the show, Carol’s plan seems to have worked and Band Beca has gained some popularity. Their current song  is ‘Watch Your Mouth’. The song has fetched over 117K views on You Tube since it’s release last month. They are such a promising talent and definitely the next big thing in the industry. Let’s support our own.


Carol From Band Beca Admits She Went To Wife Material To Promote Her Album

Promoting Band Beca album was the initial plan of Carol and Becky when they joined Eric Omondi’s ‘Wife Material’ show.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, the duo admitted that ‘Wife Material’ really helped them grow in the career by giving them the popularity they required.

” I like Eric but I do not. We went to promote our album that will be released next month. People did not know about us as musicians and also we gave people something to smile about during a boring season.”

When she was asked if she had any feelings during the shooting of the show, she genuinely admitted that she felt something for Eric.”

Band Becca

”I’m a human being, I felt something and feelings don’t just disappear. But I have to say, I am not in love with Eric. I do like him though and that hiss was not part of the script. The vibe was right and we went for it.”

However, Band Beca was bashed online after Omondi announced that the program was all scripted and fake, even after saying he had wedded Carol.

In addition, Carol also revealed she had been body shamed,

”It had to be real then and everything I did in the show is what I was feeling at the time. The only time we got backlash was about kissing. Most of those who body shamed us were fellow girls.”

I honestly didn’t know about Band Beca until I watched ‘Wife Material’. Despite the whole thing being a frivolous act, I think it really helped the group to gain some momentum in pursuing their musical career. What do you think about this song by the group?


Buckle up! Eric Omondi picks 10 finalists to face off in his new show dubbed ‘Wife Material’

In a bid to find his ideal woman, Eric Omondi has received tens of applications from ladies across the board but has arrived at 10 finalists out of which he intends to find ‘The One.

“Buckle up ladies and Gentlemen!!! You are about to have the ride of a lifetime,” he publicly announced ahead of his much anticipated show launch where each of the 10 finalists will be given a chance to prove themselves as the best.

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The launch

A show dubbed ‘Wife Material’ courtesy of his new studios ‘Big Tyme Entertainment’ out of which the comedian reveals;

“The 10 finalists will enter “THE HOUSE” next week and you will get to help me get a wife by voting 9 of them out????‍♂️????‍♂️????????.”

Eric Omondi unveils new show

And like he had earlier promised, the one lady who will get to carry the crown at the end of the day, will thereafter wed the comedian in a ‘Wedding of the Year’ to be held on December 26.

Then the rest will be history.

“I will then marry the winner in the Wedding of the year on the 26th December and head out for our honeymoon. Have children and start a family????‍????‍????‍????????‍????‍????‍????,” Eric affirms.

Eric Omondi flaunts his muscles

Among individuals who made their wife applications are an including 19-year old Shakilla having already labelled Eric as ‘her husband.

Kenyan female music duo, Band Beca also send in their applications whose voices have since seen the comedian move to cloud 9.

Question is, who gets to win the prize?

The judges

His announcement caught the attention of an including Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza who asked to be a judge at the event.

bienaimesol Naomba kua judge
To his amazement, Eric immediately offered Bien the position, asking him to now get down to work.
ericomondi Done bro…Kazi kwako nikipata bibi mzuri niwewe nikipata mtu hawezi itakua fault yako…
But fans warned the President of Comedy to be sure about his decisions because the journey will be for a lifetime.

What do you think?

ONE ON ONE: Why Band Beca is biggest thing that is happening in the Kenyan music industry!

Have you ever listened to someone sing and you immediately got goosebumps? That is me when listening to Band Beca. The name of the band was derived from the first two letters of their names, Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru.

During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, the Brathe hitmakers revealed that they draw their music from what they go through during their day to day lives. I must admit that the singers are quite bubbly and ambitious thus reaching this far.

Band Beca

The 25 year old duo, who released Kindani ndani 4 months ago, gave us a scope of how they conceptualized the song. Well ladies, if your boyfriend left you and took off with another woman, then this is this is the song for you.

You might be wondering how the duo ended up being in the spotlight. They started as background vocalists for famous artists such as Wyre, Camp Mulla, Radio and Weasel among others.

Their music took off so first and the next thing we saw is the two beautiful ladies performing at Coke Studio. Band Beca was also signed by Naiboi under his record label, Naiboi worldwide. They disclosed that Naiboi reached out to them after recognizing how talented they are.

They are however not looking forward to recruiting any member in their band any time soon. For the men out there wondering if they are single, I am about to bust your bubble. The two ladies are taken and we have not being seen photos of their soulmates because they like to keep their personal lives private.

Band Beca however promised us that they are going to serve us with some hot music very soon. The Afro pop duo are taking a different direction in their genre of music.

Expect to hear gengetone from them anytime soon. In all honesty, Band Beca is the next big thing happening globally.

Watch the full interview below.


Band Beca’s new jam ‘Kionjo’ is a massive hit (Video)

Band Beca, the duo that is behind such as; Tonight, Brathe, Ride Or Die, is back with a new single after a long hiatus from the local entertainment scene.

The jam dubbed Kionjo, which is a Swahili word that means ‘taste’, has been getting massive airplay on local TV and radio stations since it was released a few days ago.

As you listen to the song, you’ll realize how much the group which is made up of Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru has grown since they made their debut circa 2016. They are on another level fam!

Band Beca
Band Beca

Their lyricism on this jam was really on point. Don’t even get me started on their melodious voices because we’ll talk about it until the cows come home.

Kionjo is essentially a feel good song and a club song at the same time. It gives you good vibes. From the moment you hit the play button, you know that it’s bout to get lit.

However, I must say that I was not really impressed by the beat which was produced by Rixx. Maybe it’s just me but I felt it was too lazy. If this song does not become a hit, he’s the man to blame.

The video concept was also dope. I don’t know why but as I was watching it, with all the sexiness in it, I kept thinking about Brick and Lace.  I would not be surprised if I found out that Band Beca looks up to them.

Watch Kionjo below and tell us what you think.